KanColl: The Kansas Historical Quarterlies

Death Notices from Kansas Territorial
Newspapers, 1854-1861

by Alberta Pantle

August, 1950 (Vol. 18, No. 3), pages 302 to 323
Transcribed by Trudy Thurgood; HTML editing by Name withheld upon request;
digitized with permission of the Kansas State Historical Society.
(This first part of a two-part article comprises names A through L.)

The following list of deaths was compiled from the files of territorial newspapers belonging to the Kansas State Historical Society. The year in which the newspaper was published is given only when it differs from the year in which the death occurred. In cases where the same notice appeared in two or more newspapers, the entry from the local newspaper was used if it gave complete information. Inasmuch as the file of some newspapers is only a scattering of issues, and as many deaths were never recorded in any newspaper, this list is not complete. There are, of course, many other sources for ascertaining the death dates of persons who lived in Kansas territory. Among them are the mortality schedules from the United States census for 1860, cemetery inscriptions, church and family records, and printed histories.



ABBOTT, JOSHUA, late of Dexter, Me., aged 58 yrs., d. Topeka, June 5, 1855, of dysentery. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, June 9)

ABBOTT, NELLIE MARIA, dau. of James B. & Elizabeth A., age 5 yr., d. Coal Creek, Aug. 20, 1858. (Lawrence, Republican, Sept. 2)

ADAMS, AMOS G., d. Jan. 31 or Feb. 1, 1856.(Topeka, Kansas Freeman, Feb. 2; "Records of Burials in Topeka Cemetery, 1859-1880.")

ADAMS, HENRY C., son of W. H. & Harriett Ann, aged 4 mos., d. Platte County, Mo., April 5, 1858. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, April 17)

ADAMS, JOHN ISAAC IRA, formerly of Holyoke, Mass., aged 31 yrs., d. Oct. 17, 1857, of consumption. (Lawrence, Republican, Oct. 22.)

ALEXANDER, FREDDY, son of D. M. & C. B., aged 10 mos., 27 days, d. Willow Springs, Dec. 30, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, Jan. 3, 1861)

ALLEN, KATIE JANETT, only child of Lyman & Ann Janett, aged 10 mos., 16 days, d. Aug. 1, 1858, of cholera infantum. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Aug. 7.)

ALLEN, SAMUEL REYNOLDS, aged 68 yrs., 5 mos., d. Ohio City, Franklin County, Nov. 27, 1859. (Lawrence, Republican, Dec. 8)

ALLEN, WILLIAM M., of Tecumseh, aged 22 yrs., drowned in Kaw, June 12 or 14, 1860. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, June 16; Kansas Historical Collections, v. 17, p. 814)

ALMOND, JUDGE WILLIAM B., formerly of Platte County, Mo., aged 52 yrs., d. at Renich House, Mar. 4,1860, of apoplexy. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Mar. 10.)

ANDERSON, MRS. --, struck by lightning near crossing of Santa Fe Road at Bluff creek, June 28, 1860. (Council Grove, Kansas Press, July 2.)

ANDERSON, E. H., druggist, aged 28 yrs., d. at Ft. Kearny on way to Denver to open branch store, Aug. 19, 1859, of typhoid. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Aug. 29.)

ANDREW, MAHALA, Shawnee Indian girl, aged about 16 yrs., d. at Friends Mission, June 18, 1855, of cholera. (Lawrence, Kansas Free State, July 9.)

ARMS, LEONARD, U. S. marshal, killed by John Ritchie, April 2O, 1860. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, April 21.)

ARMSTRONG, SARAH JANE, formerly of Rushford, N. Y., aged 30 yrs., d. Dec. 3, 1856, of typhoid. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Dec. 8.)

ARNY, SAMUEL C., son of W. F. M. & Selina B., aged 21 yrs., d. at Hyatt, Anderson County, Sept. 24, 1860, of typhoid. (Lawrence, Republican, Oct. 4.)

ASHLEY, DR. M. B., formerly of Meadville, Crawford County, Pa., aged 25 yrs., d. Oct. 19, 1856. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Oct. 22.)

ASKREN, OLIVE, only dau. of O. H. P., aged 5 yrs., d. Feb. 5, 1858. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Feb. 6.)

ATKINSON, WILLIE, son of R. L. & F. P., aged 10 mos., 6 days, d. Feb. 27, 1860, of dropsy. (Atchison, Freedom's Champion, Mar. 3.)

BACKUS, B., drowned in Kansas River, Aug. 6, 1859. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Aug. 13.)

BACON, ANNA LYDIA, dau. of F. C. & M, J., aged 1 yr., 3 days, d. at Moneka, Oct. 10, 1859. (Lawrence, Republican, Oct. 20.)

BACON, LIZZIE AUGUSTA, dau. of F. C. & M. J., aged 3 yrs., 11 mos., 10 days . d. at Moneka, July 31, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, Aug. 9.)

BAILEY, CHARLES HENRY, son of John & Rebecca, aged 17 mos., 11 days, d. Aug. 5, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Aug. 6.)

BAINTER, MRS. ELIZABETH, wife of Ephraim, aged 27 yrs., d. at Dayton, Sept. 27, 1855. (Lawrence, Kansas Free State, Oct. 22.)

BAINTER, LOSON, son of Ephraim, aged 15 mos., d. Oct. 5, 1855. (Lawrence, Kansas Free State, Oct. 22.)

BAKER, D. W. C., of Stanton, killed by storm, June 8, 1860. (Leavenwortb, Daily Times, June 15.)

BAKER, MORRELL, son of D. W. C., of Stanton, killed by storm, June 8, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, June 15.)

BAKER, MRS. SARAH E., wife of H. W., formerly of Bingham, ME, aged 25 yrs., 6 mos., d. Mar. 8, 1859. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Mar. 12.)

BALDWIN, B. A., formerly of Troy, N. Y., aged about 32 yrs., d. Mar. 31, 1855, of typhoid. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, April 7.)

BALDWIN, MILTON, formerly of Berea, Ohio, d. at Grasshopper Falls, Sept. 1, 1858, of congestion of the bowels. (Leavenworth, Times, Oct. 4.)

BALLOU, DR. JONATHAN, of La Porte County, Ind., formerly of Vermont, aged 28 yrs., d. May 13, 1855, of cholera. (Lawrence, Kansas Tribune, May 23.)

BARBEE, WILLIAM, member of the territorial council, killed by accident some weeks before, at Fort Scott. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Jan. 10, 1857.)

BARBER, THOMAS W., of near Bloomington, formerly of Ohio, aged 42 yrs., murdered by a Pro-slavery man, Dec. 6, 1855, left a wife. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Dec. 15.)

BARCLAY, MRS. MARY J., widow of Joseph, aged 38 yrs., 11 days, d. at home of brother, Dr. J. E,. Bennett, May 29, 1859, of hydrothorax, complicated with pulmonary consumption. (Wyandotte, Western Argus, June 4.)

BARCUS, G. W., formerly of Delaware, Ohio, killed by accidental discharge of revolver, May 9, 1860. (Council Grove, Kansas Press, May 14.)

BARNARD, MISS S. A., d. at residence of M. K. Smith, Oct. 15, 1856, of congestive chills. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Nov. 8.)

BARRETT, HELEN OPHELIA, wife of Dr. P. G., aged 21 yrs., d. on West Walnut, Butler County, Sept. 23, 1860, of consumption. (Emporia, Kansas News, Sept. 29.)

BASSETT, ANNA GERTRUDE, dau. of Owen A. & Josephine E., aged 1 yr., 4 mos., d. Jan. 10, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, Jan. 12.)

BASYE, MRS. FRANCES W., relict of Maj. Alfred, d. at Jefferson City, Mo., Dec. 12, 1858. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Jan. 8, 1859.)

BATES, MOSES D., aged 66 yrs., d. Aug. 18, 1857. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Sept. 5.)

BATES, THOMAS, JR., aged 52 yrs., d. May 8, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, May 10.)

BATY, HENRY, son of Mrs. Baty, aged 12 yrs., d. Oct. 31, 1859, of convulsive chills. (Fort Scott, Democrat, Nov. 3.)

BAY, AMY, wife of Hugh, aged 34 yrs., d. in Shannon Township, Oct. 28, 1859, of congestion of lungs. (Atchison, Freedom's Champion, Nov. 5.)

BEACH, ASAHEL, born Wallingford, Conn., 1806, one of proprietors of Beach's Ranch (present Rice County) on Santa Fe Road, age 54 yrs., d. Feb. 17, 1860. (Council Grove, Kansas Press, Feb. 20.)

BECK, --, child of John, a German of Manhattan, accidentally burned to death. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Mar. 12, 1859.)

BECK, JOHN, of Osage City, killed by James Yearsley. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Sept. 29, 1860.)

BECKER, HENRIETTA, dau. of Rheinhart & Catherine, aged 9 mos., 24 days, d. June 25, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, June 28.)

BECKER, HENRY, son of Rheinhart & Catherine, aged 9 mos., 19 days, d. June 21, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, June 28.)

BEDDOES, MRS. SARAH, wife of Thomas, aged 36 yrs., d. on North Fork of Pottawatomie, Sept. 14, 1857. (Lawrence, Republican, Oct. 22.)

BEDDOES, WILLIAM E., son of Thomas & Sarah, aged .18 mos., d. Oct. 4, 1857. (Lawrence, Republican, Oct. 22.)

BELT, THOMPSON W., husband of Maria, d. at Weston, MO, Jan. 23, 1855. (Atchison, Squatter Sovereign, Feb. 20.)

BENHAM, JANE ELIZABETH, wife of Samuel, dau. of Rev. P. & Asenath Shepherd, aged 28 yrs., d. May 14, 1856. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, June 16.)

BERNARD, EDWARD F., formerly of Washington City, D.C., d. June 10, 1855, of congestion of the brain. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, June 15.)

