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The town of Little River was laid out in April, 180, and has grown quite rapidly since, and is on the M. M. branch of the A., T. & S. Fe R. R., about fifteen miles northeast of Lyons. Messrs. Walker & Russ, of McPherson County, erected the first business house. It is a thriving village at present, supporting half a dozen stores and a hotel. This is the business center for Union Township. The vote of the township in 1880, was 305. Valuable stone quarries are found in this township along the banks of the Little Arkansas. W. E. Fosnot, of Ellsworth County, has published the Little River News, now Rural West.


J. D. BRIGHT, firm Bright, Frazee & Co., dealers in groceries, provisions, hardware, stone and wooden ware, etc. Opened trade in September, 1882. They carry an average stock of $1,700. Hr. B. first located on a homestead three mile north of Little River, March 1, 1876. He built the first boarding-house in Little River, in April, 1879, and kept boarders at the building of railroad and has been identified with the village more ore less since. He was born in Pendleton County, W. Va., January 19, 1846; lived in his native place until 1868, being raised on a farm. Has since lived in Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri, engaged in various occupations. Enlisted in August, 1864, in Company B, Eleventh Regiment, West Virginia Volunteer Infantry; participated in battles of New Creek and Winchester skirmishes. Mustered out in May, 1865; previous to his enlistment, when only seventeen years old, was taken prisoner by the rebels, tried for his Union sentiments, and sent to Belle Island and Richmond prisons. He finally volunteered in Company B, First Virginia Battalion, but in a short time escaped into a wild mountainous country, and after traveling over 140 miles, mostly in night time, reached Union lines, when he enlisted as before noted. After his army life, he lived some time in Grant County, W. Va., thence to McLean County, Ill. Married, March 8, 1875, to Miss Alice Barstow, of latter county. Had two children - Isaphene M. and Lloyd S.; wife died September 14,1882. He is a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Episcopal Church.

J. W. CRAWFORD, Postmaster. The office was opened by him in July, 1882; he being the first to occupy the office. Mr. C. came to Kansas in October, 1870, locating in Union Township, on a farm, October 1, 1871. He has 160 acres of land, seventy of which is cultivated. He had only one neighbor, who lived six miles away. His nearest market was Salina, fifty miles off. He has served as Township Trustee and Justice of the Peace. He was born in Coshocton County, Ohio, in 1842. Emigrated to Rock Island, Ill., in1854. He was raised on a farm. He enlisted April 18, 1861, in Company D, Thirteenth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry; was discharged in 1866, from Company B, Second Illinois Cavalry; he participated in all the battles of his command. Married in 1866, to Miss Sarah M. Wilsey, of Rapid City, Ill. They have four children - Pheba K., Esther, Daniel H. and James W.

REV. SAMUEL DILLEY, pastor Congregational Church. The Congregational Church society was organized in 1876 and called the North Fork Church. Reorganized in 1880 and called the Little River Church, and now has a membership of twenty-six. The Rev. Mr. Dilley first came to Reno Centre, Reno Co., Kansas, September 15, 1873, locating his place in May of the same year. He owns 320 acres of land at the latter place, 160 of which is cultivated. Has the finest orchard in Reno County. He has made preaching his profession since he came to Kansas. Was born in Mercer County, Penn., in 1818. Removed to Quincy, Ill., in 1839. Educated at Knox College, Galesburg, Ill. Was ordained in 1846. His first charge was in Canton, Ill., in 1843. Married in 1844 to Miss Belllinda Axtell, a native of Pennsylvania, same place. They have five children: Durilla L., Zenas A., Ida R., Elbert A. and Anna E.

JOHN M. FRAZEE, firm Frazee & Deupree Bros., dealers in dry goods, boots, shoes, clothing/notions; a general stock of merchandise. They opened trade May 22, 1882; have two stores and employ five men in the business, and carry an average stock of $7,000. They also have a general store at Galva, McPherson County, firm name, Styner, Deupree & Co. John M. Frazee first came to Kansas in April, 1880, and immediately engaged in the mercantile business at Allegan two years, thence to Little River. He was born in Blanchester, Clinton Co., Ohio, October 10, 1849. Went to Rochester, Ill., in 1857, where he was raised and educated. Went to Albany, Mo., in 1878, where he engaged in various occupations, there getting his start in business life.

