KanColl Books


by Adolph Roenigk

     The design on the cover of this book represents “Tall Bull” taken from the original oil painting at the Union Pacific Museum, Omaha, Nebr. Tall Bull was a prominent chief of the Cheyennes in the early sixties in Kansas and wherever that tribe made its home. He was one of the counsel who took part and signed the Medicine Lodge treaty in 1867. He was the leader of the Saline Valley raid May 30, 1869. Six weeks later he met his defeat at the battle of Summit Springs July 11, 1869. Seeing the end of his career he killed one of the women prisoners and wounded the other. He then retreated into a canyon with his family. Being surrounded and seeing he could not escape he killed his favorite horse by shooting it in the breast--it ran out of the canyon and died at the entrance. Soon thereafter he was also killed. His wife and daughters were taken prisoners. Tall Bull’s tobacco pipe, ornamented with scalp locks taken in the Saline Valley, and a vast amount of plunder, including $900 in gold coin, was found in the Indian camp.