William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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E. D. ATWELL, druggist, carries a stock of about $2,000. Commenced business here in 1871, he was born in Zanesville, Ohio, May 19, 1842, and after he attained his manhood engaged in clerking, and teaching school. He enlisted as a seaman on the United States Steamer "Brilliant" at Cairo, Ill, in August, 1862, served one year in the Mississippi Squadron, September 5, 1864, in Company A, One Hundred and Seventy-eighth Ohio Infantry. Participated in the battle of Stone River, and served until the close of the war, being promoted to Sergeant. He was mustered out June 29, 1865. He was married in 1866, at Zanesville, to Miss Kate W. Johns of that city, and has one child - Davis E. Is a member of Euclid Lodge No. 101, A., F. & A. M., Surgeon of G. A. R. Lyndon Post. Has been Mayor, member of City Council and is interested in educational matters.

J. H. AYERS, of the firm of Ayers & Geyer, dealers in furniture; Mr. Ayers also engages in insurance, representing some of the leading companies of the United States. Located in Lyndon in January, 1882. He came to the State in 1878, and settled on a farm four miles southeast of Lyndon, and remained there until moving to town. He was born in Mercer County, Ohio, in 1849, learned the trade of carpentering and cabinet-making, was married in 1877, at Mendon, Mercer Co., Ohio, to Miss Flora Paunabaker. They have two children - Harold, and Alda. Carries a stock of about 1,000 (sic).

C. F. BIXBY, of Bixby & Brothers, proprietors of Lyndon Flouring Mills. These mills are located on Salt Creek, one-quarter mile south of Lyndon. The mill was built in 1873, at Prairie City, Douglas County, and removed to its present site in 1875, by Mr. Henderson. Purchased by the Messrs. Bixby in 1880. A forty-horse power vertical engine runs the mill. The main building is forty feet square, two stories, with stone basement, has three run of burrs, and manufactures good flour to supply custom and local trade. C. F. Bixby came to Kansas in 1870, from Danvers, Essex Co., Mass., locating in Valley Brook Township, four miles southeast of Lyndon, where he has extensive farming interests. Was born in Haverville, Mass., December 5, 1850, removed to Middletown when quite young, and resided there until sixteen years old, and then moved to Danvers, where he learned the shoemaking business in the large establishment of J. Putnam. Is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and Superintendent of Sunday-school.

REV. G. W. BROWNING, pastor of Methodist Episcopal Church, came to Kansas in the fall of 1872, and located in Elk County, where he opened a farm near Elk Falls, remained there three years, and in 1875, entered Baker University, completed the scientific course, graduating in class of 1879; entered Kansas Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church the same year. He was born in Van Buren County, Iowa, February 18, 1847, remained on his father's farm until 1872, when he came to Kansas. Is a member of Euclid Lodge No. 101, A., F & A. M., Lyndon.

DR. R. H. CHITTENDEN, physician and surgeon and United States Medical Examiner, located at Lyndon in the fall of 1879. He was born at Pittsford, near Rochester, N. Y., April 27, 1835, removed to Buffalo when quite young. Removed to McHenry County, Ill., in 1855, and there began the study of medicine, attended lectures at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in 1865-66. Enlisted in Company H, Thirty-sixth Illinois, in August, 1861. After the battle of Pea Ridge went into the Hospital Service, and was in the Medical Director's office. Was mustered in as Hospital Steward of regular army in 1863, after serving one year in the Officer's Hospital at Chattanooga, was mustered out in August, 1864, for disability. In February, 1865, he enlisted in the Seventh United States Veteran Volunteers, and served one year. Graduated from Long Island, Brooklyn, Medical College in 1866. Located in Jones County, Iowa, and practiced in that and Cedar County, until coming to Kansas; located in Lyon County, remained six years until coming to Lyndon. He was married December 27, 1856, at Crystal Lake, Ill., to Miss Maggie F. Mitchell, of Newberg, N. Y. They have five children - Essie, Alida, Maggie, Homer, and Horace W. Was appointed Medical Examiner in 1879. He is a member of the State and District Medical Societies, helped to institute the K. of H. Lodge of Lyndon. Is a member of the A. O. U. W. of Emporia, and of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Lyndon. Is Director of Lyndon Musical Association, organized in August, 1882.

