William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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PROF. H. P. ALEXANDER, principal-of the Marysville schools, was born in Huntingdon County, Pa., in 1846. Was educated at Lewisburg University, going out of the institution in 1859. He was also a student at the Millersburg (Pa.) Normal School, graduating from that school in 1864. He began teaching in Bareville, Pa., in 1859, and alternated teaching with his Normal course. He next taught at Service, in his native State, from 1866 to 1873, and was County Superintendent at the same time. In 1873, he removed to Marysville, and has been principal of these schools ever since, winning an honorable place among the teachers of the State. Mr. A. served three months in the Fifty-eighth Pennsylvania Volunteers, Company E. He is a member of the A. O. U. W. Was married December 25, 1863, in Green Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, by D. James Clark, to Miss Hattie Kunkel. Children: Mary J., aged fourteen years; H. Bessie, eleven years; Minnie A., nine years; Maggie B., six years; Mattie O., one and a half years.

ALVIN ARAND is a native of the Czar's empire. He was born in Muhehausen, Thueringen, Russia, on April 5, 1836. Was educated in Germany, and learned the business of manufacturing woolen goods. Came to America in 1854 and in 1861 enlisted in the army for three months' service, in Company B, of the Ninth Ohio Infantry, re-enlisting for three years on the 27th day of May. Served out his enlistment. After the war, settled at Vevay, Ind., and on March e, 1866, married Phoebe Teppe. They have children -- Frank, born January 27, 1877; Charles, December 23, 1869; Nettie, July 23, 1879. He belongs to the Marshall County Legion, Masonic fraternity, and A. O. U. W.

W. H. ARMSTRONG, County Clerk, was born at Carrollton, Green Co., Ill., in 1842, and is now forty years old, and continued to live there until 1861, when he enlisted in Company A of the Sixty-first Illinois Volunteer Infantry, as private. His first battle was Shiloh, April 6 and 7, 1862; soon after he was promoted to the office of lieutenant. He was made captain in 1862, and commanded the company until mustered out of service. He served three years and ten months in all, winning an honorable record as a soldier. After the war, he settled in Lafayette County, Wis., and was elected Clerk of the District Court in 1868. In 1872, was elected Representative to the State Legislature. He is a member of Masonic fraternity, having attained to the degrees of R. A. and K. T. Mr. Armstrong moved from Wisconsin to Irving, in Marshall County in the spring of 1876. He was elected to the office of County Clerk in 1879, and re-elected in 1881. He is a man of large means, liberal opinions and actions, and has an honorable record as an officer and a man.

M. BARLOW, merchant, is a native of the Green Isle, being born at Roscommon, Ireland, in 1842. He emigrated to the land of the free in 1850. Settled first in Connecticut. Served in the Union army during the war. In 1870, came to Marysville, and began trade as a merchant, carrying general stock. Mr. Barlow was married in January, 1868, to Tillie J. Wright, of Omaha, Neb. They have one child, Mina, born September 15, 1868. Is a member of I. O. O. F.

WILLIAM BECKER, editor of the Marysville Post, was born in Fritzlar, Hessia, Germania, January 13, 1838. In 1849, removed with his parents to Hamburg; in 1859, entered the Hessian army in the First Regiment of Hussars; served until August, 1862, when he returned to Hamburg, where he lived until 1866, when he came to the United States. Settled first at Chicago, but came, in 1869 to Sabetha, Kan. In 1880, removed to Marysville, where he now resides. Mr. Becker is an experienced newspaper man, and edited with distinguished ability at Marysville, and in 1882, also became editor of the Marshall County Democrat, also published at the same place -- both papers having a wide and large circulation. The Post is sent to every postoffice in Kansas, to all parts of the United States and Germany. The Democrat is the only Democratic paper published in Marshall County. Mr. Becker was married in this country, May 18, 1869, at Joliet, Ill., to Miss Mary Christine Kaffer, but soon after the marriage the wife was stricken, and died August 3, 1873. He was married again, March 26, 1874, to Miss Mary Elconore O'Mara. There were two children from his first wife -- Lucy, born April 11, 1870 and Florence, born January 28, 1872; the latter died October 2, 1879. With his present wife he has four children -- Dorethea, born July 8, 1875; Agathe, born July 9, 1877; Jeanette, born April 9, 1879, and William John Theodore, born May 9, 1880.

