Don B. Dale contributed this selection; produced by Susan Stafford.

Do Tell

The Early Years

A Collection of Remembrances
from Years Gone Bye

By Don B. Dale

Copyright, Don B. Dale, 1991
(cannot be redistributed without permission of the author).

For Lauren and Regan



Chapter I, The Last Year:    Intro -- A Perspective -- Crisis Time -- Friendship -- The Year Ended

Chapter II, The Early Years:    A Patrol Guard -- Animals and Simple Pleasures -- Summer Fun -- The Importance of Fishing -- The Lost Years

Chapter III, To Fight or Run:    The Fights

Chapter IV, Leaving Home:    Going Away to School

Chapter V, A Case of Learning:    Being Self-Sufficient

Chapter VI, Life at the Ranch:    The Cadet Years --The Summers --Calling It Quits

Chapter VII, Feeling Pain:    The Tragedy -- Eulogy on Friend Nancy Mae

Chapter VIII, Some Final Memories

The Early Years Scrapbook

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