DR. D. D. CHRISTY, Homoeopathic physician and surgeon, located here in 1879, was born in Butler County, Pa., September 7, 1830, resided there about eighteen years. Graduated from Madison, (Ohio) College in 1855. Studied theology in Allegheny Seminary, Pittsburg, and entered the ministry of the United Presbyterian Church. Continued in the ministry until 1856, when he began the study of medicine. Graduated from Cleveland Western Homoeopathic College in 1863, and located in butler, Pa. Located at Girard and remained until coming to Lyndon.

WILLIAM A. COLTERMAN, Clerk of the District Court, came to the State in June, 1870, engaged at his trade, that of a carpenter, until elected to his present position in 1878, which he has filled since. Was born in Sangamon County, Ill., December 10, 1847. In 1864 he enlisted in Company E, One Hundred and Thirty-Third Regiment, and served five months. His education was obtained at Springfield. He was married January 9, 1879, at Osage City, to Mrs. Mary Payne, of Sandusky, Ohio. Is a member of Signal Lodge, A., F. & A. M., Osage City. Is Quartermaster of Lyndon Post, G. A. R.

DAVID F. COON, County Surveyor, dealer in clothing, boots and shoes, etc. Came to this State in 1868, and engaged in farming in Fairfax Township four years, and in teaching in Shawnee County, for about five years, and came to Lyndon in 1877. He was elected County Surveyor in 1876, and with the exception of two years has held the office since. He was born in Lima, Ohio, January 3, 1847. In 1863 he enlisted in Company H, Seventy-fourth Ohio Infantry. Was in Sherman's army. Was mustered out August 15, 1865. He was married January 1, 1868, in Osage County, Kan., to Miss Mamie Hoyt, of Aurora, Ill. They have one child - Grace. Is Junior Vice-Commander of Lyndon Post No. 19, G. A. R., and a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Coon carries a stock of about $3,000, and has the only exclusive stock of the kind in the city.

CHARLES A. COTTRELL, County Clerk, came to the State in 1870, locating near Ottawa. Removed to Arvonia, Osage County, in 1872, and engaged as a railroad agent and in teaching and farming. Was elected County Clerk in November, 1881. Was born in Elkhorn, Walworth Co., Wis., January 21, 1847. When sixteen years of age, entered Olivet College in Eaton County, Mich., and remained four years. Was married October 19, 1868, in Marshall, Mich., to Miss Lavina Baldwin, of that county. Is a member of the Congregational Church.

OLL. C. DEAVER, undertaker and owner of Lyndon cemetery, came to Lyndon in 1871, and engaged in mercantile business until 1873, when he commenced his present business. His store building is 20x42 feet two stories, and was built in 1882. Has a neat residence and a substantial barn. Was born in Wayne county, Ohio, January 19, 1849; in 1868 moved to Zanesville. Was a member of the one hundred-day men during the war. Was married, May 1, 1873, at Lyndon, to Miss Edith B. Johns, of Zanesville, Ohio, and has one child - Helen J. Is Vice-Dictator of K. of H. Lodge, Lyndon. Mr. Deaver is owner of Lyndon cemetery, a beautiful tract of ten acres enclosed by a stone fence, and surveyed with circle in center. His hearse is of oval plate glass, built after the model of Queen City hearse of Cincinnati, built in 1876, at a cost of $400. Mr. Deaver is also a member of the Western Mutual Aid Association of Des Moines, Iowa.

