KanColl: The Kansas  
Historical Quarterlies

Recent Additions to the Library

compiled by Helen M. McFarland

May, 1943 (Vol. 12, No. 2), pages 196 to 216.
Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas State Historical Society.

IN ORDER that members of the Kansas State Historical Society and others interested in historical study may know the class of books we are receiving, a list is printed annually of the books accessioned in our specialized fields. These books come to us from three sources, purchase, gift and exchange, and fall into the following classes: Books by Kansans and about Kansas; books on the West, including explorations, overland journeys and personal narratives; genealogy and local history; and books on the Indians of North America, United States history, biography and allied subjects which are classified as general. The out-of-state city directories received by the Historical Society are not included in this compilation. We also receive regularly the publications of many historical societies by exchange, and subscribe to other historical and genealogical publications which are needed in reference work. The following is a partial list of books which were added to the library from October 1, 1941, to September 30, 1942. Government and state official publications and some books of a general nature are not included. The total number of books accessioned appeared in the report of the secretary in the February issue of the Quarterly.


ALLEN, GINA, On the Oregon Trail. Evanston, Ill., Row, Peterson and Company [c1942].
AMRINE, MICHAEL, All Sons Must Say Goodbye. New York, Harper and Brothers [c1942].
BITTINGER, DESMOND W., Black and White in the Sudan. Elgin, Ill., The Brethren Publishing House, 1941.
BLAKE, LEE ELLA, The Great Exodus of 1879 and 1880 to Kansas. A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science, Department of History and Government, Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science. 1942.
BOLINGER, DWIGHT LE MERTON, The Symbolism of Music. Yellow Springs, Ohio, The Antioch Press, 1941.
BONDURANT, CLAIR A., A Study of One Hundred Farm Security Administration Grant Families in Ellis County, Kansas, 1939. Topeka, Kansas State Printing Plant, 1941. (Fort Hays Kansas State College Studies, Sociology Series, No. 4.)



BONONCINI, EUGENE, Autobiography of Rev. Eugene Bononcini, D. D., Early Kansas Missionary. Additions and Notes by W. W. Graves. St. Paul, Journal Press, 1942.
BOWERS, DARIUS N., Seventy Years in Norton County, Kansas, 1872-1942. Norton, The Norton County Champion, 1942.
BRETHERTON, VIVIEN R., The Rock and the Wind. New York, E. P. Dutton and Company, Inc., 1942.
BRINK, JOHN T., The Basic Idea of Modern Accounting. Topeka, Mid-continent Publishing Company, 1941.
BURGE, WILL R., comp., City Directory Caldwell, Kansas. Caldwell, The Caldwell Daily Messenger and the Caldwell News, 1941.
BUSHONG, MARGARET, and IONS BUSHONG, Marionette Theatre Book I. Marionette Instructions and Educational Marionette Play. . . . Minneapolis, Burgess Publishing Company [1939].
CAVANAH, FRANCES, Down the Santa Fe Trail. Evanston, Ill., Row, Peterson and Company [c1942].
CLARK COUNTY CHAPTER OF THE KANSAS STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Notes on Early Clark County, Kansas, Vol. 2, August, 1940-September, 1941. Reprinted from The Clark County Clipper, Ashland.
COLT, MRS. MIRIAM DAMS, A Heroine of the Frontier; Miriam Davis Colt in Kansas, 1866. Extracts From Mrs. Colt's Diaries. [Cedar Rapids, Iowa, The Torch Press, 1941.]
CONE, MARY ELLEN, The Status of Kansas Literature and Art. Typed. [1939.]
COOK, JAMES HENRY, Longhorn Cowboy. New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons [1942].
COOPER, LENNA FRANCES, and others, Nutrition in Health and Disease. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Company [c1941].
DALE, EDWARD EVERETT, The Cherokee Live Stock Association and Charter and By-Laws of the Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association. Wichita, First National Bank, 1941. Cow Country. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1942.
Davis, KENNETH SYDNEY, Farms the Rains Can't Take. Washington, U. S. Government Printing Office, 1940.
----In the Forests of the Night. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1942.
DORNBLASER, THOMAS FRANKLIN, My Life-Story for Young and Old. [Philadelphia] Published for the Author, 1930.
DOSTER, FRANK, The Future Life, Address . . . Before the Unitarian Churches of Topeka and Salina, Kansas. Topeka, Crane and Company, n. d.
DRISCOLL, CHARLES BENEDICT, Pirates Ahoy! New York, Farrar and Rinehart, Inc. [c1941].
DU MARS, MRS. MIRIAM RICHARDSON, Auditing Your Personality. New York, House of Field, Inc., 1941.
ELDRIDGE, SERA, New Social Horizons; Designs for a Personality-Centered Culture. New York, D. Appleton-Century Company, Inc. [1941].
EVARTS, HAL GEORGE, The Bald Face and Other Animal Stories. New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1921.
FAIRCHILD, LEWIS HAROLD, and HELEN G. FAIRCHILD, Cats and All About Them. New York, Orange Judd Publishing Company, Inc., 1942.


