Kansas Collection Books
Contributed by Pam Rietsch and transcribed and produced by Connie Snyder


353rd Infantry

American Expeditionary Forces


   One of the most difficult tasks in connection with the Regimental History was the preparation of its directories. Those who had anything to do do with National Army paper work will remember that transferred men carried their records with them. As a result of this system and the reduction of records to the minimum of necessity during moves and campaigns, complete information was not available on the men who were not in the Regiment at the close of its service. There was nothing to be done but to fall back on the faithful company clerks for such records as they could find in their field cases. These records were then carefully checked against the files of the Regimental Personnel Officer, of the Regimental Post Office, and of the Kansas State Adjutant General's Office. Finally advertisement was made for missing addresses. In spite of all effort and care in preparation the directories are incomplete, and in a few cases incorrect. Nevertheless it is hoped that these directories will help to keep the men of the 353rd Infantry together. Such is their intent and mission.

C. F. D.


Col. James H. Reeves, A. G. O., Washington, D. C.
Col. Conrad S. Babcock, A. G. O., Washington, D. C.
Col. Frank B. Hawkins, A. G. O., Washington, D. C.
Lieut.-Col. George W. Blackinton, Continental Motors Co., Detroit, Mich.
Lieut.-Col. Fred Boschen, A. G. O., Washington, D. C.
Lieut.-Col. George English, Kansas City, Mo.
Lieut.-Col. F. W. O'Donnel, Junction City, Kan.
Lieut.-Col. James L. Peatross, Rolla, Mo.
Lieut.-Col. Burton A. Smead, 1281 Downing St., Denver, Colo.
Lieut.-Col. Daniel W. Spurlock
Maj. Harry B. Bissel, Manchester, Conn.
Maj. F. A. Dahmke, 602 S. 50th St., Omaha, Nebr.
Maj. W. F. C. Jepson, A. G. O., Washington, D. C.
Maj. C. J. Masseck, The Weirs, N. H.
Maj. W. C. Palmer, Hiawatha, Kan.
Maj. Milton C. Portman, Cleveland, Ohio.
Maj. Robert M. Schutt, 4350 Vanversen Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Maj. Clifton T. Smith, St. Paul, Minn.
Major George W. Wood, c-o Allen Wood, Philadelphia, Pa.
Capt. Clyde H. Biggs, Canyon City, Colo.
Capt. Chas. F. Dienst, Boise, Idaho.
Capt. Carl G. Eades, Lowell, W. Va.
Capt. A. J. Sichtermann, Wilmington, Del.
Capt. Courtney S. Turner, Atchison, Kan.
Chap.-Lieut. Chas. M. Ashmore, Manor, Travis Co., Tex.
Chap.-Lieut. G. Carpenter, 11 Garfield St., Glenn Falls, N. Y.
Chap.-Capt. Otis E. Gray, Wichita, Kan.
Chap.-Lieut. G. Charles Gray, Boston, Mass.
Chap.-Lieut. Shannon Griffith, Mount Pleasant, Penn.
Chap.-Lieut. Maxwell Lever, Loveland, Ohio.
Chap.-Lieut. Jas. L. O'Neill, Ishpeming, Mich.



Names preceded by Asterisk (*) indicate men who were
not overseas with Company.