T. E. DEMPSTER, assistant postmaster and abstracter for Fairbanks & Morris, has been with the firm since June 1, 1882; came to Kansas in 1869 and located at Baldwin City. Located at Lyndon in the spring of 1870. Engaged in this trade - that of harness-making - for two years; farmed two years; was appointed Deputy Treasurer in the fall of 1877; remained three years, and was then appointed assistant postmaster. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, February 10, 1851. Enlisted in the Unites States Navy in 1864; shipped at Washington City on board "The Portsmouth" and was afterwards transferred to the "Hudson," in the South Atlantic Squadron stationed at Montevideo, South America. Was discharged in 1867 at Annapolis, Md. Is a member of the A., F. & A. M., I. O. O. F. and G. A. R.

J. R. DREW, Deputy Treasurer, came to this State in May, 1855, and was one of the first settlers in Burlingame. Enlisted in May, 1861, in the Second Kansas and was the with his commands at the battle of Wilson's Creek. After his term of service in the Second, returned home. In September, 1862, enlisted in the Eleventh Kansas and remained with that regiment until 1864, when he was commissioned Second Lieutenant of the Eighteenth United States Colored Infantry. In March, 1865, he was promoted to First Lieutenant, and mustered out February 28, 1866. Was in the battles of Prairie Grove and Nashville. Was Deputy County Treasurer from 1872 to 1876 and re-appointed in 1880. He was born in New York City, January 23, 1836. Was married November 13, 1868, at Leavenworth, Kan., to Miss Sarah E. Preston, one of the pioneers of Kansas. They have five children - Albert, Earnest, Addie, Owen and Leon. Is a member of Burlingame Lodge, No. 14, I. O. O. F., and Lyndon Post, G. A. R.

NATHANIEL D. FAIRBANKS, real estate, loan, abstract and insurance. Established in 1870. Mr. Fairbanks came to this State in 1869, locating here the following year. Is the oldest resident land agent in the county and has loaned over $1,000,000 since coming to this State. He was born in Charleston, Sullivan Co., N. H., September 9, 1827. Resided there until twenty-one, and in 1849 went to California. Remained there ten years engaged in merchandising at Stockton and San Francisco. Returned to New York City in 1859, and in 1862 enlisted in the Fourth New York Cavalry as private; was with his command at the Wilderness, Brandy Station, Front Royal and Petersburg. Was mustered out in 1865, returned to New York and assumed the management of Albramarl Hotel, corner Twenty-fourth Street and Fifth Avenue until coming to Kansas. Was married in 1875, at Ridgeway, to Miss Emily J. Dickinson, a native of New York State. Is a member of Euclid Lodge, No. 101, A., F. & A. M., and President of the Lyndon Savings Bank.

HERBERT GOODMAN, farmer, Section 2, P. O. Lyndon, was born in Sangamon County, Ill., September 10, 1847; son of William Goodman and Georgiana Young. He was brought up on a farm, receiving a good common school education. His patriotism led him to offer his services to the Government and he enlisted, May 4, 1864, in Company E, One Hundred and Thirty-third Regiment, Illinois Infantry, and was discharged in September, 1864, at the expiration of the term of his enlistment; but he re-enlisted in Company A, One Hundred and Forty-ninth Regiment, Illinois Infantry, and was discharged February 6, 1866. He came to the States in 1868; settled in Valley Brook Township. He owns a splendid farm of 320 acres, under good improvement. He was married in Douglas County, Kan., September 27, 1874, to Miss Maggie, daughter of Jackson A. Bell and Susannah Fair. They have four children - Minnie, Pearl, Ida and Nettie. Mr. Goodman is a member of Post No. 19, G. A. R., Lyndon, Kan.