FOLMER, HENRI, Etienne Veniard de Bourgmond in the Missouri Country. Reprinted from The Missouri Historical Review, Columbia, April, 1942. FRENCH, LAURA M., comp., "Legs Is Legs" and Other Gleanings From the Gazette. Emporia, n. p., 1941.
GATLIN, DANA, and JAY TOBIAS, The Turning Point; A Play in One Act. Chicago, T. S. Denison and Company [1941].
GLENN, ARCHIBALD ALEXANDER, Selected Poems. No impr.
HAMMOND, GERALDINE E., Evidences of the Dramatist's Technique in Henry Fielding's Novels. Wichita, University, 1941. (University Studies Bulletin, No. 10.)
HINKLE, THOMAS CLARK, Crazy Dog Curly. New York, William Morrow and Company, 1937.
HISTORICAL RECORDS SURVEY, KANSAS, Guide to Public Vital Statistics Records in Kansas. Topeka, The Kansas HiStorical Records Survey, 1942.
HOiNViLLE, MRS. JULIA SIMONS, Pioneers in Old Hodgeman in Western Kansas. N. p. [1941].
JACKSON, LYDIA M., Wild Rose Petals. Topeka, The Geo. W. Crane Publishing Company, 1889.
JENSEN, LEONORA, Christ and the Battle for Democracy. [Lawrence, University of Kansas, 1941.] (Hattie Elizabeth Lewis Memorial Essays in Applied Christianity, No. 16.)
JOHNSON, OSA, Four Years in Paradise. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Company [1941].
---- Pantaloons; Adventures of a Baby Elephant. New York. Random House [1941].
[JUDSON, EDWARD ZANE CARROLL], Buffalo Bill. By Ned Buntline [pseud.]. New York, International Book Company [1886].
KANSAS AUTHORS CLUB, Year Book 1941. Compiled by Mrs. Patricia Mueller. No impr. Year Book 1942. Topeka, Service Print Shop, 1942.
KANSAS ENGINEERING SOCIETY, Transactions, Convention Proceedings and Year Book. . . . Topeka, Office of Secretary-Treasurer [1941].
KANSAS LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL, RESEARCH DEPARTMENT, Microfilm for Public Records. (Publication, No. 114, March, 1942.) Mimeographed.
Receiving Home for Children. (Publication, No. 115, April, 1942.) Mimeographed.
School Activity Funds in Kansas. (Publication, No. 112, March, 1942.) Mimeographed.
KANSAS MAGAZINE, 1942. Manhattan, Kansas Magazine Publishing Association and the Kansas State College Press [1942].
KANSAS REVISOR OF STATUTES, School Codification Study. Preliminary Drafts October 1, 1940. Topeka, Prepared for Legislative Council Committee on Education, 1940. Mimeographed.
KANSAS STATE BRAND COMMISSIONER, 1941 Brand Book of the State of Kansas Showing All State Recorded Brands of Cattle, Horses, Mules and Sheep. Topeka, KansaS State Printing Plant, 1941.
KANSAS UNIVERSITY, Commemoration of Ernest Hiram Lindley, Chancellor, 1920-1939, Chancellor Emeritus, 1939-1940, the University of Kansas. [Lawrence, University of Kansas, 1941.]


