The Light   

Darkness came and herders tended
        Flocks of sheep to keep them settled,
Guarding in nocturnal vigil
        Much the same as each night previous.

Were these sentries care for likewise
        As they went about their duties?
Who watched over faithful shepherds
        That loved God who made all creatures?

Suddenly, the Lord's own glory
        Cast its brightness in the pastures,
Glowed intensely on the hillsides,
        Bathed the countryside in splendor.

Unexpectedly it happened,
        Scaring both the lost and righteous.
This surprise brought all together,
        Bonded by an anxious feeling.

From the light above, a figure
        Came announcing one great message,
Bringing forth a revelation,
        Words which many long awaited.

Comforting, the angel told them:
        "Do not fear, for I have good news.
News of joy for all the people
        Comes today from David's city!

"You will find a special infant
        Humbly resting in a stable,
Wrapped in strips of cloth, your Savior.
        Born the Prince of Peace forever!"

Other angels, great in number,
        Then appeared and sang their praises.
Thus had come the One Appointed,
        Came the Christ, the Teacher, Jesus.

Far away in ancient Persia
        Magi priests looked at the heavens.
One new star caught their attention,
        Heralding the great Messiah.

Melchior, Balthazar, Gaspar
        Journeyed to the hills of Judah,
There observed that shining beacon,
        Light which led them to the Christ child.

Bethlehem is where they found Him
        -- They who came so far to worship.
To His household they brought presents;
        Thus an old tradition started.

Every year, each Christmas season,
        Santa Claus rewards young children,
Little ones deserving kindness.
        Good will thrives while merchants prosper.

Those of cheer make others happy.
        Greeting cards renew old friendships.
Strangers smile and help each other.
        Yet, for someone, sadness visits.

Jesus' light today still guides those
        Truly seeking blessed living,
Praising God in all His glory,
        He the Shepherd Lord of mankind.

You who care about your neighbor,
        Let the Yuletide spirit linger.
Bring the light to someone wanting.
        Praise the Lord and follow Jesus.

        --- H. Chester Bixwell