BEST, IDA, dau. of J. C. & Annette, aged 4 yrs., 11 mos., 20 days, d. Sept. 10, 1859. (Emporia, Kansas News, Sept. 17.)

BIGGER, JAMES, of Mound City, accidentally killed, Dec, 1860. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Dec. 8)

BISHOP, A. F., killed near 110-Mile Creek, in Osage County, Dec. 27, 1859. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Jan. 7, 1860.)

BISHOP, HENRY T. E., son of Jonathan & Levina, aged 2 yrs., d. in Lee County, VA, June 24, 1857. (Lecompton, Kansas National Democrat, Oct. 8.)

BLUEJACKET, HENRY, Shawnee Indian chief, d. at lower crossing of the Wakarusa, May 3, 1855. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, May 26.)

BLUSH, FRED, son of Daniel V., aged 6 yrs., d. Dec. 21, 1860. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Dec. 22.)

BOND, MR. --, of Lecompton, killed by lightning, July 28, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Aug. 6.)

BOUCHER, SAMUEL LEVI, son of Jacob & Ann, aged 1 yr., 2 mos., 11 days, d. Sept. 10, 1860. (Oskaloosa, Independent, Sept. 19.)

BOURNE, EDWARD, JR., aged 18 yrs., 7 mos., d. at father's residence near Kickapoo, Jan. 14, 1860. (Lecompton, Kansas National Democrat, Feb. 2.)

BOUSER, GEORGE, formerly of eastern Tennessee, aged 62 yrs., d. in Atchison, May 15, 1860. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, June 9.)

BOUTWELL, MRS. CARRIE, wife of Daniel W, native of Scotia, NY, age27 yr, d. Aug 14 or 15, 1859. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Aug. 18; "Records of Burials in Topeka Cemetery, 1859-1880.")

BOWLUS, WILLIAM, formerly of St. Charles, MO, d. while held with other Free-State men in Lecompton prison, Oct. 19, 1856. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Nov. 15.)

BRADBURY, SAMUEL, aged 53 yrs., d. April 1, 1858. (Prairie City, Freemen's Champion, April 8.)

BRAGG, DR. JOHN M., aged 31 yrs., accidentally shot while hunting near Kickapoo, Oct. 21, 1857. (Atchison, Squatter Sovereign, Oct. 31.)

BRAY, MARY ELLEN, dau. of D. D. & Ellen, formerly of Pen Yan, N. Y., aged 4 yrs., 7 mos., 11 days, d. at Tecumseh, Jan. 23, 1861. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Jan. 26.)

BREWSTER, MOSES C., of Lawrence, d. while on a visit to Susquehanna County, Pa., April 8, 1859. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, June 18.)

BRIGGS, PHILIP, formerly of Clarendon, Rutland County, Vt., aged 57 yrs., d. Dec. 2, 1857. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Dec. 5.)

BROOKE, SARAH MELISSA, dau. of James and Mary, aged 4 yrs., 9 mos., 8 days, d. in Kaw Bottom, Jefferson County, Oct. 12, 1857. (Lecompton, National Democrat, Oct. 22.)

BROOKS, DANIEL H., formerly of York, ME., aged 33 yrs., d. Mar. 16, 1855, of consumption. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Mar. 24.)

BROOKS, H. R., formerly of Leavenworth, drowned in Ohio River, near Cincinnati, May 4, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, May 12.)

BROOME, CHARLOTTE, dau. of William, aged 17 yrs., d. April 3, 1855. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, April 6.)

BROWN, MRS. ABIGAIL H., wife of David, aged 68 yrs., d. in Willow Springs Township, Douglas County, Oct. 8, 1859, of erysipelas. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Oct. 15.)

BROWN, ALONZO OSCAR, only child of Alonzo J. & Clara M., aged 10 days, d. near Prairie City, Sept. 27, 1858. (Lawrence, Republican, Oct. 7.)

BROWN, AMANDA, wife of Abraham, aged 50 yrs., 7 mos., 5 days, d. July 1, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, July 2.)

BROWN, ANNA D., dau. of James M. & Mary C. aged 1 yr., 10 mos., d. Aug, 23, 1857. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Aug. 29.)

BROWN, ANNE, dau. of Robert A. & Hannah J., aged 2 yrs. 7 mos., 3 days, d. Aug. 27, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Aug. 28.)

BROWN, REESE P, b. July 3, 1825 son of Moses of Logan Co, Ohio, murdered by Proslavery men at Easton, Jan., 18, 1856, left wife & infant dau. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Jan. 19, Mar. 22.)

BROXSON, WILLIAM WESLEY, son of William & Rebecca, aged 7 mos., 7 days, d. Sept. 22, 1859. (Emporia, Kansas News, Sep. 24.)

BRUNT, AKEN, Osage Indian, employee of American Fur Company, aged 59 yrs. D. at his lodge on Big Creek, Osage Nation, April 30, 1860 (Fort Scott, Democrat, May 12.)

BRYAN, ANNIE, dau. of Robert A. & H.J., aged 2 yrs., 7 mos., 3 days, d. Aug., 27, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Sept. 2.)

BUFFUM, JULIA AUGUSTA, dau. of David N. & Maria, aged 6 yrs., 24 days, d. Nov. 16, 1867 of bilious fever. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Nov. 28.)

BUFFUM, COL. SAMUEL, father of David N. of Topeka age 73 yrs., 3 mo., d. at Orono, ME., Aug., 16, 1859. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Oct. 1)

BULLEN, EDDIE A., son of J.A. & Anna M., aged 17 mos., d. July 3, 1859. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, July 4.)

BULLEN, HELEN G., only child of J.H. & Alma M. aged 10 mos., 6 days, d. July 2, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, July 3.)

BULLOCK, WILLIAM P., aged 22 yrs. 2 mos., d. at residence of father near Fort Scott, July 24, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, Aug. 2.)

BUNKER, JAMES W., aged 15 yrs., d. on road between Topeka and Leavenworth, Sep. 15 or 16, 1859. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Sept. 17; "Records of Burials in Topeka Cemetery, 1859-1880")

BUNNER, EMMA M., aged 1 yr., 13 days, d. Sept. 9, 1859. (White Cloud, Kansas Chief, Sept. 15.)

BURDETT, WILLIAM M., son of Samuel F., aged 19 yrs. 7 mos., d. Jan. 4, 1861 of consumption. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Jan. 5.)

BURDITT, WILLIE CLARENCE, son of Abidan K. & Jane G., aged 1 yr., 27 days, d. July 5, 1855. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, July 7.

BURGESS, ALEXANDER, born Portland, Jefferson Co., Wis., aged 17 yrs. 2 mos., d. June 27, 1859 of congestion of the lungs. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, June 29.)

BURLEIGH, ELLEN FRANCES, dau. of James M. & Harriet, aged 11 yrs., 2 mos., d. Feb. 2, 1855, of inflammation of the larynx. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Feb. 10.)

BURNETT, JOHN, merchant, aged 30 yrs., d. at Oregon, MO., July 1, 1857 (White Cloud, Kansas Chief, July 2.)

BURRELL, JEREMIAH MURRAY, judge of U.S. district court, Kansas Territory, d. in PA, Oct.21, 1856. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Nov. 15.)

BURTON, HENRIETTA, wife of J.W., d. at Troy, May 10, 1860. (Elwood, Free Press, May 19.)

BUSHNELL, HARMON, age 27 yr., d. at Manhattan, Nov. 9, 1856. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Nov. 29.)

BUTTS, ELSIE, dau. of W.C., aged 2 yrs., d. Dec. 13, 1860 (Grasshopper Falls, Gazette, Dec. 15.)

BUTTS, WALTER, formerly of Dutchess Co., N.Y., aged 38 yrs., d. Jan 3, 1859. (Grasshopper Falls, Jefferson Crescent, Jan 8.)

BUXTON, J.W., aged 30 yrs., d. May 23, 1860 (Fort Scott, Democrat, May 26.)

BYWATERS, WILLIAM C., killed at sawmill of Messrs. Bruner & Kuns, Americus, Dec. 19, 1859 (Emporia, Kansas News, Dec. 24.)

CAIN, MRS. MARTHA, born in South Carolina, Dec. 3, 1777, widow of Abijah, aged 82 yrs., 7 mo., 26 days, d. at residence of G.A. McGlothen, Aug. 4, 1860. (Oskaloosa, Independent, Aug. 8.)

CALHOUN, JOHN, native of Massachusetts, former surveyor-general of Kansas Territory, age about 53 yrs., d. at St. Joseph, Mo., Oct. 13, 1859. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Oct. 22.)

CALVERT, MARY H., wife of J. M., d. in Salt Creek Valley, Leavenworth Co., Feb. 11, 1860, (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Mar. 10.)

CAMERON, A. D., formerly of Monroe Co., N.Y., aged about 40 yrs., d. Mar 17, 1859. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Mar 26.)

CAMPBELL, A. R., of the firm of Tourvill & Campbell, St. Louis, aged 43 yrs., d. at Planter's Hotel, April 11, 1857, of softening of the brain. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, April 18.)

CAMPBELL, CHARLES, aged 75 yrs., d. Oct. 4, 1858. (Lawrence, Republican, Oct. 7.)

CAMPBELL, CORNELIUS, late of Bellefonte, PA., aged 56 yrs., d. April 27, 1855. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, April 28.)

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH EWING son of Adam E. & Menna, age 1 yr. 6 mos., d. May 2, 1860 of croup. (Elwood, Free Press, May 5.)

CANTRELL, JACOB, of Jackson, killed by Pro-slavery men shortly after the Battle of Black Jack, June 6, 1857. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Oct. 24.)

CAPLES, MARY WATTS, dau. of William G. & Elizabeth, aged 1 mo., d. at Fayette, MO., March 2, 1858. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Mar. 27.)

CAREY, ELIZABETH, wife of J. A., aged 30 yrs., d. in Hunter Co., Aug. 1, 1860, of erysipelas. (Emporia, Kansas News, Aug. 11.)