     NAME            LAST KNOWN RANK       ADDRESS
Barnett, Allan         Captain          St. Paul School, Concord. N. H.
Chalmer, Clifford      1st Lieut.       Riverside Drive, N. Y. City
*Cleverdon, Wm.        Captain          Indianapolis Ind
Connors, Edward M.     2nd Lieut.       South Boston, Mass.
Coyner, Howard         2nd Lieut.       N. R.
Dahmke, Frederick A.   Major            Omaha, Nebr.
Dolan, William H.      1st Lieut.       A. G. O., Washington, D. C.
Dodd. Charles G.       Captain          Ithaca, N. Y.
Dunne, Charles N. E.   1st Lieut.       Jeanette, Pa.
Ensign, Chester O.     1st Lieut.       Defiance, Ohio
Hensley, John J.       2nd Lieut.       Seattle, Washington
*Herrold, Lloyd D.     2nd Lieut.       Kansas City, Mo.
*Hornbuckle, David F.  2nd Lieut.       Kansas City, Mo.
Hulen, Ruby M.         1st Lieut.       Centralia, Mo.
McNally, Martin V.     2nd Lieut.       Olathe, Kan.
Pegues, Henry          1st Lieut.       Hutchinson, Kan.
Palmer, Walter C.      Major            Hiawatha, Kan.
Rich, Kenneth F.       Captain          Hull House, Chicago, Ill.
Rose, Maurice          1st Lieut.       716 25th St Denver, Colo.
Shepard, Morton B.     1st Lieut.       Beloit, Wis.
Sperry, Langley        2nd Lieut.       Delray, Fla.
Stanley, Eugene B.     1st Lieut.       Cincinatti, Ohio
Unrath, Frederick      2nd Lieut.       Olney, Philadelphia, Pa.
Wilson, Foy G.         2nd Lieut.       Beloit, Kan.

Adriance, George C., Sgt., Seneca, Kan.
Aflick, Charles W., Centralia, Mo.
Affloter, Robert H., Sgt., Kansas City. Mo.
Ahamit, John, Mulberry, Kan.
Airgood, Vern O., Mount Hope. Kan.
*Albers, Joseph A., Grimmel, Kan.
*Allison, Franklin, Parsons, Kan.
Allumbaugh, Walter, Summersville. Mo.
Amaux, Ben, Mulberry, Kan.
Amos, Clarence E., Beloit, Kan.
Andrews, Robt. A., Beloit, Kan.
Anderson, Hugh R., Co. Runner, Chicago. Ill.
Angeli, Henry, Breezy Hill, Kan.
Appier, William M., Girard, Kan.
Aquino, Louie, Ringo, Kan.
Armijo, Juan B., Trampas. N. M.
Arnold, Floyd, Longton, Kan.
Arthur. Earl, Goodrich, Kan.
Ashley, Vernie, Sgt., Sabetha, Kan.
Ayres, George C., Marshfield, Mo.
Babeles, Bill X., Denver, Colo.
Baird, Jamas W., Co. Runner, Coyle. Okla.
Baladimas, Pete, Mulberry. Kan.
*Ball, Homer J., Emporia, Kan.
Balma, Bert M., Cairo Canevese, Italy.
Baker, Darrell H., Coffeyville, Kan.
Bankson, Harold, Wilsonville, Nebr.
Barnes, Ezdore, Peru, Ill.
Barnes, Walter E., San Francisco, Calif.
Barkley, Wm. M., 425 N. 1st St., Duluth, Minn.
Barrett, Wm. H., Kansas City, Kan.
Bartel, Bernard E., Hillsboro, Kan.
Bass, Charles A., Sylvia, Kan.
Bates, Chester I., Hutchinson, Kan.
Bardling, George, Calvert, Kan.
Bartlett, Russell, Zeandale, Kan.
*Baugh, James F., Farlington, Kan.
*Baumann, Roman, Marathon, Wis.
Beach, William E., Seattle, Wash.
Beck, John H., Bloomington, Kan.
*Beckman, Henry H., Baker, Colo.
Beggs, Lloyd E., Weir, Kan.
Bell, Walter W., Overland Park, Kan.
Bench, Rudy A., Whitehaven, Pa.
Bennett, Albert W., Cushing, Okla.
Bergin, Louis D., Salina, Kan.
*Biddiscombe, Lawrence. Emporia, Kan.
*Biermaci, Joseph L,, Belpre, Kan.
Bilbrey, Wade C., Summersville, Mo.
*Biskos, Mike, Mound Valley, Kan.
*Bird, George T., Jackson, Tenn.
Bitz, Walter J., Aberdeen, S. D.
Bivins, Francis A., Hutchinson, Kan.
Blake, Carrol G., Las Vegas, N. M.
*Blakely, Robert O., Atwood, Kan.
Blanton, George C., Sgt., Merriam, Kan.
Blincoe, Claude F., Columbus, Kan.
Bogue, Ray, Florence, Kan.
Bloedow, Arthur H., Vandyne, Wis.

