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JOSEPH GLOTZBACH, farmer, P. O. Newbury, was born in Saxony in 1825, his parents emigrating to America in 1839, and settling in Indiana, where his aged father still resides. Mr. Glotzbach learned the trade of cigar-maker, working at it several years. Resuming farming, he settled in Wisconsin about 1858; subsequently locating in Kansas on Section 23, Township 11, Range 11. He has 240 acres of land, 130 of which are under cultivation, with an average yield of 21 bushels of wheat to the acre. He has 300 fruit trees, 8 horses and 40 head of cattle. Residence, etc., insured for about $1800. He was married in Indiana in 1849; he has eight children living, two of his sons owning adjoining farms. While in Wisconsin, he held several public offices, but since coming to Kansas, has preferred to remain in private life.

MICHAEL HUNDT, farmer, P. O. Newbury, was born in Baden, Germany, in 1823, and with several of his townsmen, emigrated to Missouri in 1832. He settled in Minnesota, and farmed there eighteen years. He removed to Kansas in the fall of 1872, locating upon his present farm of 420 acres, situated in different sections. He has good water privileges, and 245 acres under cultivation. He devotes his attention principally to wheat. His yield this year (1882) being about the average. He has a fine orchard of peach and apple trees. Does not keep much stock. He was married in Missouri and has eight children living, the eldest boy being in his thirty-second year. Since settling here he has caused many of his relatives and friends to emigrate to this country. He is liberal in his views, and contributes to all enterprises in his district when called upon. He has been Justice of the Peace and Township Trustee several times, but prefers now to leave the care of affairs in younger hands.

JOHN KOPP, farmer, P. O. Newbury, was born in Germany in 1819, and upon leaving the provincial school was apprenticed to his father as a tanner, and upon the expiration of apprenticeship he went to the town of Guttenburg, and worked for a short time at his trade. In 1850 he married Miss Katrina Getlin, and emigrated to America, landing in New Orleans, where he remained but a short time, going to St. Louis, Mo., where he again resumed his trade until 1853 or 1854. He with Mr. M. W. Muckentheler and several other German families set out for Kansas, first locating in Wabaunsee, and finally taking a squatter's claim on Section 4, as it since became by survey. Being the only white man within several miles of the Indian Reserve, he suffered for some time very much by their thieving depredations. He now owns 460 acres, fully two-thirds of which are under cultivation, and has been very successful as a wheat-grower, his yield being for the past ten years fully twenty-four to thirty bushels per acre, with corn averaging fifty-five. Of course, he, with others of the early settlers of the county, marched to repel the raid of Price during the border ruffian days; and he has ever since taken a prominent part in every public or private work in the county, being sometimes spoken of as the father of Newbury Township. He has held the office of Township Treasurer for many years; he has also been County Treasurer and County Commissioner, being one of the first to hold the latter. He has been for many years past, a Justice of the Peace. He is not a member of any church or society, but whenever called upon contributes liberally to all.

ELIJAH McCRUM, farmer, P. O. Alma, was born in Wexford County, Ireland, on October 17, 1837, and for some time worked on his father's farm; finally going to Belfast, he got employment in a linen mill, and at night attended school, thus laying the foundation of a good education. Went to Glascow for a short time; then to Manchester, England, where he acted as a traveler for a manufacturing house for four years; but the firm failing, he was thrown out of employment; but his father soon after dying, he fell heir to considerable property, and decided to come to America. He remained a few months East, and then came to Kansas. He owns 360 acres of fine land, near Paxico; wheat good; cattle, 30; horses and mules, 9. He also possesses some very fine imported Cotswald and Leicester sheep for breeding. He has been in several minor county offices, and is now County Commissioner.

