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On the C. B. M. P. Railway, one hundred miles west of Atchison and fifteen miles southwest of Marysville, the county-seat, may be found located on the south bank of the Little Blue River, the city of Waterville, situated on a gentle slope reaching back from the river and bounded on the west and north by large groves of timber. This point, for a location of a town site, could not have more appropriately been made in that vicinity.

The first settler who located near the present town site of Waterville, was Stearnes Ostrander, early in the spring of 1857. He was followed during the same year by some half-dozen settlers, who located on Coon Creek, a short distance from Waterville. Among them were Ralph Ostrander, P. Bollar, R. Brown, T. Palmer, H. Brown. In the spring of 1858, William Pearson, William Hawkinsmith, John Hughes, W. Dickinson, H. Brainer and Mrs. A. Davis located in the vicinity. During the same year, 1858, Stephen Moore settled on the Little Blue. In 1859, J. L. McChesney, P. Cassey and others came in and took up claims.

The first mill erected in Waterville and vicinity was built in 1858 by William Pearsoll. The mill was built on the site of the present flour mill, at a place then known as Cedar Falls. Pearsoll's mill was built on the "combination plan" and used as both a saw and grist mill. The saw consisted of the "Mulley" patent and the grinding apparatus had a capacity of a few bushels per day. The mill has long since disappeared.

The melancholy death of Stephen Moore occurred in 1861. Moore, who was returning from Marysville one bitter, cold night, got separated from his companions and did not reach home. Early the next morning a party was organized and a vigorous search instituted. He was at last found near the mouth of Fawn Creek, sitting upright against a tree -- frozen to death.

Pioneer society in these days was rough, and this vicinity did not constitute an exception. Dancing seemed to be the favorite amusement. No dance could take place without the usual amount of whisky to keep up the enthusiasm of the dancers.

The original owner of the land on which the town site of Waterville is now located, was David C. King, who subsequently conveyed it to G. H. Hollenberg; Hollenberg conveyed it to William Osborn, who transferred the title to R. M. Pomeroy and others, who made a conveyance to the Central Branch Railroad Company.

In February, 1868, the town site was surveyed by O. B. Gunn, then Chief Engineer of the C. B. U. P. Henry Agle bought the first Waterville lot and erected the first house in town.

During the spring of 1868, Messrs. Hutt, Niggley, Peters, McCubbin, Fratour, Newell and others built business houses. In 1869, the town grew rapidly. In 1870, doubled in size, business and population.

W. P. McCubbin occupied a building as store moved from Marysville by J. Samuels, in the spring of 1868. The first birth occurring on the town site was that of Frank, a son of J. C. Peters, who was born October 6, 1869. This birth was preceded by the marriage of John Dunbar and Miss Hurd, October, 1868, the ceremony being performed by C. F. Thorndyke, Justice of the Peace. The first death was that of Mrs. James Hurd, in August, 1869.


July 30, 1870, Waterville was incorporated in accordance with the State law that made it a town or village. A. Fromm was elected the first President of the Village Board. In accordance, by an act passed by the State Legislature, Waterville became a city of the third class in April, 1871, and has since retained its organization as such. The following is the official roster of the town:

Mayor. -- 1871-5, James P. Burtis; 1876, F. Mills; 1877, S. S. Altschul; 1878, N. B. Thompson; 1879, J. P. Burtis; 1880-2, J. W. Sharrard.

Councilmen. -- 1871, M. J. Scott, W. Haskell, A. Simis, Jr., H. Zeller, J. Flannery; 1872-3, N. M. Hinman, M. J. Scott, J. C. Peters, A. Simpson, A. Simis; 1874, J. O. Flannery, C. L. Burtis, S. S. Altschul, W. L. Woodford; 1876, W. L. Woodford, M. J. Scott, M. Miburger, G. Thedick, H. W. Pierson; 1877, W. L. Woodford, H. W. Pierson, N. B. Thompson, J. J. Scott, W. H. Barton, J. D. Flannery, H. E. Cowgill, C. F. Scouten, S. M. Hurlbert; 1880, G. Stevenson, C. F. Scouten, J. J. Sproul, G. H. Hall, M. J. Scott; 1881, M. J. Scott, G. Stevenson, Sr., C. F. Scouten, George Hall, J. J. Sproul; 1882, C. F. Scouten, g. S. Hall, M. J. Scott, T. B. Powers, J. J. Sproul.