KERB, JOHN LEEDS, The Story of a Western Pioneer . . . The Missouri Pacific. . . . New York, Railway Research Society, 1928.
LACEY, MARION, Picture Book of Musical Instruments. Boston, Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Company [c1942].
LARIMER, MRS. SARAH L., The Capture and Escape, or, Life Among the Sioux. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen and Heffelfinger, 1870.
LEAGUE OF KANSAS MUNICIPALITIES, 1941 Taxes, Kansas Tax Rate Book (23rd Annual Edition). Lawrence, The League of Kansas Municipalities, 1941.
LEONARD, ANNETTE, Physical Nature as Seen in Early Kansas Literature. Typed. 1920.
Lindsborg City Schools, Part I, Annual Report of the Superintendent for the Year Ending June 30, 1927; Part II, Announcements for the Year 1927-1928; Part III, Fragments of Community History. Lindsborg [Bethany Printing Company, 1927].
MCLAUGHLIN, THAD G., Geology and Ground-Water Resources of Morton County, Kansas. Topeka, Kansas State Printing Plant, 1942. (State Geological Survey of Kansas, Bulletin, No. 40.)
MALIN, JAMES C., ed., Plotting After Harper's Ferry; the "William Handy" Letters. Reprinted from The Journal of Southern History, Vol. 8, No. 1, February, 1942.
MARSHALL, GEORGE H., and CLARA W. and W. W. CARPENTER, The Administrator's Wife. Boston, The Christopher Publishing House [c1941].
MARTIN, ALBERT B., Twenty Years Zoning in Kansas. Lawrence, The League of Kansas Municipalities, 1941. (Bulletin, No. 120.)
MELTZER, GEORGE, Social Life and Entertainment on the Frontiers of Kansas, 1854-1890. A Dissertation Submitted to the Committee on Graduate Studies in Candidacy for the Degree of Master of Arts, Department of History, University of Wichita. 1941. Typed.
MIDDLETON, KENNETH A., The Industrial History of a Midwestern Town. Lawrence, University of Kansas, School of Business, 1941. (Kansas Studies in Business, No. 20.)
MILLER, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Colonel James Smith of the Conococheague; The First Rebel of the American Revolution. . . . (Bulletin of the District of Columbia Society, Sons of the American Revolution, February 15, 1941.)
MONROE, DAY, and others, Family Expenditures for Automobile and Other Transportation; Five Regions. Washington, United States Government Printing Office, 1941. (United States Department of Agriculture, Miscellaneous Publication, No. 415.)
MYER, WALTER EVART, and CLAY Coss, Making Democracy Work; How Youth Can Do It. Washington, D. C., The Civic Education Service [1939].
PADEN, W. D., Tennyson in Egypt, a Study of the Imagery in His Earlier Work. Lawrence, University of Kansas Publications, 1942. (Humanistic Studies, No. 27.)
PEFFER, HELEN HAYES, Madam Chairman, Members and Guests. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1942.
PETERSON, ELMER THEODORE, Forward to the Land. Norman, University Of Oklahoma Press, 1942.
Polk's Atchison (Atchison County, Kansas) City Directory, 1928, Including Atchison County. KansaS City, Mo., R. L. Polk and Company, c1928.


