KanColl: The Kansas  Historical Quarterlies

Kansas History as Published in the Press

August, 1944(Vol. 13, No. 3), page 205.
Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas State Historical Society.

Victor Murdock has featured the following Kansas historical subjects in hiscolumn regularly appearing in the Wichita (Evening) Eagle: "Changes inLocal Custom Showing in Celebration of the First Day of the Year," January 1,1944; "Fabrics To Be Found on the Early Prairie. in Wool and in Cotton," January4; "Spot Where Wichita Is Gave a Hint of Future To Some Wayfarers Here," January5; "Lively Wichita Debate in the Frontier Time Over the Ox and Mule," January 6;"Experience of a Pioneer Whose Wagon Mired Down To the Hubs in the Middle of MainStreet [Wichita] Seventy-Four Years Ago," January 7; "Wichita's Sister CityAcross the Red River-Denison, North Texas," January 8; "Among the InnovationsMarking Community's Infancy Were the Reaper, the Sewing Machine, theBreech-Loading Gun and the Carbon Light," January 10; "Lost on the Prairies [inHaskell County] Four Days and Nights During Blinding Storm," January 11; "EpisodeUp the River From Site of Wichita an International Event [Dispute InvolvingMexico, Texas and the United States in 1843]," January 12; "Colcohoun Who WaitedFor Seven Long Years To Thank His Benefactor," January 13; "Old Memorandum Bookof Mr. [T. J.] Peter Who Built the First Railroad [Santa Fe] Here," January 14;"Four Tests of Wichita That Came To Community in Its Very First Era," January 15;"Letter From Mr. Lincoln To Old Friend in Kansas Previous to Nomination," January17; "Fondness Lincoln Felt For Railroad Travel Shown in Kansas Trip," January 18;"First Railroad Plan For Covering Kansas Missed Site of Wichita," January 20;"Old [Santa Fe] Time-Table Folder That Was Brightened Up With Touches of Humor,"January 21; "Brother of Tecumseh, Prophet of Shawnees, Who Died in Kansas,"January 22; "Switch From Coal Oil That Came To Country With Coming of Kerosene,"January 24; "Early Knowledge Here of Refining Processes With Crude Petroleum,"January 25; "Terms in Oil Industry Prairie People Owed To the Pennsylvanians,"January 26, and "Experience of Pioneer [T. C. Henry] Handling Winter Wheat in theEarly Seventies," January 31.

     The history of the Anthony schools was reviewedin a three-column article in a special school edition of the AnthonyRepublican, August 24, 1944. The public school system was inaugurated inAnthony in 1879.


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