KanColl: The Kansas
Historical Quarterlies

Two Minute Books of
Kansas Missions in the Forties

Kansas Historical Quarterly
August, 1933 (Vol. 2, No. 3), pages 227 to 250
Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas State Historical Society.


IF the church records here reproduced have no other significance they prove that keeping the red man in the straight and narrow path was a most arduous task in Kansas a hundred years ago. In the continuous effort of the mission fathers to fit an almost puritanical shoe to those restless feet there is something of pathos; and in the naivete of their accounts of the attempt there is, let it be said respectfully, also something of unintentional humor.

     When, for example, a solemn entry reads, "Enquiry was then made as to the general appearance of religion in Mr. Towsey and a general expression was that he was a disgrace to the church," there certainly can be no irreverence in a smile. Or when a committee is "appointed to labor with Jonas Littleman, and Sally Konkapot, it being understood that their conduct had been unbecoming a profession of godliness"; or when "Bro T Hendric and H Skeekett refuse to be reconsiled with the church unless the missionaries cease to visit it," the decorum of religion surely may unbend for the moment in the presence of a more human emotion.

     Although there are lighter moments for the readers of these minutes, the workers who penned them were painstakingly serious. The first set was recorded in one of the lined blank books of the period, 71/2 by 12 inches, bound in heavy paper, now brown and brittle with age; the second consists of eight leaves which have been torn from a ruled account book of approximately the same size. Both were written carefully in ink. It will at once be apparent that these church clerks were sometimes stronger in faith than orthography, for the originals, now preserved in the archives of the Kansas State Historical Society, have been copied exactly and are here presented without correction in either spelling or punctuation.

     The date of the first entry in the earlier book is April 5, 1841. This is ten years after the establishment of the first Baptist mission to the Shawanoe Indians in Kansas, which the records of the American Baptist Board of Foreign Missions show was in 1831.1 The mission was located "three miles west of Missouri and about eight south of the Missouri river" in a tract of land granted to the

1. Baptist Missionary Magazine, v. XVI, p. 50.



Shawanoes, or Shawnees, by the terms of a treaty made at St. Louis, November 7, 1825. To this remote outpost came a small band of workers under the leadership of Johnston Lykins and his wife. In 1833 activities were extended, and a mission station was established for the Delawares2 "north of the Kansas river near its junction with the Missouri."3 Ira D. Blanchard, who had some knowledge of the Delaware language, was employed as a teacher, and in 1835 was appointed a missionary to the tribe.

     In January, 1840, Blanchard reported to the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, "Our mission affairs were never so prosperous before. Our meetings are full. Last Sabbath all could not find seats . . . . Our school is full, so that we have been obliged to refuse many applications the last four weeks. Our present number is 16."4 In March of 1841 he writes that the Delaware chiefs oppose the gospel so that few or none attend religious worship, except those who are pious. "There is, nevertheless," he says, "the fullest evidence that the Lord is owning our unworthy efforts. Four are now waiting an opportunity of publicly avowing their faith in Christ. and we have reason to hope that several more are not far from the kingdom of God."5

     Records indicate that until this time, 1841, religious work among the Delawares had been carried on under the direction of the mission at Shawanoe. It is somewhat difficult, after nearly a hundred years, to follow the lines of demarcation between group activities, especially in view of the rather loose application of terms. Study of the records leads to the conclusion that a group numbering twenty-six, including Blanchard and his wife and Sylvia Case, a teacher, originally organized as the Delaware branch of the Shawanoe mission, desired to form a separate church. A letter from F. Barker, preacher at Shawanoe, to the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, dated at

2. The Annual Register of Indian Affairs Within the Indian (or Western) Territory, published by Isaac McCoy, January 1, 1835, states that the Baptist mission for the Delawares was commenced in 1832. A Baptist missionary, Charles E. Wilson, spent a few weeks among them in the autumn of that year. However, entries in McCoy's private journal, owned by the Kansas State Historical Society, indicate that work among the Delawares was not instituted until 1833. McCoy writes, on February 12, 1833 : "I have recently conferred with K Lykins, and we have agreed, the Lord willing, to institute preaching and a school among the Delawares. A Mr. Blanchard has spent nearly a year and a half among them on his own resources, in the study of their language. . Mr. Lykins and he expect to visit those Indians in the course of a few days in order to a commencement of operations." On Feb. 26, 1833, he writes: "On Saturday, Sunday and Monday last Mr. Lykins and Mr. French made a visit to the Delawares, some 13 miles from the Shawanoe mission House, with a view of instituting preaching among them and the establishing of a school among them. They report the prospect as favorable, and Mr. Lykins has written the Board, proposing to hire a school teacher.

