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February 1947

Cover of the February 1947 issue

Walter Johnson, "William Allen White: Country Editor, 1897- 1914," p. 1.

Walter Johnson and Alberta Prantle, A Bibliography of the Published Works of William Allen White," p. 22.

Powell Moore, ed., A Hoosier in Kansas: The Diary of Hiram M. Young, 1886-1895: Pioneer of Cloud County: Part Four, 1893," p. 42.

Annual Meeting (includes the President's Address by Jess C. Denious, "Newspaper Adventure"), p. 81.

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From the cover: William Allen White of Emporia, a distinguished native Kansan whose voluminous writings during his fifty years as a "country editor" brought him world fame. He was born in Emporia February 10, 1868, and died there January 20, 1944.
     Photo by Bernard Hoffman for Life magazine through whose courtesy it is here reproduced.