Contributed and scanned by

Paul Dale

Dale Sprott is the son of Jesse M. and Mabel Cathern Sprott
(Mabel is the sister of Paul Dale's father). Mabel wrote
the messages on the back of the Dust Bowl postcards,
which Paul has also contributed to KanColl.

Class List:

Harold C. Cook, Clyde C. Dawson, Harry L. Lamb,
Leroy Padget, Harry C. Patterson, Ila Mae Wooten,
Hilda Pauline Plattner, Reva Mae Scott, Jennie Pauline Sims,
Ethel Velma Sims, and Dale A. Sprott.*

*Note: In the program, Dale A. Sprott's name is incorrectly spelled
"Dale A. Spratt" due to a typographical error.

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