Police Judge. -- 1871-3, F. Spaulding; 1874-5, J. W. Sharrard; 1876-9, A. G. Mudgett; 1880-2, T. Breckinbridge.

Clerk. -- 1871, J. T. Saxton; 1872-3, Robert Campbell; 1874-7, W. P. Mudgett; 1878, J. W. Sharrard; 1879, W. P. Mudgett; 1880-1, E. A. Berry; 1882, J. M. Searles.

Treasurer. -- 1871, W. Haskell; 1872-3, H. Zeller; 1874, C. L. Burtis; 1875-7, W. L. Woodford; 1878, W. J. Rommel; 1879, H. E. Cowgill; 1880-2, G. S. Hall.

Marshall. -- 1872-3, J. Zise; 1874, F. Mills; 1875, C. F. Scouten; 1876, C. H. Woodford; 1877, J. W. Hutt; 1878, S. L. McComb; 1879, A. Alexander; 1880-1, W. R. Wilson; 1882, A. Kunz.


The educational interests were looked after soon after the location of the town. In the summer of 1869 a school was taught by Miss F. Hartwell, in a building known as the Lutheran Church. In the winter of 1869-70, a frame schoolhouse was erected at cost of $1,500. G. B. Vroom being the first teacher. He was succeeded by Mr. Grigg in in 1872. During the same year a new schoolhouse was built, 40z50 feet, two stories with basement; four rooms. The building, the finest in that part of the county, was built of limestone, at a cost of $12,000. J. Potter was the first principal in the new building, and was succeeded in order mentioned by Messrs. Winans, Sanders, Stanley, Winans, Holland and Van Vliet, who is the present incumbent.

Methodist Episcopal Church. -- Services were held by the Methodist persuasion as early as 1868, when they used the railroad depot. In the winter of 1868, Rev. M. D. Tenny organized a church with nine members, among whom were J. D. Farwell, W. L. Johnson, M. T. Bennett, J. W. Pierce, and their wives. For the first two years meetings were held in the depot, railroad coaches and grain houses. In the summer of 1871 a church edifice, 36z 70 feet, was erected, at a cost of $600. Rev. M. Spencer officiated as the first regular pastor until 1871, when he was succeeded, in the order mentioned, by Revs. J. M. Sullivan, Ex. Gov. N. Green, R. Wake, W. R. Kister, and by the present incumbent, Rev. S. Brooks, who has charge of a denomination numbering sixty-one members.

Waterville Baptist Church was organized in the fall of 1873, by Rev. W. A. Briggs, of Blue Rapids, with fifteen members. A brick edifice, 32x42 feet, was completed in 1877, at a cost of $1,500. Rev. W. A. Briggs, officiated until 1880, since which time the church has had no regular pastor.

Sutton Lodge, No. 85, A. F. & A. M., ws instituted under dispensation June 1, 1870; A charter was granted October 1870. Following were the first officers: Edward A. Berry, W. M.; W. E. Johnson, S. W.; W. P. Mudgett, J. W.; F. Spaulding, Treas.; F. Leach, S. D.; J. D. Farwell, J. D.; G. B. Vroom, Sec'y.

Present officers: J. W. Sharrard, W. M.; J. A. Thompson, S. W.; J. C. Dickey, J. W.; F. E. Thompson, Treas.; J. Van Allen, S. D.; W. F. Kunz, J. D.; J. E. Wilson, Sec'y. Present membership, thirty-seven. Meetings are held on the first and third Saturdays of each month, at Masonic and Odd Fellows' Hall.

Pawnee Lodge, No. 108, I. O. O. F., was instituted under a charter October 15, 1873, with the following charter members: S. M. Wilhite, George Bancroft, F. Damour, J. W. Sharrard, R. Smith, A. H. Snyder. First officers: A. J. Johnson, N. G.; George Bancroft, V. F; J. W. Sharrard, Sec'y; F. Damour, Treas.

