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Cover of the Spring 1958 issue

Spring 1958

Joseph W. Snell, "Some Rare Western Photographs by Alfred Bierstadt Now in the Historical Society Collection," p. 1.

Edited by Edgar Langsdorf and R. W. Richmond, "Letters of Daniel R. Anthony, 1857-1862: Part One, 1857," p. 6.

James C. Malin, "Early Theatre at Fort Scott," p. 31.

George E. Omer, Jr., "An Army Hospital: From Horses to Helicopters -- Fort Riley, 1904-1987 -- Concluded," p. 57.

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From the cover: A rare photograph taken in the spring of 1859 by Albert Bierstadt showing emigrant wagons in the hustling town of Bellemont, Doniphan county. It was located on the Missouri river, 1 1/2 miles north of Wathena. Bellemont failed to survive, and the townsite was officially abandoned in 1876.