3. Baptist Missionary Magazine, v. XVIII, p. 139.
4. Ibid., v. XX, p. 127.
5. Ibid., v. XXI, p. 173.


Shawanoe, Indian territory, July 9, 1841, contains the following item

     "April 5. I have just returned from the Delaware station, (br. Blanchard's,) where I assisted in organizing a church, according to previous arrangement. It was a solemn service; in one sense painful, to have our brethren separated from us; in another sense pleasing, as we hope it will be for the advancement of the cause, and for our mutual good; and we know that in every important sense we yet are one. After service we proceeded to the water side. Three were baptized; two of them members of br. Blanchard's school."6

     In the journal of Jotham Meeker7 appear entries for June 3 and 4 as follows:

     "3. The church met for business. Two of Br. Blanchard's scholars, Stockbridges, related their christian experiences, and were received by the church for baptism. Br. Pratt8 was appointed ch. Clerk, who wrote a letter of dismission for the members residing north of the Kanzas. One brother made a good deal of difficulty. May the Lord forgive him. 4. Lord's day. The brethren and Sisters who were yesterday dismissed were organized into a separate church. Br. Barker preached the sermon, and I gave the charge and prayer. A Delaware man then related his christian experience. I preached from `The Lord's portion is his people.' Br. Barker then baptized the three candidates in the Kanzas river. I gave the right hand of fellowship; after which Br. B. and I administered the Lord's supper."

     Thus the new church got under way. The following records of the organization show that faith was weak at times, and temptation strong, but zeal burned like a bright white flame.

6. Ibid., v. XXI, p. 283.
7. Jotham Meeker, missionary-printer, came to the Shawanoe Mission in 1833, bringing a printing press on which were printed, subsequently, many small books containing hymns, selections from the Scriptures and religious works, translated into Indian languages by Meeker and other missionaries. He removed to the country of the Ottawas in 1837 and founded a mission on the Marais des Cygnes river where the town of Ottawa now stands. His journal, owned by the Historical Society, covers a period of twenty-three years, 1832-1855.
8. John Gill Pratt was employed by the Baptist Missionary Society for work in the Indian territory immediately upon his graduation from Andover in 1836. In March, 1837, he married Olivia Evans, and two weeks later the couple left Boston for the territory, where they were to labor among the Shawanoes at the Shawanoe Baptist mission. They arrived may 11. Pratt had learned the trade of printing at the University Press, Cambridge, Mass., and on his arrival at Shawanoe took charge of the printing office. Pratt went to the Stockbridge Indians in 1844 and in 1848 took charge of the Delaware Baptist mission. He later acted as United States Indian agent to the Delawares.



Church Book
Book of records for the
Baptist Church
Constituted at the Delaware Bap. Mission
April 5th 1841

     Breathren being presant from abroad on Saturday the third of April 1841 the subject of our separate organization was brought before us unitedly After much consultation it seemed that. no reasonable objection could be presented against our proceeding in the matter without further delay The following letter of dismission being received was laid before the whole for further consideration

Delaware Bap Mission April 4 1841

     At a meeting of the Potawatomie Baptist mission church held at the Ottawa Baptist mission Breathren & Sister Thomas T Hendrick Robert Konkaput Cornelius Charles Jonas Konkaput Henry Skeikett Cornelius Hendrick John W. Newcum, Hannah Konkaput Susan Hendrick, Dolly Doxtator, Cathorine Konkaput Phebe Skeikett Mary Hendrick, Sally Konkaput Mary Charles Mary Ann Doxtator Timoty Towsey Elisabeth Towsy Ira D. Blanchard Mary W Blanchard Sylvia Case, Hopehelase, Charles Joneycake, Rahpateetanksee, Betsy Hill Kliskoqha Betsy Zeigleer, Esther Fergusson asked to be dismissed for the purpose of forming themselves into a church of the same faith & order And whereas the church granted this request this is to certify that when such organization shall take place they will be no longer considered as members with us

In behalf of the Church

J. G. Pratt Clk

     Also Brother Blanchard, Newcum, and Skeikett Having been apointed for that purpose reported the follow preamble constitution and covenent

Of our views of Divine truth.

1st We believe

The Bible is true, that it contains the whole of God's revealed will, that it was written by men divinely inspired, that it is a perfect rule of faith and practice, and that it is the only guide through


this world of sorrow to the right hand of God where there are pleasures forever-more.

2nd We believe

in the existence of but one God, that He is the Creator and preserver of the universe, that all things are and were created for the glory of his name, that He only is worthy of adoration or worship, that he is revealed under the personal and relative distinction of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, equel in every divine perfection but performing distinct yet harmonious offices in the glorious work of man's redemption.

3d We believe

that man was created Holy, that he fell from that state by willful transgression of a Law of his maker; that in consequence of which all mankind are sinners; not by constraint, but willingly, being by nature destitute of all good and inclined to all evil; therefore justly under the curse of the Law for sin, subject of death, and all other miseries, spiritual, temporal and eternal.

4th We believe

that to redeem man from this curse, was the errand upon which the son of God appeared in our lower world, that for our sakes he became a man of sorrow and acquainted with grief, that he tasted death for every man, and thereby made an atonement for the sins of the whole world; that repentence, faith and obedience are the terms of his salvation.

5th We believe

that a congregation of baptized believers, who are associated by covenant, living in the faith and fellowship of the gospel; observing its ordinances, governed by its rules and exercising the gifts, rights and privileges invested in them by Christ, to be a Christian Church.

