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Cover of the August 1953 issue

August 1953

James C. Malin, "Judge Lecompte and the 'Sack of Lawrence,' May 21, 1856: Part One, The Contemporary Phase," p. 465.

Philip D. Uzee, ed., "Midwestern Attitudes on the 'Kansas Fever,'" p. 495.

Rev. James M. Burke, S.J., ed., "Early Years at St. Mary's Pottawatomie Mission: From the Diary of Father Maurice Gailland, S.J.," p. 501.

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 530.

Kansas History as Reported in the Press, p. 538.

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 543.

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From the cover: Ruins of the Fre-State Hotel, Lawrence, after the city's sacking by a Pro-salvery mob on May 21, 1856. (See pp. 482-484.) The sketcfh, from a daguerrotype taken for Mrs. Charles (Sara T. L.) Robinson, is reproduced from her book, Kansas: Its Interior and Exterior Life (Boston, 1857).