J. M. FULTZ, dealer in farm implements of all kinds. He opened trade in April, 1880. He also deals largely in grain and farmer's produce. He first came to Kansas in 1868, worked around in various places; finally located at Marquette, McPherson County, in merchandising until the spring of 1882, thence to his present place and business. He was born in Muscatine County, Iowa, in1851. Was raised and educated in that county. Married in 1875 to Miss Flora B. Yarnell, a native of Ohio. They have one daughter, Nora S. He has served as Justice of the Peace, Township Clerk and Treasurer of Marquette, Kansas.

JOSHUA GOOD, farmer and stock raiser, Section 35, Township 19, Range 7, P. O. Little River. He came to this place in the fall of 1878 and embarked in agricultural pursuits. In 1882 he raised 850 bushels of wheat, an average of twenty-eight bushels per acre; 2,000 bushels of corn, an average of twenty-two bushels per acre. He has seventy-five head of cattle, and mixes grain raising with cattle raising. He was born in Hocking County, Ohio, January 10, 1843. Parents moved with family to Mercer County, Ohio, in 1845, and lived there until the fall of 1864. He then went to Page County, Ohio, and farmed, which pursuit he has always followed. Married February 25, 1864, to Miss Christina Bender, a native of Pennsylvania. They have six children - Joseph Franklin, Laura M., Mary E., Charles A., Ruth H. and Charlotte. He is a member of the Church of God. Has served as Justice of the Peace two years, Township Treasurer, second term. Is a Republican in politics.

GEORGE W. HODGSON, farmer and stock raiser, Section 4, P. O. Little River. He first came to his place January 28, 1871. His nearest neighbor was ten miles away. The nearest mill was Salina, fifty miles; postoffice and market was Ellsworth, thirty miles north. He killed 104 buffalo in the spring of 1872, which supplied the only meat food for some time. He own 560 acres of land, 160 of which is cultivated. He was born in Winchester, Frederick Co., Va., in 1848. He was raised on a farm in this native county. He married, June 22, 1879, to Miss Mary Morrison, of Corydon, Wayne CO., Iowa. They have two children - Samuel W. and Georgie R. His politics are Republican.

W. A. JODON, manager of general merchandising house of A. Larkin, a branch store of Ellsworth. The business was opened in September, 1880, by the subject of this sketch, carrying an average stock of $11,000, and gives employment to three men. Mr. J. first came to Kansas in the spring of 1878, locating in Ellsworth, where he farmed some time; thence into merchandising at the latter city. Born in Milton, Pa., 1832. Leaving his native place at age of fifteen, he went to Millersburg and clerked fourteen years, thence to Philadelphia, Pa., in same occupation for some time. Returned to Millersburg and engaged in merchandising until came to Kansas. Married, 1856, to Miss Margaret Eltzweiler, of Millserburg. They have five children - Rachel E., (George L., deceased), Mary M., Elliot E., Rhoda A. and William A. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and K. of P.

C. E. McFARREN, dealer in general line drugs, stationery and druggists' sundries, opened trade in spring 1880, under the firm name of McFarren & Bragg. They carry an average stock of $2,000. He was born in St. Louis, Mo., 1854. Was raised and educated in his native city. Began the drug business in 1879. He is a member of the Masonic order.

WILLIAM MILLER came to Rice County, Kansas, 1873. Settled on Section 8, Township 18, Range 6 west, and has followed farming, contracting and building since. He was born in Richland County, Ohio, November 19, 1836. Moved with parents to Franklin County, Mo., 1841. Moved to Holt County, Mo., 1849, where he began the trade of carpenter and builder. Enlisted February 3, 1863, in Company C, Ninth Missouri Cavalry; participated in all the battles of his command. Mustered out July 16, 1865. Married, July 25, 1865 to Miss Nancy Couts. They had seven children - John W., Ellen F., William A., (Eliza, deceased) Jennie, Joseph H. and William G. Wife died November 29, 1870. Again married November 27, 1873, to Miss Margaret Riley.

GEORGE W. RUSS, of the firm of Walker & Russ, dealers in a general line groceries crockery, glassware and hardware, also boots and shoes, opened trade June 1, 1880, this being the first store opened and the first store building erected in the village. They carry an average stock of $2,500. Mr. Russ first came to Kansas in the fall of 1878; lived with an uncle on a farm some time previous to entering into trade. He was born in Chautauqua County, N. Y., February 10, 1858, where he was raised and educated. He first began as a clerk for his father, Joseph C. Russ, and remained at home until he came to Kansas. He was married, November, 1880, to Miss Ida M. Nixon, of Hampton, Franklin Co., Iowa. He has served several years as Township Treasurer, and is a Democrat from principle.

