The Prairie Traveler by Randolph Barnes Marcy, Captain, U.S.A.


XXVIII.--Wagon-route from Guaymas, New Mexico, to Tubac, Arizona.
From Captain STONE'S Journal.


          Guaymas to
 10 1/4.  Rancho del Cavallo.--Good wood, water, and grass.
  9.      Rancho de la Noche Buena.--Good wood and grass, but no
            water for animals in May and June.
 19 5/8.  Rancho de la Cuneguinta.--Good wood, water, and grass
            the year round; water in tanks and wells.
 15 3/4.  Rancho del Posito.--Good wood and grass the year round;
            water for men at all times, and for animals except in
            the months of May and June.
  8.      Rancho de la Palma.--Wood, water, and grass at all
 16 3/8.  Rancho de la Paza.--Good wood, water, and grass at all
 16.      Hermosillo.--This is a town of 10,000 inhabitants, on
            Sonora River, where all supplies may be procured.
 13.      Hacienda de Alamito.--Plenty of running water, wood,
            grass, and grain.
 8.       Hacienda de la Labor.--Plenty of running water, grass,
            and grain.
 28.      Rancho de Tabique.--Roughest part of the road, but not
            difficult for wagons. Wood, water, and grass. From
            Hermosillo to this place there is water at short
            intervals along the road.
 36.      Rancho Querebabi.--Wood and grass; water in tanks.
 12.      Barajita.--Small mining village. Bad water; good wood
            and grass.
 13.      Santa Ana.--Village on teh River San Ignacio. Plenty of
            wood, water, and grass.
 12.      La Magdalena.--Thriving town, where all supplies can be
  5.      San Ignacio.--Village on the river. Good wood, water,
            and grass.
  6 3/4.  Imuris.--Village on the river. Wood, water, and grass.
 11 1/2.  Los Alisos Rancho.--Wood, water, and grass.
  3 1/2.  La Casita.--Wood, water, and grass.
  3 1/2.  Cibuta.--Wood, water, and grass.
 11 1/4.  Agua Zarca.--Wood, water, and grass.
 23 1/4.  Rancho de las Calabasas.--Wood, water, and grass.
 13.      Tubac.--Silver mines at this place.
 Total distance from Guaymas to Tubac, 295 miles.
 Note.--During the months of July, August, and September, water
will be found at almost any part of the road from La Casita to
Hermosillo. There is no lack of wood or grass on any part of the
road from Guaymas to the frontier. The only difficulty in
encamping at almost any point upon the road is that of obtaining
water in the dry season, i.e., from February to the first of
July. The remarks for each place apply to the most unfavorable

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