Present officers: J. R. Edwards, N. G.; J. W. Furr, V. G.; S. W. Hurlbert, Sec'y; J. W. Sharrard, Treas. Present membership, thirty-eight. Meetings are held on Thurdday evening of each week in the Masonic and Odd Fellows' Hall.

Waterville Lodge, No. 57, A. O. U. W., was instituted under a charter granted September 6, 1880. Following were the charter members and first officers: G. S. Hall, P. M. W.; H. E. Parmenter, M. W.; H. Humfreville, Fin.; C. F. Scouten, O.; A. Kunz, Rec.; F. Gaver, F.; F. H. Bancroft, R.; W. R. Wilson, G.; T. Dockerty, I. W. ; F. Pieral, O. W.

Present officers: H. Humpreville, P. M. W.; C. F. Scouten, M. W.; J. W. Cowgill, F.; L. E. Weaver, O.; T. B. Powers, R.; Robert Campbell, Rec.; H. E. Parmenter, F.; W. R. Wilson, G.; P. A. Miller, I. W.; L. Kunz. O. W. Present membership, thirty-four. Meetings are held on the second and forth Saturday evenings of each month, in the Masonic and Odd Fellows' Hall.

Star Legion, N. 12, S. K. of A. O. U. W., was organized under a charter September 12, 1881. Following were the charter members and first officers: H. Humfreville, S. C.; G. S. Hall, V. C.; J. W. Cowgill, L. C., T. B. Powers, Rec.; George Stevenson, Jr., Treas.; A. Kunz, R. T.; F. Nugent, Ch.; C. F. Scouten, S. V.; W. R. Wilson, S. W. Same officers were re-elected in 1882. Present membership, twenty-two. Regular meetings are held on the first and third Friday evenings of each month, in Masonic and Odd Fellows' Hall.

Waterville Cornet Band. -- One of the first musical organizations organized west of Atchison, was incorporated in the spring of 1872 under the name of the "Waterville Brass Band," by Prof. J. Walters, with eleven members. In 1876 the organization disbanded. In December, 1879, the band was re-instituted under the leadership of A. H. Carr, with eleven members. Prof. Carr was succeeded in March, 1881, by C. F. Stanley, who remained leader until June, 1882, when he was succeeded by Prof. J. F. Kohler. The band is in a prosperous condition under its present leader.

The Cemetery Association was incorporated March, 1870, with a capital stock of $400. A tract of forty acres was purchased one and one-half miles north of the city, and improvements made. The society is in a prosperous condition under the management of J. D. Flannery, President, and G. W. Filley, Treasurer and Secretary.


The Waterville Telegraph was established by Frank A. Root, now of the Gunnison Review, of Gunnison, Col. The first number was issued January 1, 1870. Mr. Root continued to publish the paper till August 5, 1870, when West E. Wilkinson, now of the Seneca Courier, became a partner. On the first of January, 1871, F. G. Adams and W. P. Campbell, recently of the Wamego Tribune, succeeded Root& Wilkinson in the management of the Telegraph. In February, 1871, Campbell sold his interest to E. N. Emmons, who, with Judge Adams, controlled the paper till January 26, 1872, when Thomas Hughes, now Postmaster at Albuquerque, New Mexico, became a partner. On the 30th of August, 1872, Adams & Hughes sold out to A. M. Baker, now deceased. On the 13th of June, 1873, W. P. Campbell purchased the paper from Baker, conducting it till April 1, 1875, when W. H. Smallwood purchased an interest. On the 4th of August, 1875, Mr. Campbell sold his interest to O. M. Osborn. Smallwood & Osborn continued the publication of the Telegraph until December 17, 1875, when Mr. Campbell again came into the ownership of the paper and continued to publish it till March 30, 1877, when it was sold to J. W. Sharrard & Co., who sold the material to J. E. Reece & Co. They changed the name of the paper to the Blue Valley Telegraph, and also its politics, which had always been firmly Republican, to Democratic. In September, 1879, D. F. Stanley purchased the material of the office, of Reece & Co., and changed the name back to the Waterville Telegraph, and also ran it as a Republican journal until December, 1880, when H. C. Willson bought his interest, and is the present editor and proprietor. The Telegraph, as now managed, is a neat seven-column folio, Republican in politics, and devoted to home interests.

