KanColl: The Kansas Historical Quarterlies

Summer 1958 cover

February 1942

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Albert Castel, "War and Politics: The Price Raid of 1864," p. 129.

Alan Conway, "The Sacking of Lawrence," p. 144.

Homer E. Socolofsky, "The Evolution of a Home Grown Product, Capper Publications," p. 151.

James C. Malin, "Kansas Philosophers, 1871 -- T. B. Taylor, Joel Moody, and Howard Schiller," p. 168.

Edited by Edgar Langsdorf and R. W. Richmond, "Letters of Daniel R. Anthony, 1857 - 1862: Part TWo, 1858 - 1861," p. 198.

Alberta Pantle, "Recent Additions to the Library," p. 227.

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 250.

Kansas History as Published in the Press, p. 251.

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 253.

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From the cover: "The Battle of the Big Blue, October 22, 1864," an 1897 painting in oil by Samuel J. Reader of Topeka. The picture is in the musueum of the Kansas State Historical Society.