Kancoll: The Kansas Historical Quarterlies

Recent Additions to the Library

Compiled by Helen M. McFarland

May, 1938 (vol. 7, no. 2, pages 183 to 203
Transcribed by lhn; digitized with permission of
the Kansas State Historical Society.

     IN ORDER that members of the Kansas State Historical Society and others interested in historical study may know the class of books we are receiving, a list is printed annually of the books accessioned in our specialized fields.

     These books come to us from three sources, purchase, gift and exchange, and fall into the following classes: books by Kansans and about Kansas; books on the West, including explorations, overland journeys and personal narratives; genealogy and local history; and books on the Indians of North America, United States history, biography and allied subjects which are classified under general. We receive regularly the publications of many historical societies by exchange, and subscribe to other historical and genealogical publications which are needed in reference work.

     The following is a partial list of books which were added to the library from October 1, 1936, to September 30, 1937. Government and state official publications and some books of a general nature are not included. The total number of books accessioned appears in the report of the secretary in the February issue of the Quarterly.


ANDERSON, GEORGE L., General William J. Palmer; a Decade of Colorado Railroad Building, 1870-1880. Colorado Springs, Colo., 1936. (Colorado College Publication, General Series, No. 209.) An Anthology of Poems by Southwest Poets. [Dodge City] n. d.
ATCHISON, ORDINANCES, Revised Ordinance of the City of Atchison, Kansas, 1935. [Atchison, Lockwood-Hazel Company] 1936.
BAYS, MRS. BERTIE (COLE), Some Preachers Do! Kansas City, Mo., Western Baptist Publishing Company [1935].
BEAKER, CARL LOTUS, Everyman His Own Historian; Essays on History and Politics. New York, F. S. Crofts & Company, 1935.
BETTS, SAMUEL E., One of the Unholy Three-the Theatre, a Sermon Preached Sunday Evening, February 17, 1907, in the Methodist Episcopal Church, Abilene, Kansas. No impr.
BIGSBY, MRS. Guy, Some Early Kansas History; Early History of Kanwaka, a Paper Written and Delivered at the Meeting of the Douglas County Historical Society January 29, 1936 . . . No impr.
BLOCKER, JOHN G., Budgeting in Relation to Distribution Cost Accounting. Lawrence, University of Kansas, School of Business, 1937. (Kansas Studies in Business, No. 18.)
BROWN, EARLE G., and others, Dust Storms and Their Possible Effect on Health; With Special Reference to the Dust Storms in Kansas in 1935. Washington, United States Government Printing Office, 1936.



City of Gaylord; a Glimpse Into the Past, 1886-1936. A Souvenir Compiled and Published for the Business Men of Gaylord to Commemorate the City's Fiftieth Anniversary. [Smith Center, Pioneer Printers, 1936.]
CLARK, CARROLL D., and Roy L. ROBERTS, People of Kansas, a Demographic and Sociological Study. Topeka, The Kansas State Planning Board [1936].
COATES, MRS. GRACE (STONE), Mead & Mangel-Wurzel. Caldwell, Id., The Caxton Printers [c1931].
CONNECTICUT, GENERAL ASSEMBLY, Joint Select Committee on Federal Relations, Report on the Kansas and Nebraska Territorial Bill, May, 1854. New Haven, Babcock & Wildman, 1854.
CRAWFORD, NELSON ANTRIM, We Liberals. New York, R. R. Smith, 1936. Your Child Faces War. New York, Coward-McCann, Inc., 1937.
DORNBLAZER, BARTHOLMEW, P. I. P. . . . Letters From Bartholmew Dorn- blazer, a "Typical Prairie Stater," . . . [Galesburg, Ill., The Cadmus Press, c1936.]
ELLENBECKER, JOHN G., The Pony Express. No impr. General Specifications for the Erection and Completion of the Cloud County Court House, at Concordia, Kansas, W. R. Parsons and Son, Architects, Topeka, Kansas. Topeka, C. B. Hamilton & Company, n. d.
HARDING, LEWIS ALBERT, The Call of the Hour. Wichita, The Sunflower Publishing Company, 1913.
HARMAN, COLFAX BURGOYNE, Poems of Sentiment. Valley Falls, Harman Publishing Company, 1905.
HARRINGTON, GRANT W., The Shawnees in Kansas. Kansas City, Kan., The Western Pioneer Press [c1937]. (Shawnee Historical Series, No. 1.)
HOCH, HOMER, The Jewelled Year. [Marion, Kansas, c1907.1
HOINVILLE, MRS. JULIA (SIMONS), Olive and a Blue Pitcher; a Story of Friends/I>. N. p. [1936.]
Horton Headlight, Golden Anniversary Edition, a Historical Souvenir, Supplement to the Horton Headlight
, Vol. 51, No. 1, October 29, 1936.
HOUSE, JAY ELMER, On Second Thought. N. p., 1937.
ISE, JOHN, Sod and Stubble; the Story of a Kansas Homestead. Wilson-Erickson Inc., 1936.
KANSAS ACADEMY OF SCIENCE, Transactions of the 68th Annual Meeting, April 3-4, 1936, Vol. 39. Topeka, Kansas State Printing Plant, 1937.
KANSAS AUTHORS CLUB, Year Book, 1936. [Topeka, Printed by College Press, 1937.]
KANSAS BANKERS ASSOCIATION, The Story of Banking in Kansas, Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Organization of the Kansas Bankers Association, 1887-1937. [Topeka, H. M. Ives & Sons, 1937]
KANSAS EMERGENCY RELIEF COMMITTEE, Preliminary Rural Electrification Survey, 2d edition, December 5, 1935. Mimeographed.
Social Welfare Service in Kansas, 1936. Topeka, The Kansas Emergency Relief Committee. (KERC Bulletin, No. 380, January 2, 1937). New York.