WOLFE BROTHERS, dealers in general merchandise, opened trade in October, 1881, and carry an average stock of $1,200. A. G. Wolfe came to Kansas in the fall of 1873, locating in Rice County, and farmed until he opened trade. Born in Floyd County, Ind., November 23, 1849. Moved to Marion County, Iowa, 1857, where he lived until spring 1865, when he went to Jasper County, Iowa, and lived until came to Kansas. Was educated at Central University, at Pella, Iowa. Married, 1875, to Miss Tennie Gun, of De Kalb County, Ill. T. J. Wolfe was born in Marion County, Iowa, March 22, 1857. Was raised and educated in his native place. Married in 1879 to Miss Lydia Day, of Mercer County, Ill. They have two children - Roy B. and Maud M. He has served in several town offices, etc.


Chase is a thriving little place - the station eight miles west of Lyons. It was located in August, 1880, just after the railroad had been built through that locality. Its population is estimated at about 150. Around it is a fine farming country, beautiful to behold. It does a good business with the farming population surrounding it. Huston & Storer, and Dr. Spiers keep the two drug stores of the place. A. T. Yeilding has a well supplied and well patronized general store. J. M. Chatten & Sons deal in lumber. The town is building up very rapidly.

Kansas Centre is a trading point in the northwest corner of Victoria Township, where A. & L. R. Rosengrantz keep a general store.


EDWARD LINCON CHATTEN of the firm of J. M. Chatten & Sons, dealers in lumber, grain, hardware, and groceries. Opened trade in Chase, September 1, 1880. They carry a genera stock of $10,000, and employ four men in the business. They came to Raymond, Kansas, March 1, 1878, and embarked in the above business, where they continue a flourishing trade in connection with the trade at Chase. He was born in Butler County, Ohio, lived there until the came to Kansas Married April 5, 1882, to Miss Fannie Foote, of Rice County.

REV. M. G. DEAN, Congregational minister, Chase, was born in Ontario, Can., October 14, 1828. His parents died when he was a child only five years of age, and his aunt took him, and in 1837 removed to Michigan and received a good academic education. In 1848 he went to Pennsylvania and took a theological course in the Western Theological Seminary, and was ordained October 2, 1852, and began his work in the ministry in New Jersey, and was there one year, and in the State of New York for two years, when he went to Ohio and remained seven years. While there he took a classical course of education in the Antioch College under the auspices of the Christian denomination. Went to Illinois in 1860, where he was married to Miss Eliza J. Towner, November 9, same year. While here he was appointed Chaplain, in 1862, in the One Hundred and Forty-fifth Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry, and participated in the battles of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, and resigned in September, 1863, and moved to St. Paul, Minn., where he remained for a number of years, first in the missionary work, then as a pastor in regular charge. His wife died in 1874, and he returned to New York, and from there to Canada. In 1876 he was married a second time, and came to Kansas in 1879 and located at Sedgwick City, Harvey County, and came to Chase, Rice County, in 1881. His wife died in January, 1883, leaving one child - Grace D.

ROBERT R. ECKLES, Postmaster, Chase; first came to the above place in June, 1876; farmed until he became Postmaster. He was born at Blakesburg, Wapello Co., Iowa, November 3, 1855. Lived in various places, as his father, Rev. John G. Eckles, was a Congregational pastor. Robert R. is a member of the Congregational Church. He has served as Township Clerk, and was Enumerator Tenth United States Census. He is now Notary Public. The Chase postoffice was established September 5, 1881. Gross receipts for the last quarter were $175.50.

JOHN E. EVERETT, farmer, P. O. Allegan, Sections 3 and 4, Township 19, Range 9 west. He came to this place in Februry, (sic) 1873. He has 320 acres of land, 160 of which are cultivated. In 1882 he raised 3,600 bushels of wheat, an average of 25 bushels per acre; 800 bushel of corn , averaging 20 bushels per acre. He has served as a Justice of the Peace a number of years. Was born in Clinton County, N. Y., July 25, 1821, and was raised in his native county on a farm. Moved to Allegan, Mich., in 1855, where kept a market, bought and shopped live stock for eighteen years., when he sold out and emigrated to Kansas. Married in 1864, to Miss Julia Husinton, then Mrs. Thomas, of Summit County, Ohio, who was born April 3, 1837. They have one son - Benjamin Franklin. Wife has a daughter by former marriage - Sarah J. Thomas. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and his wife of the Baptist Church. While out prospecting in July, 1873, he found the body of an unknown man, who had evidently been shot by some unknown, on the farm now owned by F. J. Griffith. In those early days it was extremely unsafe for travelers to wander outside of civilization, as there were outlaws nearly always seeking whom they could plunder and rob.