CHARLES E. BENDEL, cigar manufacturer, was born in Dayton, Ohio, December 28, 1852. In 1857, removed to Marshall County, Kan. Commenced business as a cigar manufacturer in 1879. Is proprietor of Factory N. 256, District of Kansas, Employs four hands. Has a fine trade through Western Kansas and Nebraska. Was married, June 21, 1879. Has two children -- Katie, born May 21, 1880; George, born June 21, 1881. Is a member of I. O. O. F.

DR. W. F. BOYAKIN is one of the solid men of Marshall County. He was born in Anson County, N. C., in May, 1807. Attended Mary College, Tennessee, and graduated in 1826. Studied law with Gov. Bramlette and James K. Polk, afterwards the thirteenth President of the United States. Began practice in 1827, at Pulaski, Ciles Co., Tenn., his partner being Aaron B. Brown, afterwards Postmaster General during the administration of President Polk, the style of the firm being Brown & Boyakin. After practicing law for a few years, studied medicine, graduating from the Transylvania (Ky.) University in 1832. Settled in Jacksonville, Ill., in 1834, and remained in the practice there until 1868, when he came to Marshall County, settling there in 1869, and has practiced his profession there since. Was elected County Superintendent of Public Instruction in 1878 and 1880. During the time he resided in Illinois, traveled in South America, California, and Oregon. Dr. Boyakin is a Royal Arch Mason, and a member of the I. O. G. T. He is a gentleman of talent, fine education, and genial manners. The people of Marshall County honor themselves more than him by electing him to office.

DAVID CRAIK, farmer, P. O. Oketo, was born in England March 5, 1825. In 1850 he came to America; is a brickmaker, but is now engaged in farming. First settled at Galena, Ill. In 1871 came to Kansas, and lived for a year in Washington County. In 1872 settled ten miles northeast of Marysville on a splendid half section of land, which is now a grand, food farm. In 1882 built a fine residence. Is a progressive farmer, and good citizen. Was married October 18, 1855, and has eleven children -- David, James, Leulla, Emma, Orpha, Joseph, Lionel, Agnes, Charles, Frank and Florence (twins) and Jessie.

WILLIAM DOUGHERTY, builder, was born in Ireland, November 28, 1836, and came to America May 5, 1868, first locating in Cleveland, Ohio, and in March, 1871, moved to Marshall County, Kan., and in 1879 first located in the town of Marysville, and commenced the business of contractor and builder. Mr. Doughserty held the office of Township Treasurer and School Director. He was married in Dungennon, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Elizabeth McGerr, now deceased. He was married the second time to Mary A. Dennehy, February 19, 1882, in Marshall County, Kan.

F. L. DOW, dealer in farm implements, was born in Illinois, July 29, 1845, and moved to Marshall County, Kan., in 1872, where he farmed until November, 1882, when he and his partner established their present business house under the firm name of Dow & Brenman, and are now doing a flourishing business in the sale of agricultural implements. Mr. Dow was elected Township Trustee in 1876, and again elected in 1879; also held office of Township Clerk. Married in Illinois on Oct. 18, 1867, and has one child Newell E., born January 13, 1870. Is a Master and Royal Arch Mason and a member of the Knights of Honor.

EMIL G. DRAHEIM, grocer, was born at Bromberg, Prussia, October, 28, 1849, came to America in 1873, landing on the 15th day of February. First settled at Milwaukee, Wis., remaining there until October, 1874, when he removed to Marysville. After clerking for two years he went into the business of general merchant on his own account, taking a partner, Mr. H. Dargatz, the style of the firm being Dargatz & Draheim. After being in business for fifteen months, he sold his interest and united his business ventures with Aug. Hohn. The firm was organized and began business in 1877, and is still prospering. Mr. Draheim is a Turner, belongs to the A. O. U. W., and I. O. O. F. Was married in Marysville, in 1879, to Dora Wollschlaeger. Their children are as follows -- Walter, born July 10, 1880; Oscar, born February 24, 1882.

