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Contributed by George W. Schiller

     You may have already read the other Schiller book in KanColl, Reflections from the Prairie. If so, you know that George is an accomplished writer, who simply and skillfully crafts words and thoughts to convey humor, honor, and basic human truths.
     The Abolitionist is a collection of memories, handed down from generation to generation in George's family. Memories can be fragile things. They are all too easily lost in the sweep of time. In sharing these memories with us, George preserves history that otherwise might be lost. Those reading this book in years to come will find the almost forgotten past coming to life in their hands.
     Perhaps we should say "before their eyes," because George chose to publish this book electronically, in KanColl. A print version is available from George, but the published book is here . . . before your eyes. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we have, and we appreciate George making this unique history so accessible via the World-Wide Web. Thank you, George -- from all of us.

NOTE: George observes in this book that he is deeply indebted to Dr. Frederic Barrett Emery and Dr. Emery's work, The Barrett Book, which was privately printed. If you are looking for copies of The Barrett Book, please contact (as of July 2002).

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