The Postoffice was established in 1868, George Hutt acting as Postmaster. He was succeeded in 1869 by C. H. Phillips, who remained in office until May, 1880. Mr. Phillips was succeded by the present incumbent, J. C. Dickey. In 1873, the office was created an office of the third class, and retained that distinction until 1875, when it was changed into an office of the forth class. In 1878 it was re-instituted as an office of the third class. In August, 1870, it was made a Money Order office. The office is now one of the two Presidential postoffices in the county.

Lick House -- The first hotel in Waterville was the Eagle House, erected in the spring of 1868 by Henry Agle. During the same year the "Bay State House" was erected by August Fromm, who leased it to W. W. Smith. Smith ran it but a short time, when F. G. Adams leased the building for one year. Mills and Hinman then purchased the building, and changed the name to its present applellation, "Lick House." A short time afterwards, a Mrs. Brown purchased Hinman's interest, and the hotel was run under the ownership of Mills and Brown for two years, when Mills became sole proprietor, and operated it until 1878, then leased it to W. H. Trusdale, who controlled it until 1880, since which time W. W. Smith has been manager.

Bank of Waterville. -- A private banking institution was established December 1, 1880, by S. T. Powell, in the building now occupied by him. The bank uses the McNeal & Arban safe, with the Yale time lock, and is supplied with modern banking conveniences.


The Riverside Mills, located on the Little Blue, one-half mile from the business portion of the town, was erected in 1873-4, by R. M. Howard. The building was constructed of stone, four stories and has five run of burrs. Soon after the completion of the mill, Messrs. Moore and Greenman purchased an interest. In 1875, Mr. Howard sold his interest to E. T. Durant. In 1876, through financial difficulties, the mill was involved until 1889, when M. E. Moore purchased the entire interest and is the present proprietor.

Cigar Factory. -- The manufacture of cigars was commenced in August, 1882, by G. C. Martin, who makes as a favorite brand the "Little Blue."

Elevator. -- In the summer of 1870, the present city elevator was built by Messrs. Johnson & Haskell, the original building being 24x80 feet, erected at a cost of $3,500. In 1874, under the management of Johnson & Brydges, an addition was made, 18x80 feet. During the fall of the same year they sold their interest to Burtis, Peters & Flannery. In 1875, Mr. Flannery withdrew his interest, leaving Messrs. Burtis & Peters sole proprietors. In 1876, G. S. Hall purchased Burtis' interest, and since that time the elevator has been managed under the firm name of Peters & Hall. In 1879, the railroad company needing more room for their tracks, a portion of the building, 20x42 feet, was removed, leaving the present size 42x60 feet.


H. C. BECKWITH, telegraph operator, was born in Canisteo, N. Y., November 28, 1845. Learned telegraphy in his native town and took charge of the Western Union office at that place. Emigrated to Waterville, Kan., and on December 29, 1879, took charge of the office of the C. B. division of the M. P. R. R. at that town. He was married in Canisteo, N. Y. July 23, 1867, to Miss. Augustine Bennett. Their children are -- Alonzo, born September 7, 1874; Mary, July 10, 1877. Mr. Beckwith is a member of the S. K. Degree, A. O. U. W.

F. DAMOUR, M. D., was born February 17, 1831, and came to the United States from Switzerland in 1839, with relatives, who located in Galena, Ill. In 1850, moved to California, and until 1854 was engaged in gold mining. In the winter of 1860-61, was a student in the Medical College University of the Pacific, and in 1865, graduated from the Toland Medical College, of San Francisco. Also has a diploma from the Jefferson Medical College, of Philadelphia. In 1837, '68 and 69, was a doctor by contract in the United States Army. Came to Waterville in 1870, from Arizona via California. He is proprietor of a house known as the "Linn Drug Store," where he has his office.