6th We believe

Christian baptism to be the immersion of a believer in water in the name of the Father the Son, and the Holy Ghost that it is prerequisit to the privileges of a Church relation, and the Lord's supper. And that it is the imperative duty of all believers to be baptized.

7th We believe

that none ever have been or will be made partakers of the benefits of Christ's Spiritual kingdom, but those who are chosen in him unto salvation through the sanctification of the spirit and belief of the truth.


8th We believe

that nothing can separate real believers from the love of God, that a persevering attachment to Christ is the grand mark which distinguishes them from superficial professors, that a special providence watches over them, and that they are and will be kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation.

9th We believe

that the end of all things is at hand, that Christ is again to appear upon earth, that he is to be the Judge of the quick and the dead, and that an awful separation will then take place, a sentence of eternal condemnation will be awarded [?] to all whose robes are not washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb While they who have made Christ their Savior and friend by repentence, faith and obedience will be welcomed to all the Joys of Heaven, from whence they shall no more go out forever. Even so come Lord. Jesus Come quickly Amen.


     In the presence of God Angels and one another we do sollemnly Covenant in the strength of our divine Master that we will exercise a mutual care, as members one of another, to promote the growth of the whole body in Christian knowledge, holiness and comfort; to the end that we may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God-That to promote and secure this object, we will uphold the public worship of God and the ordinance of his house; and hold constant communion with each other therein, that we will cheerfully contribute of our property for the support of the poor and do all that lies conveniently in our power, for the encouragement of a faithful ministry among us.

     That we will not omit closet and family religion at home, nor allow ourselves in the too common neglect of the great duty of religiously training our children and those under our care, with a view to the service of Christ and the enjoyment of Heaven. That we will walk circumspectly before the world, in no way upholding or giving countenance to any of these things named by the Apostle in Gal. 5: 19-21. That we will conscienciously abstain from the use of all intoxicating liquors as a beverage, endeavoring so to recommend the religion of Christ by our lives as to win souls to him, remembering that God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but the power of love and of a sound mind; that we are the light of the world, the salt of the earth, a city set on a hill that can not be hid--


That we will frequently exhort, and if occasion shall require, admonish one another according to Matt. 18-in the spirit of meekness, considering ourselves lest we also be tempted remembering that as in baptism we have been buried with Christ & raised again in his likeness, there is henceforth a special obligation in us to walk in newness of life.

     At our first Church and Covenant meeting after our organization as a separate body of believers in Christ from the Potawatomie Baptist Mission Church, held on the 24th of April 1841, at the house of Brother Thomas T. Hendrick in the Mohekunnuk Settlement Ind. Ter. Brother Blanchard opened the meeting by prayer, and other usual exercises that are generally required under such circumstances.

     Proposition was brought forward, and laid before the brethren and sisters, for their consideration, which was that this Church ought to bear some certain name, under which it might be known and distinguished, the brethren unanimously voted that it should ever hereafter be called Deleware and Mohegan Baptist Mission Church.

     The next thing that was done at the said meeting, the said Church nominated and appointed Brothers Jonas Konkapot and brother Charles Jonycake to wait upon brother Towsey, to exhort and admonish him, for disorderly walk as a christian; and for neglecting his duty generally, in not attending to the ordinances of the Church of Christ, particularly in the branch to which he professes to belong, and that they shall be called upon to report at our next Church meeting.

     The Brethren of this Church further agreed that they would patiently wait a little longer upon brother Pah-pa-ta-tauk-thy, before they would conclude to excommunicate him from this Church.

     Resolution was taken by the brethren and sisters of this Church, that for the future, their church meetings should be held on Saturday previous to the last Sunday of each month.

     Another resolution was taken by this Church, that no members of other denominations, should be received without giving a previous notice to the Church, to which they belong.

J. M. Newcom. (Church Clerk)

     At a Church and Covenant meeting held at Brother Blanchard's house this 29th of May 1841, by the brethren & sisters of the said Mohegan and Deleware Baptist Mission Church, agreed unani-


mously by the brethren of this church, that Pau-pa-ta-tauk-tha be excommunicated from the Fellowship of this Church, and that he shall be notified of this dismission and that it is for his disorderly behaviour as a christian and member of this church The Committee brother Jonas Konkapot and brother Charles Joney Cake, having heretofore been duly appointed by this Church to go and labour with brother Timothy Towsey, brought report to the Church at this meeting and stated that the said Timothy Towsey complained and found fault which was that a certain brother who had brought complaint before the Church against him had not taken the legal step agreeable to the gospel, and that in consequence of this failure, he declared to the said Committee that all their labour should be in vain and that his standing in the Church as a member should still remain as good and permanent as ever and that all their labour should be in vain further resolution was taken by this Church, that the said Committee shall continue to stand as Committee in this case till the next Church meeting, and brother Blanchard was appointed additionaly to be one of the said Committee and to perform the duty that was required of them by the said Church and to make a report to the Church at the next Church meeting.

     The constitution having been approved and adopted Bro Barker on Lord's day morning delivered an appropriate address to us from Ex The Lord said unto Moses why cryest thou unto me say unto the children of Israel that they go forward after which Bro Meeker gave to us the charge and right hand of fellowship.

