KanColl: The Kansas Historical Quarterlies

Cover page of the Autumn 1966 issue

Autumn 1966

Calvin W. Gower, "Kansas Territory and the Pike's Peak Gold Rush," p. 289.

Ralph H. Pickett, "Friedrich von Holsteiin's Hunting tirps, 1865=1866," p. 314.

George H. Mayer, "Alf M. Landon, as Leader of the Repulican Opposition, 1967-1940," p. 325.

Snell and Richmond, "When the Union and Kansas Pacific Built Through Kansas," p. 334.

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From the Cover: "This water color of Fort Zarah (Barton county) on the Santa Fe trail was done by Henry Worrell, famed Kansas illustrator, in 1891. It purports to show the post, which operated from 1864 to 1869, as it appeared in 1864-1865, 'looking west.' There are now no visible remains of Fort Zarah. The painting was given to the State Historical Society in 1928 by Edna Reinbach of Spokane, Wash., a former Topekan."