HENRY HEROLD, farmer, Section 34, P. O. Lyndon; was born in Prussia, January 1, 1820; son of Peter Herold and Bene Bornaka; was brought up on a farm. He came to the United States in 1846; settled in Marion County, Mo., on a farm. Soon after the Mexican war made a call for men, and he responded and enlisted in June, 1846, in Company 1, Missouri Cavalry and Light Artillery; participated in the battle of Santa Cruz, and after serving two years he was honorably discharged in October, 1848. He came to Kansas in 1863, settled in Douglas County and in 1869 brought his present farm in Valley Burk township, containing a half Section, which he has improved from the raw prairie. He built a fine stone house in 1881; cost $1,200, and a fine barn at a cost of $1,000. He has 250 acre under plow. He was married in Marion County, Mo., November, 1849, to Theresa Shuler, who died. He was married again December 26, 1860, to Louisa Coleman. He has ten children - David, born February 2, 1855; Christ., born September 14, 1856; William, born May 4, 1858; Mary, born May 14, 1859, died March 10, 1876; George, born October 14, 1862; Bram, born October 13, 1865; Edmund and Otto, born September 16, 1868, Edmund died September 29, 1868; Lydia, born August 22, 1874, died July 8, 1880; and Alfred born August 27, 1876, died December 21, 1876.

JAMES M. HODGEN, Deputy Clerk of District Court and proprietor of Osage County abstract office, also does an insurance, loan and real estate business. He located in Lyndon in May, 1878. Was born in Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Ky., February 7, 1843; resided there until May, 1865, and worked in the county and circuit clerk's office for some four years in that State and then removed to Charlestown, Coles Co., Ill., and lived there until 1874, and then resided in Lincoln, Ill., in the abstract business and served as Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court until May, 1878, and then removed to Lyndon, Kansas.

HORACE W. JENNESS, Register of Deeds, came to this State in 1859, locating in Franklin County, where he operated a saw-mill on Marias Des Cygnes Creek until 1861. He then returned to Illinois, enlisted in 1862, in Rockford, Ill., in Company G, Seventy-fourth Illinois Infantry. Returned to Kansas in 1866 and remained at Ottawa until 1870, when he opened a store at Lyndon. Removed to Carbondale in 1872 and engaged in the livery business in 1881 in co-partnership with J. W. Edgar. He laid off an addition of 450 lots of Carbondale, and is still interested in the town, and owns valuable property there. Was elected Register in 1879 and is now serving his second term. He was married in 1862, in Lindenwood, Ogle Co., Ill., to Miss Ruth E. Gifford, of New York, and has five children - Fred H., Nellie F., William C., Mary E., and Walter A. Is a member of Carbondale Lodge, No. 70, A., F. & A. M., Osage City Chapter, No. 46, and Emporia Commandery, No. 8.

W. A. MADARIS, attorney-at-law, located here in 1876. He was born in Hancock County, Ind., June 6, 1849, where he remained until the spring of 1860, when he removed to Kansas; attended Baker University four years, and was in the junior class when he quit school. Meanwhile he devoted a portion of his time to the study of law. Entering the office of Col. L. C. True, of Chetopa, in 1872, was admitted to the bar in March, 1873, in Labette County, and immediately entered into co-partnership with Mr. True, which continued until 1876. In 1881 he was elected Cashier of the Lyndon Savings Bank, which position he held until December 7, 1882, when he sold his stock, and is now attorney for the bank. Married in September, 1873, at Chetopa, Kan., to Miss Hettie Rathburn, of Steubenville, Ohio. They have four children - Flora, Albert, Allie and Minnie. Is a member of Euclid Lodge, No. 101, A., F. & A. M., Lyndon. Is also a member of the State Bar Association.

R. A. MILLER, senior editor of the Journal, was born in Owen County, Ind., July 22, 1854, and came with his parents to Anderson County, Kan., in 1858, where he lived till they removed to Osage County, in 1869. When the Signal was established he began learning the printers' trade in that office. He was educated at Baker University. He is a member of Euclid Lodge, No. 101, A., F. & A. M., and has served two terms as a member of the Lyndon City Council.

W. F. MILLER, junior editor of the Journal, was born in Putnam County, Ind., May 11, 1856. He removed with his parents to Anderson County, Kan., in 1858, and with them to Osage County in 1869. He learned the printer's trade at Lyndon. He was married November 11, 1879, to Lillie L. Smith of Burlington, Kan. She was born in Missouri. They have one child, named Merle, born December 6, 1881.