KANSAS FRONTIER HISTORICAL PARK, Hays, Annual Report for the Year Ending June 30, 1936; Submitted to the Chairman of the Board of Managers by F. L. Cunningham, Caretaker. Mimeographed.
Kansas LAWS, STATUTES, General Statutes of Kansas (Annotated) 1935. Topeka, Kansas State Printing Plant, 1936.
KANSAS LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL, Memorandum Brief of Questions That May Arise in Connection with the Kansas Constitution and Title I of the Federal Social Security Act . . . March 26, 1936. Mimeographed.
Research Department, The Basic Sciences; Their Relationship to the Control and Regulation of the Healing Arts . . . Mimeographed.
Bonds Issued for Emergency Relief in Kansas, April 1, 1933, to Jan- uary 1, 1937 . . . Mimeographed.
The Children's Institutions: Some Questions of General Policy November, 1936. Mimeographed.
Community Sales, Development of the Community Sale Movement, Problems Requiring Regulation in Kansas and Analysis of Legislation in Other States . . . November, 1936. Mimeographed.
Cost of Government in Kansas . . . Total and Per Capita Cost . . . 1929, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936. November, 1936. Mimeographed.
Field Bindweed in Kansas . . . January, 1937. Mimeographed.
Gasoline Tax Exemptions in Kansas; an Analysis of the Present Sys- tem in Kansas . . . January, 1937. Mimeographed.
The Institutional Survey; a Progress Report . . . November, 1936. Mimeographed.
Kansas Finance, Preliminary Report . . . June Meeting, 1935. Mimeographed. The Operation of the Kansas Habitual Criminal Law . . . November, 1936. Mimeographed.
Populations of State Institutions; Preliminary Summary Tables November, 1936. Mimeographed.

Potential Sources of Additional Revenue From Taxation . . . Submitted to the 1937 Legislature by Direction of Council Committee on Taxation . . . January, 1937.
Retirement Systems for State Employees in Kansas . . . 1937. Mimeographed.
--, Safety Regulation for Motor Vehicles . . . Research Report Pre- pared for Council Committee on Highway Safety . . . November, 1936. Mimeographed.
The Social Security and Relief Problem in Kansas, Calendar Year 1936 . . . March, 1936. Mimeographed.
The Social Security Program, Experience of European Countries. Pre- liminary Statement . . . May, 1936. Mimeographed.
The Social Security Program, Prepared for Council Committee on Social Security . . . November, 1936. Mimeographed.
The Social Security Program, Status of State Laws . . . May, 1936. Mimeographed.
Soil Drifting, Preliminary Report Submitting the Texts and Some Analysis of Three Proposals for Remedial Legislation . . . November, 1936. Mimeographed.