A. G. EDWARDS, M. D., was born in Bardstown, Ky., September 15, 1836, and with his parents moved to Clark County, Ill., in 1840. Attended Pope's Medical College in St. Louis, Mo., in 1859-'60 and '61, graduating the spring of the last named year; enlisted in the Unites States army, July 28, 1861, as Assistant Acting Surgeon, Fifty-first Missouri Volunteer Infantry, serving until 1865, when he moved to Marysville, Marshall Co., Kan., where he now resides. Is a member of the Masonic Order, and has held the office of Master. Married in St. Louis in April, 1864, and has one child -- Lillian B., born February, 1865.

J. D. FARWELL, County Recorder, was born July 22, 1832, in Cattaraugus County, N. Y. In 1853 he removed to Whiresides County, Ill., where he remained teaching and farming until he came to Marshall County, Kan., in 1868. In 1879 he was elected County Recorder, and re-elected in 1881 tot he same position. Mr. Farwell is a member of the Masonic fraternity. He was married in the State of Illinois, to Miss Lydia Hollinshead, October 20, 1855, and had three children -- Etta N., Alice E. and Elmer S. His first wife died July 16, 1866. He was married again July 3, 1867, in Lewis County, N. Y., to Abba Hartwell. They have two children living -- Fred H. and Lowena May.

W. S. GLASS, lawyer, was born near Napoleon, Ripley Co., Ind., in 1856. In 1871 he removed to Mount Sterling, Ill., residing there until completing his education. His literary education was acquired at Wabash College, Indiana, and has legal education at the University of Iowa, graduating from the law college in June, 1879. In November of that year came to Marysville, Kan., and has practiced his profession since at that place. Me. Glass is a member of the A. O. U. W., and Beta Theta, Pi; Tau Chapter. He is a young attorney, rapidly gaining a prominent position in the ranks of this most honorable profession. Is a member of the Kansas Legislature for the Fifty-fourth District.

AUG. HOHN, grocer, was born at Renisch, Prussia, in 1844, came to America in 1868, stopping for a short time in Illinois, and in 1869 came to Marshall County, Kan., engaged in farming; in 1870 moved to Marysville, and was a clerk until 1875, in which year he engaged in the retail grocery trade with Mr. Draheim, the firm name being Hohn & Draheim. Mr. Hohn has been successful in his business ventures and has amassed a large property. The building and stock of goods now owned by the firm is worth about $15,000. He was Town Clerk, in 1877, and County Commissioner in 1878-'82. He is a Royal Arch Mason, and President of the Turner's society of Marysville. He was married in Marshall County, January, 1870, to Miss. M. Zimmerman. They have four children -- Hugo, born November 12, 1870; Arthur, April 10, 1875; Mina, August 13, 1877, and Emil, December 11, 1879.

HON. PERRY HUTCHINSON, one of the most solid citizens of the town of Marysville, is a native of Chautauqua County, N. Y. He first went to Wisconsin and then to Iowa, and finally permanently settled at Marysville. His first work in Kansas was in husking corn for two per centum of his labor, corn being worth then 40 cents per bushel. Bought a ranch seven miles east of Marysville, where he lived until 1861, when he moved to the old American House in Marysville. He made money keeping hotel, and soon purchased eighty acres of land where his mill now stands, paying for it $3,000. Remained in the hotel till 1862, when he raised a company of volunteers and entered the army. Mr. Hutchinson was Captain of the company which was designated Company E. Thirteenth Kansas Infantry; was in the service twenty months, then resigned, returning to Marysville. Completed the dam across the Blue, which had been commenced before going to the war. He built a mill 16x20 feet, and a dwelling house 14x20. He continued to reside in this house until 1871, when he erected his present palatial residence, which is one of the finest in Northern Kansas. In 1867 he built the present mill, which is 40x80 feet, four-stories high. In 1877 he built an elevator 36x120 feet, three-stories high, having a capacity of 50,000 bushels. In 1878 built a side track from the St. Joe & Western Railroad to his mill and elevator which was over a mile in length; feeds 200 head of cattle annually. He was elected State Senator in 1879, and is now in office holding four years. He is a Mason. Was married in New York, December 19, 1855, to Lydia J. Barbar. They have three children -- Frank W., born in August, 1858; Ettie, born in 1867, and Wallace, born November 6, 1871. Mill rebuilt to roller system and enlarged, 1882. Capacity, 300 barrels.

