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[Picture of W. G. King WILLIAM G. KING was born in Woolford County, Ill., in the year 1849, of a line of ancestry coming from England and Ireland before the Revolutionary War. His father died in 1850 and in 1856 his mother removed with the family to Mahaska County, Iowa, where through the medium of the public schools of Iowa and the then youthful but promising literary institution known as Oskaloosa College, William received a good English education; commenced learning the carpenters' trade in 1867; continued to work at the trade for the geater(sic) part of the time until 1874; read law under the instructions of L. H. Hole during a part of that year and a part of the next; attended the Law Department of Iowa State University in 1875-'76; was admitted to practice in 1876; came to Kansas in 1877; taught school in Jewell County in 1877. Took a tour through Southwestern and Western Kansas and Colorado in 1878; located in Scandia, Republic Co. Kan., in October, 1879; took a firm stand against the saloons and in favor of the Constitutional Amendment prohibiting the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors, during that campaign; was a prominent worker during the campaign and after the adoption of the act was one of the most active in enforcing it. Is a Republican in politics. Is a member of Scandia Lodge of the I. O. O. F.; is also a member of the Encampment of Belleville.

PETER JOHNSON, manager for M. Johnson, merchant, Scandia. Was born in Sweden, on March 7, 1837. When eighteen years of age he emigrated to the United States of America, landing in New York City July, 1855. The same year he located in Chicago, where he remained until 1868, when he joined the Scandinavian Agricultural Society and emigrated to Kansas, locating at Scandia; took a homestead on Sections 17 and 18, Township 3, Range 4; made final proof 1874. He has about fifty acres under the plow, some timber set out and other improvements. Some time about 1872 he came to Scandia and went into trade, and has been in business since he first started, in a small wooden building on the corner of Cloud and Fourth streets. In 1878 he put in a full line of general merchandise, and con- tinned(sic) in the old store two years, then put up a fine store, 23x44 feet, two stories, and has it well filled with goods. His trade has grown from $8,000 to $16,000 per annum. He owns two store buildings, his farm having made all for him since he came here, as he had to borrow money to come West with, thus showing what a man of energy can do in Kansas. He is the oldest merchant in Scandia. Was married in 1873, to Mary Johnson, of Scandia. They have four children, viz.: Josephine, Mary, Oscar and Hellena.

A. D. MARBLE, patentee and manufacturer of the Adjustable Bulletin Board, lives in Independence, Iowa; was born in Cattaraugus County, N. Y., in 1843; was raised there remaining until the winter of 1859, when he started out, landing in Chicago, and in the spring of 1861 located in Livingston County, Ill., and in August, 1862, enlisted in the One Hundred and Twenty-ninth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, serving nearly three years; was wounded at the battle of Peach Creek, in front of Atlanta, Ga., July 20, 1864, securing his discharge in June, 1865; then took a two years' course at the Aurora Business College, graduating in 1868; thence to Odell, Ill. where he engaged in the hardware trade; at the end of one year sold out and taught schoo1 until November, 1870, when he came to Kansas and took a homestead on Section 34. Township 2, Range 4, Republic County; was one of the first, settlers in the township and was seventy miles from market; had but little to do with when he came, but soon commenced improving his place; broke 120 acres, planted a hedge around the farm besides cross hedges; put up a good frame house 16x24 feet, story and-a-half and two additions one 16xl6 feet and the other 9x13 feet; put up good granary, planted fruit and forest trees; had it well improved, remaining there until 1878, when he located in Scandia and purchased a house and lot and soon after took charge of the Scandia schools for about six months and was one term County Superintendent; then was on the road as traveling agent one year: during this time had been thinking of some plan for bulletin board which could be arranged to suit any business, and for nearly two years was at work on it before he could perfect it and get his patent; finally received it January 18, 1881; this board is composed of a frame two feet wide and five feet high with cross bars one and one-fourth inches apart forming grooves, recesses in which are placed cubical blocks having letters or figures on five sides leaving a blank side upon which is a small index figure or letter. The blocks are held in place by springs at the right of each line; the blocks are easily and quickly changed to form any reading matter desired and are adapted not only for business men but for schools. Mr. Marble has bought out a factory at Lincoln, Neb., which was opened and operated by Foster & Parsons who were handling the boards on a royalty, and will operate it himself and is making arrangements to erect a factory at Independence, Iowa, where he will make his headquarters; the boards are also manufactured at Bloomsburg, Pa.; in connection with this patent had to invent a machine for printing the blocks, there being but one place in the world where this kind of work is done; has also received a patent for a carpet strip for fastening carpets without the use of tacks. Mr. Marble is a hard-worker and has certainly laid foundations for future success. He was married April 23, 1882, to Mrs. T. Belle Martin, M. D., of Scandia. Mr. Marble is a member of Belleville Lodge No. 96, I. O. O. F. It is proper to state that Mr. Marble has always been one of the zealous workers in education, temperance and the cause of humanity, and often, together with his wife, lectures upon those subjects, also upon universal suffrage and universal mental liberty, with much success.