CAREY, ROBERT, of Washington Creek, murdered, May 2, 1857.(Lecompton, Union, May 9.)

CARIEL, HENRY, formerly of Illinois, aged 29 yrs., d. July 24, 1858, of bilious fever. (Emporia, Kansas News, July 31.)

CARLIN, PAUL, d. -- (Leavenworth, Daily Times, June 16, 1860.)

CARNEY, LEROY S., JR. native of Ohio, member of firm of Thos. Carney & Co., aged 34 yrs., 6 mos., 11 days, d. Nov. 19, 1860, of congestion of brain. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Nov. 20.)

CASHIN, THOMAS, an Irishman, killed in altercation with Frederick Brown, one of the proprietors of the Lone Star Flouring Mill, Oct. 8, 1860.(Leavenworth, Daily Times, Oct. 9.)

CHAFEE, HIRAM, killed in brawl at Atchison, July 14, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Jul. 21.)

CHAFER, JACOB, formerly of Illinois, age 38 yr, d. Sept. 18, 1858.(Emporia, Kansas News, Sept.25.)

CHASE, ELIZA, dau. of Capt. Joseph & Nancy, formerly of Newburyport, Mass. d. May 14, 1856. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, June 16.)

CHASE, JACOB E., formerly of Concord, NH, d. at EI Dorado, Sept. 18, 1859, of inflammation of the brain. (Lawrence, Republican, Oct. 20.)

CHASE, WILLIE, son of R. D. & A. R., age 2 yrs, 3 mos, 14 days, d. near Hyatt, May 21, 1857. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, July 11.)

CHILDS, MRS. ELIZA C., wife of T. W., aged 32 yrs., d. in Millbury, Mass., June 14, 1859. (Lawrence, Republican, July 7.) ,

CHOUTEAU, AMANDA, dau. of Frederic & Nancy, aged 18 yrs., d. at father's residence in Shawnee Indian Reserve, Dec. 28, 1855. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Feb. 16, 1856.)

CHUBB, JAMES E., formerly of Chicago, Ill., d. in Tecumseh, Dec. 19, 1859.

(Lecompton, National Democrat, Dec. 22.)

CHURCH, ELDER SAMUEL S., d. at St. Louis, Mar. 19, 1856.

(Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Mar 29.)

CLARK, HARRIET, dau. of the late George I., chief of Wyandotte Indians, d. Feb. 6, 1858. (Quindaro, Chindowan, Feb. 6.)

CLARK, DR. HIRAM, formerly of Massachusetts, lately of Jackson, GA, aged about 40 yrs., d. May 29, 1855, of chronic diarrhea. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, June 2.)

CLARK, Lucy, wife of Powers, aged 24 yrs., d. on Big Creek, Feb. 10, 1860. (Burlington, Neosho Valley Register, Feb. 14.)

CLARK, LYMAN FRANCIS, son of J. F. & Francis M., aged 16 mos., d. Sept. 20, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, Oct. 18.)

CLARK, MALCOLM, killed by Cole McCrea, at Leavenworth, April 30, 1855. (Lawrence, Kansas Free State, May 28.)

CLARK, MARY ELLEN, dau. of B. T. & Ellen, age 20 mos., 5 days, d. in Pike Township, July 28, 1860. (Emporia, Kansas News, Aug. 4.)

CLARK, NANCY JANE, wife of Henry, of Oregon, MO, aged 22 yrs., d. Feb. 15, 1858, of apoplexy. (White Cloud, Kansas Chief, Feb. 18.)

CLARK, SCHUYLER COLFAX, son of Edward & Clara E., aged 9 mos., 22 days, d. Nov. 4, 1858. (Lawrence, Republican, Nov. 11.)

CLARKE, HENRY, brother of D. C., teacher of Burlington school, age 25 yr, d. near Arapahoe, Western Kansas (now Colorado), Dec. 13, 1859. (Burlington; Neosho Valley Register, Feb.14, 1860.)

CLEARY, MICHAEL, d. Feb. 4, 1859. (Grasshopper Falls, Jefferson Crescent, Feb. 5.)

CLEVELAND, LORING GRANT, of Dubuque, Iowa, settled in Kansas 1854, d. 1860, of consumption. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Oct. 27.)

COBB, FREEMAN, native of Natick, Mass., age 23 yr, d. July 31, 1860 of fever. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Aug. 4.)

COCKERILL, JOSEPH C., d. at residence of mother in Platte Co., Mo., June 3, 1856. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, June 7.)

COHEE, V. D., d. at Kansapolis, opposite Topeka, Oct. 13, 1857, left family. (Lawrence, Republican, Oct. 22.)

COLE, JOHN R., of near Emporia, d. Oct. 27, 1857, left large family. (Lawrence, Republican, Nov. 5.)

COLEMAN, FRANK C., son of E. A. & Mary J., formerly of Reading, Mass., aged 9 yrs., 6 mos., drowned in Kansas River, June 12, 1857. (Lawrence, Republican, June 18.)

COLEMAN, JOHN, murdered by a band of eight robbers, Dec. 13, 1859. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Dec. 31.)

COLEMAN, SAMUEL CABBOT, son of E. A. & Mary J., d. Sept. 13, 1857, of whooping cough and dysentery. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Sept. 19.)

COLLINS, MRS. FRANCES C., wife of William C., d. Dec. 3, 1860, of typhoid fever. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Dec. 4.)

COLLINS, SAMUEL, of Doniphan City, killed by Patrick Laughlin, Nov. 1, 1855. (Topeka, Daily Kansas Freeman, Nov. 7.)

COLLINS, WILLIAM, formerly of Illinois, aged 23 yrs., 5 mos., 22 days, d. at Chase House, Dec. 6, 1860. (Topeka, Kansa8 Tribune, Dec. 8.)

COMBS, WILLIAM L., aged 14 yrs., d. Oct. 8, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, Oct. 11.)

CONKLING, HANNAH MARIA, dau. of Mary E. & J. B., d. Feb. 8, 1859. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Feb. 19.)

CONNER, ELIZABETH, sister of John, aged 19 yrs., d. near Americus, Aug. 7, 1860. (Emporia, Kansas News, Aug. 11.)

CONNER, JOHN, accidentally killed by stick of wood thrown from embankment just above fort, Feb. 16, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Feb. 18.)

CONRAD, D. H., of Tuscumbia, Ohio, aged 24 yrs., d. at Massasoit House, July 31, 1860, of bilious fever. (Atchison, Freedom's Champion, Aug. 4.)

COOK, MARTHA JANE, dau. of Milton & Cynthia T., aged 1 yr., 7 mos., d. on West Walnut, Butler Co., Sept. 7, 1860. (Emporia, Kansas News, Sept. 8.)

COOK, MARY, wife of William S, dau. of the late Col. Miller Horton, Wilkesbarre, PA, d. at residence of Dr. Davis, June 2, 1856. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, June 7.)

COOPER, A. A., formerly of Mahoning Co., Ohio, d. at Geary City, Oct. 9, 1859. (Elwood, Free Press, Oct. 15.)

COOPER, MARY, member of Society of Friends, aged 70 yrs., d. at residence of Dr. E. G. Macy, one mile east of Bloomington, Dec. 16, 1859. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Dec. 30.)

COOPRIDER, ALBERT, aged 2 yrs., 11 days, d. Sept, 18, 1857, of summer complaint. (Wyandotte, Citizen, Sept. 26.)

COOPRIDER, ISAAC, age 4 mos., 15 days, d. Sept. 20, 1857. (Wyandotte, Citizen, Sept. 26.)

COPELAND, GERTRUDE FINNEY, dau. of Rev. J. & C. C., aged 9 mos., 3 days, d. in Clinton,

Sept. 30, 1859, of congestive chills. (Lawrence, Republican, Oct. 6.)

COPLEY, NAPOLEON E., late of Emporia, aged 24 yrs., d. at Little Prairie Ronde, Mich., Sept. .4, 1858, of consumption. (Emporia, Kansas. News, Oct. 2.)

CORNELIUS, GILBERT M., formerly of Dutchess Co., N; Y., age 30 yrs., 10 mos., 29 days, d. Oct. 29, 1857 left wife & small child.(Lawrence, Republican, Nov. 5.)

CORY, DAVID S., formerly of Sussex Co., N. J., aged 21 yrs., d. at Baptist Mission, Oct. 4, 1855, of typhus fever. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Oct. 13.)

COTTLE, SUSAN A., living at home of Mr. Elbert in South Leavenworth, age about 20 yrs., committed suicide by drowning in Missouri River Feb. 16, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Feb. 17.)

COULTER, RODOLPHUS LENUEL, son of J. S. & Cordelia K., age 10 mo. 8 days

d. Aug 17, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, Aug. 23.)

CRACKLIN, MRS. JULIA A., formerly of Roxbury, Mass., wife of Capt. Joseph, aged 27 yrs., d. July 26, 1857, of consumption. (Lawrence, Republican, July 30.)

CRACKLIN, MARY FRANCES, dau. of Joseph & Emily, aged 2 mos., 10 days, d. Nov 22, 1860 (Lawrence, Republican, Nov. 29.)

CRANSTON, MRS. ANNE, formerly of Lancaster Co., PA, aged 36 yrs., d. Sept. 5, 1856. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Sept. 20.)

CRAWFORD, MARY A., formerly of Brownsville, PA, d. Sept. 18, 1858, of bilious fever. (Atchison, Freedom's Champion, Sept. 25.)

CREIGHTON, DAVID D, of firm of Creighton & Co, accidentally shot, near Indianola, Sept. 17, 1860. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Sept. 22.)

CRISHOPPER, FREDERIC, found dead near Flag Springs.(Council Grove, Kansas Press, Mar 19,1860)

CROSSMAN, --, murdered by James Shelton, on Wea Creek, Mar. 4, 1859. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Mar. 19.)

