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Chapter 1:   Quite a Start in Life

Chapter 2:   Indian Alliance

Chapter 3:   Indian Depredations

Chapter 4:   An Act of Bravery Saves Two Lives

Chapter 5:   Among the Comanches

Chapter 6:   Indian Depredation Case

Chapter 7:   A Brave Man on the Plains

Chapter 8:   The Railroad Builds Westward

Chapter 9:   The Men Who Returned

Chapter 10:   The Bufralo Trade

Chapter 11:   Cowboy Capital

Chapter 12:   Indian Chief's Peril

Chapter 13:   Adobe Wall Trading Post

Chapter 14:   Adobe Walls Fight

Chapter 15:   Indian Depredation Loss

Chapter 16:   Lone Tree Massacre

Chapter 17:   Fort Griffin and the Flats

Chapter 18:   Where the Rath Trail Led

Chapter 19:   A Time of Change

Chapter 20:   Rath City Evacuated

Chapter 21:   Rath's Freight Trains

Chapter 22:   The Bull Fight

Chapter 23:   End of the Trail

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