E. NELSON, farmer, P. O. Scandia, was born in Sweden in 1839; emigrated to America in 1851 and located in Rock Island County, Ill.; in 1857 moved to Missouri and remained there until 1861, when he returned to Rock Island County, Ill., and in 1862 enlisted in the Eighty-ninth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, serving three years; was mustered out at Nashville, Tenn., and was discharged at Chicago; after coming out of the army settled in Iowa, locating in Lyon County, remaining there three years; thence to Johnson County, remaining there two years; in 1871 came to Kansas and located in Republic County and took a homestead on Section 29, Township 2, Range 3; was among the early setters in the township; has eighty acres under the plow and eighty acres of hay land and pasture. The place is watered by a fine spring; has five acres of forest trees, good orchard and buildings. Was Justice of the Peace for five terms. In 1878 located in Scandia and opened a restaurant, remaining in this business three years. Has done well since he came here. Was married in the spring of 1866 in Rock Island County, Ill., to Miss Lois E. Bissell. They have four children--Jessie, John H., Iva J., Sarah. Is a member of the G. A. R.

WILLIAM NORRIS, farmer, P. O. Scandia; was born in Crawford County, Ohio, in 1844, but was raised in Bloomington, Ill., until 1864, when he enlisted in the Seventh Illinois Cavalry, serving until December, 1865, was discharged and mustered out at Nashville, Tenn. In 1870 came to Kansas, locating in Republic County, taking a homestead on Section 23, the northwest quarter, Township 3 Range 4; was sixty-five miles from market and there was but one house in sight; has his place well improved--eighty acres under the plow, the balance hay land and pasture; has a small orchard, a fine grove of forest trees, good house 14x20 feet and ell 14x20 feet and other buildings and is but three miles from market; is raising a good many hogs; has forty-five head. Served as Sheriff of Republic County during the years of 1878 and 1879. He was married in 1879, in Republic County, to Miss Della Blanchard. They have two children--Huston and Hilton.

CHARLES T. O'HARRA, farmer, P. O. Scandia, was born in Adams County, Ind., in 1841; was raised there until twenty-one years of age. In 1862 he enlisted in the Eighty-ninth Indiana Infantry, serving three years; was captured at Munfordsville, but was paroled soon after; was in nine engagements and many skirmishes; was discharged and mustered out at Mobile, Ala., in 1865 at the close of the war; after he returned from the army located in Jay County, Ind., remaining there until the following fall, when he came to Kansas, locating in Doniphan County, where he remained until 1871; then came into Republic County and homesteaded the southeast quarter of Section 35, Township 3, Range 4; was among the first settlers on the prairies in this township and was sixty miles from market for the first five years; there were no improvements in this part of the county at that time; he has broken seventy acres, put out three acres of forest, and 1,500 peach trees, which bear from 200 to 300 bushels per annum; twenty cherry trees and plenty of small fruits; has good pasture and some very fine meadow; frame house 16x24 feet story and a half and owns one of the best farms of its size in the township, close to market and about three miles from the coal banks; is raising stock, making a specialty of hogs in which he has been very successful; is also interested in the livery business with a Mr. Lewis, of Concordia. Was married in 1868, in West Center, Jay Co., Ind. They have two children--Rhoda E. and Royden M. Is a member of John Brown Post No. 44, G. A. R, of Belleville. Mr. and Mrs. O'Harra are members of the Missionary Baptist Church.

