On the Trail . . .

The Raynesford Papers -- Notes on Kansas Trails and the Butterfield Overland Despatch
    Howard Raynesford was an historian, Director of the Kansas State Historical Society, and tireless expert on the Smoky Hill Trail and the Butterfield Overland Despatch stagecoach line that ran over the trail. These are his notes on the the Smoky Hill River, Fremont's Ellis County Indian Village, and the Butterfield Overland Despatch (Smoky Hill Trail), including a biography of Howard Raynesford and many maps.

William E. Smith's The Oregon Trail through Pottawatomie County
    William Smith writes about the Oregon Trail, giving its history, describing people associated with it, and telling stories of travel over this historic trail. This selection includes several photographs.

Josiah Gregg: Commerce of the Prairies (1844)
    Josiah Gregg tells a spell-binding story of his travel along the early Santa Fe Trail in the 1840s.

Capt. Randolph Barnes Marcy, U.S.A.: The Prairie Traveler: A Hand-book for Overland Expeditions
    Capt. Marcy wrote this essential guidebook to heading West in 1859 at the direction of the War Department, which had become alarmed at the flood of inexperienced pioneers setting out for the Western frontier. A best-seller in its time and still in print today, this book tells you everything you need to know about going West, and includes a number of detailed itineraries.

William G. Cutler: The Andreas History of the State of Kansas (1883) and The Andreas History of the State of Nebraska (1882)
    The Andreas (Cutler's) books are essential references on Kansas and Nebraska history, covering natural features, early explorations, territorial period, statehood, and individual county chapters, some of which could be substantial books in themselves! In addition to narrative stories, the books include many statistical tables, biographies, and lists of buildings, churches and officials.

Report of the Committee of the Kansas State Historical Society on the Santa Fe Trail Through Kansas (1911-1912)
    This report traces the Santa Fe Trail through Kansas by county and includes extensive field notes.

Santa Fe Trail maps: Eastern, Central, and Western Sections

Old Kansas Area Maps
    Maps of each section of Kansas in excellent detail.