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Cover of the Summer 1972 issue
Summer 1972

John W. Ripley, "The Art of Postcard Fakery," p. 129.

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Kansas History as Reported in the Press, p. 237.

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 243

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From the cover: And even postcard manufacturers enjoyed their license! Two postcards made from the same negative, the upper as the picture was actually snapped (but with color added), the lower converted to a night scene with moonlight and other effects.
     The View: Looking North from the intersection of Eighth street and Kanas avenue, Topeka, about 1906.
     Once when John W. Ripley, owner of the slides, showed these with others to Topeka businessmen hearty laghter broke out. Present was the long-time owner of the store at the lower right, and the cry went up that he would soon be having a fire sale!