KanColl: The Kansas Historical Quarterlies

Cover of Summer 1968 issue

Spring 1960

Miller, Nyle H. and Snell, Joseph W., ""Some Notes on Kansas Cowtown Police Officers and Gun Fighters," p. 1.

O'Connor, Thomas H., "Cotton Whigs in Kansas," p. 34.

Einsel, Mary, "Some Notes on the Comanche Cattle Pool," p. 59.

Miller, Jr., Glenn H., "Business and Agricultural Conditions in Kansas, 1871-1888: As Reported by a New England Mortgage Broker," p. 67.

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From the cover: A portion of Front street, Dodge City, in the 1880's. "Kansas has but one Dodge City," wrote a Kinsley editor in the summer of 1878, describing it as "The Beautiful, Bibulous Babylon of the Frontier." Part of the sign of the famed Long Branch saloon shows at the right of the second-floor porch railing.