CUENIN, JOSEPH, aged 42 yrs., d. Oct. 24, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Oct. 25.)

CUNDIFF, MRS. M. A., wife of W. H. II., dau. of Larkin Maddox, d. at Pleasant Hill, MO, Sept. 8, 1855. (Atchison, Squatter Sovereign, Sept. 25.)

CUNNINGHAM, --, killed by Indians at trading house of Orville Thompson at Ash Creek on Santa Fe Road, July 10, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, July 27.)

CURTIS, JOHN, member of legislature from Franklin County, d. Feb. 15, 1858. (Lawrence, Republican, Feb. 18.)

CUSTARD, ROBERT WADE, formerly of Crawford County, PA, aged 29 yrs., d. near Big Springs, Oct. 16, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, Oct. 25.)

DAGLEY, HARRISON, of Samuel Ferandis' train, while en route to Ft. Riley, d. near Osawkee, on Grasshopper River, Sept. 9, 1855, of cholera. (Lawrence, Kansas Tribune, Oct. 17.)

DAHS, MRS. JOHN, wife of a German who had been murdered a short time previously, d. Sept. 14, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Sept. 15.)

DAN, LANSING, d. Dec. 16, 1858. (Elwood, Press, Dec. 18.)

DARRAH, DR. JAMES, proprietor of the Pennsylvania Hotel, aged 58 yrs., d. Aug. 10, 1858. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Aug. 11.)

DAVIDSON, J. D., formerly of Cass County, MO, aged about 55 yrs., d. June 23, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, June 28.)

DAVIS, AUGUSTUS C., son of Dr. J. & Mary A., aged 7 yrs., 2 mos., 11 days, d. Nov. 22, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Nov. 28.)

DAVIS, BENJAMIN, member of Capt. Donaldson's Co. of militia, age abt. 50 yr, d. Nov. 24, 1856. (Lecompton, Union, Nov.27.)

DAVIS, HENRY, murdered by Lucius Kibbee Nov. 29,1854 (Lawrence, Kansas Free State ,Jan 3, 1855)

DAVIS, HORATIO N, late of Batavia, Ill., age 20 yr., d. at Cradit's Mills, Aug. 12, 1857, of dysentery. (Prairie City, Freemen's Champion, Aug. 20.)

DEER, SARAH, late of Bakerstown, Lancaster County, Pa., age 28 yr, d. Oct.13, 1855, of typhoid fever. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Oct. 13.)

DELAND, MARY, dau. of Elijah A. & Phebe V., aged 11 mos., d. July 25, 1857, of whooping cough. (Lawrence, Republican, July 30.)

DELONG, JAMES A., aged 29 yrs., d. near Brownsville, Noy.26, 1858, of consumption. (Lawrence, Republican, Dec. 9.)

DEMING, EDITH GERTRUDE, dau. of A. E. & O. S., d. Jan. 28, 1861, of pneumonia. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Feb. 2)

DEMING, MARY MATISSA, dau. of J. G. & Sarah A., aged 12 yrs., 6 mos., d. in Burlingame, Aug. 31, 1859. (Lawrence, Republican, Sept. 15.)

DE MOSS, WILLIAM, late of Logansport, Ind., aged 77 yrs., d. June 5, 1858, of lung fever. (Emporia, Kanzas News, June 12.)

DEMPSEY, JAMES, d. in Wise County, May 4, 1858. (Emporia, Kanzas News, May 8.)

DENSMORE.. --, of Osawatomie, driver of the Fort Scott stage line, drowned in Pottawatomie Creek, Feb. 12, 1859. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Feb. 19.)

DENTON, JOHN, Free-State man of Bourbon County, killed by Pro-slavery ruffians. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Sept. 15, 1860.)

DICKEY, DAVID, born Jackson County, MO., 1825, aged 31 years. (Topeka, Daily Kansas Freeman, Oct. 25, 1855.)

DICKEY, WILLIAM, of firm o£Holladay & Dickey, born April 8, 1819, Fredericksburg, VA, d. at Weston, MO. (Atchison, Squatter Sovereign, Feb. 20, 1855.)

DILLON, BENJAMIN B., aged 56 yrs., d. at Fort Scott Hotel, Nov. 16, 1859. (Fort Scott, Democrat, Nov. 17.)

DIEFENDORF, SETH BENJAMIN, son of Oliver & Caroline, Weston, MO., aged 6 yrs., 2 mos., 20 days, d. in St. Louis, Dec. 13, 1855. (Leayenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Jan. 5, 1856.)

DOCKERY, JOHN, of Samuel Ferandis' train, while en route to Ft. Riley, d. near Osawkee, on Grasshopper River, Sept. 9, 1855, of cholera. (Lawrence, Kansas Tribune, Oct. 17.)

DODD, W. F., d. Dec. 15, 1860, of consumption. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Dec. 17.)

DODGE, REV. JAMES, aged 52 yrs., d. Mar. 8, 1859, of pneumonia. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Mar. 12.)

DONEY, WILLIAM LORENZO, aged 1 yr., 3 mos. d. Sept. 2, 1857, of measles. (White Cloud, Kansas Chief, Sept. 3.)

DONOHO, ELLEN, dau. of David & Mary E., aged 8 mos., 9 days, d. July 18, 1857. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, July 25.)

DOUGHMAN, JAMES, formerly of Illinois, aged 21 yrs., d. at residence of L. W. Horne, June 26, 1859. (Topeka, Kansas Tribun, July 28.)

DOW, CHARLES W., murdered near Hickory Point, by F. N. Coleman, Proslavery man, Nov.21, 1855. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Nov. 24.)

DOW, MRS. SALLY, wife or Ladd, of Hickory Point, aged 58 yrs., d. Dec. 7, 1858. (Lawrence, Republican, Dec. 16.)

DOWELL, SAMUEL F., aged 18 yrs., 27 days, d. Aug. 30, 1859. (White Cloud, Kansas Chief, Sept. 8.)

DOY, CHARLES, member of horse-stealing fraternity, shot by posse in Linn County. (Burlington, Neosho Valley Register, July 21, 1860.)

DOYLE, BRYAN, drowned Mar. 1, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Mar 2.)

DOYLE, RICHARD, formerly of Leavenworth, killed by Patrick Kelley, formerly of Leavenworth and Lawrence. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Dec. 27, 1860.)

DREW, NAOMI, dau. of John, of Burlingame, drowned in Dragoon Creek, July 3, 1858. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, July 24.)

DRUMMOND, ELIZABETH, aged 19 yrs., 4 mos., 19 days, d. Feb. 21, 1857, of bilious fever. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Feb. 23.)

DUDLEY, MARY L.., dau. of B. W., relative of Major Castleman, aged 22 yrs., d. at St. Charles, MO., June 5, 1860. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, June 23.)

DUERINCK, the REV. FATHER JOHN BAPTIST, of the Catholic (St. Mary's) Mission, born May 8, 1809, aged 48 yrs., drowned in Missouri River when skiff overturned, Dec. 9. 1857. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Jan. 23, 1858.)

DUNAWAY, ROSANNA, dau. of William & Ann, aged 4 yrs., d. at residence of Mr. Poyner, Sept. 7, 1859. (Fort Scott, Democrat, Sept. 15.)

DUNCAN, WILLIS, formerly of Virginia, and late of Missouri, aged 69 yrs., d. Jan. 12, 1856, of inflammation of the lungs. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Jan. 26.)

DUNCAN, WILLIS EDWARD, son of W. H. & Elizabeth, aged 10 mos., d. Dec. 20, 1857, of inflammation of the brain. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Dec. 26.)

DUNN, ANDREW, late of Butler County, PA., aged 46 yrs., d. at Mr. Rinker's. Aug. 14, 1858, of congestive chills. (Emporia, Kansas News, Aug. 21.)

DUNN, EDWARD, from Rothcoole, Ireland, d. at residence of son on Salt Creek, Dec. 31, 1855. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Jan. 19, 1856.)

DUNN, FREDDY WARREN, son of B. P. & Abby J., aged 9 mos., 2 days, d. July 9, 1860, of cholera infantum. (Lawrence, Republican, July 12.)

DUNN, PATRICK, of Turkey Creek, Dickinson County, gored to death by a buffalo. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Sept. 8, 1860.)

DUNNING, JAMES G., son of Robert G., & Elvira, aged 3 mos, 8 days, d.. July 24, 1858. (Wyandotte, Western Argus, July 29.)

DURNILL, POLLEY, wife of Joseph, aged 55 yrs., d. Nov. 3, 1860. (Burlington, Neosho Valley Register, Nov. 7.)

EASTIN, LUCIAN WOOD, son of Lucian J. & Sarah F., aged 10 mos., 6 days, d. July 8, 1858. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, July 10.)

EASTIN, MARY, ELLEN, dau. of Lucian J. & Sarah F., aged 13 mos., 24 days, d. at Palmyra, MO., Aug. 3, 1856. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Aug. 16.)

EASTMAN, M. K., late of North Troy, VT, age 45 yrs, d. Nov. 27, 1857. (Quindaro, Chindowan, Nov. 28.)

EATON, JOHN, d. Aug. 10, 1858. (Leavenworth, Times, Aug. 14.)

ELDRIDGE, JAMES M., of firm of Eldridge Brothers, aged 39 yrs., d. Nov. 4, 1857, of inflammation of the brain. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Nov. 14.)

ELDRIDGE, SHALER W., aged 1 yr., 10 mos., d. at Eldridge House, Oct. 11, 1860, of inflammation of the bowels. (Lawrence, Republican, Oct. 18.)

ELLIOTT, W. C. WORTH, son of I. D. & Nancy, aged 11 yrs., d. Jan. 29, 1860. (Emporia, Kansas News, Feb. 11.)

ELMORE, ARTHUR, son of Rush & Susan T., aged 3 days, d. Mar. 4, 1858. (Tecumseh, Kansas Settler, Mar. 10.)