Polk's El Dorado (Butler County, Kansas) City Directory, 1937, Including Oil Hill and Augusta. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk and Company, c1937. Polk's Independence (Montgomery County, Kansas) City Directory, 1939. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk and Company, c1939.
Polk's Manhattan (Riley County, Kansas) City Directory, 1939. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk and Company, c1939.
Polk's Ottawa (Franklin County, Kansas) City Directory, 1938, Including Franklin County. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk and Company, c1938.
Polk's Wichita (Sedgwick County, Kansas) City Directory, 1941. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk and Company, c1941.
POPENOE, PAUL BOWMAN, The Child's Heredity. Baltimore, The Williams and Wilkins Company, 1930.
----Practical Applications of Heredity. Baltimore, The Williams and Wilkins Company, 1930.
PORTER, ELIOT, The Duties of a Church Member to the Church. Philadelphia, The Westminster Press, 1941.
PRATT, WALLACE EVERETT, Oil in the Earth; Four Lectures Delivered Before the Students of the Department of Geology, University of Kansas March 17 to 19, 1941. Lawrence, University of Kansas Press, 1942.
QUAYLE, WILLIAM ALFRED, Books and Life; Brief Studies. Cincinnati, Jennings and Pye [c1903].
---- God's Calendar. Cincinnati, Jennings and Graham [c1907].
REAM, MRS. CORA SKINNER, Frontier Memories. Typed. [1941.]
REDMOND, JOHN, O Rambling Around in Florida and Cuba on the 1941 N. E. A. Educational Tour. [Burlington, The Daily Republican, 1941.]
ROBINSON, JOSEPH W., History of Kansas, and Railroad and Steamboat Sketches. . . . Philadelphia, John F. Robinson, 1857.
SCHESSER, ROY, Loafing With the Earth. Siloam Springs, Ark., Bar D Press, 1940.
SMITH, LLOYD C., A Historical Outline of the Territorial Common Schools in the State of Kansas. Topeka, Kansas State Printing Plant, 1942. (Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, Studies in Education, No. 24.)
SMITH, ROY LEMON, The Revolution in Christian Missions; the Fondren Lectures for 1941. New York, Abingdon-Cokesbury Press [c1941].
---- Voice in the Wilderness. New York, Abingdon-Cokesbury Press [c1940].
SMITH, THEODORE H., Inspiration of God. Kansas City, Kan., n. p., c1940.
STANLEY, MARIAN STECK, Smoky Valley Verse. [Salina, Paul A. Kuhn Printing Company, 19417]
STARRETT, WILLIAM AIKEN, Skyscrapers and the Men Who Build Them. New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1928.
TOPEKA WOMAN'S CLUB, First Flight. N. p. [1941]. Vistas in Prose and Verse. N. p., 1942.
UNDERHILL, HURSHEL E., The Kansas City Federal Reserve District. [Boston, Spaulding Moss Company, 1941.]
VESTAL, STANLEY, Bigfoot Wallace, a Biography. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1942.
----, Short Grass Country. New York, Duell, Sloan and Pearce [c1941].


WEDEL, WALDO RUDOLPH, Archeological Remains in Central Kansas and Their Possible Bearing on the Location of Quivira. Washington, Smithsonian Institution, 1942. (Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Vol. 101, No. 7.)
WELLINGTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS, Historical Pageant Presented by Wellington Public Schools [Commemorating the Seventieth Anniversary of the Founding of Wellington, 1941]. Mimeographed.
WHITE, WILLIAM LINDSAY, Journey for Margaret. New York, Harcourt, Brace and Company [c1941].
--, They Were Expendable. New York, Harcourt, Brace and Company [c1942].
WITMER, EDWARD A., The Battle of Bonnie Wilson. Mission, Kan., Dudley Atkins, III [c1941].
WORK PROJECTS ADMINISTRATION, WRITER'S PROGRAM, KANSAS, A Guide to Pittsburg, Kansas. Mimeographed. 1941.
---, History of the 130th Field Artillery. Topeka, 1942. Mimeographed. (Regimental Histories Series.)
---, History of the 137th Infantry. Topeka, 1942. Mimeographed. (Regimental Histories Series.)
---, History of the 161st Field Artillery. Topeka, 1942. Mimeographed. (Regimental Histories Series.)
---, Kansas. . . . Northport, L. I., New York, Bacon & Wieck, Inc. [c1941]. (American Recreation Series.)
Lamps on the Prairie, a History of Nursing in Kansas. [Emporia, Gazette Press, 1942.]
ZELLER, DALE, The Relative Importance of Factors of Interest in Reading Materials for Junior High School Pupils. New York, Bureau of Publications, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1941.


BARNES, WILLIAM CROFT, Apaches and Longhorns, the Reminiscences of Will C. Barnes. . . . Los Angeles, The Ward Ritchie Press, 1941.
CAMP, CHARLES L., Kit Carson in California. . . . San Francisco, California Historical Society, 1922.
CARROLL, H. BAILEY, and J. VILLASANA HAGGARD, trs., Three New Mexico Chronicles . . . Pino . . . Barreiro . . . Escudero. . . . Albuquerque, The Quivira Society, 1942. (Quivira Society Publications, Vol. 11.)
DANA, CHARLES ANDERSON, ed., The United States Illustrated: in Views of City and Country. With Descriptive and Historical Articles. New York, Herrmann J. Meyer [1855?]. 2 Vols.
DRIGGS, HOWARD ROSCOE, Westward America; With Reproductions of Forty Water Color Paintings by William H. Jackson. New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons [c1942].
HACKETT, CHARLES WILSON, Revolt of the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Otermin's Attempted Reconquest 1680-1682. Albuquerque, The University of New Mexico Press, 1942. 2 Vols. (Coronado Cuarto Centennial Publications.)
HAYEN, LEROY R., ed., Overland Routes to the Gold Fields, 1859, From Contemporary Diaries-Arkansas River Route, Platte River Route, Leaven-


