KanColl: The KansasHistorical Quarterlies

August, 1944(Vol. 13, No. 3), page 162
Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas State Historical Society.

Please Note

     Due to the absence of several members of the staff in war service, which makes it necessary for the other experienced members to take care of the routine demands on the Society, The Kansas Historical Quarterly for a time will be printedwith fewer pages.
     During this interval it is hoped that the magazine can be returned to its usual publication schedule while still maintaining high quality and accuracy in the articles printed.
     Volume XIII, now being published, will consist of eight numbers, covering the years 1944-1945. The index for this volume will appear as part of the November, 1945, issue. -THE EDITORS.


GEORGE A. ROOT and RUSSELL K. HICKMAN are members of the staff of theKansas State Historical Society.

Biographical mention of JOHN H. PUTNAM will be found on p. 196.

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