ELWELL, CHAS. ROBERTSON, son of Dr. J. B., aged 6 mos., 3 wks., d. at residence of Capt. Kipp, Platte County, MO, Mar. 30, 1856. (Atchison, Squatter Sovereign, April 15.)

EMERSON, LYSANDER B., son of S. M. & S. D., aged 2, days, at Wyandotte, July 28, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, Aug. 23.)

EMERY, WM., of Samuel Ferandis' train, while en route to Fort Riley, d. near Osawkee, on Grasshopper River, Sept. 9, 1855, of cholera. (Lawrence, Kansas Tribune, Oct. 17.)

EVANS, MARIA C., dau. of James W. & Mary, aged 16 yrs., 11 mos.,16 days, d. Aug. 6, 1860, of congestive fever. (Lawrence, Republican, Aug. 9.)

EVINGTON, DR. J. G., struck by lightning, May 25 or 26, 1859. (Atchison, Union, June 4; Freedom's Champion, May 28.)


FARLEY, JOSIAH formerly of Platte Co., MO, d. July 31, 1857. (Delaware, Kansas Free State, Aug. 1)

FARNSWORTH, WILLIAM B., Native of Washington, N.H., aged 50 yrs., d. in Avon Township, Coffey County, Nov. 30, 1859. (Burlington, Neosho Valley Register, Dec. 13.)

FEATHERGILL, LAURA DALE, dau. of William & Ellen, aged 4 yrs., 10 mos., 4 days, d. in Adams County, Ill., Sept. 26, 1858. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Oct. 16.)

FEE, JOHN, d. in this territory, opposite St. Joseph, of cholera. (Atchison, Squatter Sovereign, Sept. 24, 1855)

FERGUSON, CARRIE GRAY, twin dau. of P. S. & Margaret, aged 9 mos., d. at Superior, Osage County. (Lawrence, Republican, Sept. 15, 1859.)

FERGUSON, FRED IRVING, son of James H. & Ellen M., aged 1 yr., 10 days, d. July 18, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, Aug. 2.)

FERRELL, MINNIE,dau. of the Rev. T. J. & Minerva, aged 1 yr., 7 mos., 4 days, d. Jan. 13, 1861. (Lawrence, Republican, Aug. 2.)

FINK, JACOB, a German living eight miles from Leavenworth on the Easton Road, killed by a fall from a wagon, Nov. 16, 1858. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Nov. 20.)

FINKLEA, HUGH G, originally from Germany, drowned from raft of logs near Doniphan Aug. 27, 1857 (Geary City, Era, Sept. 5.)

FIRTH, THOMAS formerly of Blackwoodtown, NJ, resident of Ogden, shot through window at house of Mr. Warner between Manhattan and Ogden, Feb. 28, 1859(Leavenworth, Daily Times, Mar. 12.)

FISH, MARY JANE, dau. of Charles, of the Shawnee Indian Nation, age abt. 10 yrs., d. June 21, 1855 of cholera. (Lawrence, Kansas Free State, July 9.)

FISH, NANCY, dau. of Charles, of the Shawnee Indian Nation, aged about 8 yrs. d. June 19, 1855, of cholera. (Lawrence, KansasFree State, July 9.)

FISH, MRS. PASCAL, aged about 50 yrs., d. on the Shawnee Indian Reservation, April 29, 1855. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, May 5.)

FISHER, JOSEPHINE A., dau. of Adam & Catharine, age 2 yr, d. Dec. 22, 1854, of consumption. (Leavenworth, Kansas weekly Herald, Dec. 29.)

FLEISCHMAN, MRS. ELIZA K., aged 48 yrs., d. near Des Moines, Iowa, Feb. 1, 1858. (Lawrence, Republican, Feb. 18.)

FORD, E. N., drowned fording the Wakarusa. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Nov. 6, 1858.)

FOSTER, --, dau. of Mr. Foster, keeper of Atchison Hotel, aged 14 yrs., d. Nov. 21, 1856. (Atchison, Squatter Sovereign, Nov. 22.)

FOSTER, BERTHA, age 43 yr, d. Jan. 22, 1861, of consumption. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Jan. 26.)

FOSTER, CHARLES, formerly of Ogdensburg, N. Y., later of Minneola, K. T., d. at Denver City, Sept. 17, 1860. ( Leavenworth, Daily Times, Oct. 8.)

FOSTER, ROBERT PITT, son of F. R. & M. B., aged 3 mos., 10 days, d. Nov. 30, 1858. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune) Dec. 16.)

FOX, MRS. BETSY ANN, wife of Henry, aged 47 yrs., d. at Auburn, K. T. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Nov. 19, 1859.) ,

FRANCE, EL.IZABETH ANN, aged 23 yrs., d. at home of brother near Delaware; Feb. 20, 1856, of consumption. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Mar. 8.)

FRANKE, -- , of Illinois, murdered by -- Glover, Aug., 1854 (Lawrence, Kansas Free State, Jan. 3, 1855)

FRAZER, MARY A. JEWETT, wife Robert L., born at St. Albans, VT, married Nov. 1859, aged 26 yr, d. July 29, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, Aug. 2.)

FRAZIER, IDA C., aged 3 yrs., 11 mos., 21 days, d. on Rock Creek, Jefferson Co., Nov. 20, 1860. (Oskaloosa, Independent, Nov. 21.)

FREEMAN, N. S, committed suicide at Pennsylvania Hotel, April 24, 1858 (Leavenworth, Times, May 1)

FRENCH, MRS. EMILY, wife of Theodore, dau. of William & Delilah Jaquett,, of Cameron, N. Y., aged 23 yrs., 11 mos., d. at Georgetown, May 9, 1859. (Lawrence, Republican, May 19.)

FRENCH, MARTHA J., dau. of George, formerly of Brunswick, ME, aged 22yrs., d. at residence of father four miles south of Topeka, Oct. 18, 1856, of fever. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Oct. 22.)

FRIZZLE, RILEY, age 38 yr, d. Nov. 7, 1860, of lung fever, (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Nov. 10.)

FRY, CHAS. SAMUEL, only chi1d of Samuel & Matilda, aged 1 yr., 5 mos., d. Sept. 2, 1857, of whooping cough and diarrhea. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Sep. 5.)

FRY, FREDERICK CEPHAS, son of Samue1 & Matilda, aged 1 yr., 6 mos., 7 days, d. Nov. 5, 1859. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Nov. 12.)

FULKINSON, MRS. LYD1A, wife of Dr. Peter P., aged 31 yrs. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, June 13, 1857.)

FULLER, JAMES MONROE, formerly of Mansfield, Conn., d. Feb. 10, 1858, of brain fever, left wife and two children. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Feb. 13.)

GARDNER, THOMAS M., son of Joseph & Sarah M, d. Jan. 5, 1860 (Lawrence, Republican, Jan. 12)

GARRISON, CAROLINE, dau. of Isaac, aged 14 yrs., d. Nov. 28, 1859. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Dec. 3.)

GARVIN, ROBERT, late of Illinois, aged 22yr, d. June 27, 1857 (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, July 4.)

GATCHLEY, WILLIAM, aged about 25 yrs., found dead in bed, June 23, 1860. (Leavenworth Daily Times, June 25.)

GAUGH, --, found dead, July 19, 1859, supposed that liquor and heat of sun combined killed him. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, July 22.)

GAYLORD, WILLIAM LEWIS, of Buchanan County, MO, aged 57 yrs., d. Aug. 23, 1859. (Atchison, Freedom's Champion, Sept. 3)

GETMAN, MRS. --- of Terrapin Creek, Brown County, late of Frankfort, N. Y., struck by lightning, June 26, 1859. (White Cloud, Kansas Chief, July 7.)

GILES, CHARLES, of Gallia County, Ohio, aged 60 yrs., d. at the Waverly House, April 10, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, April 12.)

GILLPATRICK, MRS. JANE M., wife of the Rev. James, missionary to this territory, aged 48 yrs., d. at Brownsville, Jan. 22, 1856. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Jan. 26.)

GIST, WM. H., d. at Atchison, Jan. 8, 1861. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Jan. 12.)

GLEASON, MRS. POLLY H., wife of Salem, formerly of Pennsylvania, aged 68 yrs., 4 mos., d. in Willow Springs Township, Sept. 1, 1859. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Sept. 3.)

GLIDDON, MARY A., aged 2 yrs., 9 mos., d. at Willow Springs, Oct. 19, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, Nov. 1.)

GODDARD, GEORGE THATCHER, aged 33 yrs., d. Rock Creek, eight miles from Council Grove, April 18, 1858, of consumption. (Emporia, Kanzas News, April 24.)

GOODIN, HENRY C., son of James & Catherine, brother of John & James of Leavenworth, age 19yr, d. in Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept. 8, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Sept. 18.)

GOODMAN, ALICE LOUISE, dau. of Charles F. & Emma, aged 4 yrs., 8 mos., 21 days, d. Dec. 11, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Dec. 12.)

GORDON, --, son of Thomas & Betsey, d. Sept. 7, 1860. (Emporia, Kansas News, Sept. 8.)

GORDON, MRS. MARCIA B., wife of Wilson L., aged 25 yrs., Dec. 16, 1859. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Dec. 17.)

GOSS, SUSAN ALICE, dau. of Geo. W. & Susan C., formerly of W. Randolph, VT, aged 4 yrs., d. on steamer Star of the West, 1855, of cholera. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Oct. 27.)

GRAHAM, LOUISA O., dau.of John M. & Martha, d.Feb.7, 1858, of lung fever. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Feb. 20)

GRAHAM, MRS. MARTHA, wife of John M., aged 53 yrs., 6 mos., d. Mar. 11, 1858, of consumption, left husband and four children. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Mar. 20.)