GEORGE W. MORRIS, of the firm of Fairbanks & Morris, real estate brokers, loan and insurance agents and examiners of titles. Mr. Morris has been connected with the firm since 1880. He came to Kansas September 11, 1866, and located at Neosho Falls. He resided there until October 1, 1876, attending school and teaching. He then moved to Allen County, and engaged in teaching. He was a successful teacher and held first grade certificates the last five years he taught, but preferred a more remunerative business. He was born in Morgan County, Ohio, May 26, 1853; but after he was two years of age lived in Vermont, Fulton Co., Ill., until coming to Kansas. He was married December 23, 1875, to Miss Effie May Hutton; they have one child - Floyd D., born December 19, 1881. Mr. Morris was elected City Clerk in April, 1882, for Lyndon, and was elected one of the Directors of the Lyndon Savings Bank in January, 1883. He has been a member of temperance organizations since he was sixteen years of age. He commenced teaching at nineteen, and taught seven years.

WARREN W. MORRIS, Deputy County Clerk, came to this State in 1869, locating in Junction Township, Osage County, and engaged in teaching some six years. In 1876 he elected County Superintendent of Schools. Was appointed Deputy Clerk in 1878. He was born in Dearborn County, Ind., July 1840. Attended Moore's Hill, Indiana College. In 1861 enlisted in Company K, Twenty-sixth Indiana; and re-enlisted as veteran in the same Regiment. Was first in southwest Missouri; was at Prairie Grove, Ark.; at the siege of Vicksburg, New Orleans, fall of Mobile, Blakely and Spanish Forts. Was promoted to Orderly Sergeant in 1861, First Lieutenant in 1864 and Captain in 1865. Was adjutant on Gen. McArthur's staff two months; mustered out in 1866. He has been twice married; in May, 1864, to Miss Lucy E. Hamlin, who died in 1870. Was again married, to Miss Sarah E. Logan, in Osage County, in 1872. Is Adjutant of Lyndon Post, No. 19, G. A. R.; also Reporter of Valley Brook Lodge, No. 2,012, K. of H. Is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and Superintendent of the Presbyterian Sunday-school.

JOHN C. RANKIN, County Treasurer, came to Kansas in December, 1865, locating at Lawrence. He remained there until 1869 and came to Osage County, locating at Quenemo, engaged in mercantile business and also carried on farming four miles west of there. Was elected County treasurer in 1879 and re-elected in 1882. He was born in Ripley, Ohio, May 4, 1846; attended school there until sixteen years old, and in 1862 enlisted in Company E, Seventh Ohio, Cavalry. Did service through Kentucky in pursuit of Morgan and Bazil Duke. Participated in the Knoxville fight under Gen. Burnside, then joined the army of the Cumberland at Chattanooga. Was in the Atlanta campaign; came back to Nashville with Gen. Thomas' army. Was with Wilson's Cavalry corps to Eastport, Miss. Raided across Alabama to Macon, Ga.; returned to Nashville and was mustered out in 1865. He attended the State University at Lawrence one year. Was married at Emporia, Kan., January 5, 1871, to Mrs. Mary E. Carpenter, a native of Massachusetts. Is a member of the K. of H., and G. A. R.

F. RINGHISEN, farmer, two and one-half miles east of Lyndon, on Salt Creek; has 400 acres of land; about 200 under cultivation. He has twenty-five to 100 head of cattle and about twenty head of horses. He came to Kansas in the spring of 1872. Was born in Hocking County, Ohio, July 26, 1843. In 1866 moved to Wells County. Enlisted in 1861 in Company F, Fifty-eighth Ohio. Was at Fort Donaldson, Shiloh, Corinth, Vicksburg and Arkansas Post. Was wounded at Milligan's Bend and discharged April, 1863. Was married June 14, 1866, at Logan, Ohio at Catherine Angle. Mr. Ringhisen was one of the original stockholders of Lyndon Savings Bank. Is a member of G. A. R. Post, No. 19.

