KanColl: The Kansas Historical Quarterlies

Autumn 1955

Translated and edited by Emory Lindquist, "Letters of the Rev. and Mrs. Olof Olsson, 1869-1873, Pioneer Founders of Lindsborg," p. 497.

Compiled by Lorene Anderson and Alan W. Farley, "A Bibliography of Town and County Histories," p. 513.

Theo. H. Scheffer, "The Old Ghost Town of Lindsey in the Solomon Valley," p. 552.

James W. Covington, "A Robbery on the Santa Fe Trail," p. 560.

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From the cover: Forest Avenue (now Broadway) in Parsons on August 4, 1873, as sketched by Jules Tavernier. Parsons was then about three years old. The original picture, in water colors, is owned by the Kansas State Historical Society. For biographical information on Tavenier see The Kasnas Historical Quarterly, v. 14, pp. 1-34.