JOSEPH GLEADALL, farmer and stock raiser, carpenter and builder, P. O. Lyons, Section 23, Township 19, Range 9. He came to his place in January 1878. Has 320 acres of land, seventy of which is cultivated. In 1882 he raised 4,000 bushels of wheat, an average of twenty-seven bushels per acre. He also owns 100 head of cattle, and is one of the active farmers of Rice County. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pa., December 25, 1812, and was raised in his native country; learned the carpenter trade when young; moved to Illinois, in February, 1855, locating in La Salle County, at Ottawa, where he followed his trade, erecting many fine residences, one for Chief Justice Caton G. L. Thompson, and others; moved to Benton County, Iowa, in 1866, where he followed his trade until he came to Kansas. Was married in 1844, to Miss Mary McCastlin, of Pittsburg, (sic) Pa. They have eight children - Mary, Priscilla A., Joseph T., James M., Arthur G., Lottie, Catherine B. and Charles H.

REV. F. J. GRIFFITH, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Kansas Center Circuit, P. O. Chase; he first came to Kansas March 12, 1871 settling on Section 8, Township 19, Range 9 west, in Lincoln Township. He formed a Methodist Episcopal circuit comprising the old town of Atlanta, Spencer Township, and at Jeremiah Naius' hose, and his own residence; also at Ellsworth, Ellsworth County, and eight miles west on the K. P. R. R. and preached in all the above places. For his first years' work he received $16.50 only. He preached the first sermon in the county, at his residence in Rice County, March 26, 1871, to a congregation of thirteen, since which time he has preached nearly every Sabbath. He was route agent on the A., T. & S. F. R. R., United States Mail Service, eight years. Elected Representative to Kansas Legislature from Rice County, in the fall of 1871, being the first elected in the county. He was born in Wales, February 2, 1820, came to America with his parents in 1827, locating in New York City, lived there until 1830, when they moved to Loraine County, Ohio, where he was raised; he was educated at Oberlin College, Ohio, ordained to the holy ministry in 1860, and preached his first sermon in Allegheny City, Pa., since which time he has been a minister of the Gospel, having preached from Baltimore, Md., all along the coast to San Francisco County, Cal. He was married in 1840, at Detroit, Mich., to Miss Mary Wood, of Chautauqua County, N. Y. His wife was lost on Lost Creek, in 1871, from which circumstance the creek took its name. She was also the first class leader in the county. They had seven children - James J., deceased; Julia A., now married to H. C. Doddridge; Matilda, deceased; Frederick J., Jr., deceased; Amelia J., married to Mr. W. T. Nicholas, of Lyons, Rice County; Arletta M., married to Mr. Oscar Noyes, and Engenia, married to Mr. Albert James. He is a member of the Masonic order; he enlisted in September, 1861, in Company C, Fifty-third Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and raised the company and was made Captain of the same; he participated in all the battles of his command, and was wounded at Missionary Ridge, at which battle he was Chaplain of the regiment; he resigned after the capitulation of Atlanta, Ga. He was made Chaplain before the battle of Missionary Ridge.

W. K. HUSTON, has charge of the drug business of S. F. Huston, in the village of Chase. They opened trade November 1, 1882, and carry a stock of $1,000, consisting of a general line of drugs, medicines, notions, paints, oils, etc. W. K. Huston, came to Kansas in the fall of 1879, locating in Sterling, opened the drug business there in the spring of 1880, continuing two years; thence came to Chase. Born in Washington County, Ind., July 12, 1848; lived in that county until 1866, when he went to Elliott, Fillmore Co., Minn., where he became a traveling salesman until he came to Kansas.