     Bro John W Newcom was then unanomosly chosen to make record of the for going and to act as Clk of the Church while we shall sit in church capacity.

     Bro J Meeker was invited to sit as moderator- Oportunity being given James Jack came before us requesting baptism and membership. We heard from him the reason of the hope that was in him and voted that he be received by us.

     Bro Blanchard moved & Bro Skeekett seconed that the church meet at Bro Thomas Hendricks on Saturday before the last Lords day in the presant Month.

     The congregation having again collected bro Meeker addressed us upon the care of God over his people.

     We then repaired to the Kanzas and waited upon the candidates for baptism viz James Jack George W Hendrick Nancy Anthony the two latter having been received by us before organization while siting in capacity of P. B. M. Church right hand of fellowship was given them in behalf of the church by Bro. Meeker.


     This being done we came round the table of our crusified but risen Lord

     By candle light held a special church prayer meeting in which we trust the Lord was truly with us

     At a Church meeting held at the House of Brother Charles Joney Cake by the brethren and sisters of the Deleware and Mohegan Baptist Mission this 27th day of June 1841, enquiries were made, concerning the labour of the sd. Committee, and they reported that the said Towsey had reconciled his brother, and had settled the difficulty which had heretofore existed [between] them. The report was accepted by the Church as a satisfactory report.

Church Meeting
June 27 1841
     Meeting opened with prayer by br Barker The committee appointed to labor with br Towsey reported that br Newcom & br Towsey had come to an understandin betwean themselves-and the committee were discharged

     No other business being before the church oportunity was given for any one to tell us of their desire to follow the Savior. Jane wife of our Br Charles Joney Cake presented a letter of recomendation from the Delaware methodest class & related to us the ground of her hope in Christ, we were all satisfyed of her interest in his atonement and voted that she be received for baptism Lords day. 28th After religios exursize repared to the water Intimation being there given that others were present who wished to follow in all the Lords appointed ways The Church waited to hear from them. John Connor & his wife presented themselves for Baptism Their relation being satisfacory the vote was unanimos for their reception The three candidates were then baptised by Br Barker We then assembled round the table of our Lord and commemorated his dying love

Church Meeting
July 23 1841
at Mohegan
     Meeting opened with singing and prayer-Resolved that a committee of reconsilation be apointed to endeavor to harmonize any feelings of differance that may have grown out of a late neighborhood disturbanc occasioned by a vicious young man belonging to this place and that the committee consist of the following brethren Blanchard Newcom & Joney Cake & Corneleus Hendrick And Sisters Zeegler Towsey Ferguson & Mary Hendrick


     Opertunity being given four related to us their love to christ and wish to be Baptised (Viz) Weh-hen-che-skondase Luttia-hing (Jones) John Hendrick & wife

     No administrator being presant meeting adjourned to meett at the Mission 2 weeks from to morrow

Adjourned Meeting
Aug 8 1841
at the Mission

     The case of Brethern Cornelius Charles & Jonas Konkaput was brought before us Both had been guilty of intoxication the former was presant & made confession to us-but it was thought that the honor of the cause required their suspension the latter to be requested to appear at our next meeting Both were suspended from communion and all other church privaleges Three of the candidates for baptism only were presant (Jones being detained by sickness) they were waited upon by br Barker After which the Lords Supper was administered to us The season was rendered peculiarly sollem by the recent death of Br Robert Konkaput

Church Meeting
Aug 28 1841
at the Mission

     But few of the brethren being present it was proposed that attend to our church business tomorrow

     Lords day after religious worship a door was opened for reception of members Sally Jonney Cake came befor us we herd her tell of her love to the Savior Resolved unanimosly that she be redemed

     Jonas Konkaput came before us and made his humble confession.

Church meeting
Oct 1841
at Stock

     The committee appointed July 23 reported that the matter for which they were appointed were settled and were discharged

     Communion dispensed with no administrator being present

Church Meeting
Nov 1841
at bro Charles,

     The weather exceeding inclemont and but few of the breathren present Solomon Journey cake appeared before the church preying for baptism No administrator being present no action was taken on the subject. Communion also dispensed with for the same reason


Church Meeting
Dec 25 1841
at Mohegan

     Meeting as usual opened by singing and prayer, bro Jonas Konkaputs case again came before us after again hearing from him It was unanimously agreed that he be restored to church privalages. The church being informed that br When-ge-skon-lose had been guilty of intoxication he was suspended from church privaleges and brothers Charles Journey Cake and Newcom were apointed to wait on him previous to our next meeting Communion again dispensed with because no administrator was present

Church Meeting
May 28 1842
at Mohegan

     Meeting as usual opened with singing and prayer Breathren and Sister from abroad were invited to a full participation in the privaleges and duties of the meeting.