JOHN MONCK, farmer, P. O. Newbury, although by birth a Belgian, came to this country when very young, his parents having emigrated and settled in Belmont County, Ohio. He received his education at the district school and partly from his father. Nothing eventful occurred to him until 1856, when he formed one of the second detachment of the Ohio colony, who, having heard of the fertility of the Kansas Territory, came here. He took a squatter's claim on Pappan Creek, upon what has since been sectionized as Section 17, Township 10, Range 8, and had scarcely begun to fence and improve when the border troubles occurred, and he formed one of Capt. Krapp's company to repel Price. In other respects he took a prominent and active part in the interests of the growing community. He now owns in all, upwards of 460 acres, his average yield of wheat being 22 to 25 bushels, and corn 60 to the acre. He has 87 head of cattle, 21 horses, besides 50 or more hogs and calves. he assisted in contributing liberally to the building of the court house, and also the various churches. While in Ohio, he married Miss Louisa Merrick, by whom he has nine children living. he is a Justice of the Peace, has been Township Trustee and School Commissioner, etc. He is not a member of any society, and is independent in politics.

P. H. MOSER farmer, P. O. Newbury, is a descendent from the old Pennsylvania Dutch stock, and was born in Trumbull County, Ohio, in 1841, locating in Kansas in 1870, on Section 22, Township, 11, Range 11, Newbury Township. He has a fifth interest in a half of town section, and a house and a lot in Newbury. He is a farmer, and is also engaged in the sale of agricultural implements. In 1869, in Mahoning County, Ohio, he married Miss Belle Dennison. In 1862, he enlisted in Company C, One Hundred and Fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was wounded in the battle of Perryville, Ky., and subsequently received his discharge, owing to ill-health. Mr. Moser formed one of the original band of Ohio settlers who located here in the early days of the township. He has held the office of Township Clerk, and held the office of postmaster from 1870 to 1880.

MARTIN MUCKENTHELER, farmer, P. O. Newbury, was born in Wurtemburg, Germany, in 1825, and emigrated to the United States in 1854, locating for several years in Minnesota, where he engaged in farming. Upon his removal to Kansas, he located upon the southeast quarter of Section 15, in Newbury Township. he now owns 400 acres of good land, 265 acres of which are under cultivation. Of 230 acres of wheat sown this year, the average was 23 bushels to the acre; corn, 60 bushels per acre. He has upwards of 500 fruit trees, 94 head of cattle, and 15 horses. His residence and farm buildings are insured for $2,000. He was married in Germany and has ten children living - Wilhelm, Paulina, Frank, Leopold, Albert, Martin, Joseph, Elizabeth, Rose and Charles. Shortly after his arrival here, a little daughter of three years was burned to death, a son aged of seventeen dying the same year. Mr. Muckentheler was one of the first settlers in the township, his nearest white neighbor being six miles distant. he built the first schoolhouse in the township, and also assisted materially, pecuniarily, and otherwise, in building the Roman Catholic Church.

ALDEN TRUE, farmer, P. O. Newbury, is a native of Orange County, Vt., and has always followed the ancestral occupation of tiller of the soil. Finding his health failing he came to Kansas for change of air in 1870, and shortly afterwards located here on Section 29, Township 11, Range 12. He has 225 acres under cultivation, all bottom land; his yield of wheat this year averaged 18 to 20, with corn 50 bushels per acre. Besides the above, he has 400 acres of grazing land upon which he has 200 head of stock. Residence, out-buildings and grain in stack fully insured. Mr. True has been one year Township Clerk, and Trustee three years; he was also County Commissioner in 1874 and 1875, and is at present Township Trustee. He is a Republican in politics, but takes no interest in societies.


J. W. CORE, farmer, P. O. Eskridge, was born November 18, 1840, in Trumbull County, Ohio, and received but a common school education, his father being a farmer, who thought it better for his boys to work than to go to school; yet Mr. Core often sat up late nights until he could glean from the fields of knowledge. upon the breaking out of the war he enlisted in Company D, One Hundred and Third Ohio, and participated in all the engagements of his regiment, until the expiration of his enlistment, when he removed to Kansas, locating for short time in Wabaunsee, finally settling in Wilmington Township, where he owns 320 acres, upwards of 200 are under cultivation. He has taken a great interest in the welfare of his adopted State; he has held several minor township offices, and has twice been elected County Commissioner, holding that office at the present time. He is a charter member of Eskridge Post G. A. R., and was the first S. V. C. He is also a member of the A. F. & A. M.

