KanColl: The Kansas  
Historical Quarterlies

From Kansas Historical Markers, by Kirke Mechem,
in the November 1941 Kansas Historical Quarterly

Text of the Geographic Center
of the U. S. marker

     "You are now in the exact center of the United States. On a farm three miles north is the official location established by the U. S. Geological Survey. It is the point where a plane map of the nation would balance if it were of uniform thickness. Transcontinental mileages are:"

[The marker displays an outline of the United States annotated with places and their distances from the geographic of the U. S. This list is provided for ease of reference.]

Bangor   1946
Brownsville   1200
Boston   1702
Canadian border     808
Charleston   1534
Chicago     716
Denver     356
Detroit     986
Duluth     818
El Paso   1102
Galveston     902
Helena   1333
Jacksonville   1538
Los Angeles   1665
Memphis     805
Miami   1887
New Orleans   1114
New York   1471
Phoenix   1294
Portland   1848
Seattle   1986
San Francisco   1694
Salt Lake City     930
Santa Fe     768
St. Louis     526


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