M. DELANEY, grocer, was born in Lockport, N. Y., September 3, 1851. Emigrated to Canada, thence to Michigan, Illinois and Missouri, and in 1865 settled in Lawrence, Kan. The next year, however, he moved to Waterville; engaged in farming until 1874, when he began business as a clerk, continuing until 1879, when eh bought a stock of groceries, and has been in the business since. By close of application, coupled with an unusual amount of energy, he has been enabled to secure a competence. He has a very fine store, a large stock of fine, fresh groceries, and does a large business. He was married in Waterville, April 29, 1880, to Miss Lillie Winterbottom. They have one child -- Frederick George, born April 1, 1881. Mr. Delaney is a member of the Masonic fraternity and the I. O. O. F.

GEORGE W. FILLEY, furniture dealer, was born in Connecticut, June 4, 1832. Removed to Massachusetts, and learned the wagon-makers' trade. Enlisted in Huntington, Mass., October, 1861, as musician in the First Cavalry of that State, Company H. After the war, worked for the Florence Sewing Machine Company, at Northampton. In 1866, came to Kansas and worked at the carpenter trade. Went to the Black Hills in 1879. Returning, he began trade as a dealer in furniture, and is still in the business. He is a Mason, and was the first candidate raised to the sublime degree of Master in Waterville Lodge; was W. M. of the lodge two years, and has held every office in the lodge. Was married in May 1858, at Chesterfield, Mass., to Miss Cordelia Pomeroy. Children are -- Mary Ellen, born May 27, 1861; Charles H., born August 12, 1866.

FRANK GLASER, merchant, was born in Germany in the year 1852. Came to America with his parents the same year, and settled in New Orleans. Removed first to St. Louis, thence toe Madison County, Ill. In 1869, came to Waterville, Kan., and engaged in the trade with a stock of general merchandise. He is still in business at that place, and is doing well. He is one of the largest dealers in butter and eggs in Northern Kansas. Mr. Glaser began business without capital, and has won a competence. Is doing business in his own store, 28x52 feet, two stories high, and has a large stock of goods, all paid for. This shows what grit and application to business in the great State of Kansas can do. He was married, October 19, 1869, to Miss Maggie Harmon. Children -- Emma M., born September 16, 1871; Lillie M., October 14, 1873; Maple, February 3, 1875. Is a member of A. O. U. W.

D. W. HUMFREVILLE, M. D., born in Darke County, Ohio, January 28, 1843. At three years of age his family moved to Piqua, Miami County, where he was raised. First learned drug business, then became medical student, and had been reading two years at the outbreak of the war. Immediately enlisted, and served until the fall, and came home and continued reading medicine, and finally graduated, March 1, 1864, from the Ohio Medical College, Cincinnati. Entered the army again at once as Assistant Surgeon of the Ninety-forth Ohio, and served until the close of the war. Joined the army at Chattanooga; went with Gen. Sherman from Atlanta to the sea, and through the Carolinas to Richmond,. Going home, he located at Union City, Ind., and practiced until 1874, when he removed to Waterville, Kan., where he has been ever since, having a large business. He is Examining Surgeon of the United States. He was married at Union City, December 31, 1867, to Miss Elinor Goode. Children are -- William G., born January 19, 1869; D. Louis, December 19, 1874; Lillian, February 21, 1881.

B. F. JACOBS, farmer, P. O. Waterville, was born in Rockingham County, Va., February 20, 1828. Moved from there to Johnson County, Iowa, in 1866. In the fall of 1861, enlisted in the United States Army, in Company F., Fourteenth Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and in March, 1863, was discharged. Again enlisted, in Company B, Ninth Cavalry, and went out as first lieutenant. Remained in service until the close of the war, when he returned to Johnson County, Iowa, where he remained until 1871, when he emigrated to Marshall County, Kan., where he has remained ever since, and now holds the office of Justice of the Peace. Married in Agusta County, Ve., March 26, 1851, to Jane McCutchon, and has three children -- Samuel, aged thirty; Florence, twenty-six; Fanny, twenty-four.