Bolhuas, Henry, Chicago, Ill.
Bonslaugh, Howard, Hillsdale, Kan.
Bougher, George A., Denver, Colo.
Bourbon, Oliver J., Corp., Beloit, Kan.
Bowen, Iris, Corp., Sharon Springs, Kan
Bowman, Samuel E., Hutchinson, Kan.
Boyle, Louis, Independence, Kan.
Branfort, Albert C., Troy Center, Wis.
Breitweg, William J., Winfield, Kan.
Brewer, Thomas L., Galena, Kan.
Brigham, Merle A., Darien, Wis.
*Briney, Ray E., Beloit, Kan.
*Brouillette, George, Scottsville, Kan.
Brattan, Paul B., Co. Runner, Kansas City, Kan.
Brennen, Rolland C., Owen, Wis.
Broaddus, James W., Merriden, Kan.
Brown, Peter L., Bat. Sgt.-Major, St. Louis, Mo.
Brown, Harold D., Dancym, Wis.
Brooks, Robert, Larned, Kan.
Bryan. William C., Mech., Utica, Mo.
Bryant, William M., Hutchinson, Kan.
Burg, Stanley T., Sgt., Parsons, Kan.
Burgardt, Joseph, McCracken, Kan.
*Button, Joseph, Rosedale, Kan.
Cadue, Hoke S., Horton, Kan.
*Cahill, Edward F., Merriam, Kan.
Carnali, William H., Farlington, Kan.
Carpenter, Willis R., Minneapolis, Minn.
Carlson, George A., Denver, Colo.
Castro, Joe M., Phoenix, Ariz.
Cartron, Walter, Neodesha, Kan.
Chown, Adolph, Rosedale, Kan.
Christensen, William, Minneapolis, Minn.
Clarke, George, Hazelton, Kan.
Clochesy, Harold J., Fondulac, Wis.
*Clearman, James, Liberal, Kan.
*Clarry, Clyde, Olathe, Kan.
Casey, Hal, Beloit, Kan.
Cochran, Ralph J., Fondulac, Wis.
Coggins, George A., Fayette, Ala.
Coker, Arthur, Corp., DeSota, Kan.
*Cole, Hayward L., Sgt., Beloit, Kan.
Colbo. Harvey, Honey Creek, Wis.
*Cook, Verlin E., Mulberry, Kan.
Covert, Clinton C., Dillon, Kan.
*Cox, Carl A., Scottsville, Kan.
Craig, Luther, Sisterville, W. Va.
Crim, George S., Burlingame, Kan.
*Crooks, Earl B., Olathe, Kan.
Crum, Joseph, Corp., Detroit, Kan.
*Cummlngs, Edwin O., Mulberry, Kan.
Dahl, Arthur, Corp., Minneapolis, Minn.
Daley, Ira L., Tobe, Colo.
Darnell, Forest N., Harmon, Okla.
*Dean. Layfette D., Monticello, Kan.
De Boer, Fres C., Hardy, Ark.
*Deinnes, Edward A., Ellis, Kan.
*Delhave, Louis, Ringo, Kan.