WILLIAM F. LOWREY, farmer and stock raiser, also surveyor, Section 36, Township 19, Range 9, P. O. Lyons, has 960 acres of the finest land in Rice County, 170 of which is cultivated. He came to this place in April, 1876. The country was at that time only sparsely settled; nearest railroad market was Sterling, thirteen miles away. He has never made an entire failure in raising crops, and in the season of 1882 he had 1,100 bushels of wheat, an average to twenty-three bushels to the acre. He was one of the first Justices of the Peace of Lincoln Township. He was born in Marshall County, W. Va., July 6, 1823, lived in his native county until 1863, following surveying and farming. He was educated in Green Academy, Greene County, Pa.; moved to Logan County, Ohio, in 1863, where he followed the same business as at present, until he came to Kansas. He has followed surveying since 1847. He married, in 1861, Miss Amanda Stewart, of the same county, West Virginia. They have three children, Lavery G., Ida B. and David.

A. P. McCOWN, proprietor of livery, sale and feed stable, also keeps a hotel at Chase. He first came to Kansas in March, 1878, locating at Kinsley, where he worked at the carpenter trade a year, thence came to Chase, where he farmed until he opened the above business. He was born in Preble County, Ohio, June 9, 1844; was raised a farmer in his native county; emigrated to Woodford County, Ill., and followed the carpenter trade a number of years. Enlisted September 8, 1861, in Company E, Fifth Ohio Cavalry, participated in all the battles of his command, mustered out in November, 1864. Married in 1876, to Miss O. E. Sunderland, of Woodford County, Ill. They have one daughter, Mary Elizabeth.

J. C. McNAMES, farmer and stock raiser, P. O. Chase, Section 22, Township 19, Range 9 west, came to his place December 20, 1870. It will readily be seen by the date of his settlement that he was one of the first settlers in Rice County. He took the third claim that was taken up in the county. Buffalo, antelope, deer and other wild animals roamed the unsettled plains almost entirely unmolested, save only by the dusky redskins, who were encamped to the number of 300 within a few rods of his then humble habitation. He frequently shot buffalo while standing in the door of his sod house, and killed one large buffalo within forty feet of his home. His nearest market and P. O. was Ellsworth, twenty-eight miles away. There were several Indian scares and troubles, but he was not obliged to leave. He was away fourteen miles from home at one time when the country was entirely new, when his horse kicked him on the leg, which broke it. He went home, crawled into the house, and a neighbor set the limb for him, which soon healed. He was born in Canada West, March 6, 1827, lived there on a farm until nineteen years old, and came to Ogle County, Ill., where he farmed and followed masonry until he came to Kansas. Married in 1880, to Fannie Davidson, a native of Iowa. They have one son, Duncan. He is a member of the Baptist Church; he has held several township offices, etc. He has a large, fine farm, suitable for agricultural purposes and stock-raising, with plenty of timber.

F. C. SHAW, farmer and stock raiser, Section 28, Township 19, Range 9, P. O. Chase. He first landed in Kansas, June 15, 1872. Rice County was then almost entirely unsettled. He has 160 acres of land, 100 of which is cultivated. In 1882 he raised 900 bushels of wheat, being an average of thirty bushels to the acre; corn made an average of twenty- five bushels to the acre. He was born in Penobscot County, Me., April 22, 1831, and lived in his native State twenty-four years and then moved to Rock County, Wis., where he followed painting and farming for eighteen months, thence to St. Charles County, Mo., and followed the same occupation until August, 1861, when he enlisted in Company D, First Illinois Cavalry, served one year and was captured by the enemy and was paroled, re-enlisted in Company F, and soon changed to Company B, Third Illinois Veteran Cavalry, participated in all the battles of his command, except the Nashville campaign under Gen. Thomas; he was mustered out September 20, 1865. He soon afterward went to Adair County, Mo., and followed farming until he came to Kansas. He was married in 1854, to Miss Mary J. Brown, a native of Maine. He was appointed Postmaster of Wildwood, Rice CO., Kan., in June, 1875, and held the office until December 1881.

W. W. SPIERS, physician and surgeon and dealer in a general line of drugs, medicines, books and stationery, Chase, opened trade November 1, 1881, carries an average stock of $1,200. He first came to his farm on Section 24, Township 19, Range 10, in April, 1875. He has 320 acres of land, 150 cultivated. He has since practiced medicine, farmed, etc. He was born in Switzerland County, Ind., May 11, 1838, raised in his native State, and enlisted July 4, 1861, as a soldier, soon promoted to Hospital Steward, then Assistant Surgeon, Twenty-second Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry. He was a member of Company H, and participated in many battles, he was mustered out in November, 1865, as Assistant Surgeon, One Hundred and Second United States Colored Troops. He began the study of medicine in 1860, and graduated from the medical department of the Michigan University at Ann Arbor, in March, 1867. Began the practice of medicine in Little York, Ind., practiced in several counties in Indiana, and was married in 1866, to Miss Rebecca L. Hughes, of Jefferson County, Ind. They have five children - Nettie, Gertrude, Bruce E., Celesie and Arthur. The doctor and family are members of the Congregational Church of Chase. He is Examining Surgeon for pensions.