M. NIGGLY, real estate dealer, was born in Schweizerland, September 2, 1839; enlisted in the Fifteenth Missouri Volunteer Infantry in 1861, as Sergeant of Company C, and served three years and two months, when he was discharged at the expiration of his term of service; again enlisted for six months as United States carpenter; was wounded at the battle of Chickamauga, being his fourth battle. The first engagement in which Mr. Niggly took part ws the battle of Pea Ridge, and the third Stone River. Entered into business in Atchison, Kan., in 1865. In 1868 settled in Waterville, and began business as a grocer, remaining in business until 1880, when he retired, and has since been engaged in looking after his large real estate interests in the country, and in the town of Waterville. He was married in Waterville, April 2, 1872, to Miss Fanny Richner. They have one child -- Laura, born September 7, 1879.

H. E. PARMENTER AND KUNZ BROS., A. and W. F. The first named gentleman was born in Massachusetts in 1844, moved from there to Jefferson County, N. Y., with his parents in 1856; emigrated to Waterville, Marshall Co., Kan., in 1878, and engaged in the jewelry business. He is a member of the A. O. U. W. Albert, is a member of the firm of Kunz Bros., was born in New York City, in 1858; moved to Waterville, Marshall Co., Kan., in 1870, and with his brother W. F., established a drug house in this town in 1878, and he has remained in this business ever since. He is a member of the A. O. U. W. and Select Knights. W. F. was born in New York City in 1856. He moved to Waterville, Marshall Co., Kan., in 1869, and engaged in business with his brother on the above date. He is a member of the A. O. U. W. and Select Knights. Albert has held the office of Constable and City Marshal.

J. C. PETERS, grocer, was born in Saxony, Germany, on the 6th of February, 1835. He came to America, March 1, 1854. First settled at Cleveland, Ohio, and worked at the trade of baker. From thence he went to Painesville, Ohio, in 1855, and remained there until 1857, thence to Iowa and Kansas in 1858. Settled in Atchison, and remained there until the spring of 1868, when he removed to Waterville, in Marshall County, and entered business as a grocer. He helped organize the township of Waterville, and was first Treasurer of the same. Was director of the public school for two terms. He belongs to the Turner Society of Atchison. Was married in Painesville, Ohio in 1858, to Miss F. Voelker. Children -- Anna L., born August 3, 1859; Albert C., July 2, 1863; Oscar H., October, 1867; Frank, October 4, 1869. All his children were born in Kansas.

WILLIAM J. ROMMEL, druggist, was born August 13, 1850, in Missouri. Attended school in St. Louis in 1865 and 1866. Was a student in the St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 1867, 1868 and 1869. Went to St. Joseph, where remained for six months. In 1870 removed to Doniphan County, Kan., remaining there until 1876, when he came to Waterville, and began business there as a druggist. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. Was married May 15, 1876, to Miss Catherine Quandt. Children -- Hannah J., born July 15, 1877; Otto H. born in 1879, and Lina, born December 23, 1881.

J. M. SEARLES, attorney, was born in Barry, Barry Co., Mich., July 12, 1850. Attended school in his native State, and attended law school at Ann Arbor, Mich., in 1870 and 1871; studied law in Grand Rapids, Mich.; was admitted as an attorney and counsellor at law in 1876, and practiced in that city until 1878, when he removed to Kansas and settled at Waterville. He is a member of the Masonic Order; was married in 1872, to Alice E. Scott. His wife falling into decline, he came to the western county for the benefit of her health, but she could not recover. After her death he was again married to Addie E. Clark, of Irving. One child of his first wife -- Emma L., aged nine years, and two of the second -- M. J., aged two years, and Josephine H., aged six months, constitute his family.

