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Cover of the Autumn 1969 issue

Autumn 1969

Jim L. Lewis, "'Beautiful Bismarck:' Bismarck Grove, Lawrence, 1878-1900," p. 225.

Edmund J. Danziger, Jr., "The Office of Indian Affairs and the Problem of Civil War Indian Refugees in Kansas," p. 237.

(Edited by) Venola Lewis Bivans, "The Diary of Luna E. Warner, a Kansas Teenager of the Early 1870s," p. 276.

(Edited by) Louise Barry, "Scenes in (and En Route to) Kansas Territory, Autumn, 1854 -- Five Letters by William H. Hutter," p. 312.

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 337.

Kansas History as Published in the Press, p. 338.

Kansas Notes, p. 341.

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From the Cover:
     Upper: "The Regatta," from a 28" X 36" color lithograph advertising the Western National Fair at Bismarck Grove, Lawrence, in 1882.
     Lower: "Depot and Gate Scene," from another 1882 lithograph, 28" x 37", which showed views of buildings and grounds. Dates for the fair that year were September 18-23.