R. N. KING, merchant, was born in Richland County, Ohio, in 1842; learned the trade of harness-maker in his native State and county, and in February, 1870, moved to Kansas, first settling in Brown County, and in July, 1870, moved to Marysville, where he has since resided. He in connection with Mr. Duigenan, established a business under the firm name of Duigenan & King, in that year. In 1878 the firm was dissolved. Mr. King began to work for T. McCoy, until 1880, when he went into business again on his own account. Mr. King started with but little capital, bur by economy and industry has established a large trade, which annually pays him a handsome profit. He was married in 1864, to Miss Martha E. McAtee. They have two children -- Loyal, born July 9, 1876, and Bertha, born June 18, 1879.

CHARLES F. KOESTER, Mayor, came to Marysville, Kan., in 1860, and is one of the early settlers. At the age of twenty-one years he was elected Register of Deeds for Marshall County, to which office he was successively re-elected for a term of eight years, and in 1870 was elected County Treasurer for two terms, retiring as an accomplished and honorable clerical officer. Mr. Koester was a prominent candidate for the office of State Treasurer in 1874, but declined the nomination tendered to him. In 1876 he was a member of the Kansas State Centennial Commission, at Philadelphia, and by his earnestness ministered materially to its eminent success. He has been for several terms Mayor of the city of Marysville, and is cashier of the Exchange Bank; owns a valuable business block with a liberal list of country real estate. Mr. Koester is a man of quick, clear perception, excellent judgment, delicate sensibilities, strong and tender friendships. No man in this region has warmer and stronger friends, or enjoys a higher degree of popular confidence.

ERNEST LANGE, cabinet-maker, born in Prussia, January 18, 1853, came to America in 1877, and settled in Marshall County. Worked as a journeyman cabinet-maker, and in 1879 began business for himself. Has a partner, Mr. Fred Gliss. The firm manufacture and are general dealers in furniture, coffins, etc. Also own a hearse, and offer their services to the community as undertakers. Mr. Lange is a member of the Turnverein and Saenger society of Marysville. He was married March 27, 1889, to Miss Minnie Rhodes. Has one child -- Emma, born February 1, 1881.

LEROY W. LIBBY, County Commissioner, was born in Cumberland County, Me., January 25, 1847; was educated at Kent's Hill Seminary, Maine, and in September, 1869, came to Marysville, and was Principal of the Marysville schools for a year. In September, 1870, engaged as bookkeeper to Perry Hutchinson, at the mill. Was with Mr. Hutchinson until 1872, and in July of that year formed a copartnership with Mr. Smith, and opened a grocery store. He is a member of the K. of H. Was married June 30, 1871, at Fox Island, to Miss Abbie E. Manson. Their children are -- Lendell C., aged ten years; Mary A., eight; Herbert M., six; Walter W., four; Ethel L., three; and Edith E., two years. Mr. Libby was elected County Commissioner in 1881, and is now in office.

WILLIAM LOFINCK, merchant, entered the Union army when but seventeen years of age, enlisting in Company A, of the Forty-ninth Illinois Volunteer Infantry. In June, 1863, at the age of nineteen years, he was promoted by President Lincoln to the office of First Lieutenant of Company D. Sixty-first United States Colored Infantry. In 1865 was transferred to Company F of the same regiment, and was promoted to Captain. He was mustered out in January 1866. His record as a soldier is clear of all stain, and is worthy of honorable mention. He came to Marysville in 1871, engaging in the mercantile business, which he has since continued. In 1881 he was elected Treasurer of Marshall County. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, K. of H., and the G. A. R. Was married to Miss Agnes Goelitz, January 29, 1867, at Waterloo, Ill. They have one child -- Amanda, born February 10, 1868.

JAMES S. MAGILL, City Clerk, was born in St. Mary's County, Md., on the first day of May, 1821. Was educated at Charlotte Hall College, in same county. In 1845 he removed to Georgetown, S. C., and was a merchant there until 1848, when he moved to Savannah, and remained until May, 1856, when he came to Marshall County, Kan. Before entering trade, and while in Maryland, had studied law with John M. S. Cansine, at Leonardtown, in his native county. He was one of the first settlers on the Big Blue River in Marshall County, and opened the first farm on Horseshoe Creek. In 1859 was elected a member of the Legislature from Marshall and Washington Counties. In 1856 he was appointed Clerk of the District Court, sitting for Marshall County, which office he held until Kansas was admitted as a state. Entered the practice of law at Marysville in 1857. In 1865 was elected County Treasurer, serving four years. Has been a Justice of the Peace in Marshall County for a quarter of a century. Was Police Judge for four years, and City Clerk of Marysville for the last four years, and is still in office. Judge Magill was married in Georgetown, S. C., May 11, 1847, to Miss Ella M. Christian, who was fifteen years old at the time of her marriage. Their children are -- Dora, married, living in Sherman, Texas; Loyal S., married, living in Marysville, aged twenty-nine years; Hettie A., married, living in Marysville; and three living at home; Harry W., age seventeen years, Nellie F. P., fourteen, and James S., twelve.