J. M. ROCKHOLD, M. D., physician and surgeon, was born in Hiram, Ohio; at the age of ten years went to Illinois, remaining there until 1855; then went to Avon and began reading medicine with Dr. J. J. Rowe, remaining there six years; part of the time was engaged in the drug business; in 1860 began its practice; in 1867 emigrated to Iowa, remaining there two years; in 1870 came to Kansas, locating in Belleville where he engaged in the practice of medicine, remaining there two years, and then located in Union Township and took a homestead on Section 14, remaining there about five years; then bought a farm on Section 15, remaining there until 1881; besides attending to his practice, improved three farms, which he still owns; has eighty acres broken on the farm he bought and 120 on the homestead; a good house on each place, good barn, stables and orchard, three acres of fruit trees on the last place, a spring which furnishes water enough for 1,000 head of cattle, and has about sixty heed of cattle on the place; also owns a fine residence in Scandia and he has made all he has since he came here; when he landed in Belleville in 1870 had $6.40 and a large family. Was married 1849, in Illinois. They have nine living children--David T., Zurella, La Fayette, Ettie, Freddie, Van, Orpha, Arthur and Jessie. Is a member of Eclectic Medical Society of Kansas, also member of I. O. O. F.

J. R. SANDELL, salesman with C. W. Gulick, was born in Sweden in 1837; at the age of twelve years learned the tailors' trade. He emigrated to America in 1866, locating in Chicago and was employed in one of the largest tailoring establishments in the city until 1868, when his health failed and he joined the Scandinavian Agricultural Society, just forming to locate a colony in Kansas, thinking the change would improve his health. During the first year in Kansas was unable to do anything, the most of the time being obliged to walk on crutches. In the fall of 1869 opened a grocery store at Scandia, it being the first store opened in Republic County. At the end of one year sold out to Whiting & Baker, remaining with them one year; was then appointed postmaster and also carried on real estate and commission business. In 1870 resigned the office and took a homestead on Section 8, Township 4, Range 4, remaining on this place two years; sold it out and returned to Scandia, where he was again appointed postmaster. In 1875 resigned the office and accepted a position in P. Newman's store, remaining with him about two years; was then employed in Peter Johnson's store about one year; then for about one year had charge of the toll bridge; since then has been employed in the store of C. W. Gulick with the exception of one year, when he was on a farm. Mr. Sandell is a number one salesman and holds a large trade not only among his own countrymen but among Americans also. Was married in the spring of 1875 to Miss Emmet Peterson, of Scandia. They have four children, namely: Robert, Harry, Charley and Andrew. Is a member of Scandia Lodge No. 165, I. O. O. F.

W. A. SMITH, manager of the Chicago Lumber Company, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1854. In 1857, his parents emigrated to Wisconsin, locating in Trempeleau, and from there emigrated to Illinois, remaining a short time. Thence to St. Louis, and then returned to Trempeleau, Wis. In 1872, took a commercial course at the celebrated LaCrosse Business College, graduating in the spring of 1873. He then located at Bangor, and engaged in the grain trade, and was engaged in this business at different points in Wisconsin until 1876, when he moved to Kansas, locating at Clay Centre, and was there nearly one year as weigher in the elevator; thence to Concordia, and took charge of the Chicago Lumber Company's yards at that point until February, 1879, when he was put in charge of their business at Scandia. He has worked up a good trade for them, and has given satisfaction to the public and his employers. Is a young man of enterprise and ability, and will give satisfaction wherever he fills a position. Was married September 14, 1881, at Belleville, Kan., to Miss L. A. Hallowell, of that place. Mr. Smith is a member of Scandia Lodge No. 155, I. O. O. F., Orion Lodge No. 50, K. of P., and of Lebanon Lodge under dispensation A., F. & A. M.

W. H. STINSON, inventor, was born in Crittenden County, Ky., in 1848. In 1865 he emigrated to Iowa, locating in Lucas County. In 1868, learned the carpenters' trade, and remained there until 1871: then came to Kansas, locating in Republic County, and took a homestead on Section 2, Township 3, Range 4, and remained on the place five years. He broke seventy-five acres and planted a grove of forest trees and orchard; put up a house 14x16 feet, with addition 12x14 feet; a granary and stables. School Creek runs along the west line, furnishing plenty of running water. In 1878 he located in Scandia, and engaged in contracting and building. In 1881, he commenced work on a novel device to be used by wood-workers, called a Dado Plane Guide. He received a patent on the same in April, 1882; in August, 1882, made another improvement, which he got a patent on also; has several other inventions which he is at work on. He is a member of Scandia Lodge No. 165, I. O. O. F.