Special Judicial Committee, . . . Report on the Power of the Leg- islature to Enact Legislation in Conformity With the Federal Social Security Act and the Kansas Constitution. April, 1936. Mimeographed.
Summary and Outline of the Proposed Bill for Conservation of Water Resources, Prepared for Council Committee on Water Conservation . . November, 1936. Mimeographed.
KANSAS STATE PLANNING BOARD, Cimarron River Drainage Basin Report. 1936. Mimeographed.
Kansas River Drainage Basin Report. 1936. Mimeographed. Lower Arkansas River Drainage Basin Report (Hutchinson to State Line). 1936. Mimeographed.
Marais des Cygnes (Osage) Drainage Basin Report. 1936. Mimeographed.
Missouri River Drainage Basin Report. 1936. Mimeographed.
Neosho-Verdigris Drainage Basin Report. 1936. Mimeographed.
[Report of the Board on Its Activities for the Years 1934-1936]. 1937.
--, , Republican River Drainage Basin Report. 1936. Mimeographed.
--, Smoky Hill Drainage Basin Report. 1936. Mimeographed.
Upper Arkansas River Drainage Basin Report (State Line to Hutchinson). 1936. Mimeographed.
Water: Its Use and Control in Kansas, an Outline. Topeka, National Reserve Building, 1936.
KEMP, HARRY, Mabel Tarner; an American Primitive. New York, Lee Furman, Inc. [c1936.]
LANDES, KENNETH K., Mineral Resources of Kansas Counties. Lawrence, 1937. (Kansas, Geological Survey, Mineral Resources Circular, No. 6.)
LANDON, ALFRED MOSSMAN, America at the Crossroads; Alfred M. Landon's Program for American Government . . . New York, Dodge Publishing Company [c1936].
LANING, ALBERT P., Outrages in Kansas! Who Instigated Them? Speech Delivered in the Assembly of the State of New York, March 10, 1858. Albany, Comstock & Cassidy Printers, 1858.
LEAGUE OF KANSAS MUNICIPALITIES, Kansas Directory of Public Officials and Index to Counties and Cities. Lawrence, The League of Kansas Municipalities, 1937.
LEAVENWORTH, ORDINANCES, Charter and Ordinances of the City of Leavenworth, With an Appendix, Compiled and Revised by C. B. Pierce. Leavenworth, Times Power Press Printing Establishment, 1863.
LINDSBORG, THE FARMERS. STATE BANK, . . . A Historical Sketch Supplemented With Biographies of the Men Who Have Been Prominently Identified With Its Organization and Development. [Lindsborg, The Bethany Printing Company, 1936.]
LIVINGSTON, JOHN H., Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Wife Liberal, The Liberal Democrat, c1912.
LOVE, MRS. [DORA DUGAN], Harp Melodies. Mulvane, The Mulvane News, 1933.
--, Harp Melodies. [Mulvane, The Mulvane News Press, c1935.]
MACK, MRS. ELIZABETH (PRENTIS), Summer in Europe. [Newton, The Kansan Press] 1936.

