KanColl: The Kansas Historical Quarterlies

November 1947

Cover of the November 1947 issue

Berlin B. Chapman, "Charles Curtis and the Kaw Reservation," p. 337.

Edward R. DeZurko, "A Report and Remarks on Cantonment Leavenworth," p. 353.

Waldo W. Braden, "William E. Borah's Years in Kansas in the 1880's," p. 360.

Letters of Julia Louisa Lovejoy, 1856-1864: Part Three, 1858," p. 368.

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From the cover: A dog dance by the Kansas Indians at one of their former villages two miles east of present Manhattan, August 24, 1819. The picture is a reproduction of the sketch drawn by Samuel Seymour of the Maj S. H. Long expedition. It was published in 1822 and is believed to be the first ever printed relating to what is now the state of Kansas.