Rick Housh's
Family Photographs

The boy and girl are very formally dressed, and posed as if for a traditional wedding photograph.

A "Tom Thumb" Wedding

This was taken about 1905, in Oskaloosa. Both the children in it are about 5 or 6 at the time and the occasion was a "Tom Thumb" wedding. As you can see they are dressed as a bride and groom. Of course the wedding was a "simulation," and I understand they were quite common, being a sort of pageant staged as a social event when there was a lull in the social season and lack of other motive to get dressed up and go out. The girl is my Aunt Lucile (then Housh, now Morse). She is still alive, 90 years later [in 1998], is very mobile and lives in Michigan. The boy is Marlin of the "Jenkins Twins," Marvin and Marlin.

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