JOHN MERKLINGHAUS, book-keeper, was born in Prussia, October 5, 1848. Came to America in the fall of 1865, and settled in La Salle County, Ill., and moved to Marshall County, Kan., in the spring of 1869, and first engaged in farming. In December, 1875, moved to Marysville, and has been clerking ever since. In 1880 was Deputy Register of Deeds of Marshall County. Mr. Merklinghaus has been engaged in a lumber office in Marysville several years as book-keeper, salesman and manager, etc., and is now working for the Marysville Lumber Company. He is a member of the Masons, Knights of Honor and Turner societies. Was married in Marshall County, Kan., in December 1874, to Regina Schiffbauer, and has one child -- Otto, born October 1, 1875.

G. MESSALL, soda water manufacturer, was born in Posen, Prussia, December 27, 1843; came to America in 1869; is a miller by trade, and has practiced his trade both in Germany and America; settled first in Wisconsin, and removed to Marshall County, Kan., in 1870, and engaged in Perry Hutchinson's mill, where he worked for eleven years. March 1, 1882, he began business as a manufacturer of soda water. He bottles and sells a thousand cases per month; also owns and operates a fine farm near Marysville. He was married August 10, 1870, to Miss Amelia Stetnish. They have two children -- Richard, born January 12, 1874; and Frank, born February 5, 1876.

WYATT MILLIKAN, engineer, was born in Logan County, Ill., October 6, 1847. At the age of ten years removed to Henry County, Iowa, where he lived seven years; educated in the public schools of Illinois and Iowa. In 1863, moved to Missouri, and in 1869 came to Marshall County, Kan. Taught school near Irving for four years. In 1871 was elected County Surveyor for the term of two years. Again became a teacher, but in 1878 was appointed by the Governor, County Surveyor in place of Mr. Parmalee, resigned. Again, in 1879, was elected for the full term. Retired from office in January 1881. In August of same year was appointed to the staff of the Engineer's Corps of the U. P. R. R. Has been engaged in running lines for said company through Wyoming and Utah. Is now a practical engineer, and offers his professional services to those seeking help in his line. Was married in May, 1870, to Miss Mary Ockerman, at Frankfort. Have one child -- Edna, ten years old.

FRED W. MOELLER, auctioneer, was born in Germany, on the 7th day of April, 1843. Came to America in 1858, and first located in Illinois. In 1868 emigrated to Marysville, Marshall County, Kan., where he has remained ever since, engaged in the business of auctioneer. Is a member of Knights of Honor and the Turner Society. Married in Will County, Ill., July 26, 1868, Mary Holle. They have seven children -- Mary, Christina, Emma, Charles, Fred, Phillips and Henry.

A. P. MOHR, proprietor marble works, was born in Walworth County, Wis., May 8, 1844. Lived there thirty-four years. Was a farmer and pump-maker. In April, 1878, came to Marysville and engaged in marble business. Is the proprietor of the first marble works opened in Marshall County. Has a fine trade in Marshall and adjoining counties in Kansas and Nebraska. Has in stock Italian and American marble and granite. Enlisted, January 22, 1862, in Company K, of the Second Wisconsin Cavalry. Served in Trans-Mississippi Department. From disability, caused by sunstroke while in the line of duty, he was discharged from service, October 4, 1862. Was married July 20, 1868, to Miss Anna D. Nensell. Have two children -- Emma, born May 12, 1869, and Nellie, born May 4, 1873.