     The case of brother Cornelius Charles who was suspended at the August meeting for intoxication was again brought before us. After again hearing from him on the subject and his deep repentance being manifest uppon the motion of bro Newcom seconed by bro Konkaput it was unanimously agreed that he be restored to his former standing in the church

     Br Newcom asked leave to call the attention of the church to an affair that was settled at the church meeting June 27 1841 and gave briefly his reason for so doing which were satisfactory. Br Blanchard requested that before the church proceede to examine the case br Pratt be requested to fill his place as moderator which was granted, Br Pratt in the chair the case proceeded Br Blanchard stated that he had been with three others of the breathren to see br Towsey and that he had refused to hear anything from them and that he had cited him to appear at the meeting to answer to charges that would there be brought against him to which he returned nothing but rating. Br Newcom was then asked for proof of the statements he had made br Cornelius Hendrick stated that Mr Towsey had told him previous to the settlement that br Newcom had made conffession and that was the way the difficulty was now being disposed His wife Sister Mary H. stated that she was present and heard Mr Towsey make the fore going statements Sister Betsey Zeeglear stated that Mr Towsey said in her presence


that Mr Newcom had written to br Blanchard and had carryed his own communication to him and got the matter hushed because he was affraid to have it go any farther. All this was at utter variance with the facts known to the committee Enquiry was then made as to the general appearance of religion in Mr Towsey, a general expression was that he was a disgrace [to the] church, that he was in constant habbit of lying and that he is and has been a sower of discord-Br Henry Skeekett motioned that the matter be postponed, got no second, br Jonas Konkakaput motioned that he be excluded without delay aleging as his reason that the church had already tolerated the case to its disgrace Br Cornelius Hendrick seconded the motion br H. Skeekett stated that the matter had got to a high pitch and that he should now be compled to come to the point said that things were charged upon Mr Towsey that were false that he had sought out one certain thing and it was not true Not saying what it was he was asked if the thing to which he alluded had been spoken of in the trial, He replied, "it has not The vote was then taken shall Timothy Towsey be excluded Afirmative eleven Negative five three of the five afterwards expressed approbation of this decision

     Meeting adjourned by prayer

June 25 1842
Church met
at the Mission

     Opened by singing and prayer. No business being before the church spent the evening in conferance singing and prayer

July 30 1842
Church Meeting
at br Charleses

     Church met at bro Charleses according to appointment No business transacted much sympathetic feeling manifested in our conferance

Aug 27 1842
at Stockbridge

     The church met at the time appointed-a division seems to be forming in our ranks which threatens much injury to the church After prayer it was agreed to spend a season in humileation and prayer before God in view of our condition


Sept 24 1842
Church meeting
at the Mission

     Meeting opened as usual with singing and prayer Few of the breathren presant Peter Hopehelase & John Jonney Cake presented themselves for membership the former was received and Bapt

Oct Meeting and
Nov Passed
our bro Blanchard
being absent

Dec 24 1842
Church met
at the Mission

     Had a precious season of conferance and prayer. Those breatheren who have not been carried away by our trials seem to be much humbled and well prepared for spiritual food Communion on Lords day

Jany 28 1843
at bro Charleses
Church Meeting

     No business being before us spent the time in devotional exersize

     Communion on Lords day

Feb 25 1843
Church Met
at Stockbridge

     Opened by singing and prayer. The subject of our division came before the church. Breathren Barker & Pratt being present they were invited to a full participation in the meeting.

     After much consultation Breathren Blanchard Barker & Pratt were appointed to look after these difficulties and to report to morrow

Lords day 26

     The committee of yesterday made the follow[ing] report as the result of their efforts

     They have succeeded in reconciling Cathorin Lyttleman and Mary Chemawkun to each other the former expressing herself satisfied with the confessions of the latter

Bro T Hendric and H Skeekett refuse to be reconciled with the church unless the missionaries cease to visit it These terms were


unanimously rejected by the Stockbridge breathren Br Cornelius Charles motioned that these two breathren be suspended and also the wife of the former she occupying the same ground The motion prevaled and the three were suspended.

     The committee were not discharged but requested to continue labor

March 28
Church Met
at the Mission

     Opened as usual by singing and prayer

     The committee appointed at our last meeting beged further oportunity which was granted

     No other business being before us spent the evening in devotional exercise

Communion on Lords day

Apl 29 1843
Church Meetin
at the Mission
by consent of the members

     Singing and prayers The committee still asked indulgence which was granted

Oportunity being given Isaac Skeekett and George Washington presented themselves for membership Being satisfied with their relation both were received and baptised

     Communion on Lords day

May 28 1843
Church Meeting
at Stockbridge

     The committee reported that they had continued their efforts without success No action of the church was taken

     Bro Jones Konkaput made confession of his having again been over come by intemperance He was requested keep back from the communion till the church should be more entirely satisfyed of his repentance

June 24 1843
Church Meeting
at the Mission


Church meeting
at the Mission
Nov 18 1843

     Meeting opened with singing and prayer. The breatheren from aboroad invited to full participation in the meeting Reference.

     The committee appointed Feb. 25, 1843 were called upon for a final repor[t] Br

Pratt from the committee stated the result of their protracted labors.