GRAY, ANN B., wife of R. D., aged 26 yrs., d. at Turkey Creek, Bourbon County, May 22,1860. (Burlington, Neosho Valley Register, June 9.)

GRAY, DANIEL, killed at Stanton, by Thadeus Wymans, July 13, 1859. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, July 22.)

GREEN, JAMES FARQUHAR, formerly of this city, aged 29 yrs., 11 mos., d. at Marseilles, France, Feb. 19, 1859. (Atchison, Freedom's Champion, April 2.)

GREENE, EVANS E., formerly of Delaware County, PA, aged 23 yrs., d. July 28, 1858, of congestive chills. (Lawrence, Republican, Aug. 5.)

GREENE, MARY ALVA, dau.. of James W. & Susan A., aged 3 yrs., d. at residence of James Cunningham, Parkville, MO, Dec. 28, 1855. (Atchison, Squatter Sovereign, Jan. 22, 1856.)

GREENO, FRANK, son of Harris S. & Sarah E., aged 2 yrs, 2 days, d. Feb. 17, 1860.(Fort Scott, Democrat, Feb. 23.)

GRIER, GEORGE WILEY, son of S. W. & C. H., d. June 18, 1860, of congestion of the brain. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, June 19.)

GRIFFIN, ELVIRA, aged 17 yrs., d. at Agnes City. (Emporia, Kanzas News, Dec. 12, 1857)

GRIMES, HUGH D., aged 21 yrs., 11 mos., 21 days, d. at El Dorado, Hunter County, Feb. 4, 1860. (Burlington, Neosho Valley Register, Feb. 14.)

GRISWOLD, MRS. LOCKIE A., wife of Sylvester C., aged 21 yrs., 6 mos., 24 days, d. at Marthaville, Warren County, MO., Sept. 27, 1856. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Nov. 8.)

GUTHRIE, JOHN, hanged for stealing a horse. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Feb. 17, 1860)

HADLEY, DANIEL P., formerly of New Hampshire, aged about 43 years, d. Nov. 6, 1855. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Nov.24.)

HAGAN, JOSEPH, of Shawnee, K. T., drowned, July 15, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, July 21.)

HALL, AMANDA A., wife of Isaac, aged 28 yrs., d. April 20, 1857, buried at Philadelphia, PA. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, April 25.)

HALL, DATUS MARTINDALE, son of Edward & Lorinda C., age 4 yr, 7 mo, 20 days d. Mar. 5, 1860. (Emporia, Kansas News, Mar. 10.)

HALL, HELEN M., dau. of' Samuel & Julia A., aged 10 yrs., d. Sept,; I5, 1858, of typhoid fever. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Sept. 30; "Records of Burials in Topeka Cemetery, .1859-1880.")

HALL, JOSEPH M., county commissioner of Leavenworth County, d. at Kickapoo, May 31, 1857. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, June 6.)

HAM, --, son of J., of Nicholls Grove, aged 1 yr., 3 mos., d. in Holt County, MO, Sept. 20, 1857, of flux. (White Cloud, Kansas Chief, Oct. 1.)

HAMBLETON, CHARLES . of Kentucky, aged 27 yrs., d. April 13, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, April 14.)

HAMILL, KITTY JANE, dau of Samuel, age 6 mo, d. Sept. 4, 1869. (Emporia, Kansas News, Sept. 10.)

HAMILL, MRS. MARY JANE, wife of Samuel, aged 32 yrs., d. near Emporia, Mar. 22, 1859. (Emporia, Kansas News, Mar. 26.)

HAMM, LEWIS STAFFORD, son of George L. & Sarah W., aged 2 mos., 10 days, d. at Holton, June 15, 1860. (Topeka., Kansas State Record, June 23.)

HAMMOND, CHARLES JERRY, son of Chauncey & Clarissa, aged 6 yrs., d. near the Big Mound on the Wakarusa, April 13, 1857. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, April 25.)

HAMMOND, ELLEN, dau. of Chauncey & Clarissa, aged 10 yrs., d. near the Big Mound on the Wakarusa, April 5, 1857. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, April 25.) ,

HANCOCK, --, dau. of Joseph, d. at Oregon, MO, Sept. 23, 1857, of croup. (White Cloud, Kansas Chief, Oct. 1.)

HANDFORD, EDGAR CONKLING, son of. Joseph & Narissa aged 1 yr., 5 days, d. Sept. 12, 1857. (Wyandotte, Citizen, Sept. 26.)

HANFORD, CATHARINE J., dau. of W. F. & Gusta H., d. Oct.18, 1860. (Emporia, Kansas News, Oct. 27.)

HANKS, O. S., formerly of Randolph, VT, member of Oread Guards, age abt 25 yrs., d. of bilious fever. (Lawrence, Republican, June 25, 1857.)

HARDER WILLIS S., formerly of Richmond, MO, aged 32 yrs., d. Mar. 3, 1855, of pneumonia. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Mar. 24.)

HARDESTY, ISAAC, formerly of Illinois, aged 29 yrs., d. July 27, 1860. (Manhattan, Kansas Express, July 28.)

HARLOW, MRS. MARY P., wife of Oscar, of Lawrence, late of W. Randolph, VT., aged 29 yrs., d. on steamer Star of the West, Oct. 8, 1855, of cholera. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Oct. 27)

HARLOW, OSCAR, late of W. Randolph, VT., aged 26 yrs., d. Mar. 24, 1856. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Apr. 5.)

HARNED, FRANK, son of Hiram & Caroline E., aged 6 yrs., d. Sept. 8, 1859. (Elwood, Free Press, Sept. 10.)

HARNESS, MARY E., aged 5 yrs., burned to death, Nov. 24, 1860. (Fort Scott, Democrat, Dec. 1.)

HARNSBERGER, JOHN J., late of Rockingham County, VA, d. at residence of Gen. Lewis, Saline County, MO. July 13, 1855. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Aug. 18.)

HARRIS, CHAPIN A., of Georgetown, KY, d. at Chapin House, Jan. 29, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Feb. 1.)

HART, MARY A., dau. of Orvis Y. & Mary U., aged 5 mos., d. June 7, 1860. (Emporia, Kansas News, June 9.)

HARVEY, ANN, wife of Henry, came to Kansas in 1840 as matron of Friends Mission, aged 62 yrs., d. near Wilmington, July 8, 1859. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, July 21.)

HARVEY, COL. JAMES A., aged 29 yrs., d. at Hyatt, Dec. 22, 1857, of heart disease. (Lawrence, Republican, Jan. 7, 1858)

HARWOOD, MARIA, sister of Mrs. Weymouth & Charles F. Harwood, age 18 yr. 6 mo, d.in Boston, Mass., Aug. 15, 1860, of inflammation of the bowels (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Aug. 25.)

HASELTINE, DAVID P., formerly of Hamilton, Ohio, aged 53 yrs., 11 days, d. near Clinton, Douglas County, Jan. 23, 1861 of inflammation of the lungs. (Lawrence, Republican, Jan. 31.)

HASELTINE, LEWIS M., son of William & Martha Jane, aged 6 yrs., 11 mos., d. in Kanwaca, Douglas County, July 16, 1860, of inflammation. (Lawrence, Republican, July 19.)

HASKELL, FRANKLIN, late of N. Brookfield, Mass., aged 50 yrs., d. Jan. 26, 1857, of inflammation of the bowels. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Jan. 31.)

HASKELL, HATTIE FRANCES, only child of Charles A. & Lucy A., aged 18 mos., d. Jan. 24, 1859, of inflammation of the brain. (Lawrence, Republican, Jan. 27.)

HASTINGS, FRANK DAVIS, only child of Alonzo & Grace E., aged 11 mos., d. July 25, 1859, of congestion of the brain. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, July 28.)

HATHAWAY, MRS. WEALTHY S, wife of George W, age 30 yr, 3 mo, d. at Forest Hill, Dec. 8, 1859 (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Dec. 17.)

HAYDEN, ELIZA JANE, wife of William B., aged 19 yrs., d. at Prairie City, Nov. 19, 1859. (Burlington, Neosho Valley Register, Jan. 24, 1860.)

HAYMAN, PETER G, proprietor of Burnett House on Shawnee Street, committed suicide July 20, 1858. (Leavenworth, Weekly Times,July 24.)

HEDDING, MRS. ELIZABETH, wife of Charles B., aged 26 yrs.., d. at Padonia, Brown County,

Jan. 6. 1861 (White Cloud, Kansas Chief, Jan. 17.)

HELLING, ELIZA, formerly of Cleveland, Ohio, aged 22 yrs., d. July 25, 1859, of congestion of brain. (Leavenworth, Daily Time, July 27.)

HELWIG, MRS. RACHEL, wife of John, aged 28 yrs., d. at Monrovia, May 24, 1859. (Atchison, Freedom's Champion, May 28.)

HEMENWAY, EDWARD S., aged 21 yrs., d. at Lecompton, May 23, 1858. (Lawrence, Republican, May 27.)

HERNDON, CATHARINE, wife of Dr. Richard W., formerly of Scott County, KY, aged 74 yrs., d. in Platte County, MO, Aug. 14, 1856. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Aug. 23.)

HERRICK, ELMA, formerly of E. Corinth, ME, aged 43 yrs., d. in Sumner Township, Dec. 14, 1856, of dropsy. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Jan. 3, 1857.)

HERRICK, MRS. LOIS, wife of Nathan, formerly of E. Corinth, ME, aged 73 yrs., d. Mar. 28, 1855. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, April 7.)

HERRICK, NATHAN, native of New Hampshire, recently from Maine, d. Oct. 10, 1855, of heart disease. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Oct. 27.)

HERVEY, EVELINE, aged 25 yrs., 9 mos., 17 days, d. Mar. 15, 1860. (Fort Scott, Democrat, Mar. 15.)

HESS, NICHOLAS, a German, found frozen to death 10 miles west of Topeka on Mission Creek Road. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Feb. 2, 1861.)