272      Regimental Directory 353rd Infantry

*Denning, Clyde R., Rosedale, Kan.
Derry, Harry A,, Sgt., Arkansas City. Kan.
Dial, Clarence A., Cook, Cawker City, Kan.
Dilgert, Gustav A., Co. Runner, Atchison, Kan.
Doane, Albert G., Seattle, Wash.
Dougherty, Hiram, Glen Elder, Kan.
Douglas, Raymond W., Sgt., Edgerton, Kan.
Downing, James F., Anderson, Ind.
*Drummond, Henry, Sgt., Beloit, Kan.
DuBois, Stephen M., Pueblo, Colo.
*Duermyer, John R., Russell, Kan.
*Duffy, James L., Heplar, Kan.
Dugnas, Kostantinos, Chicago, Ill.
*Dwyer, Charles J., Edgerton, Kan.
Dyer, John A.
Dyra, Paterick, Chicago, Ill.
*Eastland, Ralph E., Olathe, Kan.
*Eberhart, Clarence E., Kinsley, Kan.
Ecker, Harry J., Elmhurst, Ill.
Edlebrock, John, Corp., Eudora, Kan.
*Eining, Tonie H., Beloit, Kan.
Engberg, Jas.
*England, Wm. H., Olathe, Kan.
Erickson, George A., Rothschild, Wis.
Estes, Felix R., Cross Roads, Ark.
*Ettinger, Warren E., Girard, Kan.
*Fiene, Frederick G., Bluff City, Kan.
Fink Lester F., Corp., Murdock, Kan.
Fiorenzi, Frank, Gross, Kan.
Firgens, Edward A., Susing, Wis.
Fisher, Charlie, Surring, Wis.
Fliss, Anthony, Girard, Kan.
Foley, John A., Chicago, Ill.
Foley, Thomas W., Winfield, Kan.
Foote, Lawrence E., Corp., Beloit, Kan.
*Foote, Don D., Spring Hill, Kan.
Foster, Wm. R., Dresden, Kan.
Frank, Arthur C., Green Lake, Wis.
Fraizer, Raymond P., Wichita, Kan.
Gallagher, Clifford, Tonganoxie, Kan.
Galletos, Jose N., Park View, N. M.
*Galloupe, Robert H., Hallowell, Kan.
Gary, Carrie D., Cottonwood, Tex.
Gay, James E., Sgt., Spring Hill, Kan.
George, Christ, Minneapolis, Minn.
Gerhart, Earl E., Oberlin, Kan.
Geske, Wm., 510 Madison Ave., St. Charles, Ill.
*Gesner, Herbert L., Sgt., Beloit, Kan.
*Geysel, Joseph R., Merriam, Kan.
Giarhart, Glen W., Oberlin, Kan.
Gielow, Ernest H., Corp., South Kaukauna, Wis.
Gorman, Joseph, Farlington, Kan.
*Graham, James H., Heplar, Kan.
*Grill, Paul M., Ellsworth, Kan.
Groth, Jonas L., Emporia, Kan.
Hajek, Frank, Chicago, Ill.
Halstead, Jackie, Frontenac, Kan.
Hanson, Frederick, Sioux Falls, S. D.
Harral, Albert, Frontenac, Kan,
Hartman, Charles, Oconto, Wis.
*Haskill, Benjiman D., Abilene, Kan.
Hauber, Anthony, Kansas City, Kan.
*Hayden, Thomas L., Tipton, Kan.
Hayworth, Burton J., Plainville, Kan.
Hedges, Asa H., Co. & Reg. Runner, Kansas City, Kan.
*Heilman, Henry, Jennings, Kan.
*Henderson, William F., Copeland, Kan.
Hensley, Thomas E., Corp., Waldo, Kan.
*Henry, Roy O., Tipton, Kan.
*Hessler, Paul V., Beloit, Kan.
*Hibbs, Pearl M., Liberal, Kan.
Higgins, Henry E., Phoenix, Ariz.
*Highbarger, Andrew J., Herington, Kan.
Hilbus, Thurman, Ocheltree, Kan.
Hoff, Orville V., Olathe, Kan.
Hohne, Fred C., Sgt., Olpe, Kan.
*Holmes, Harry C., Syracuse, Kan.
*Homm, John F., Oakley, Kan.
Humbarger, Richard G., Salina, Kan.
Hunt, George M., Moore St., Berlin, Wis.
Hutchinson, Robert E., Mulberry, Kan.
*Hutton, Alvin, Bushton, Kan.
Inskeep, Frank, Cawker City, Kan.
*Jackson, Otto H., Wilson, Kan.
Jacoby, Clifford, Kansas City, Kan.
Jamison, William W., Gardner, Kan.
Jennings, Fred, Altamont, Kan.
Johnson, Ole H., Minneapolis, Minn.