JOHN P. GLEICH, farmer, P. O. Alma, was born in Bavaria in 1829, and has been a farmer from his youth. He landed in New Orleans in June, 1848, and getting work with a blacksmith remained there two years, and left the city owing to the prevalence of cholera, going to Ohio and roving around until 1852, when he took a squatter's claim on Mill Creek, which he subsequently pre-empted, and is now on Section 27, Township 12, Range 10, 160 acres of which are under cultivation with an average yield of fifteen bushels of wheat and twenty-five of corn to the acre. he was married in 1857, and has three children living, the eldest daughter being Mrs. H. J. Pippert, of Alma. He has devoted his attention of late years principally to stock-raising. He experienced all the hardships of early settling, and was under Capt. Krapp's command during the Price raid. He was the first clerk of his school district, and was Justice of the Peace for ten years. With many others of his countrymen, he has done much to increase the wealth of Wabaunsee County.

EDWARD KRAPP, farmer, P. O. Alma, was born in Loclingen, Germany, November 15, 1824, where he learned the trade of an armorer, and came to America in 1850, landing at New Orleans, where he remained until 1855, when he came to Missouri, remaining a year in St. Louis, subsequently engaging as traveling frontier trader to outer posts and settlements. In 1857, he located on Section 1, Township 1, Range 10, subsequently buying the entire section, only about one-quarter of which is under cultivation. He is the principle stock buyer and shipper of this section. he has a very fine residence on his farm, four and one-half miles southeast of Alma, and although always leading a very trying life is yet hale and hearty. He was in command as captain of the company of militia during the Price raid. Has held one term as County Commissioner, and has done much to further the interest of the county. Besides buying he also is an extensive stock-raiser. He has seven children.

ALLAN NIXON, farmer, P. O. Eskridge, is a native of Lanarkshire, Scotland, and was apprenticed in the grocery business in the city of Glasgow, with Mr. Thomson, of Argyle station, with whom he remained until 1859, when he came to New York, and secured an excellent situation in a wholesale house; but in 1863, the fever of war excitement was too much for him, and he enlisted in Company E, One Hundred and Sixty-ninth Regiment. He remained with his regiment, and participated in all its battles until the close of the war, and upon being mustered out found the close air of a store uncongenial after a soldier's life, so in 1868, he drifted to Kansas, and located first on Rock Creek, but has since bought 850 acres in the adjoining township. His wheat yield is not above average; his corn this and last three years averaging sixty bushels. he devotes his time principally to raising, buying and shipping cattle and hogs to Eastern markets. At present he has 315 head of cattle with about 400 hogs, 23 horses. Mr. Nixon is a bachelor; a staunch Republican, but never cared for any office, and was one of the charter members of Eskridge Post, G. A. R.; he is also a member of the Masonic order.

JOESPH TREU, farmer, P. O. Bismarck, is a native of Gottingen, Germany, where he studied for the Roman Catholic priesthood, but eventually decided to get married instead. Not finding a wife to suit him, he came to America in 1860, and after a year's wandering found himself in Leavenworth, where he enlisted November 8, 1861, in Company I, Seventh Kansas Regiment; he served throughout all the war with his regiment, and was in every one of its engagements, being re-enlisted three times, and at its close determined to settle down in Kansas. He married in 1868, Miss Mary E. Liston, of Kansas City, Mo., by whom he has four children living. He now owns the whole of Section 21, Township 7, Range 4, and has residence and out-buildings insured. His average wheat yield is about nineteen bushels to the acre, and corn fifty; horses seven, cattle eighty-four head, and twenty-two hogs. He has never sought or held any office, but is a staunch Democrat, and although now known to be a confirmed infidel has the reputation among his neighbors of being one whose word is as good as his bond. He is a member of the Lyon Post G. A. R., but of no other organization.


