Prairie Children.

This is the duchess of Lullaby Land,
     Lying asleep on the velvety sward;
That is an indigo flower in her hand,
Typical emblem of rank and command,
     Symbol heraldic of lady and lord.

That is her brother asleep at her side;
     He is a duke; and his little red hand
Grapples the ragged old rope that is tied
Into the collar of Rover, the guide --
     Rover, the hero of Lullaby Land.

Fishes come out of the water and walk,
     Chipmunks play marbles in Lullaby Land
Rabbits rise up on the prairies and talk,
Goslings go forward and giggle and gawk
     Everything chatters and all understand.

After awhile he will sail on the sea
     Little red duke on the prairie asleep;
Daring the shot and the shell, he shall be
Admiral, fighting for you and for me --
     Flying the flag o'er the dangerous deep.

Down at the Lido, where billows are blue;
     Back through the vineyards to Florence and
That is our duchess, whom both of us knew;
That is her husband, so tender and true,
     Taking her far from her babyhood home.

Children at play on the prairies to-day,
     Bravely to-morrow will enter the race,
Trusting the future whose promises say,
"Courage and effort will work out a way,
     Fortune and fame are not matters of place."

Divider line of thick olive-green leaves

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