     The church called for any information that any of the breathren or sister might be in possession of in the case. all the individual statements were corroberative of report of the committee That no hope remained of reclaiming the suspended members Br. Jones

     Konkaput moved, "that the three suspended members (viz) Thomas Hendrick and wife and Henry Skeekett be excluded" Seconded by Br. Newcomb

     Unanumously voted that they be excluded. Br Newcomb motioned that a committee be appointed to search out any breathren or sisters that may have become alienated from us Seconded by Br Cornelius Chemawkun unanumously voted in the affirmative Committee to consist of sisters Mary Chemawkun Sylvia Case and [illegible] Breathren Blanchard Pratt and Barker

     Adjourned till evening

     Evening meeting opened, singing prayer Br Cornelius Charles came before the church with confession for drunkenness. Subject waved till candlelight.

     At candle light church resumed the case of br Charles confession. Motion by br Newcomb seconded by br James Konkaput that the church forgive br Charles and accept his confession Vote carried unanumous

     Br. Blanchard moved that br James Jack be suspended from the privaleges of the church seconded by br Newcomb voted unanumous A committee to wait upon him to consist of brothrs Blanchard & Joneycake and Newcomb-------Br Barker presented the subject of Br Blanchards ordaination which was unanimously approved Covenant was read, and some remarks, and the meeting closed with devotional exursises singing prayer itc

Lords day 19

     Br's Pratt and Blanchard were ordained

     Sermon by br Barker prayer and charge by Br Meeker Righthand-of-fellowship by Br Barker.

     Communion at the close of the exursises


Church Meeting
At Stockbridge
Dec 30 1843

     Meeting opened by singing and prayer Report of [committee] called for Committee appointed to labor with br. Jim Jack were not ready to reportContinued till next meeting

     Br Pratt from the committee of enquiry reported labor with Washington Hendrick Without any satisfaction Motion by Br Cornelius Chemawkun to exclude seconded by br. G. Konkaput Vote in the affirmative unanimously prevailed Sister Case from the committee reported having vis[it]ed [it] ed Sisters Doxtater & Cathorine Kankaput & Skeekett Church were satisfied with the intelegence from Sister Doxtater-so far as it extended but the committee were requested to continue labor-Motion Made by br. J. W. Newcomb that Phebe Skeekett [sentence unfinished] Seconded by br Cornelius Chemawkun. Affirmative unanimously prevailed and she is excluded

     The case of Sister Catharine Konkaput was considered as satisfactory after hearing from her in person, None of the Committees were discharged Sister Blanchard added to the committee of sisters

Saturday 28 1844
Church Meeting
At the Mission

     Meeting opened as usual by singing and prayer. Brother Cornelius Chemaukun presented a petition from six of the breathren and Sisters at Stockbridge praying for a dismis[sion] for the purpose of organising into a distinct church of the same faith and order viz Jonas Konkaput Cornelius Chemawkun, Hannah Kunkaput Sally Konkaput, Katharine Konkaput Mary A Chemawkun Request unanimously granted.

     No further business being before us spent. the evening in devotional exersize


     First mention of the Stockbridge Indians in the territory west of the Mississippi appears in reports of the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions in the Baptist Missionary Magazine for the item is as follows:

     "On the 6th of December [18391 a party of Stockbridge Indians from Winnebago Lake (Wisconsin territory,) arrived, with the design of making the Delaware country their future home. The Delawares have acceeded to the proposition, and have located them below Fort Leavenworth. From eight to ten of these, including the principal chief, are expected to join the Delaware church,


two of whom have not before made a profession of faith in Christ. The native assistant is to labor among this tribe:"

     In the report for 1843 appears the statement that Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Pratt have been authorized to remove to Stockbridge, at the earnest and repeated solicitation of the Indians of that place. "He [Pratt] has," reads the report, "for some time, regularly ministered to them every alternate Sabbath. He will take the press with him; the Stockbridges gladly engaging to aid in the erection of a printing-office, school-house, etc., to the utmost of their ability." Some difficulties for the Stockbridges arose over the "singular alienation of the Delaware chiefs" and Mr. Pratt was prevented from locating among them for a time, but troubles were adjusted and mission buildings were commenced in the autumn of 1844. The following records, copied verbatim, show activities of the Stockbridge Baptist Mission Church constituted April 13th, 1845:



     The Stockbridge Baptist Mission Church, was organized, April 13th 1845. Present at the time, Brethren Jotham Meeker, Francis Barker, & Ira D. Blanchard.

     At a meeting of members for organization previous to organization it was voted to adopt as ours the "Declaration of Faith," and "Covenant," as prepared by the Committee of the New Hampshire Baptist Convention.

     At a meeting of the Church June 8, it was voted that the Church meet for Conference and Business on the 2d Saturday of each month.

     Voted also to adopt the following Resolutions-Resolved-That we consider the habit of using intoxicating liquors, as a drink, to be sinful; and leads to fearful consequences, as the scriptures declare, no "drunkard shall inherit the kingdom of Heaven." We will abstain from the use of any, & all intoxicating drinks; and consider those under censure of the Church, who use, or become intoxicated in the use of them.

     Resolved-That we consider Marriage am ordinance of Heaven, and require all persons (members of the Church,) expecting to enter that relation, to be publicly united, according to the usual manner of performing that ceremony among professed Christians.