JOHN N. BARLOW, farmer, P. O. Eskridge, was born in Clinton County, Ohio, where he received a common school education, and has until recently, been involved in mercantile pursuits both in his native and adopted State, to the latter of which he removed in 1869. He now owns 160 acres on Section 27, on Dragoon Creek, seventy-five acres of which are under cultivation. Yield of wheat seventeen bushels, and corn forty-five. Mr. Barlow has been Clerk of Township, Trustee and Justice of the Peace. He is also a charter member of Wilmington Lodge No. 57, I. O. O. F., which was organized June 18, 1870.

JOHN FIELDS, farmer, Section 27, P. O. Harveyville, was born in Belmont County, Ohio, in 1833, and came to Kansas, October 22, 1865, locating on above section, the greater part of which is under cultivation with an average corn yield of 45 bushels per acre. Mr. Fields pays considerable attention to stock-raising, carrying at present only about fifty head of cattle, part imported Durham, and thirty Poland hogs. He also has two very fine Hambletonian brood mares. In addition to his farm in this county, he has also eighty acres in Osage County. In November, 1857, he married Miss Polly A. Johnson, of Ohio, by whom he has had eight children, six of whom are living, viz.; Charles E., born 1858, and now married to Miss E. Davis; Lola Jane, born 1861, and now Mrs. Byron Clark; Frank, born 1870; Harold, born 1874; Nellie, born 1877, and Susan M., 1881. In politics Mr. Fields is a Republican; has for years been a total abstainer, and is a class-leader in and steward of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Harveyville. He has been Township Trustee for the past two years.

WM. E. RICHEY, farmer, P. O. Wilmington, was born in Lee Township, Athens Co., Ohio, June 1, 1841. Educated at Muskingum College at New Concord, Ohio; enlisted as a private in August, 1861, in Company A, Fifteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, served until December 27, 1865, when he was mustered out as second sergeant of his company. While in the army he was correspondent of several newspapers. He participated in all the engagements of his command, over 100 in number, and never was wounded. In June, 1868, he located at Manhattan, Kan. In August of the same year, he removed to a farm which he purchased in Osage County, located four miles north of Burlingame; resided there until 1872, then located on his present farm on the northeast quarter of Section 8, Township 15, Range 13. In 1875, he was elected superintendent of the public schools of Wabaunsee County, and was re-elected in 1876, both times receiving the entire support of both political parties. Mr. Richie was married at Norwich, Muskingum Co., Ohio, May 8, 1868, to Margaret J. Miller, a native of that place. They have two children - Mary and Annie. Mr. Richey is a member of the A. F. & A. M., and Presbyterian Church; his wife is also a member of the same religious society. He takes an active interest in everything pertaining to the welfare of his county and his State.

G. W. VEST, farmer, P. O. Harveyville, came to Kansas in 1862. He enlisted in January, 1863, in Company I, Second Kansas Regiment, and was transferred to the Sixth Iowa Cavalry, and sent to Dakota, under Gen. Sully, to punish the Sioux marauders of Minnesota. Took part in the battles at Whitestone Hills, and the Bad Lands, which about annihilated the red demons. Mr. Vest served three years in Dakota, on the Dakota and Yankton rivers, and has since resided, with the exception of one year, in Kansas. He has recently bought a good farm in Wabaunsee County, and will make it his home. He was born in Lexington County, Ind., and his wife, formerly Susan Meeker, in Louisville, Ill. They have five children - one born in Lee County, Iowa, and all the others in Kansas.


BENJAMIN SAGE, farmer, P. O. Eskridge, is a native of Devonshire, England, where his father was largely engaged in farming. Mr. Sage came to America in 1871, and located in Michigan, near Niles, but sold out two years ago. He has 200 acres on Section 5, Township 1, Range 1; wheat yield good; has house, etc., well insured; his stock is not large, but very choice, he having some very fine Devon and Durham imported cattle. He has recently been joined by his younger brother. Neither of the gentlemen are married, the elder being a widower. Both are gentlemen of education, and are practical farmers.

