The Prairie Traveler by Randolph Barnes Marcy, Captain, U.S.A.


VII.--From Fort Bridger to the "City of Rocks."
From Captain HANDCOCK'S Journal.


          Fort Bridger to
  9.      Little Muddy Creek - Water brackish in pools along the
            creek; tall bunch-grass; sage for fuel.  Road runs
            over a barren section, is rough, and passes one steep

 12 1/2.  Big Muddy Creek - The road, with the exception of two
            or three bad gullies, is good for ten miles; it then
            follows the Big Muddy bottom, which is flat and
            boggy. The camp is three miles above the crossing.
            Some grass; sage for fuel.

 14 1/5.  Small Branch of the Muddy Creek - Cross the river in
            three miles at a bad ford.  A mile above camp the
            grass is good.  Road generally good.

 19 1/2.  On Small Creek - Road continues up the Muddy 9 1/2
            miles to its head.  It then ascends to the divide
            between Bear and Green Rivers, probably 800 feet, in
            1 3/5 miles.  The descent on the other side is about
            the same.  The road passes many fine springs.  At one
            and two miles back it passes points of hills, where
            it is very rough.  Good grass and sage at camp.

  8 9/10. Bear River - Bad creek to cross near the camp; thence
            to Bear River Valley the road is good.  It then
            follows down the river, crossing Willow Creek. Good
            camp, with a large, fine spring.

 17.      Bear River - Good road along the river; plenty of wood,
            water, and grass at all points.

          Foot of Grant's Mountain - Road runs along Bear River;
            at 2 1/2 miles strikes Smith's Fork, a rapid trout
            stream.  The road crosses the lower ford.  A few
            miles farther on is a bad slough, which can be
            avoided by taking a round on the hills.  Cross
            Thomas's Fork on a bridge, also a slough near 
            it; toll $2.00 for each team and wagon.  The road
            then leaves Bear River Valley, and turns over a very
            steep hill.  Good grass, wood, and water.

 12.      Bear River - Road ascends Grant's Mountain 1200 feet in
            1 1/2 miles-double teams-then descends again into
            Bear River Valley at 4 4/5 miles. Good wood, water,
            and grass.

 17 2/5.  Indian Creek - Road crosses eight fine spring branches;
            camp is on a beautiful trout stream.  Good wood,
            water, and grass.

 11.      Spring near Bear River - Road is hilly, crossing two
            spring branches.  Good wood, water, and grass.  The
            camp is on the left and near the road.

 11.      Bear River - At 6 7/10 miles the road strikes a large
            group of springs called "Soda Springs," and here
            crosses Pine Creek, on the left bank of which is a
            saleratus lake.  Soon after it strikes the main
            springs, and after crossing another creek the
            "Steam-boat Spring" may be seen in the bed of the

 15.      "Port Neuf," or Rock Creek - At 2 3/10 miles the road
             leaves Bear River near where it runs through a canon
             with high bluffs on each side.  At this point the
             California and Fort Hall roads separate.  The
             California road (called Hudspeth's Cut-off) then
             crosses a valley between the Bear River and Port 
             Neuf River Mountains, 9 miles.  No water from camp
             to camp.  Good camp.

 15.      Marsh Creek - About two miles above the main road the
            creek can be forded; a road leads to it from the
            descent into the valley.  Road good; water and grass
            plenty; no wood.

 16 1/5.  Paunack Creek - First part of the road is hilly; the
            remainder good. Good camp.

  7 1/5.  Mallade River - At 7 1/5 miles the road crosses the
            Mallade River.  Good camp 140 miles from Salt Lake
            City.  Good road.

 22 3/10. Small Creek - The road ascends a ridge through a canon,
            and descends to a valley on the other side.  From the
            camp to the summit of the ridge is 6 1/5 miles.  The
            descent is 3 7/10 miles.  It then crosses a valley 8
            miles wide, and strikes a canon which leads to the
            top of a hill over a rough road.  Plenty of wood,
            water, and grass at camp, but no water between
            this and the last camp.

  9 3/5.  Small Creek - Road after five miles strikes a canon
            with a long but gentle ascent.  Two miles from the
            entrance of this canon is a spring branch.  There is
            wood and some grass and water at this place.

 11 1/5.  Spring Branch - The road passes through a canon, and at
            5 miles strikes the head of a spring branch, which it
            follows down  2 1/2 miles to the junction with a
            larger branch, which is bridged.  At nine tenths of
            a mile another fork enters.  Grass very fine here. 
            Road follows down this across the main branch, and
            the camp is 2 miles below.  Good camp.

 18 1/2.  Decassure Creek, or Raft River - Road continues down
            the creek 2 3/10 miles, and crosses, then ascends by
            a steep hill to an elevated sage plain, leaving the
            creek at 11 4/5 miles, and passes a slough with 
            water.  Good camp.

 17 9/10. Spring Branch - The road crosses the creek near the
            last camp, and follows up a valley, crossing in five
            miles several spring branches.  At 2 9/10 miles it
            crosses the creek again, and follows up the valley
            two miles farther, then crosses a high sage plain 8
            9/10 miles long, when it strikes a spring 150 yards
            to the left of the road, where there is an excellent
            camp in a beautiful valley.

 10.      Junction of Salt Lake City Road - Road passes several
            small branches in 3 miles, then commences ascending
            through a canon which, in 2 1/5 miles, leads to the
            entrance to the "City of Rocks," and passes through
            these for three miles.  It then crosses a ridge,
            leaving the City of Rocks, and at ten miles from last
            camp intersects the road from " Salt Lake City."  At
            1 2/5 miles beyond this a road leads off to the right
            to a spring branch, 3 miles, where there is a good
            camp near the foot of Goose Creek Mountain.  From
            this point California travelers can refer to the
            itinerary of the route from Salt Lake City to 

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