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Cover of Winter 1968 issue

Winter 1968

Walter E. Wedel, "After Coronado in Quivira," p. 369.

David Edwin Harrell, Jr., "Pardee Butler: Kansas Crusader," p. 386.

C. S. Griffin, "The University of Kansas and the Sack of Lawrence: A Problem of Intellectual History," p. 409.

Nyle H. Miller and Robert W. Richmond, "Sheridan, a Fabled End-of-Track Town on the Union Pacific Railorad, E. D., 1868-1869," p. 427.

Michael J. Brodhead, "A Populist Survival: Judge Frank Doster in the 1920's," p. 443.

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From the Cover: The Hollenberg ranch Pony Express station as painted in 1953 by Don Jacobson, of Kansas City, Mo. Born in Marshall county, Kansas, Jacobson inherited a love of the West from his pioneer family. More than a score of his Western paintings were exhibited in Kansas City the past summer.
     The Hollenberg Pony Express station is located a few miles north of US-36 and Hanover, and may be reached via K-15E and K-243. It is operated by the Kansas State Historical Society as a state museum.