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Cover of Summer 1973 issue

Summer 1973

Edited by Nyle H. Miller, "The Cherokee Strip Run: From Cameron and Bluff City, Harper County, Kansas," p. 161.

Louise Barry, "Fort Aubrey," p. 188.

William L. Urban, "The Juvenal Cattle Drive of 1870," p. 200.

Keith D. McFarland, "Secretary of War Harry Woodring: Early Career in Kansas," p. 206.

Edited by Joseph G. Gambone, "The Forgotten Feminist of Kansas: The Papers of Clarina I. H. Nichols, 1854-1885," Part Two (1855-1856), p. 220.

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From the cover: John Noble's painting, "The Run," depicts the rush of settlers into Oklahoma to stake land claims. From original oil painting at Woolaroc museum, Bartlesville, Okla.      For pictures and story of the Cherokee strip run from southern Harper county, Kansas, see opposite page and through p. 187.