Life with the Santa Fe, contributed by Jim Blanton

Life with the Santa Fe

Clyde A. Blanton

Clyde A. Blanton

     This picture is of my Grandfather, Clyde Anderson Blanton, just as he was getting back to Chanute after a run down the line to Coffeyville with what was called by the family as the "doodle-Bug" engine. The shot was taken around 1944 in front of the Chanute Depot for the Santa Fe. Grandad or as I called him "Daddy Clyde" was born in Lawrence, KS on August 15, 1887. He died on August 4, 1951 in Chanute.
     I am not sure when he began working for the Santa Fe, but I believe he started very early in life. Dad said one time that Daddy Clyde helped to cut Raton Pass in Colorado working section gang laying rail and ties. He could have been as young as 15 years old as men did tend to start their work life very early on. I do know that quite a number of his service years was as a conductor, but I am not sure when he achieved that position.

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