Rick Housh's
Family Photographs

Addison tries to look casual, but David, Frank T. and Emma sit very straight and very formal in this studio photograph

David Crockett Housh and Family

This group is a family portrait of David Crockett Housh's family, taken in Oskaloosa in 1894 or 1895, I believe. From left to right are Addison E. Housh, a son, David Crocket Housh, Frank T. Housh (the son who was my grandfather), and Emma Dean (Gwartney) Housh, David's wife and mother of the two sons. The Gwartneys were also longtime Oskaloosa residents. Addison E. and Frank T. are the sons of the David Crockett Housh mentioned in the Andreas/Cutler's History of the State of Kansas (in the Cutler's book, Addison E. is called Addie E., and Frank Thomas is described as Thomas F.).

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