Life with the Santa Fe, contributed by Jim Blanton

Life with the Santa Fe



     This is a copy of a letter sent to my Grandfather Clyde indicating his years of service as a conductor.
     The letter is from The Order of Railway Conductors, Division 265, Chanute, Kansas, and is dated March 28, 1950. It is addressed to Mr. Clyde A. Blanton, 620 So. Central, Chanute, Kansas:
     "The records of The Order of Railway Conductors Chanute Kansas Division No. 265, show that you joined it on the 21st. day of January 1920 and at that time gave the date of your birth as, August 15th, 1887."
     The letter is signed by J. E. Willoughby, Sec'y. Div. 265, 1126 So. Evergreen, Chanute, Kansas.

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