KanColl: The Kansas Historical Quarterlies

cover from Winter 1972 issue

Winter 1972

Lonnie J. White, "Indian Raids on the Kansas Frontier, 1869," p. 369.

David G. Taylor, "Boom Town Leavenworth: The Failure of the Dream," p. 389.

Louise Barry, "The Ranch at Cow Creek Crossing (Beach Valley P.O.)," p. 416.

Craig Miner, "The Oskaloosa Octopus: Jobbers, 'Popocrats,' an the Santa Fe Railway's False Receivership, 1896," p. 445.

Robert W. Johannsen, "James C. Malin: An Appreciation," p. 457.

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From the cover: A band of Cheyenne Indians attacking Kansas Pacific track workers west of present Russell on May 28, 1859. (See p. 377.) At the request of Adolph Roenigk,a Kansas pioneer and one of the workers, the scene was depicted in oil in 1931 by Jacob Gogolin (1864-1940), a Colorado artist.