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cover page of Spring 1959 issue

Spring 1959

Alan W. Farley, "Samuel Hallett and the Union Pacific Railway in Kansas," p. 1.

Jean C. Lough, "Gateways to the Promised Land: The Role Played by the Southern Kansas Towns in the Opening of the Cherokee Strip to Settlement," p. 17.

John E. Sunder, "Telegraph Beginnings in Kansas," p. 32.

Edited by Emory Lindquist, The Letters of the Rev. Samuel Young Lum, Pioneer Kansas Missionary, 1854-1856 -- Part One, 1854-1855," p. 39.

James C. Malin, "William Sutton White, Swedenborgian: Part Two, Kansas Examples of the Philosophy of Emanuel Swedenborg and Herbert Spencer," p. 68.

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From the cover:
"The Union Pacific railroad yard at Wyandotte in 1867, photo by Alexander Gardner. This and the two which follow are from a collection of 150 photographs which Gardner took along the line of the Kansas Union Pacific to its end of track, '20 miles west of Hays,' in 1867."

Building across the Kaw at Wyandotte

Upper: Building a bridge across the Kaw at Wyandotte.
Lower: Office, Union Pacific Railway Co., E. D., at Wyandotte.

Railway company office at Wyandotte