DR. L. M. ROTH, surgeon and dentist, located here in 1882. Was born in Prospect, Butler Co., Pa., April 13, 1858. Attended Thiel College, Greenville, Pa. and entered the Michigan University, at Ann Arbor, in 1880. Was in the dental department one year and practiced in his native place. Is a member of the Gamma Delta Society.

LEW. SARGENT, Cashier of the Lyndon Savings Bank, came to Kansas in 1878 from Wyoming Territory. Was born in Indianapolis, Ind., October 3, 1847. When seventeen years old moved to Miami County and remained seven years; then went West into California and Wyoming and engaged in mining. He was married in March, 1879, in Lyndon, to Miss Millie Olcott. They have one child - Lloyd. He enlisted in 1864 at Indianapolis as drummer boy in the One Hundred and Thirty-second Indiana Infantry, and served 100 days. Is a member of the Euclid Lodge, No. 101, A., F. & A. M. And G. A. R. of Lyndon.

JOHN H. SOWELL, farmer, Section 22, P. O. Lyndon; was born in Sangamon County, Ill., March 7, 1842; son of Thomas and Theresa Barger Sowell, who descended from a farm and was educated at Virginia College, taking a partial course. He enlisted November 21, 1862, in Company M, Second Colored Cavalry; took part in the following engagements; Lexington, Blue, Independence, Westport, Trading Post, Mine Creek, Drywood, Newtonia and Fayetteville, Mo., and many skirmishes. He was wounded six times. Discharged June 25, 1865; rank of Sergeant. He came to Kansas in 1869, and settled in Valley Brook Township, and owns 240 acres which he has improved. He was married in his native county August 26, 1866, to Miss Margaret L. Post. They have two children - Thomas L., born May 18, 1868; and Charles C., born August 24, 1879. Mr. Sowell is a Master Mason; Royal Arch Mason and Knight Templar.

A. M. STANFIELD, manufacturer of boots and shoes, was born in Jackson County, Ind., October 18, 1834. Came to Kansas in 1871, locating at where he at one time owned valuable property. Was married in 1876, at Hutchinson, Kan., to Miss Captola Wilkinson. They have three children living - Dalbert, Etta and Baby.

J. H. STAVELY, editor of the Leader, was born June 28, 1851, at Mineral Point, Wis. His mother having died in 1858, he removed with his father to Pennsylvania, in February, 1861. He attended the Pennsylvania State University, where he graduated June 3, 1868, as Bachelor of Science. He read law at Pittsburg, and was admitted to the bar December 7, 1872. He removed to Kansas and located at Lyndon, March 15, 1878. In November, 1869, he was elected County Surveyor, and was re-elected in 1881, but soon resigned. In January, 1882, he became sole proprietor of the Leader. He is Vice-President of the Lyndon Savings Bank, and is Secretary of the Republican Central Committee of the county. He has been twice married. First to Pluma Zahniser, of Pittsburg, Pa., on October 24, 1876; she died July 3, 1878. He was married again to Mattie Duff, on January 20, 1881. By his first marriage he had one child, Carrie, born October 11, 1877.

SILAS B. TOWER, was born in Peacham, Caledonia County, Vt., December 22, 1816; when eleven years of age, he moved with his father to Dover, Me. Finished his education at Foxcroft Academy, graduating in 1834. Clerked in Bangor, Me., and in 1839 went to New York, and went into the employ of Arnold, Hern & Co., importers of dry goods, where he remained until 1844. From thence, went to Florida and spent one winter, and then went to New Orleans, St. Louis and Council Bluffs, and clerked on the Mississippi river steamboats seven years. In 1851 he returned to Maine, from there went to Bureau County, Ill., and remained until 1864, in the mercantile business, when he enlisted in Company H, One Hundred and Forty-sixth Illinois Infantry. Was in headquarters department at Quincy until April, 1865, when he returned to Springfield and was discharged May 27, 1865 for disability. Returned to Bureau County, and remained until 1868, when he came to Kansas. He was a delegate to the National Republican Convention, that first nominated Gen. Grant. Is Post Chaplain, G. A. R., Lyndon Post No. 19. He was married in March, 1847, at St. Louis, Mo., to Miss Agnes McKay, a native of Scotland. Is a member of the Presbyterian Church. Served two terms as Mayor, and three terms as Police Judge of Lyndon.