HIATT, MRS. FARMEY ELIZABETH, wife of Henry, aged 38 yrs., 6 mos., d. at Twin Mound, Douglas County, April 19, 1859. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, April 30.)

HIATT, JONATHAN D., son of Curtis, aged 11 yrs., 1 mo., 10 days, d. Nov. 9, 1859, of typhoid fever. (Emporia, Kansas News, Nov. 26.)

HILLMAN, CATHARINE, late of Utica, Wis., aged 27 yrs., d. at Bloomington, Nov. 5, 1857. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Nov. 21.)

HILLYER, CHARLES SUMNER, only son of E. D. & Ellen, aged 4 yrs., d. at Grasshopper Falls, Mar. 24, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Mar. 29.)

HISCOCK, MAGGIE, resided in Topeka in 1856, burned while fighting prairie fire near Lawrence, Nov. 3, 1859. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Nov. 5.)

HODSON, JOHN, aged 54 yrs., d. Dec. 1, 1858, of consumption. (Emporia, Kansas News, Dec. 4.)

HOLLIDAY, MRS. ABRAHAM, of Osawatomie, killed by storm, June 8, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, June 15.)

HOLLINGSWORTH, MRS. G. M., wife of L. F., aged 29 yrs., 2 mos., 8 days, d. near Delaware City, Aug. 30, 1858. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Nov. 13.)

HOOK, VVILLIAM, shot while attempting to burn out neighbors in Chase County. (Council Grove, Kansas Press, Nov.14, 1859.)

HOOVER, JOHN, late of Crestline, Ohio, killed by falling on circular saw in one of the mills on the south levee, Feb. 27, 1858. (Sumner, Gazette, Feb. 27.)

HOOVER, REBECCA, dau. of David & Mary, aged 1 yr., 9 mos., d. in Burlingame, July 7, 1859. (Lawrence, Republican, Sept. 15.)

HORNSBERGER, JOHN J., late of Rockingham County, VA, d. in Saline County, MO, at residence of General Lewis, July 13, 1855. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Aug. 18.)

HORNSBY, MRS. MARY VIRGINIA, wife of Columbus, age 23 yr, 8 mos., 19 days, d. Sept. 8, 1859, of consumption. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Oct. 1.)

HORNSBY, WM. B., of firm of C. & Wm. B., d. at residence of his father in Johnson County, MO, May 16, 1859. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, May 28.)

HOTCHKISS, HOMER, of Auburn, one of Green's exploring expedition, killed by Indians. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Sept. 8, 1860.)

HOWE, ELIZA, dau. of Ira, aged 14 yrs., d. at Ottumwa, Nov. 20, 1859, of consumption. (Burlington, Neosho Valley Register, Nov. 29.)

HOWE, MARY E., dau. of Richard & Sarah, aged 1 yr., 6 mos., d. Sept. 9, 1859. (Emporia, Kansas News, Sept. 10.)

HOWSLEY, LUCINDA J., wife of R. H., aged 24 yrs., d. Feb. 16, 1859. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Feb. 18.)

HOYT, --, orphan dau. of David S., aged about 6 yrs. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, June 27, 1857.)

HOYT, DAVID STARR, of Deerfield, Mass., aged 35 yrs., killed by Pro-slavery men, Aug. 12, 1856. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, June 27, 1857.)

HUBBARD, D. L., formerly of Rushford, N.Y., aged 31 yrs., d. on Washington Creek, May 14, 1855. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, May 26.)

HUGH, WILLIAM, killed by a party of settlers at his cabin on the Cottonwood, 16 miles west of Emporia, Oct. 20, 1859. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Oct. 28.)

HUGHES, RICHARD C., d. at Palmyra, MO, Oct. 20, 1856. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Nov. 1.)

HUNT, CARL CLARENCE, son of David R. & Harriett A., aged 10 mos., 18 days, d. Aug. 21, 1860. (Elwood, Free Press, Aug. 25.)

HUNT, JUDGE MORRIS, d. Nov .14, 1858. (Lawrence, Republican, Dec. 23.)

HUNTER, ARCHIBALD, native of Scotland, aged 45 yrs., d. Aug. 20, 1859. (Lawrence, Republican, Sept. 1.)

HUTCHINSON, ALMA V., dau. of Wm. & Helen M, age 5 yrs., 10 mos., d. at Woodstock, Ohio, while en route to Randolph, VT, former residence, Jan. 6, 1857 (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Jan. 17)

HUTCHINSON, JOHN F., formerly of Philadelphia, PA, d. at residence of Capt. Henry Learned, of Sumner Township, of malignant tumor. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, May 22, 1858.)

HYDE, DR. EDWARD, formerly of Corning, N.Y., aged 41 yrs. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Oct. 1, 1859.)

INGLES, SAMUEL, d. as a result of injury from bursting of an anvil. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Dec. 28, 1859)

INSLEY, DON CARLOS, only child of M. H. & Eliza P, age 4 yrs, d. June 2, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, June 19.)

INSLEY, MARY BELLE, dau. of M. H. & Eliza P., aged 9 mos., d. May 26, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, June 19.)

IRVINE, FANNY H., wife of Judge William L., d. in Buchanan County, MO, May 5, 1859, of consumption. (Atchison, Freedom's Champion, May 7.)

JENKINS, GAIUS, killed by James H. Lane, June 3, 1858, left wife and several children. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, June 5.)

JENKINS, WILLIAM H., of Marshall County, formerly of S. John's, Colleton, S.C., d. Nov. 18, 1857, of congestion of the brain. (Lecompton, National Democrat, Nov. 19.)

JESSEE, NANCY REBECCA, dau. of William & Nancy, aged 18 yrs., 7 mos., d. near Bloomington, Sept. 14, 1858, of bilious fever. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Sept. 25.)

JOHNSON, MRS. --, and child, drowned crossing Dragoon Creek, June 2, 1858, lived near Burlingame. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, June 19.)

JOHNSON, ERIC MONROE, only son of Benjamin & Mary, aged 8 yrs., 14 days, d. , Sept. 4, 1855. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Sep. 15.)

JOHNSON, HARVEY, aged 56 yrs., d. at Elmendaro, Madison County, Jan. 5, 1860, of lung, fever. (Emporia, Kansas News, Jan. 28.)

JOHNSON, HENRY, aged about 35 yrs., murdered at camp on branch of Big Arkansas. (Topeka, Kansas State Record,Mar. 24, 1860.)

JOHNSON, WALTER, formerly of Connecticut, aged 52 yrs., d. at his residence near Big Springs, Sept. 13, 1857. (Lawrence, Republican) Sept. 24.)

JOHNSTON, EDWARD HENRY, only child of Philip & Mary Ann, aged 3 yrs., d. Sept. 27, 1860. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Oct. 6.)

JOHNSTON, MRS. MALVINA H., wife of S. W., aged 37 yrs., d. Mar. 3, 1860, of consumption. (Lecompton, National Democrat, April 5.)

JONES, FRANKLIN, son of Jacob & Mary, aged 3 yrs., 4 mos., 17 days, d. Sept. 3, 1860. (Elwood, Free Press, Sept. 8.)

JONES, JOHN, formerly of Illinois, lived near Wakarusa, 6 miles south of Lawrence, killed by outlaws. Topeka, Kansas Tribune, June 6, 1856.)

JONES, TEGIDON PHILIPS, son of Edward & Sarah, aged 4 yrs., d. Oct. 25, 1859. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom,Oct. 29.)

JONES, WILSON SUMNER, son of A. R. & S. J., aged 11 mo, d. on Dow Creek, Sept. 11, 1858, of cholera infantum. (Emporia, Kansas News, Sept. 13.)

JOSLIN, THERON A., late postmaster of Sumner, native of Waitsfield, VT, aged 23 yrs., drowned in Grasshopper River, near Kennekuk, May 16, 1859. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, June 4.)

JUDSON, MRS. ELIZABETH wife of Col. Wm. R., formerly of Elmira, N. Y., aged 45 yrs., 11 mos., d. at residence of E. S. Lowman, Mar. 1, 1859. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Mar. 5.)

JUMPS, MRS. HENRIETTA A., wife of Edward, aged 23 yrs., d. Jan. 30, 1857. (Leavenworth, Weekly Leavenworth Journal, Feb. 2.)

KAUCHER, ELLEN DOROTHY, dau. of William & Sarah, aged 9 mos., 14 days, d. at Oregon, MO, Sept. 9, 1860, of inflammation of the bowels. (White Cloud, Kansas Chief, Sept. 13.)

KELLEY, MRS. --, aged 26 yrs., d. near Ottumwa, Nov. 17, 1859. (Burlington, Neosho Valley Register, Nov. 29.)

KELLEY, JOHN, early settler of the County, killed in accident while making a fence, May 23, 1860, left a large family. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, May 25.)

KELLOGG, RANDALL F., only son of Randall F. & Olive, aged 3 yrs., d. May 29, 1858. (Grasshopper Falls, Grasshopper, June 5.)

KELLY, MRS. LEANOR, wife of Caleb, aged 40 yrs., d. Nov. 23, 1857, of typhoid fever, left husband and several children. (Lawrence, Republican, Dec. 3.)

KELLY, REBECCA JANE, dau. of Thomas A. & Selvlra R., aged 14 mos., d. Aug. 18, 1858, of fits. (Emporia, Kansas News, Aug. 21)

KEMPTON, ELIAS W., son of Alfred & Matilda, aged 2 yrs., 4: mos., d. Dec. 9, 1859. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Dec. 17.)

KENT, ADRIAL, aged 48 yrs., 2 mos., d. Oct. 24, 1860. (Burlington, Neosho Valley News, Oct. 24.)

KERR, DR. J. W., elected member of state legislature under Wyandotte constitution, aged 37 yrs., d. Mar.13, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, April 5.)

