KanColl: The Kansas  Historical Quarterlies

Kansas Historical Notes

May, 1944(Vol. 13, No. 2), page 160.
Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas State Historical Society.

     The Kansas History Teachers Association and theKansas Council for the SocialStudies held a joint meeting in rooms of the Kansas State Historical Society andTopeka High School April 15, 1944. Featured speakers and their subjects at themorning session in the Memorial building --Prof. A. Bower Sageser, Kansas StateCollege of Manhattan, presiding-were: Prof. John D. Bright, of WashburnUniversity, "Changing Emphases in the Teaching of History"; Miss ElizabethCochran, of the Pittsburg State Teachers College, "Handmaidens of History," andProf. C. M. Correll, of Kansas State College, "Prospects for Permanent Peace."Miss Ruth E. Litchen of the University of Kansas, Lawrence, presided at theafternoon session. Prof. Hilden Gibson, of the University of Kansas, spoke on"The Social Studies and the Postwar World," and Mrs. Elizabeth Ott, TopekaElementary Schools, Miss Esther Anderson, Junior High School, Kansas City, andMiss Julia Emery, Wichita High School East, spoke on "Beginning a PostwarProgram." New officers of the Kansas History Teachers Association are: J. D.Bright, president; Rob Roy MacGregor, Southwestern College of Winfield,vice-president; Miss Della Warden, Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia,secretary-treasurer. The executive board includes the above officers andProfessor Sageser, Miss Cochran, Prof. James C. Malin of the University ofKansas, and Miss Jessica Smith of Wichita High School North. New officers of theKansas Council for the Social Studies are: Miss Ruth E. Litchen, president; GraceKarr, of Winfield High School, vice-president; Miss Robena Pringle, of TopekaHigh School, secretary-treasurer, and J. C. Mordy, of Manhattan High School, onthe board of directors. No meeting was held in 1943. This was the seventeenthannual meeting of the Kansas History Teachers Association.

     Complete skeletons of the saber-tooth tiger andgiant sloth are among theoutstanding exhibits in the museum of McPherson College, McPherson, located onthe fourth floor of Harnly hall. Dr. R. E. Mohler is curator.

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