MCKEAN, J. W., and GERRIT SNYDER, After Fifty Years; Memoirs and Musings Since Graduation From Lenox College, Hopkinton, Iowa, June, 1880.
Wamego, Reporter Printing and Publishing Company, n. d.
MASTERS, EDGAR LEE, Across Spoon River; an Autobiography. New York, Farrar & Rinehart, Inc. [c1936.]
MOORE, RAYMOND C., M. K. ELIAS, and N. D. NEWELL, A "Permian" Flora From the Pennsylvanian Rocks of Kansas . . . No impr. (Kansas, Geological Survey, Contributions to the Paleontology of Kansas, No. 4.)
MOORE, RAYMOND C., Stratigraphic Classification of the Pennsylvanian Rocks of Kansas. [Topeka, Kansas State Printing Plant, 1936.] (Kansas, Geo- logical Survey, Bulletin, No. 22.)
NELSON, GEORGE WILBUR, A History of the First Presbyterian Church of Horton, Kansas. [Horton, Tri-County News Print, 1937.]
NETTELS, CURTIS PUTNAM, The Money Supply of the American Colonies Before 1720. Madison, Wisconsin, 1934. (University of Wisconsin Studies in the Social Sciences and History, No. 20.)
OGLE, GEORGE A., AND COMPANY, Standard Atlas of Riley County, Kansas ... Chicago, Geo. A. Ogle & Company, 1909.
[PARHAM, MRS. SARA E.], The Life of Charles F. Parham, Founder of the Apostolic Faith Movement. Joplin, Mo., The Tri-State Printing Company [c1930].
PEASE & COLE, Complete Guide to the Gold Districts of Kansas and Nebraska. Chicago, Ill., Wm. H. Rand, 1859. Reprint.
PLUMMER, NORMAN, Rock Wool Resources of Kansas. 1937. (Kansas, Geological Survey, Mineral Resources Circular, No. 5.)
Polk's Kansas City (Wyandotte County, Kan.) Directory, 1934. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk & Company, 1934.
Polk's Leavenworth (Leavenworth County, Kan.) City Directory, 1934, In- cluding Leavenworth County. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk & Company, 1934.
Polk's Salina (Saline County, Kan.) City Directory, 1935, Including Saline County Taxpayers. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk & Company, 1935.
Polk's Winfield (Cowley County, Kan.) City Directory, 1935, Including Cow- ley County. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk & Company, 1934.
Progress in Kansas; Official Publication of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce. Vols. 1-2, December, 1934-November, 1936. [Topeka, Kansas Chamber of Commerce, 1934-1936.]
REID, NOEL P., Tennessee Bend [Butler County]. N. p., 1936.
RILEY COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Log Cabin Days. [Manhattan, Artcraft Printers] 1929.
ROHRBAUGH, LEWIS GUY, Grandpa Weatherby. New York, Fleming H. Revell Company [c1936].
ROSS, HARRY E., What Price White Rock? A Chronicle of Northwestern Jewel] County. Burr Oak, The Burr Oak Herald [c1937].
RUEDE, HOWARD, Sod-House Days, Letters From a Kansas Homesteader 1877- 1878. New York, Columbia University Press, 1937. (Columbia University Studies in the History of American Agriculture, Vol. 4.)
ST. JOHN HIGH SCHOOL, Alumni Association, Golden Memories, 1887-1937. [St. John, The St. John News Printery, 1937.]


SANBLOM, LOLA, Buffalo Sod. Glendale, Cal. [Pioneer Printing Company], 1936.
SAUNDERS, WHITELAW, What Laughing God? Muscatine, Iowa, The Prairie Press [0936].
SHIPPEY, LEE, The Girl Who Wanted Experience. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company [0937].
Startling Incidents and Developments of Osowotomy Brown's Insurrectory and Treasonable Movements at Harper's Ferry, Virginia, October 17, 1859. Baltimore, John W. Woods, 1859.
STEPHENS, KATE, Life at Laurel Town in Anglo-Saxon Kansas. [Lawrence] Alumni Association of the University of Kansas, 1936.
STINSON, A. R., compiler, Plat Book of Nemaha County, Kansas. Seneca, Author, 1908.
SWAYZE, MRS. KATE LUCY (EDWARDS), Ossawattomie Brown; or, The Insurrection at Harper's Ferry; A Drama in Three Acts. New York, Samuel French, c1859.
SWEET, WILLIAM WARREN, Methodism in American History. New York, The Methodist Book Concern [1933].
--- Religion on the American Frontier; the Baptists, 1788-1880, a Collection of Source Material. New York, Henry Holt and Company [0931].
--- Religion on the American Frontier, Vol. 2; the Presbyterians, 1783- 1840. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1936.
TANNER, MRS. OVIE PEDIGO, Rainbow Trail. [Mullinville, The News Print Shop] c1932.
TOPEKA, CITY OF, Annual Report for the Year Ending December 31, 1936. [Topeka] Voiland Printing Company [1937].
VALLEY FALLS, ST. PAUL'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, Eightieth Anniversary, 1857-1937. [Valley Falls, Vindicator Print, 1937.]
VAN AMBURGH, DELLA, Through the Ages With Fire. New York, Mentzer, Bush and Company [0936].
VESTAL, STANLEY, Mountain Men. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1937.
WHITE, THOMAS J., Miscellaneous Poems. Kansas City, Mo., Franklin Hud- son Publishing Company, 1913.
WHITE, WILLIAM ALLEN, Forty Years on Main Street. New York, Farrar & Rinehart, Inc. [0937.]
WHITEFORD, G. L., Prehistoric Indian Excavations in Saline County, Kansas. Salina, Consolidated [c1937].
WHITTEMORE, MARGARET, Sketchbook of Kansas Landmarks. Topeka, The College Press [1936].
WICHITA, CITY Commission, Hand Book . . . Containing the City-Manager Law; Rules of the City Commission 1937.
WICHITA TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION, No. 148, Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Issuance of Its Charter, 1886-1936, Allis Hotel, September 27, 1946. [Wichita, Allied Printing.]
WILLIAMS, WIRT A., Robert J. Walker, Financial Agent to Europe, 1868-1864. (Bulletin of the Delta State Teachers College, Vol. 12, No. 4, December, 1936.)
WILSON, C. LEE, Dark World and Wide. Caldwell, Idaho, The Caxton Printers, 1937. [Wichita, Wood-Griffin]