R. W. SWAN, druggist, was born in Canada in 1847. During this year his parents emigrated to Illinois, where they remained a short time; then moved to Wisconsin, and located in Winnebago County, and remaining there and in Portage County until he came to Kansas, in 1864, and located at Valley Falls, then called Grasshopper Falls. After remaining there a few months, he took a trip to New Mexico, and then back to Kansas, stopping a short time at Junction City; then took a trip to Colorado, and was there and through the West until 1868, when he made permanent settlement in Farmington Township, Republic County, and took a homestead on Mill Creek. He was among the first settlers in the county, and improved his place and was engaged in stock-raising. In 1874, he sold out and opened a general store at Cuba, remaining there two years. Then he sold out and bought a farm, and at the end of six months traded his farm for a stock of goods in Haddam, Washington County, remaining there about two years, when he sold out and bought out the only drug store in Scandia at that time; is having a fair trade, and has the oldest store in this line in the place. His trade has grown 100 per cent in the past year. He is a very popular man, and has a host of friends in this place. He was married in January, 1873, to Miss Ella Loring, of Albion Township. They have two children--Frank, born in 1874; Claude, born in 1880. Mr. Swan is a member of Scandia Lodge, A., F. & A. M., and of Concordia Chapter; also Scandia Lodge K. of P.

W. TAYLOR, physician and surgeon, was born in Sangamon County, Ill., in 1845, remaining there until twenty years of age. At the age of eighteen years, he took up the study of medicine. In 1865, he emigrated to Marion County, Iowa, where he continued in his medical studies, finishing his course at the college of Physicians and Surgeons at Keokuk, Iowa, graduating in the winter of 1870-71. After receiving his diploma, he commenced practice in Marion County, Iowa. In 1874, came to Kansas, locating at Scandia. At the end of two years, he returned to Iowa, and was there until 1879, when he again came to Kansas and put in a stock of drugs at Talmage, the junction of the C. B. M. P. R. R., and the B. & M. R. R. In the spring of 1882, he sold out and located at Scandia, and engaged in the practice of medicine; has a good practice and has been very successful since he has been here. Was married in the spring of 1871, to Miss E. V. Fletcher, of Marion County, Iowa. They have one son--O. S., born in Republic County, Kansas, April 5, 1874. Is a member of the State Medical Society; also member of Scandia Lodge No. 165, I. O. O. F.

J. S. THOMPSON, stock-dealer, was born in Rockingham County, Va., in 1853. In 1854 his parents settled in St. Louis. The next year, 1855, they came to Kansas, his father taking a claim on the present town site of Leavenworth. In 1867, he went to St. Louis and was railroading for about one year; thence to Howard County, where he engaged in the mercantile business; at the end of three years he sold out and went to Colorado, locating in Wet Mountain Valley, and for nearly two years was engaged in mining; thence to Nevada, and was mining there for two years; at the end of that time he returned to Kansas and went to farming in Davis County; also handled stock more or less until 1879, and then located in Scandia; has been doing the largest shipping in cattle and hogs of any dealer in North Kansas. His shipments for 1881 were 290 cars, which he sold for $261,000. Mr. Thompson is considered the best stock buyer in this county, and, although a young man, shows the qualifications of men with twice his experience. He is known to be a fair buyer, who has always paid good prices, and is very popular with the farmers of Republic County. He was married in November, 1880, at Belleville, Kan., to Miss I. B. Norton. He is a member at Scandia Lodge, No. 155, I. O. O. F. and of Lebanon Lodge, under dispensation, A., F. & A. M., and of Orion Lodge, No. 50, K. of P.