*Johnson, Andrew E., Trousdale, Kan.
*Johnson, Todd W., Olathe, Kan.
*Jones, Rowland, Olathe, Kan.
*Judes, Carl, Lorrain, Kan.
*Kane, Alve, Stillwell, Kan.
Kasten, Erwin A., Milwaukee, Wis.
*Keilbach, Frank J., Pueblo, Colo.
*Keiler, John, N. R.
*Killian, Bruce, Gardner, Kan.
Kinderman John J., 1630 Iowa St., Oshkosh, Wis.
Kincaid, William B., Kirwin, Kan.
Kinkead, George G., Wichita, Kan.
Kinsfather, Jacob, Windsor, Colo.
Kirkbridge, Martin, Mech., Lenexa, Kan.
Koch, August H., Jacob, Ill.
Kramer, Harry, 1626 Blue Island Ave., Chicago, Ill.
*Kraus, Louis H., DeSota, Kan.
Krofta, Anton, Chicago, Ill.
*Kuecher, Fred L., Wilder, Kan.
LaCore, Andrew A., Pittsburg, Kan.
*Landis, Warren J., Spring Hill, Kan.
Langdale, Albert, Corp., Belle Plaine, Kan.
*Larson, Einer A., Farlington, Kan.
Laughlin C. A., Carmi, Kan.
*Leeker, William T., Lenexa, Kan.
*Lemel, Joe, Ringo, Kan.
Lempenau, Georgee W., Co. Runner, Westmoreland, Kan.
Linder, Oscar H., Stephen, Minn.
*Lishen, Carl B., Oakley, Kan.
Littlepage, Arthur H., Manchester, Okla.
*Look, James A., Asheville, Kan.
Lopriore, Vincenzo, Milwaukee, Wis.
Lowe, George F., Corp., Pleasanton, Kan.
Lowe, William H., Olathe, Kan.
Lowery, John J., 1st Sgt., Boston, Mass.
Luksta, William, Chicago, Ill.
Lund, Lawrence, Ft. Morgan. Colo.
Lutz, Ernest A., Cawker City, Kan.
Madden, Paterick, St. Paul, Minn.
*Madison, Elias F., Virginia, Wis.
*Mahnken, John F., Walnut, Kan.
Mallory, William A., Gem, Kan.
*Maniek, Stanley, Olathe, Kan.
Marcuson, Ture A., Corp., Dresden, Kan.
Mark, Joseph Q., Manhattan, Kan.
Markie, Matt, Wichita, Kan.
Marsh, Arthur C., S. Greenfield, Mo.
Martin, Raymond D., Winfield, Kan.
Massier, Emil, Ellis, Kan.
*Mayes, Grover C., Spring Hill, Kan.
McCoy, Spencer, Sgt., Wilder, Kan.
*McCallum, Alex, Arcadia, Kan.
McCarthy, Michel, Sgt., Emporia, Kan.
McDermott, Alex T., Jennings, Kan.
McDonald, Jacob L., Eddyville, Ill.
McCloskey, Purley E., Corp., Agra, Kan.
McDaniel, Lee B., Sgt., Columbus, Kan.
*McGee, Howard H., Olathe, Kan.
McGrath, Timothy, Co. Sup. Sgt., Kansas City, Kan.
McIlvain, Perry E., Piedmont, Kan.
McLalin, Tommie E., Mes., Oberlin, Kan.
*Melvin, Wilber L., Rosedale, Kan.
*Meqns, Albert R., Cheney, Kan.
*Metz, Clyde L., Kiowa, Kan.
*Metz, William, Madison, Kan.
*Meyer, Harry, Olathe, Kan.
Mitts, Herman L., Sgt., Columbus, Kan.
Moberg, Clarence, Minneapolis, Minn.
*Mogan, Joseph T., Frontinac, Kan.
Moline, Lawrence L., Corp., Beloit, Kan.
Monroe, John R., Lenox, Iowa.
Moody, William H., Mulberry, Kan.
Moore, Ruben L., Tononta, Kan.
Morendo, John, N. R.
Moritz, Christopher, Bugler, Tipton, Kan.
Morse, Leslie, DeSota, Kan.
Mund, Henry, Mech., Wilder, Kan.
Murry, Charles E., Corp., Olathe, Kan.
Myers, Oliver, H., Sgt., Rexford, Kan.
Neighbors, Sidney, Walnut, Kan.
Nelson, Howard E., Kismet, Kan.
Nelson, Joseph N., Assira, Kan.
Nelson, William, Minneapolis, Minn.
*Neuman, Louie, Ellsworth, Kan.
*Nichols, Orville, Mulberry, Kan.
Nielson, Jens C., Tyler, Minn.
Nolen, Frank, Nore, N. M.
Nuccio, Paul, Kansas City, Kan.