     In consequence of sickness, and the absence of most of the members, no meeting of the Church occurred after the above date until


January 25th, 46 when a meeting was held at the House of Bro Jonas Konkapot-at which time Bro. Cornelius Charles from the Delaware Baptist Church, John G. Pratt, and Mrs. Olivia E. Pratt from the Putawatomie Baptist Church, presented Letters, and were received as members of this Church. J. G. Pratt Pastor

     February 7th Church met at the House of Sister Hannah Konkapot, at which time Levi Konkapot and Jacob Littleman related their religious exercises, and requested admission to the Church. Voted to meet Feb 14th to decide on their Reception.-Adjourned

     February 14th Church met according to adjournment at the house of Pastor. After further hearing the above named individuals, and also listening to Mrs Josephine Littleman-It was voted, unanimously-that they be received as candidates for Baptis[m] and membership. After prayer Adjournment

     Sabbath Afternoon Feb 15th these persons were all baptized, in presence of a solemn and interested congregation.

     March 7, 1846 Church met at the House of J. G. Pratt Door being opened for the reception of member[s] Mr. Joseph Henry Killbuck, and his wife; Eli Hendrick and his wife; and the widow Lydia Konkapot, related their religious exercises and were received as Candidates for Baptism and Membership. Mr. Thomas T. Hendrick, made formal confession of error, asked the privilege of a union with us. Church requested him to wait until another meeting to which he consented-Adjourned

     Sabbath morning March 8 the individuals received above were all Baptized; and in the evening, received the right hand of fellowship After which Church Commemorated the Suffering of our Savior, enjoying much of his presence, and much rejoicing in his favor.

     April Church met at the House of Bro. Jonas Konkapot. After religious exercises voted to appoint second Sabbath in May as a season of religious worship, and to invite the Christian friends from Shawanoe and Delaware to be present

     Also voted that at our meeting for business next week we will elect a brother to act for us as our Deacon.

Adjourned by prayer
     J. G. Pratt


     At an adjourned meeting held at the house of Bro. Thomas Hendrick, it was unanimously voted that Bro. Eli Hendrick be appointed to fill the office of Deacon of this Church

J. G. Pratt, Pastor

     Church met. at Meeting House. No Business time spent in Religious exercises.

J. G. Pratt, Pastor

     Church met at Meeting House-

     Business-Bro. Cornelius Chemaukun, having been reported to have violated the rule of Christian conduct was, after having been labored with suspended from Church privileges-He however acknowledging his impropriety and hoping before long to be again restored to fellowship

Religious exercises followed

J. G. Pratt, Pastor

     Church met at Jonas Konkapot's

     Business-Voted to appoint Bro. Jacob Littleman Interpreter.

     Religious exercises followed-

J. G. Pratt, Pastor-

     Church Meeting March 14,-1846
     The services being opened by prayer and Singing-The case of Mr Thomas T. Hendrick was taken up, and he was received. Church Spent remainder of the evening in devotional exercises

J. G. Pratt, Pastor

August 22
     Church Met at Meeting House

     Business of the meeting to receive such persons as might be prepared, and were desirous of joining. After prayer-door being opened for such to speak, four individuals, manifested their wish to become members of the Church-viz
     Jonas Littleman, Abigail H. Killbuck


     The Church after careful examination voted unanimously to receive them

     The day following, being Sabbath, the above mentioned individuals were all Baptized, in presence of a. numerous and solemn congregation. In the evening, the Lords Supper was administered, during which all seemed to enjoy a large measure of the Spirit's influence. There had been with us for several days, many dear brethren & Sisters from other Churches whose presence and exhortation had greatly encouraged and strengthened us The evening closed the Series of meeting[s] and it was indeed a precious and refreshing season, spent with evident toke [n] of divine favor, and presence of his Holy Spirit-and will not soon be forgone[n]

J. G. Pratt

Church Meeting Sept. 12, 1846-

     At this meeting Mrs Lucy Konkapot related to the Church her religious exercises; and requested the privilege of becoming a member of it-After proper consideration Church voted to receive her as a candidate for baptism and membership-Mrs Phebe Skigget was also received. On the following morning, Prudence Quinney, manifested to the Church while met for public worship a desire to unite, she was received; after which the ordinance of Baptism was administered to the two candidates

J. G. Pratt

Church Meeting Oct 9, 1846.

     At this meeting, Church voted to remove the censure resting upon Bro. Cornelius Chemaukun, and restore him again to all the privileges of the Church.

     After the evening had been spent in religious exercises, Mrs. Abigail Hendrick, with much feeling stated her convictions of duty to unite with the Church if thought worthy-she was received as a candidate for Baptism & membership.

J. G. Pratt


Nov. 7, 1846-
     Church meeting at meeting house.

     At this meeting two persons were dropped from fellowship, on account of improper conduct. Other business was introduced but deferred until a future meeting. The names of the two persons dropped were

J. G. Pratt

Church Meeting Dec. 12, 1846-
     Meeting opened as usual by prayer. The time was spent in conversation on several points of business, none in shape to be recorded was attended to-Spent a season in religious conference having reference to the sacrament to be administered to-morrow (sabbath)-.