W. K. VAN HORN, carpenter and builder, was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, 1829, and was raised there until twenty years of age, and learned the carpenters' trade. From twenty to twenty-six he was rambling and traveling in the Western States and Territories, and as far south as Mexico. He then located in Butler County, Ohio, and was there until tober(sic), 1861, when he enlisted in the Thirty-fifth Ohio, Volunteer Infantry, serving three years; received several slight wounds while in the service; was discharged and mustered out in 1864; in 1870 emigrated to Kansas, locating in Jewell County and took a homestead near the present site of Jewell City; put up the first frame house in the county, and was among the very first who settled in the county, was thirty miles from a post-office and fifty miles from a blacksmith shop; at the end of two years sold out and located at Jewell City and opened a grocery store, and continued in this business about two years; he then located at Beloit and worked at his trade, remaining there until June, 1882; then located in Scandia and commenced contracting and building; was Deputy County Surveyor of Jewell County; was Justice of the Peace for a number of years, and when the first store was opened in the county, bought the first goods sold, the article being a plug of tobacco. He was married in 1855, to Miss Mary J. Drake, of Ohio. They have three children--W. H., Eva A. and Harry K. His wife died in 1867, and he was married again in 1869, to Miss Edith Jones, of Hamilton County, Ohio. He is a member of Jewell Lodge, No. 116, I. O. O. F., and has been a member of the G. A. R. for a good many years.

J. J. WARD, dealer in farm machinery, was born in the village of Barkby, Leicestershire, England, in 1850. He emigrated to America in 1865, locating in Keokuk County, Iowa; remained here until 1872. Was with his parents on the farm, except the last two years, when he was engaged in teaching. He moved to Kansas in 1872, locating in Republic County; took a homestead on Section 2, Township 1, Range 4; improved this place summers and taught school winters until 1875, when he took up the study of law and was admitted to the bar in 1877. The improvements on his place consist of eighty-five acres of breaking, three acres of timber, two miles of hedge, good frame house; also bought 170 acres adjoining the homestead, and has broken fifty acres; has a barn 32x38 feet, planted three acres of forest trees, put up a house 16x26 feet, a good wind-mill for pumping, has good feed yards and has been engaged in raising stock most of the time. In 1877 he commenced handling farm machinery in Belleville, putting in the first stock of agricultural implements in Republic County, his brother, R. B. Ward, taking a half interest with him, the firm name being Ward Brothers. At the end of eighteen months he sold out to his brother and engaged in the same business at Scandia. The trade has steadily increased under the careful management of Mr. Ward, his trade increasing nearly fifty per cent on all goods except harvesters and sulky plows, in the first two years. He is a wide awake business man and thoroughly posted in his business. He was married in 1879, to Miss Emma Robertson, of Belleville. They have been blessed with two children, E. V. and Albert J.

WEYAND BROTHERS, hardware. James Weyand, the senior brother, was born in Jefferson County, Iowa, in 1847; was raised on a farm and remained in that county until the fall of 1868. Then located in Washington County, and engaged in farming, remaining there until 1869, when he sold out and emigrated to Kansas, locating in Scandia. Wa(sic) married in 1866, at Fairfield, Jefferson County, Iowa, to Miss M. A. Looney, of that place. Their children are--Dallis, Carrie, Minnie, Roy, Pearl. Mr. Weyand is a member of Scandia Lodge No. 165, I. O. O. F.; also a member of Orion Lodge No. 50, K. of P. D. Weyand, junior partner of the firm of Weyand Brothers, was born in Jefferson County, Iowa, in 1849, and was raised on a farm, remaining there until 1861. Then located at Cedar Rapids, and engaged in the grocery business, remaining there about eighteen months. Going from there to Belle Plains, he engaged in the hardware trade, in company with a Mr. Palmer. At the end of two years, he sold out and emigrated to Kansas, locating in Scandia. Was married in 1874 at Fairfield, Jefferson County, Iowa, to Miss M. E. Hagen, of that place. They have two children--Myrtle and Carl. In January, 1880, the Weyand Brothers formed a partnership for the purpose of carrying on the hardware trade at Scandia, and put up a building 22x50 feet, two stories, and a wareroom 22x50 feet, and put in a full line of shelf and heavy hardware, and a full line of farm machinery, carriages and wagons. Among the wagons and carriages, handle the celebrated Studebaker carriages and wagons. The trade in hardware increased twenty-five per cent in less than two years; while the sales of farm machinery increased fifty per cent in the same time, showing the business to be in the hands of thorough business men. The Weyand Brothers are very popular and will continue to increase and hold up their trade, as they are thoroughly posted and attend to the business personally.