AIKEN, CHARLES EDWARD HOWARD, Birds of the Southwest. Colorado Springs, Colo., 1937. (Colorado College Publication, General Series, No. 212.)
ALBACH, JAMES R., comp., Annals of the West: Embracing a Concise Account of Principal Events Which Have Occurred in the Western States and Territories, From the Discovery of the Mississippi Valley to the Year Eight- een Hundred and Fifty-Six. Pittsburgh, W. S. Haven, 1858.
AVER, I. WINSLOW, Life in the Wilds of America, and Wonders of the West in and Beyond the Bounds of Civilization. Grand Rapids, Mich., The Central Publishing Company, 1880.
BELTRAMI, GIACOMO CONSTANTINO, A Pilgrimage in Europe and America, Leading to the Discovery of the Sources of the Mississippi and Bloody River; With a Description of the Whole Course of the Former, and of the Ohio. London, Hunt and Clarke, 1828. 2 Vols.
BIDWELL, JOHN, Echoes of the Past About California. Chicago, The Lakeside Press, 1928. Reprint.
Blake's Western Stories; the Truth About Buffalo Bill . . . Wild Bill . Dr. Carver, California Joe, Yellow Hand, Tall Bull . . . Brook- lyn, N. Y., H. C. Blake, c1929,
BODDAM-WHETHAM, JOHN WHETHAM, Western Wanderings; a Record of Travel in the Evening Land. London, Richard Bentley and Son, 1874.
BOLTON, HERBERT EUGENE, Rim of Christendom; a Biography of Eusebio Francisco Kino, Pacific Coast Pioneer. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1936.
BRATT, JOHN, Trails of Yesterday. Lincoln, The University Publishing Company, 1921.
[BURLEND, MRS. REBECCA], A True Picture of Emigration . . . Chicago, The Lakeside Press, 1936. Reprint.
BURNHAM, FREDERICK RUSSELL, Scouting on Two Continents. New York, Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1928.
CAMPBELL, PATRICK, Travels in the Interior Inhabited Parts of North America in the Years 1791 and 1792. Toronto, The Champlain Society, 1937. Reprint.
CLARK, DAN ELBERT, The West in American History. New York, Thomas Y. Crowell Company [c1937].
COLE, GEORGE E., Early Oregon; Jottings of Personal Recollections of a Pioneer of 1850. [Spokane, Shaw & Borden Company, 0905.]
COWIE, ISAAC, The Company of Adventurers; a Narrative of Seven Years in the Service of the Hudson's Bay Company During 1867-1874, on the Great Buffalo Plains . . . Toronto, William Briggs, 1913.
DAVID, ROBERT BEEBE, Finn Burnett, Frontiersman; the Life and Adventures of an Indian Fighter, Mail Coach Driver, Miner, Pioneer Cattleman, Participant in the Powder River Expedition, Survivor of the Hay Field Fight, Associate of Jim Bridger and Chief Washakie. Glendale, Cal., The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1937.
DELANO, ALONZO, Across the Plains and Among the Diggings, a Reprint of the Original Edition With Reproductions of Numerous Photographs Taken by Louis Palenske . . . New York, Wilson-Erickson, Inc., 1936.


