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James H. Reeves, Colonel 353rd Infantry

   Col. James H. Reeves commanded the 353rd Infantry, with the exception of two brief periods when he commanded the 177th Brigade, from the time of its orgaization until demobilization. He lead the regiment in all of its campaigns, on the march into Germany, and remained with it throughout the entire period of service in the Army of Occupation. The 353rd Infantry was the Colonel's Own Regiment.

   Colonel Reeves was born in Center, Cherokee County, Alabama, on September 20, 1870. At the approximate age of 18 years he entered West Point Military Academy on September 1, 1888. His record as an officer of the United States Army dates from his graduation as follows:

    Second Lieutenant, 4th Cavalry, June 11,1892.
    Second Lieutenant, 6th Cavalry, June 24, 1897.
    First Lieutenant, Second Cavalry, November 10, 1898.
    Captain, 14th Cavalry, February 2, 1901.
    Captain, Unassigned, March 11, 1911.
    Captain, 12th Cavalry, May 14, 1912.
    Captain, 3rd Cavalry, September 9, 1912.
    Major, 3rd Cavalry, June 9, 1916.
    Lieutenant Colonel, 3rd Cavalry, May 15, 1917.
    Colonel, National Army, August 5, 1917.

   Prior to his service in the World War Colonel Reeves had had large military experience. A resume of his experience follows:

1895-1897  Infantry and Cavalry School, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
1898During the months of May to November, Aide de Camp to General Joseph Wheeler. Spanish-American War.
1899February to July, 1900, Cuban Army of Occupation.
1900July, to December, 1900, Boxer Campaign in China. Aide de Camp to General James H. Wilson, April to November.
1900-1902Military Attache, American Legation, Peking, China.
1903Commanded Troop, 14th Cavalry, Fort Grant, Arizona.
1903-1905Commanded Troop, 14th Cavalry, in the Philippine Islands.
1905-1907Civil Government Service, Philippine Islands.
1907-1912Military Attache, Peking, China.
1913Joined 3rd Cavalry February 7, serving at Fort Sam Houston and Mexican border to August 20, 1917.
1915Service at the Mounted Service School, Fort Riley, Kansas, during months from March to June.
1915-1916Adjutant 3rd Cavalry to June, 1916.

   The account of achievements set forth in the following pages attest to the further record of the man who was known throughout his regiment as "Our Colonel."



Organized at Camp Funston, Kansas, September 5, 1917.

Left Camp Funston, May 26, 1918.

Sailed from Hoboken (111 officers, 3401 enlisted men) June 4, 1918.

Reynal Training Area, France, June 24-August 4, 1918.

Occupation Lucey Sector, August 5-September 12, 1918.

St. Mihiel Offensive, September 12-16.

Euvezin Sector, September 16-October 7.

Reserve Fifth Corps, October 9-19.

Meuse-Argonne Offensive-Bantheville Woods, October 19-November 1.

Final drive Meuse-Argonne Offensive, November 1.

Barricourt Woods-Tailly and Army Line, November 2.

Stenay, November 11.

Army of Occupation November 24-May 6, 1919.

U. S. S. Leviathan (105 officers, 2533 enlisted men) Port of Brest, France, May 14.

U. S. A. May 22, 1919.


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