M. R. WADE, farmer, P. O. Eskridge, is a native of Shropshire, England, where he and his progenitors for many generations have been engaged in farming, and came here in 1875, locating on Section 15, Township 12, Range 12, where he has a fine farm and residence. His farm is well stocked, and his grounds and location good; wheat is average in yield with his neighbors. He has five children. He takes no heed of politics, but is a genial, whole-souled typical John Bull; is a member of the Masonic body and of the English Church.

GEORGE H. YOUNKER, carpenter and farmer, residence three and one-half miles north of Eskridge; owns forty acres of land on Section 16, Township 13, Range 12 - all under cultivation; came to Kansas in 1878 from Dearborn County, Ind., where he was born, April 27, 1854; resided there continuously until coming to Kansas; is a member of Eminence Lodge, No. 225, A. F. & A. M., Eskridge, Kan.


ADAM KRATZER, farmer, southeast quarter Section 32, Township 11, Range 10, was born in the kingdom of Bavaria, Germany, July 4, 1834. He came to America in 1853, landing in New York on the 19th of January, remaining until his parents came in 1854, when they removed to Iowa. In 1857, Mr. Kratzer removed to Kansas and commenced work upon a farm. He purchased a piece of land for himself the next year. In 1859 his parents came to Kansas. Mr. Kratzer, however, suffered, in 1860, from bad crops, and went to Ohio to work for an uncle in a brewery. In October of the next year, he joined the Fifth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, and was discharged May 5, 1863, on account of sickness. He has since been in ill-health. He returned to Ohio and worked for his uncle until he returned to Kansas in 1864. He soon purchased the land upon which he now resides - southeast quarter Section 32, Township 11, Range 10. Mr Kratzer is now in comfortable circumstances, and is the owner of considerable stock. He has ten children - five boys and five girls, the oldest being nineteen years of age and the youngest eleven months. He is a member of the Lutheran Church.

CHARLES LEHMBERGH, farmer, P. O. Templin, was born in the province of Hesse Darmstadt, Germany, in 1841, and received part of his education in Munich. He came to America in 1868, and, landing in New York, remained for a time in that city. He then went to Schenectady, N. Y., and engaged in business, until the spring of 1879, when he married and came to Kansas, locating for a few months in Leavenworth, and finally took up his present location, on Section 3, Township 2, Range 1, where he has a very nice little farm, and is rapidly getting it into a good state of cultivation. He is a member of the Lutheran Church.


OWEN RAFFERTY, farmer, owns 160 acres, Sections 22 and 27, two miles from Dover; has seventy acres under cultivation; came to Kansas in 1854, and settled in Doniphan County, near St. Joe, Mo., and participated in the early struggle of Kansas for the cause of liberty, under the leadership of John Brown and Jim Lane. He was born in County Mongham, Ireland, in 1816, and when twenty-six years of age came to America, and settled in the West. While in Ireland he was engaged in the cattle business. He married in 1859, at St. Joe, Mo., to Miss Margaret Hamlon, a native of Ireland; they have six children - William, Thomas, Barney, Mary, Hattie and Rosa. He was disabled by a wound received in the right leg while in Capt. Kellogg's company of Home Guards; was also a member of Loomis' Cavalry; is a member of the Catholic Church.


WILLIAM STRASCHEN, farmer, P. O. Alma, was born in 1836, in Hessen, Germany, and for many years followed the trade of millwright, both in his native land and this. He emigrated to America in 1866, and for several years resided in St. Louis, and for one year in St. Joe, Mo., working at his trade. Finally, in September, 1870, he came to Kansas, locating in the southeast quarter of Section 9, Township 1, Range 4, and subsequently purchasing 160 acres of Section 14. Only about ninety acres are under cultivation, with a yield of corn of fifty, and wheat sixteen bushels to the acre. He has forty-seven head of cattle, seven horses and seventeen hogs. He was one of the first organizers of the Lutheran Church Society of Alma, of which Rev. H. C. Lenne is pastor, and is now trustee of same. He has never held any public office.

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