J. G. Pratt

Church Meeting Jan. 9 1847
     Meeting opened by prayer. It was resolved at this meeting that it was inexpedient to bear longer with Brethren Jonas Konkapot, and Cornelius Charles, and that the hand of fellowship be considered as withdrawn from them-in consequence of improper condu[ct].

     A Committee consisting of Brethren Jacob Littleman, & Levi Konkapot be appointed to labor with Jonas Littleman, and Sally Konkapot, it being understood that their conduct. had been unbecoming a profession of Godliness.

     Miss Jemima Dockstater related to the Church her religious feelings, and expressed confidence in Christ, and asked for admission to the privileges of membership; which, after careful examination was voted, in her behalf after she shall have been baptized

J. G. Pratt

Church Meeting, Feb. 24, 1846
     Meeting opened, as usual by prayer After which, business being introduced, Bro. Jacob Littlemen from a committee reported that three persons with whom they had labored were obstinate in wicked ways and requested to be released from their connection with the Church-The hand of fellowship was by unanimous vote accordingly withdrawn from Jonas Littleman--Sally Konkapot, and Lydia Konkapot.


     Mr. Benjamin Towsy expressed to the Church an interest in religious truth, an intention [to] forsake sinful ways-an interest in a Saviour, and a desire to become a member with us of the Church of Christ-After careful examination he was unanimously received, as a candidate for Baptism & Membership.

J. G. Pratt

     Note-On the following Sabbath Feb 28, Miss Doxstater, & Mr. Towsy were Baptised-and in the evening of the same dayChurch celebrated the communion of the Lord's Supper
J. G. P.

Church Meeting, March 7.3, 1847
     At this meeting Church voted to withdraw the hand of fellowship from Cornelius Chemaukun, and to suspend from Church privileges his wife Mary C. for alleged improper conduct,

Meeting adjourned,
J. G. Pratt

Church Meeting April 10, 1847
     Time spent wholly in religious conference, there being no business.

J. G. Pratt

Church Meeting May 8, 1847
     Church meeting at the house of Hannah Konkapot-At this meeting the church voted unanimously to Withdraw fellowship from all persons previously suspended for immoral conduct. They are therefore no longer regarded as under the watch-care and countenance of the ChurchReligious Conference followed

J. G. Pratt

Church Meeting June 12, 1847
     At the house of Sister Hannah Konkapot-Church voted to exclude Prudence Quinney for grossly immoral conduct-Spent remainder of the evening in religious Conference.

Adjourned-J. G. Pratt


Church Meeting July 1849
     At the house of Hannah Konkapot Time spent in Devotional exercises

J. G. Pratt

Church Meeting August 1847
     At the house of the Pastor This meeting being on Sabbath evening was preparative for the Lords Supper which was immediately after administered

J. G. Pratt

Church Meeting Sept 1847
     At the house of the Pastor At this meeting Benjamin Towsy--and Phoebe skigget were excluded, for the sin of drunkenness-Devotional exercises followed.

J. G. Pratt

Church Meeting Oct. 1847
     At the house of Hannah Konkapot. No business-time spent in religious exercises

Nov. & Dec-Meetings omitted.
J. G. Pratt

Church meeting, Jan. 1848

     At this meeting Cornelius Charles, was restored to the fellowship of the Church. Mrs. Susan Charles was also restored. (formerly member of Delaware Baptist Church.)


     At this meeting no special business was transacted. Time spent in devotional exercises preparatory to the administration of the Lord's Supper on the Sabbath immediately following.

John G. Pratt

     No meeting was held at Stockbridge, until August 1, when the Church voted to disband & become merged in the Mission Church at Delaware; which was accordingly done at a meeting held at Delaware, Aug. 12; 13; 1848.

J . G. Pratt.


     This church having met with a severe visitation,9 and parted with its former Pastor, was re-organized on the 12th of Aug. 1848. In doing this it was found necessary to enroll such names only as were known to be in good standing in this and the disbanded Church at Stockbridge. This step became the more important as the book containing record of the Delaware Church, appeared either to have been mutilated or intentionally neglected, as no entries appeared to have been made for several years. The list of members immediately following contains only such names of persons as are known to be in good standing in both Churches at time of reorganization.

List of Church Members

As revised August 12th, 1848

1848John G. Pratt-PastorWilliam Kaleb
August 29Olivia E. PrattJenny Kaleb
Charles JohnycakeDeceas'd James Rain
Sally JohnycakeSusan Killbuck
Jane JohnycakeDeceas'dJacob Littleman
Betsy ZeiglerDeceas'dHipelas
Francis PokelasHannah Hipelas
ExcludedWul-lun-da-nat-o'kwaDeceas'd Hipelas
Eunice EatonEx.Nancy Konkapot
DeceasedHannah KonkapotLouisa Littleman
Deceas'dSusan CharlesMrs. Jacob Skicket
Cornelius CharlesCousin of Charles
Eli HendrickJohnnycake
Sally Hendrick1849E.S. Morse
DroppedJoseph KillbuckAugust 1
DroppedHis wife
Dropped Abigail Killbuck

9. The nature of this visitation is not disclosed by the church records.

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