A. B. WILDER. The subject of this sketch was born at Rochester, N. Y., July 21, 1847. At Fally Seminary, Fulton, Ontario County, N. Y., he received an academic education. Graduated in law in August, 1870, under Joseph A. Stull, one of the best criminal lawyers in the State of New York. In 1871, he caught the western fever, and in February of that year emigrated to Chillicothe, Kansas, where he practiced law eight months, removing thence to Belleville, Republic County, where he established the Belleville Republic, February 7, 1882, with D. D. Kirby as his partner. Sold out to Kirke to 1874; soon after the office was moved to Jewell County. In 1875, Mr. Wilder started the Republic again at Belleville, but removed to Scandia in 1876. The paper has changed hands several times since, but is now ably conducted by its originator. Mr. Wilder and his paper have done much for the county. He is a man of energy, ambition and ability, and is well known and highly respected through the county. His paper has a large circulation, being a sound and thoroughly Republican in a county in name and politics Republican.

[Picture of A. D. Wilson] HON. A. D. WILSON, attorney-at-law, was born in Dundee, Scotland, August 2, 1840. In 1847, he emigrated to America with his parents, and located near Madison, Indiana. In 1862, he entered Hanover College, and graduated in the Scientific department of that institution in 1865. During his collegiate course he, in 1864, with several of his fellow students, enlisted in the One Hundred and Thirty-seventh Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and served for a time with the regiment. After graduating, he took up the study of law at New Castle, Ind., and remained there one year. He conducted the Blountsville Academy, Henry County, Ind., as Principal of that institution; and from thence went to Portsmouth, N. H., where he finished his law studies, and was admitted to the bar at the Supreme Judicial Court of New Hampshire in the fall of 1869. Early in 1870, he, along with his brother, C. C. Wilson, emigrated to Kansas, and located at Waterville, where he engaged in the practice of his profession, remaining there nearly a year. Thence to Scandia, Republic County, at that time the most westerly settlement of the northern tier, and in company with his brother, who had settled there in July, in November, 1870, bought out T. J. Baker & Co., who were engaged in the mercantile business, and for the next two and one half years engaged in selling goods under the firm name of Wilson Brothers; and being, during that time, the only business firm in the place. During this time he was instrumental in getting several stage and post routes established to this point, and also in organizing a Joint Stock Ferry Company by which a ferry was established over the Republican River at this point, which finally led to the building of the first bridge over the upper Republican. In 1871, he was elected as Representative from this county to the State Legislature, having closed out his business in Scandia. In January, 1875, he located at Kirwin, Phillips County, Kan., a new land office town, and engaged in the practice of law. While there he was appointed County Attorney, and removed to Phillipsburg, the county seat, and at the next election was elected to that office and served the term. He has been a delegate to a number of State Conventions, and in 1876 was chosen as a member of the Republican State Central Committee, and served two years. In the fall of 1877, he returned to Scandia, continuing in the practice of his profession, and taking an active part in getting a railroad built to this point, being one of the very few who succeeded in getting it. With the coming of the railroad the town grew to a city, and he was chosen its first Mayor, and re-elected for a second term. Mr. Wilson has been identified with almost every public enterprise of benefit to the city of Scandia and county of Republic. He has built up a large and lucrative law practice, and is a man highly respected by all who know him. In January, 1882, he was married to Miss Elise S. Johnson, of Republic County, Kan.

THURE WOHLFART, farmer, P. O. Scandia, was born in Sweden in 1835; emigrated to America in 1867, locating in Chicago. At the end of one year he joined the Scandinavian Agricultural Society and emigrated to Kansas, locating in Republic County and founded the town of Scandia then called New Scandinavia; for the first three months he was in the employ of the society; in 1869 he took a homestead on Section 21, Township 3, Range 4 west. He has since bought land adjoining, so that he now has 445 acres in one farm, 150 acres under the plow, 200 acres under pasture; the balance is hay land; has set out and raised five miles of Osage orange hedge fence; put out five acres of timber, a good orchard, good stone house 15x25 feet, granary, corn-cribs and stables, and is engaged in raising and handling stock. He has 130 head of cattle, 100 head of hogs, 60 head of sheep, and usually buys, feeds and ships considerable stock, aside from what he raises. He is a leading man among his countrymen and has been Township Treasurer and School District Treasurer since 1870. In 1881 he was elected County Commissioner. He was married in Scandia in 1872 to Miss Louisa Ericson, of Scandia. They have two children - Carrie and Axel.

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