Company A, American Expeditionary Forces      273

*O'Bryan, John H., Corp., Scammon, Kan.
O'Donnal, Thomas, J., Chicago, Ill.
Oleson, William, Arena, Wis.
Owens, James N., Cook, Chicago, Ill.
*Page, Ralph E., Eudora, Kan.
Palmer, Ray V., Cleyburne, Kan.
*Park, Charles E., Farlington, Kan.
*Paxton, Robert R., Eudora, Kan.
*Payne, Charies L., Oswego, Kan.
Pearcy, Frederick A., Jamestown, Kan.
*Peel, Benjamin, Emporia, Kan.
Pendergrass, Roy E., Corp., Sabetha, Kan.
Perry, Walter R., Neodesha, Kan.
Peterson, Everett A., Admire, Kan.
*Pitt, Emmit B., Lenexa, Kan.
*Piper, George, Shawnee, Okla.
Pirson, Frank J., Franklin, Kan.
Plymire, Elmer E., Beloit, Kan.
Postlethwait, Leo P., Wichita, Kan.
Powers, Floyd, Franklin, Kan.
*Propp, Phillip, Russell, Kan.
Pritchett, James P., Lonedell, Mo.
Pugh, George, Franklin, Kan.
Ragland, Fred, Davenport, Ky.
Randles, Eugene S., Corp. Hutchinson, Kan.
*Rausch, Herbert G., Eudora, Kan.
Rawlston, Walter L., 1st Sgt., Sabetha, Kan.
Reade, LeRoy O., Cook, Oglah, Kan.
Reed, Elmer, Wichita, Kan.
Reid, George L., Olathe, Kan.
Remus, Herman L., Corp., Tipton, Kan.
Reynolds, Arthur W., Fairfax, Mo.
*Reynolds, Leo V., Geneseo, Kan.
Riewer, Nicholas, Chicago, Ill.
*Richards, George E., Falun, Kan.
*Robinette, Grover C., Bluff City, Kan.
Robinson, Clay F., Rock Falls, Ill.
*Robins, Jackson S., Ellsworth, Kan.
Rodebaugh, Robert R., N. R.
*Ross, Robert R., Girard, Kan.
Ruback, Genoa, Ill.
Russel, John P., St. Paul, Minn.
*Russel, Samuel D., Merriam, Kan.
*Russel, Frank, T., Gardner, Kan.
*Rufer, Fred L., 1st Lieut., N. R.
Rutar, John, N. R.
Rutledge, Baxter, N. R.
Sabinas, Lee H., Milwaukee, Wis.
Salomin, Solly, Oswego, Kan.
Salsberry, Vern, Wisner, Nebr.
Sanchez, Abol, Ratoon, N. M.
Sanko, William, Ellinwood, Kan.
*Sargent, William M., Edgerton, Kan.
Sasso, Benjamin C., Clintonville, Wis.
*Schrieber, August, Home City, Kan.
Schmidt, Charles E., Rosedale, Kan.
Schoonover, Clay J., Corp., Genoa, Colo.
Schavone, Tony, Italy.
*Schasten, Abraham L., Rosedale, Kan.
Schmeddinghoff, Francis A., Rosedale, Kan.
Scott, Nathaniel M., Baxter Springs, Kan.
*Seamonds, Oscar C., Gardner, Kan.
Severance, Robert, Beloit, Kan.
Seed, Clyde L., Leon, Kan.
*Shaw, William D., Anthony, Kan.
*Shelton, Clarence C., Emporia, Kan.
*Shoemaker, Harry J., Kanapolis, Kan.
Sidebotton, Homer G., Wellington, Kan.
*Sigler, Clarence, Seneca, Kan.
Sine, George A., Goodland, Kan.
Sirwoski, Peter, Nece, D. H., Wis.
Skavis, Peter, Kowothos, Greece
*Slaten, Harvey E., Sgt., U. S. Army
Smith, George B., Osborn, Kan.
*Smith, Harry H., Kanapolis, Kan.