ROBERT D. STEPHENSON, farmer, school teacher, preacher and stock raiser, Section 14, Township 19, Range 9 west, P. O. Lyons. He came to this place October 26, 1871, there were but few settlers near him at the time. He helped husk the first corn raised in the county. There were droves of antelope, buffalo and deer to be seen on the plains within gun shot, which furnished the principal meat for some time. He has 160 acres of land, eighty-three of it cultivated, sixty fenced for pasture, the balance meadow, native grass. When he came first to Kansas he had to send to Ohio for seed grain and potatoes. He was born in Jackson County, Ohio, April 9, 1827, and was raised there. He enlisted September 8, 1862, in Company H, One Hundred and Seventeenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, he participated in all the duties required of him until April 9, 1863, when he was discharged on surgeon's certificate of disability (is a pensioner). In 1857, he was married to Miss Sarah J. Parks, of Scioto County, Ohio. They had six children - Mary Susan (a precocious child died, age two and half years), Lucina M., Johanna M., S. J. Luetta, Ida A. and Robert S. Stephenson. He again married June 11, 1878, to Mrs. Mary H. Case, a native of Canada. They are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, of Chase Circuit, Rice County, and he is local deacon of the same. He was elected County Superintendent of Public Instruction in the fall of 1872, and by re-election has served six years, he has held several township offices. When in Ohio he commenced teaching school off and on from 1848 until 1862. He preached three years, beginning in Burlington Circuit, Lawrence County, Ohio, September, 1854. He located in 1857. Traveled Berlin Circuit, Jackson County, Ohio, 1864, as a supply. His health not being sufficient he did not apply for re-admission to the Ohio Conference (although solicited to do so). He kept store in Jackson County, Ohio, from 1866 to 1870. Lived in Scioto County, Ohio, a part of 1871l, and moved from Scioto County to Kansas. His live (sic) has been a "checkered" one - raised in the backwood. His father came from Virginia in 1819, settled on congress land. His father's library was a Bible and hymn book, and the library of Robert D. Stephenson, purchased by his father, was a primer, spelling book and testament. He went to school a few days several winters, in all fourteen months. His father said, "them that would make scholars would be scholars whether they went to school or not". He has been associated with the honorable and learned in the past, political social and moral. This way can only be passed once in life. He will and can not pass it again. The great future is before us, let us be ready to enter it with triumphal joy.

W. C. SUMMERS, farmer and stock raiser, Section 34, Township 19, Range 9, P. O. Chase, has 480 acres of land, 125 of which is cultivated. He makes stock raising a specialty. Came to this place in February, 1872. The country was then only a wild prairie, with not a habitation to be seen in any direction for miles. His nearest market was then Ellsworth, thirty-five miles north. There were no roads nor any guide of any kind. He was born in Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co., Ky., November 14, 1830. Parents with their family moved to Putnam County, Ind., 1835, where he lived until he immigrated to Kansas. Enlisted November 12, 1861, Company C, Fifty-first Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and participated in all the battles of his command, and taken prisoner in a raid near Dalton. Discharged on account of disability contracted in service. Married, 1850, to Miss Mary Lake, a native of Indianapolis, Ind. They have eight children - Ethan B., Ellsha L., Daniel T., Mollie F., William C., Sarah E., Laurel A. and Alvin. Has been member of School Board several years.

A. T. YIELDING, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hats, caps, boots, shoes and Yankee notions, Chase. He opened trade in Chase January 15, 1883; occupies a store 22x48 feet, and carries a general stock of $5,000. He came to Rice County, Kansas, November 19, 1873, and followed agricultural pursuits until he began trade. Born in Batavia, Genesee County, N. Y., 1845, where he lived until twelve years old, then went with parents to Finnimore Centre, Grant Co., Wis., where he farmed some time and followed merchandising seven years. Thence came to Kansas. Married, 1877, to Miss May Agnes Greenless, a native of Illinois. They have three children - Charlie, Richard, and a son not yet named. He has served as School District Clerk of his township seven years.

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