KERR, THADDEUS S., son of John & Susan E., aged 1 yr., 23 days, d. June 19, 1860. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, June 23.) ,

KETTLAS, LOUIS, Charles Creek, Davis County, committed suicide, Sept. 11, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Sept. 25.)

KEYSER, BEN H., d. at Junction City, Dec. 2, 1859. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Dec. 10.)

KIBBY, MRS. --, Leavenworth, burned while taking bread from oven, Sept. 3, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Sept. 5.)

KILGORE, LIZZIE M., aged 18 yrs., d. in Salt Creek Valley, Nov. 3, 1860, of consumption. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Nov. 6.)

KILLAM, FRANCIS, formerly of Concord, N.H., d. May 25, 1857, left wife and son. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, May 30.)

KIMBALL, MARY ABBY, dau. of Franklin & Elizabeth, aged 6 mos., 27 days, d. July 4, 1860. (Lawrence, Republican, July 12.)

KIMSEY, JOHN, ferryman, formerly of Missouri, aged 47 yrs., fell in his boat while crossing the river, July 23, 1857. (Quindaro, Chindowan, July 25.)

KING, JOHN F., special correspondent of the New York Evening Post, and Cincinnati Daily and Weekly Times, Lawrence, d. at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1859, by suicide. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Feb. 24.)

KING, WILLIAM R., formerly of Kalamazoo, Mich., age 27 yr, d. at Commercial House, Dec. 29, 1860 (Lawrence, Republican, Jan. 3, 1861)

KINISON, JOHN, native of Ohio, drowned near White Cloud, May 27, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, June 16.)

KINKEAD, --, of Stanton, killed by storm, June 8, 1860. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, June 15.)

KLINEFELTER, JOSEPH, late of Morrow County, Ohio, aged 47 yrs., 11 mos., 16 days, d. in Brown County, July 17, 1858, of erysipelas. (White Cloud, Kansas Chief, July 22.)

KNAPP, MRS. NANCY A., wife of Lemuel, aged 39 yrs., d. at Ogden, Feb. 24, 1858, left husband and six children. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Mar. 27.)

KNIGHT, MRS. MARIANNE, wife of the Rev. Richard, late of Holyoke, Mass., aged 40 yrs., 8 mos., d. Feb. 12, 1856. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Feb. 23.) .

KNIGHT, ROBERT CHARLES, son of the Rev. Richard, late of Holyoke, Mass., aged 13 yrs., 2 mos., d. Feb. 12, 1856. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Feb. 16.)

KNOWLES, MARY JANE, late of Dorchester, Mass., aged 25 yrs., d. at residence of Samuel Smith, Aug. 10, 1858. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Aug. 14.)

KNOWLTON, CHARLES, d. in hunting accident. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Feb. 17, 1860.)

KONZ, --, living south of Wakarusa, shot by a company of Free-State men after he had boasted of killing five abolitionists. (Doniphan, Kansas Crusader of Freedom, Feb. 5, 1858.)

KUYKENDALL, JAMES ISRAEL, son of J. M. & S. E., aged 4 mos., 27 days, d. at Calhoun, Shawnee County, Aug. 18, 1860, of congestion of the brain. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Aug. 25.)

LADD, --, son of E. D. & Mary W. T., aged 5 weeks, 5 days, d. Nov. 29, 1856, of congestion of the lungs. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Dec. 6.)

LADD, MRS. MARY W. T., wife of E. D., aged 31 yrs., d. Jan. 22, 1857, of consumption. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Jan. 31.)

LAIRD, SAMUEL, drowned while scrubbing wheelhouse of steamer Emma, June 20, 1858. (Leavenworth, Times, June 26.)

LAMB, JOHN T., late of Kentucky, aged 28 yrs., d. at Indianola, Nov. 10, 1860, of an abscess. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Nov. 24.)

LANE, ANNIE, dau. of James H. & Mary E., d. June 18, 1855. (Lawrence, Kansas Free State, July 2.)

LANSING, MRS. FANNIE M., wife of William, dau. of Levi Coley, Westport, Conn., aged 34 yrs., d. Mar 19, 1858, remains were taken to Westport, Conn. (Quindaro, Chindowan, Mar. 20.)

LANUM, JOSEPH, aged 20 yrs., d. on Indian Creek, Butler County, Mar. 20, 1860, of congestive chills. (Lawrence, Republican, Mar. 29.)

LAW, GEORGE, formerly of Massachusetts, but late of Hampden, K. T., aged 37 yrs., d. at Waukegan, Ill., Feb. 13, 1857, of lung disease. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, May 2.)

LECOMPTE, --, dau. of Judge Samuel D., d. at Fort Leavenworth, of cholera. (Lawrence, Kansas Free State, July 23, 1855.)

LECOMPTE, SAMUEL, son of Judge, aged 18 yrs., d. near Kansas City, Dec. 4, 1860, of fall from an embankment. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, Dec. 6.)

LEE, WILLIAM B., formerly of Pennsylvania, aged 24 yrs., d. June 2, 1855, left wife and children. (Lawrence, Kansas Free State, June 18.)

LEFFRILLGE, MR. --, d. Feb. 11, 1855, had been shot some time since by -- Moody of Westport. (Lawrence, Kansas Free State, Feb. 14.)

LEHMAN, FREDERICK E., aged 32 yrs., d. at Atchison, July 15, 1860, of disease of the heart. (Lawrence, Republican, July 26.)

LEMON, E. A., wife of William C., formerly of Auburn, N. Y., d. Aug. 13, 1858, of typhoid. (Atchison, Freedoms Champion, Aug. 21.)

LENNEHAM, D., of Elm Creek, Morris County, killed May 8, 1860, suspicion rested on a man named McDonald. (Leavenworth, Daily Times, May 18.)

LEONARD, MRS. MARY ANN, wife of Hartfort P., formerly of Franklin, Mass., aged 23 yrs., d. at Wabaunsee, Aug. 25, 1855. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Sept. 22.)

LESTER, ROBERT, of Prairie City, formerly of Louisville, Ky., accidentally killed by Mr. Shortel, Nov. 11, 1859. (Emporia, Kansas News, Nov. 19.)

LETCHWORTH, MARGARET ANN, dau. of Thomas & Mary, aged 12 yrs., d. Sept. 12, 1857. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Sept. 19.)

LEWIS, GEORGE H., moved to Kansas two years ago, aged 48 yrs., d. on Allen Creek, Dec. 24, 1857. (Emporia, Kanzas News, Jan. 9, 1958.)

LEWIS, HARRIET N., wife of W. L., late of Pittstown, ME., aged 26 yrs., d. Mar. 15, 1858, of overexertion. (Elwood, Weekly Advertiser, Mar. 18.)

LEWIS, MRS. MARY JANE, wife of James M., aged 24 yrs., d. at Greeley, Aug. 8, 1859. (Lawrence, Republican, Aug. 18.)

LILLY, WM., stabbed to death, Jan. 7, 1858. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Jan. 16.)

LINES, --, only child of E. J., of Wabaunsee, aged 4 1/2 yrs., d. by accident. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, April 14, 1860.)

LITCHFIELD, MRS. HARRIET S., widow of Lewis L., formerly of Boston, Mass., aged 42 yrs., d. April 7, 1855. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, April 7.)

LITCHFIELD, LEWIS L., formerly of Cambridge, Mass., aged 40 yrs., 7 mos., d. Feb. 11, 1855, of pleurisy. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Feb. 17.)

LITTLE, JOHN H., of Fort Scott, killed by Montgomery's men, Jan. 16, 1859. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Jan. 22.)

LLOYD, SUSAN R., wife of Marion, aged 21 yrs., d. June 23, 1859. (Emporia, Kansas News, June 25.)

LOGAN, MARY ELLEN, dau. of Robert & Mary Ann, age 17 yrs., 9 mos., 10 days, d. Nov. 24, 1859, of typhoid fever. (Emporia, Kansas News, Nov. 26.) .

LONG, JESSIE, dau. of John & Martha, aged 18 mos., d. May 7 or 8, 1859. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, May 12; "Records of Burials in Topeka Cemetery, 1859-1880.")

LOOMIS, GAYLEY, son of H. J. & S. A., aged 1 yr., 7 mos., 16 days, d. on Mission Creek, Wabaunsee County, Oct. 26, 1860. (Topeka, Kansas State Record, Nov. 3.)

LOON, S. A., killed in fight, buried at Ft. Riley. (Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Mar. 10, 1860.)

LOVELACE, MRS. ELEANOR A., formerly of Clearfield County, PA., aged 34 yrs., d. at Washington Creek, Mar. 11, 1855, of heart disease. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Mar. 24.)

LOWMAN, E. J., son of E. S. &, C. J., d. Nov. 21, 1858. (Lawrence, Republican, Nov. 25.)

LUM, ANNIE K., dau. of the Rev. S. Y. & Carrie K., aged 2 yrs., 1 mo., 13 days, d. Mar. 13, 1855, of dropsy of the brain. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Mar. 24.)

LUNSFORD, WILLIAM RILEY, son of William & Rachel L., aged 3 yrs., d. in Holt County, MO., Aug. 10, 1859, of congestive chills. (White Cloud, Kansas Chief, Aug. 18.)

LYFORD, WRIGHT C., aged 28 yrs., d. in Leavenworth city hospital, Oct. 4, 1858. (Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Oct. 30.)

LYLE, JAMES M., native of South Carolina, reared in Madison County, KY., came to Kansas Territory in 1854, clerk of first territorial legislature, killed by W. H. Haller in an election day controversy June 29, 1857. (Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, July 4.)

LYMAN, ALBERT, formerly of S. Deerfield, Mass., d. at Eldridge House, Oct. 15, 1860, of fever. (Lawrence, Republican, Oct. 18.)

LYON, ELIZABETH, born in Washington County, PA., d. at Cottonwood Falls, Feb. 14, 1860. (Council Grove, Kansas Press, Mar. 19.)

[The List Will Be Concluded in the November, 1950, Issue.]

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