William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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District Court. - March 8, 1861, Archibald Williams, of Illinois, was appointed United States District Judge for Kansas. He died in September, 1863, and was succeeded by Mark W. Delahay. He resigned his position March 3, 1873. Cassius G. Foster was appointed March 10, 1873, and is still the incumbent. John F. Dillon and George W. McCrary, United States Circuit Judges, and Samuel F. Miller, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, have had Kansas assigned to them, as a part of their circuits. The Clerks of the United States, District and Circuit Courts, the United States District Attorneys and United States Marshals for Kansas have been as follows, beginning with 1861;

United States District Attorney - John T. Burris, Robert Crozier, James S. Emery, Samuel A. Riggs, Albert H. Horton, Cyrus I. Scofield, George R. Peck, James R. Hallowell.

United States Marshal - James L. McDowell, Thomas Osborn, Charles C. Whiting, David W. Houston, William S. Tough, Charles H. Miller, Benjamin F. Simpson.

United States District Clerk - John T. Morton, F. G. Adams, Clark J. Hanks, Adolphus S. Thomas, Joseph C. Wilson.

United States Circuit clerk - John T. Morton, F. G. Adams, Clark J. Hanks, Adolphus S. Thomas.


The folloiwng statistics show the number of men, and the time when they held the positions of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Auditor and Superintendent of Public Instruction for the period from January, 1861, to January, 1885:

Governors. - 1861-1862, Charles Robinson; 1863-1864, Thomas Carney; 1865-1866, Samuel J. Crawford; 1867-1868, Samuel J. Crawford, Nehemiah Green; 1869-1872, James M. Harvey; 1873-1874, Thomas A. Osborn; 1875-1876, Thomas A. Osborn; 1877-1878, George T. Anthony; 1879-1880, John P. St. John; 1881-1882, John P. St. John; 1883-1884, George W. Glick.

Lieutenant Governors. - 1861-1862, Joseph P. Root; 1863-1864, Thomas A. Osborn; 1865-1866, James McGrew; 1867-1868, Nehemiah Green; 1869-1870, Charles V. Eskridge; 1871-1872, Peter P. Elder; 1873-1874, Elias S. Stover; 1875-1876, Melville J. Salter; 1877, Mellville J. Salter; 1878, Lyman U. Humphrey; 1879-1880, Lyman U. Humphrey; 1881-1882, D. W. Finney; 1883-1884, D. W. Finney.

Secretaries of State. - 1861, John W. Robinson; 1862, S. R. Shepherd; 1863-1864, W. H.. H. Lawrence; 1865-1866, Rinaldo A. Barker; 1867-1868, Rinaldo A. Barker; 1869-1870, Thomas Moonlight; 1871-1872, William H. Smallwood; 1873-1874, William H. Smallwood; 1875-1876, Thomas H. Cavanaugh; 1877-1878, Thomas H. Cavanaugh; 1879-1880, James Smith; 1881-1882, James Smith; 1883-1884, James Smith.

In June, 1862, John W. Robinson - Secretary of State - was impeached by the State Senate on a vote of eighteen to three, on a charge of a high misdemeanor in his office, in the sale of State bonds.

November 4, 1868, Gov. Crawford resigned to take command of the Nineteenth Kansas Regiment, and Lieut. Gov. Green took the oath of office of Governor, and performed its duties. In 1877, Lieut. Gov. Salter resigned to accept a position in the land office at Independence, and in November, 1877, Lyman U. Humphrey was elected to fill the vacancy.

Treasurers - 1861-1862, Hartwin R. Dutton; 1863-1864, William Spriggs; 1865-1866, William Spriggs; 1867-1868, Martin Anderson; 1869-1870, George Graham; 1871-1872, Josiah E. Hayes; 1873-1874, Josiah E. Hayes; John Francis; 1875-1876, Samuel Lappin, John Francis; 1877-1882, John Francis, 1883-1884, Samuel T. Howe.

Auditors - 1861, George S. Hillyer; 1862, David L. Lakin; 1863-1864, Asa Hairgrove; 1865-1868, John R. Swallow; 1869-1872, Alois Thoman; 1873-1876, D. W. Wilder; 1877-1882, P. I. Bonebrake; 1883-1884, E. P. McCabe.

Superintendents of Public Instruction. - 1861, William R. Griffith; 1862, S. M. Thorp; 1863-1866, Isaac T. Goodnow; 1867-1870, Peter McVicar; 1871-1874, H. D. McCarty; 1875-1876, John Frazer; 1877-1880, Allen B. Lemmon; 1881-1884, Henry C. Speer.

William Tholen, elected as first State Treasurer, entering the volunteer service, did not qualify, and H. R. Dutton was appointed, and in November, 1861, was elected. George S. Hillyer, Auditor, was impeached in June, 1862, and D. L. Lakin was appointed. W. R. Griffith, Superintendent of Public Instruction, died February 12, 1862, and S. M. Thorp was appointed March 28, 1862, as his successor in the office.

Josiah E. Hayes, State Treasurer, having had articles of impeachment preferred against him, March 6, 1874, resigned before the time set for trial, and John Francis was appointed as his successor, May 1, 1874. Mr. Francis also succeeded Samuel Lappin, who resigned his office December 20, 1875.


l. Charles Robinson, inaugurated February 9, 1861; term of office expired January 12, 1863.

2. Thomas Carney, inaugurated January 12, 1863. He was re-elected in 1865, and served until January 9, 1867.

3. Samuel J. Crawford, inaugurated January 9, 1865, was re-elected and served until November 4, 1868, when he resigned to take command of the Nineteenth Regiment of Kansas Cavalry, in active service against the Indians on the plains.

4. Nehemiah Green, serving as Lieutenant Governor at the time of Gov. Crawford's resignation, became Governor November 4, 1868, and served until January 11, 1869.

5. James M. Harvey was inaugurated January 11, 1869; was re-elected, and served until January 13, 1873.

6. Thomas A. Osborn entered upon the duties of Governor January 13, 1873, and served two terms, his second term closing January 8, 1877.

7. George T. Anthony was inaugurated Governor on January 8, and served one term, until January 8, 1879.

8. John P. St. John became governor January 8, 1879; served two terms, until January 9, 1883.

9. George W. Glick was inaugurated January 9, 1883, and is the present incumbent, and first Democratic Governor of the State of Kansas.

The biographical histories of these officers are given in their order in the following pages:

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