J. W. SHARRARD, of the firm of Sharrard & Searles, agricultural implements and windmills, was born in Camillus, Onondaga Co., N. Y. At the age of seven years emigrated to Wisconsin. In 1853 went to Canada. Married there Maria Bentley, in 1857, who died in 1861, leaving one child -- Hattie, who was born May 28, 1859. In 1862 he married Carrie Martin. Returned to Wisconsin in 1863, where his wife, Carrie, died in February 1868, leaving Lester, born January 14, 1866. He married Louise, Martin, July, 1868, in Brooklyn, N. Y., by whom he had four children -- Carrie, born July 24, 1869; Grace, born February 7, 1871; Kate, born September 29, 1872; George, born October 30, 1878. Removed to Kansas in 1870. Opened a farm, rented it, and came to Waterville in 1871; ran a meat market, supplying Waterville and Blue Rapids. Was elected Justice of the Peace in 1877, which office he held till 1882, and ran in connection with real estate, loan, collection and insurance until 1876, when he opened an agricultural implement house, and is still in that business, having added windmills, wagons and buggies. He was elected Mayor of Waterville in the spring of 1880, and holds that office yet. Is Treasurer of Pawnee Lodge, I. O. O. F., and Master of Sutton Lodge, No. 85, A. F. & A. M.

HON. W. W. SMITH, attorney-at-law, was born in Tariffville, Hartford County, Conn., June 17, 1839. Removed with his parents to Massachusetts, where he lived until 1868, when he came to Marshall County, and located in Waterville. He enlisted in the Union army on the 22nd day of April, 1861, Company C, Seventeenth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. In May, 1861, was promoted to First Lieutenant of the company. Was successively promoted to the offices of Captain, Major and Lieutenant-Colonel. Was mustered out of service as Lieutenant-Colonel in July, 1865. Studied law and practiced in Marshall County. In 1878 was elected a member of the State Legislature, serving with distinguished ability. Was married on the 26th day of May, 1880, to Mrs. Mary E. Wilcox, at Waterville, Kan. Is proprietor of the Lick House, the leading hotel in town. Is a Mason.

MRS. P. SPRAGUE, proprietress of the village hotel, was born in Steuben County, N. Y., and moved from there to Jordan, N. Y., thence to Adrian, Mich., and then returned to Steuben County, N. Y. In September, 1870, came to Marshall County, Kan. In 1877 built the village hotel in Waterville, and is now with her daughter running a first-class house, and said house being located southwest of the station building on the central branch of the Union Pacific. Mrs. Strague was married in Steuben County, N. Y., May 7, 1855, and has one child -- Florence A., born March 27, 1858.

GEORGE H. TITCOMB, farmer, P. O. Waterville, was born in Boston, Mass., April 24, 1836. In May, 1861, he came to Marshall County, Kan., where he has remained ever since, except the time he was in the U. S. Army. He enlisted in July, 1862, in Company K, Ninth Kansas Volunteer Cavalry; was discharged in July, 1865, when he returned to Marshall County. He owns a farm three-quarters of a mile from Waterville, Marshall County, Kan. He was elected Justice of the Peace in February, 1882.

HENRY C. WILLSON, editor of the telegraph, was born in Canada, June 18, 1847; learned the trade of printing, and followed it as a business until December, 1880, when he purchased the Telegraph, a paper published at Waterville, Kan., of C. F. Stanley, and has been publishing the paper since with eminent success. The paper is a live journal of local news, and deserves the whole patronage of the community. It is under his skillful management, rapidly increasing in circulation and influence. If the people of Waterville patronize him as they ought, he will do much for the improvement of the town and the education of the people. He was married in Canada in 1880, to Miss Louisa Gullock. They have one child -- Lewis, aged one year. Mr. Willson belongs to the Masonic fraternity, having attained to the R. A. and K. T. degrees.

W. L. WOODFORD, merchant, was born in Washington County, Ohio, March 26, 1826. Farmed Ohio until December, 1865, when he moved to Kansas, settling in Atchison county; again began farming and stock raising. Removed to Marshall County in 1869, and engaged in the same business until 1874, when he sold his farm, removed to Waterville, and began business as a merchant. In the year 1875 built a stone business house 22x60 feet, and two storied high. He is still in the same business. In 1877 he built a store in Greenleaf, stocked it with merchandise, and started his two sons in business. Was married March 21, 1852, in Franklin County, Ind., to Elizabeth Points. They have five children -- Charles H., born December 8, 1852; Clark L., January 20, 1854; Seth, July 27, 1857; Dudley, September 1, 1859, and Winnie, March 23, 1869. Mr. Woodford was in the Union army during the war, serving as First Lieutenant in Company I, One Hundred and Forty-eight Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

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