The Early Years Scrapbook

The Family

the family

From left -- my older brother Jed - distinguished alumnus of Garden City High School (they put his picture on the wall), Air Force Academy, couple of masters degrees (Ohio State and Georgetown), retired AF Lt. Col, retired aerospace engineer, daughter (PhD candidate at Berkeley) has been in Russia working terrorist problem with UN for awhile. Little tyke in front of my Dad, Joe Dale, is Tom. Graduated from Fort Hays State, retired Army Colonel lives in Texas with his wife, has two kids and 3 grandchildren. On Tom's left is Sarah, the baby of the family, in Northbrook - suburb of Chicago - graduated KU J-School, married, 2 kids in high school, and runs her own communications and marketing company, Beyne Communications, in Chicago. Far right, on my mother's, Left is Mary. She's the one that did everything the hard way, and upheld the Dale tradition getting her PhD from Kansas State. A Dean at Barton County Community College (Great Bend) for years, has been director of development for a private university since Ď95, doubling enrollment every year, educating police and state highway patrol, a deputy sheriff like her great uncle - Sheriff Galyardt of Russell, KS). One daughter, Christina, went to A.F.A. and is an Air Force officer. The last fellow in the middle, a little football, basketball, track; lots of hunting and fishing; attended Garden City Jucco while in high school; played a little football at Wichita State University, gave it up for Rugby (played for KUís first team), attended seven institutions of higher learning while working full time - eventually earned MBA. Air Force Intelligence Service (14 years -Major), aerospace, banker, investment banking. Married since Ď65, 2 girls - one a CPA/married and one in school.

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