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Cover of the Summer 1957 issue

Summer 1957

A Survey of Historic Sites and Structures in Kansas, p. 113.

Rovert W. Richmond, ed., "A Free-Stater's 'Letters to the Editor': Samuel N. Wood's Letters to Eastern Newspapers," p. 181.

James C. Malin, "Theatre in Kansas, 1858-1868: Background for the Coming of the Lord Dramatic Company to Kansas, 1869 (Part Two, Atchison, Lawrence and Topeka) -- Concluded," p. 191.

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From the cover: Students and faculty of Lane University, Lecompton, about 1884. The parents of President Dwight Eisenhower attended this college. Ida Elizabeth Stover, the President's mother, is seated sixth from the right in the front row. Photo courtesy J. O. Gunnels, Colby.
     For a picture of the Lane University building as it appears today see between pp. 144, 145.