Smith, Samuel R., N. R.
Snelgrove, Earl N., Oskaloosa, Kan.
Snider, Charles A., Winona, Kan.
Snyder, Glen, New Albany, Kan.
*Solis, Clemente, Del Morte, Colo.
Spencer, Walter G., Pueblo, Colo.
*Stauffer, James G., Heplar, Kan.
Stafford, James G., Bluff City, Kan.
Stewart, Frank G., Fairfax, Vt.
*Strahn, Anthony, Bern, Kan.
*Stifter, Louis M., Olathe, Kan.
Steinmetz, George, Merriam, Kan.
Stolte, Emil L., Corp., Rosedale, Kan.
*Stewart, Waiter E., Anthony, Kan.
*Stumpff, Delgert, Lenexa, Kan.
Studt, Harry F., Kansas City, Kan.
*Suitt, Claire H., Paola, Kan.
*Tanner, Charles N., Gardner, Kan.
*Taylor, William E., DeSota, Kan.
Taylor, Jewwel C., Corp,. Nampa, Idaho.
Tengquist, Clarence, St. Paul, Minn.
Tessman, Walter F., St. Paul, Minn.
*Thille, Anthony F., Cawker City, Kan.
Thorn, Howard H., Kansas City, Mo.
Toomey, George, Longbard, Ill.
Tracy, Albert, Van Wert, Ohio.
*Tullie, Frank B., Leadville, Colo.
Turner, Gus, Wichita, Kan.
Tweed, Jerry F., Corp., Beloit, Kan.
*Ulrey, Joseph, Lucas, Kan.
*Unger, Joseph, Wilder, Kan.
Vana, Joseph J., Milwaukee, Wis.
Van Dusen, Rowland G., Jewell City, Kan.
*Vetter, John G., Beloit, Kan.
Vohlinger, Harry, Sgt., Hutchinson, Kan.
*Wagner, Milton D.
Waldron, Amos, Baldwin, Kan.
Wallburn, William D., Solomon City, Kan.
Walters, Albert W., Lenexa, Kan.
Walker, Fay A., Bugler, Co. Runner, Clay Center, Kan.
Wandersee, William C., New Ulm, Minn.
Ward, Marcus R., Corp., Olathe, Kan.
Ward, Chester, Olathe, Kan.
Waters, Arthur B., Dillon, Colo.
*Webber, Walter, Stanley, Kan.
Weese, Verlin E., Scranton, Kan.
Weese, Newton B., Corp., Salina, Kan.
Wehry, William A., Peabody, Kan.
Weil, Ralph E., Topeka, Kan., R. 7.
Welch, John, Ottawa, Kan.
*Wetter, Joseph B., Beloit, Kan.
Weybright, Kenneth, Rocky Ford, Colo.
Wheeler, Clarence W., Joplin, Kan.
*White, Ray, Gardner, Kan.
*White, William E., Anthony, Kan.
Wieland, Roy N., Corp., Emporia, Kan.
Wilber, Charles E., Wichita, Kan.
Wilcox, All L., Elkhorn, Wis.
Wiley, Walter G., Cook, Dewey, Okla.
Williams, Robert B., Kansas City, Kan.
Wilson, Joe, St. George, Kan.
Woodard, Eugene W., Endora, Kan.
*Workman, Charles W., Emporia, Kan.
Wright, Martin H., Eureka, Kan.
*Wyatt, Fred C., Dorrance, Kan.
Yost, Herbert A., Sioux Falls, S. D.
Young, George A., New Albany, Kan.
Young, Morrill A., Scranton, Kan.
Zielinski, Felix, Milwaukee, Wis.
Zike, Millard L., 1st Sgt., Columbus, Kan.
Zimmerman, Bert R., Dodge City, Kan.
Zwanziger, Martin, Alma, Kan.

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