worth and Pike's Peak Express Route, Smoky Hill Trail, etc. Glendale, Cal., The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1942. (The Southwest Historical Series, Vol. 11.)
HALLENBECK, CLEVE, Spanish Missions of the Old Southwest. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, Page and Company, 1926.
HENNEPIN, LOUIS, A New Discovery of a Vast Country in America. Reprinted From the Second London Issue of 1698 . . . and the Addition of Introduction, Notes and Index by Reuben Gold Thwaites. Chicago, A. C. McClurg and Company, 1903. 2 Vols.
[HOFFMAN, CHARLES F.], A Winter in the West. By a New Yorker. New York, Harper and Brothers, 1835. 2 Vols.
JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON, Heroes of California. . . . Boston, Little, Brown and Company, 1910.
[LANG, WALTER BARNES], The First Overland Mail; Butterfield Trail, St. Louis to San Francisco, 1858-1861. [East Aurora, N. Y., Printed by the Roycrofters, c1940.]
LAVEILLE, E., The Life of Father De Smet, S. J. (1801-1873). Authorized Translation by Marian Lindsay. New York, P. J. Kenedy and Sons, 1915.
LEWIS, GEORGE ELMER, The Indiana Company, 1763-1798; a Study in Eighteenth Century Frontier Land Speculation and Business Venture. Glendale, Cal., The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1941.
MCCONNELL, WILLIAM JOHN, and HOWARD R. DRIGGs, Frontier Law, a Story of Vigilante Days. Chicago, World Book Company, 1924.
MORRELL, WILLIAM PARKER, The Gold Rushes. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1941.
MURPHY, EDMUND ROBERT, Henry de Tonty Fur Trader of the Mississippi. Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins Press, 1941.
PIERSON, HAMILTON W., In the Brush; or, Old-Time Social, Political and Religious Life in the Southwest. New York, D. Appleton and Company, 1881.
PINE, GEORGE W., Beyond the West; Containing an Account of Two Years' Travel . . . on the Plains, in the Rocky Mountains and Picturesque Parks of Colorado. . . . 4th ed. Buffalo, N. Y., Baker, Jones and Company, 1873.
POTTER, THEODORE EDGAR, The Autobiography of Theodore Edgar Potter. [Concord, N. H., The Rumford Press, c1913.]
SENGSTACKEN, MRS. AGNES RUTH (LOCKHART), Destination, West! Portland, Ore., Binfords and Mort [c1942].
SEYMOUR, MRS. FLORA WARREN (SMITH), Indian Agents of the Old Frontier. New York, D. Appleton-Century Company, 1941.
STRICKLAND, WILLIAM PETER, The Pioneers of the West; or, Life in the Woods. New York, Carlton and Phillips [c1856].
TROBRIAND, PHILIPPE REGIS DENIS DE KEREDERN, COMTE DE, Army Life in Dakota. . . . Chicago, R. R. Donnelley and Sons Company, 1941. (The Lakeside Classics.)
Vie Militaire Dans le Dakota; Notes et Souvenirs (1867-1869). Paris, Librairie Ancienne Honore Champion, 1926.
WOODBURY, DAVID OASES, The Colorado Conquest. New York, Dodd, Mead and Company, 1941.



AITKEN, WILLIAM BENFORD, Distinguished Families in America, Descended From Wilhelmus Beekman and Jay Thomasse Van Dyke. New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1912.
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Atlas Map of Scott County, Illinois. Davenport, Iowa, Andreas, Lyter and Company, 1873.
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BROADDUS, ANDREW, A History of the Broaddus Family From the Time of the Settlement of the Progenitor of the Family in the United States Down to the Year 1888. [St. Louis, Central Baptist Print, 1888.]


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