DRUMHELLER, DANIEL MONTGOMERY, "Uncle Dan" Drumheller Tells Thrills of Western Trails in 1854. Spokane, Wash., Inland-American Printing Company, 1925.
FAVOUR, ALPHEUS HOYT, Old Bill Williams, Mountain Man. Chapel Hill, The University of North Carolina Press [c1936].
FORREST, EARLS ROBERT, Arizona's Dark and Bloody Ground. Caldwell, Id., The Caxton Printers, 1936.
FRANKS J. M., Seventy Years in Texas; Memories of the Pioneer Days, Indian Depredations and the Northwest Cattle Trail. Gatesville, Tex., 1924.
FRY, JAMES BARNET, Army Sacrifices; or, Briefs From QJicial Pigeon-Holes. Sketches Based on Official Reports, Grouped Together for the Purpose of Illustrating the Services and Experiences of the Regular Army of the United States on the Indian Frontier. New York, D. Van Nostrand, 1879.
FULLER, EMELINE L., Left by the Indians . . . the Personal Narrative of Emeline L. Fuller of the Ill-Fated Utter-Myers Party. [New York, Edward Eberstadt, 1936.] Reissue.
GAVITT, ELNATHAN CORRINGTON, Crumbs From My Saddle Bags; or, Reminiscences of Pioneer Life and Biographical Sketches. Toledo, O., Blade Printing and Paper Company, 1884.
GODDARD, FREDERICK BARTLETT, Where to Emigrate and Why; Homes and For- tunes in the Boundless West and the Sunny South . . . With a Complete History and Description of the Pacific Railroad. Philadelphia, The Peoples Publishing Company, 1869.
GREENBIE, SYDNEY, Frontiers and the Fur Trade. New York, The John Day Company [1929].
Guide to the Route Map of the Mormon Pioneers From Nauvoo to Great Salt Lake, 1846-1847. Salt Lake City, Millroy & Hayes, n. d.
HAMILTON, WILLIAM THOMAS, My Sixty Years on the Plains Trapping, Trading, and Indian Fighting. New York, Forest and Stream Publishing Company, 1905.
HASTINGS FRANK STEWART, A Ranchman's Recollections; an Autobiography in Which Unfamiliar Facts Bearing Upon the Origin of the Cattle Industry in the Southwest and the American Packing Business Are Stated. . . . Chicago, The Breeder's Gazette, 1921.
HOLMAN, ALBERT M., Pioneering in the Northwest; Niobrara-Virginia City Wagon Road . . . Sioux City, Iowa, Deitch & Lamar Company, 1924.
HOLMES, OLIVER W., ed., James A. Garfield's Diary of a Trip to Montana in 1872. (State University of Montana, Sources of Northwest History, No. 21.)
HUBBART, HENRY CLYDE, The Older Middle West, 1840-1880, Its Social, Economic and Political Life and Sectional Tendencies Before, During and After the Civil War. New York, D. Appleton-Century Company, [cl936].
HUNTER, ROBERT HANCOCK, Narrative of Robert Hancock Hunter, 1813-1902, From His Arrival in Texas, 1822, Through the Battle of San Jacinto, 1836. [Austin, Tex., Cook Printing Company, c1936.]
JOHNSTON, ABRAHAM ROBINSON, and others, Marching With the Army of the West, 1846-1848. Glendale, Cal., The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1936. (Southwest Historical Series, Vol. 4.)


JONES JESSE H., Address . . . at the Laying of the Cornerstone of the San Jacinto Memorial Monument, San Jacinto Battleground Park, 101st Anniversary of Texas Independence April 21, 1937. No impr.
KELLY, CHARLES, Old Greenwood; the Story of Caleb Greenwood, Trapper, Pathfinder and Early Pioneer of the West. Salt Lake City, Utah, Western Printing Company, 1936.
KENDALL, GEORGE WILKINS, Narrative of the Texan Santa Fe Expedition. Chicago, The Lakeside Press, 1929. Reprint.
KENNEDY, GEORGE W., The Pioneer Campfire . . . Anecdotes, Adventures and Reminiscences. Portland, Oregon, Marsh Printing Company, 1913.
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