These World War I photographs and other items contributed by MARV CRUZAN.

Views of War

3-d blue line

Football Team

Gen. Winn's football team

The victorious 89th Division Football Team. Left to right, lower row: Clark, end; Thompson, tackle; Withington, guard; Garside, guard; Lewis, center; Schweiger, tackle; Laslett, end. Left to right, upper row: Lindsey, halfback; Nelson, fullback; Gerhardt, quarterback; Clark, halfback. Absent: Higgins, end; Flannigan, guard; Padfield, fullback; Fletcher, end.

The 1919 team was undefeated, and won a thrilling victory over the 36th Division for the overall championship in Europe that year -- the game was dubbed the first Superbowl. Please click here to read their exciting story.

3-d blue line

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