J. T. UNDERWOOD, Deputy Register of Deeds. Came to the State in 1871, from Sangamon County, Ill., and located at Lyndon. Engaged in carpentering and contracting for two years. Was appointed Deputy Sheriff in 1875, and held the position until 1881. In May of that year was appointed to his present position, which he has since held. Was born in Sangamon County, Ill., September 4, 1847. Enlisted in April, 1863 in Company B, Thirtieth Illinois Infantry. Was with the Department of Mississippi that year, and Atlanta campaign of 1864. Was with Sherman's army in their march to the sea. Was wounded at Kennesaw Mountain, and afterwards engaged as clerk in brigade and regimental headquarters, until mustered out in June, 1865. Was married in 1869, at Loami, Ill, to Miss Abbie Kinney, and has three children - Irene, Lucy and Edgar. Is a member of Euclid Lodge No. 101, A., F. & A. M., Lyndon Post, G. A. R.

PROF. JACOBS S. WHITMAN, druggist and apothecary, came to Kansas in 1867, locating at Baldwin City, under the invitation of Baker University of that city. Filled the chair of Natural Science for three years. In 1871, severed his connection with that Institution and removed to Lyndon, teaching the village school for some four years, and accepted a professorship in the State Agricultural College. Occupied the chairs of botany, entomology and geology. After three years with that institution, returned to Lyndon and was re-elected Principal of Lyndon schools for one year. In 1879 was elected County Superintendent of Schools, holding that position until 1881. Since that time has been engaged in mercantile pursuits. In 1882 without his knowledge or consent, was nominated by the Greenback Labor Convention as State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Was born near Pottstown, Pa., September 12, 1829; graduated at Marshall College in 1849. He afterward received honorary degrees from the State University at Pennsylvania, the University of Lewisberg (sic), and a medical college of Cincinnati, Ohio. Prof. Whitman soon attained a wide reputation as an instructor and enthusiastic scientist. For the last nine years of his residence in his native State he was Professor of Natural Science in the Agricultural College, Pennsylvania, and much of the time was Vice-President, and at one time served as President. On coming West he brought with him the largest and best collected cabinet of rocks, fauna, and flora, that has ever been seen in the Western country, the accumulation of years of patient research, which now remains in Baker University, a lasting monument to his masterly attainments as a votary of science.

O. C. WILLIAMS, farmer, five miles south of Lyndon. Has 1,100 acres, 500 acres under cultivation. Feeds from 100 to 300 head of cattle. Located in the State in 1858, in Johnson County; came to Osage County in 1870. Was born in Onondaga County, N. Y., April 23, 1844. When eight years of age moved to Medina County, Ohio, where he resided five years; was elected President of Lyndon Savings Bank, January 9, 1882. Married October 4, 1868, in Johnson County, Kan., to Miss Mary E. Brown, a native of Illinois.

L. T. WILSON, attorney-at law, was born near Muncie, Ind., September 23, 1845. Attended Muncie high school; entered Lebanon College, Ohio, in 1868, and graduated in 1871. Began the study of law in the office of Judge Joseph S. Buckles of Muncie, and was admitted to the bar in August, 1874. Enlisted in the Eight-fourth Indiana Infantry as drummer boy in 1862, served three years, being with his regiment at Chickamauga, Nashville and Franklin, and was mustered out in June, 1865. He was on of the Journal clerks of the Legislature in 1872. Was married May 10, 1877, at Muncie, Ind., to Miss Clara Riddle of Muncie, and has two (sic) children: Alice, Edna and Mary Ribble. Is a member of the I. O. O. F. Encampment.

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