JOHN MOSHISKEY, nurseryman, was born in Russia, near Moscow, February 30, 1846, and on the fall of 1868 came to America and located at Gilman, Ill., remaining two and one-half years, when he moved to Doniphan County, Kan., and there remained for one and one-half years, and then came to Marshall County and purchased land, and established a nursery in the year 1872. Sales from $5,000 to $6,000 per year. Was married in February, 1882, to Magdalena Miller. Mr. Moshiskey has held the office of School Treasurer for District No. 92.

A. E. POWERS, editor, was born in Medina County, Ohio, March 12, 1848. Moved to Illinois, thence to Iowa, and in 1881, moved to Marysville, Marshall Co., Kan., and established a newspaper called the Signal, September 1, 1881, and runs the same as a Republican paper. Is a member of A. O. U. W. and Odd Fellows lodges. Married in College Springs, Iowa, November 26, 1868, to Inez Nod. They have three children -- Zenetti H., aged eleven years; Glen R., eight years; Leona G., two years.

B. PRICE, hotel-keeper, was born in Franklin County, Ind., November 16, 1844. Settled first, after leaving his native State, at Fairbury, Ill. In July, 1872, he removed to Belleville, Kan., and engaged in the hardware trade. At this time, he and his brother established two stores -- one at Fairbury, Neb., the other at Belleville. In the fall of 1877, the Belleville concern was removed to Marysville. In January, 1880, the firm of Price Bros. was dissolved, the subject of this sketch taking the Marysville house, which has since been under his sole name and management.

CHARLES F. PUSCH, cigar manufacturer, was born in Marienburg, West Prussia, October 16, 1851, where his father was the owner of a large cigar and tobacco factory. Received his education in a State gymnasium of that city until he was fifteen years of age. He then entered as clerk in a large book publishing establishment, where he remained until he reached his seventeenth year. He then embarked upon the American steamer "Arago," landing in Hoboken October 20, 1868. Remained in New York City with his father who had preceded him, entering in a new line, his present business, until June 1, 1872. Came to Marysville in the same month, where he established his present business. He commenced single-handed, working at the bench himself, and from time, as his business increased, adding to his forces and facilities, until now he employs on an average twenty hands. His capital stock at the opening of his business, was $1,100 in debts. All of this has been pain, 100 cents on the dollar, and he is now worth many thousands. His factory is one of the largest in the West. He is, to-day, the largest manufacturer in this State, having paid the government the largest amount of revenue this year. He is an A. & M. and R. A. Mason, and a member of the K. of P. Was married to Miss Maggie Barringer, of Troy, N. Y., June 29, 1872. They have one child, Charles Frederick Oscar, who was born April 4, 1873.

ALLEN REED, farmer, P. O. Marysville, was born at Elizabethport, N. J., December 6, 1833. Left there in 1842; went to Canada, and from there to Australia, by way of Cape of Good Hope. Was engaged in mining and freighting, and in 1860 returned to Canada by way of Cape Horn. Also visited the principal points of interest in England. In Canada he carried on a general mercantile business, and in 1870 went to Kansas and first located in Marshall County. Mr. Reed is the owner of 560 acres of land, and has the same well stocked. He also has a full confidence of the people, and was elected to the State Legislature in 1874. He is a member of the Masonic Order. He was married in Newark, N. J., in 1861, to Fannie Fredericks. Was married a second time at Reedsville, Kan., in 1879, to Susan A. McKee. He has five children -- Henry Melbourn, Frederick Allen, Augusta, Bessie, William S.

HON. FRANK SCHMIDT, real estate dealer, located in Marysville in 1860, bringing with him a general stock of merchandise, in which branch of trade he was eminently successful. In 1870, he established the Exchange Bank, the first in Marshall County, and in connection of later years has a large line of real estate upon his real estate bulletin, and is the heaviest real estate dealer in this region. Me. Schmidt is a man of plain life and taste in general, but in making up his elegant and elaborate homestead, as well as his spacious business blocks, expresses the love for a happy and useful life. All his public and personal relations have been, in the highest degree, honorable. As a State Senator for Kansas, general merchant and banker here, and a prominent worker either in public or private relations, he is a strong, earnest and honorable man -- always acting up to his own convictions, always ready to do anything for the good and advancement of Marshall County.

N. S. SCHMITZ, real estate dealer, was born in Grand Dutchy, Luxemburg, April 26, 1852. Came to this country, January 7, 1872, and first located in Chicago, Ill., where he engaged in book-keeping until the spring of 1879, when he changed his location to Marysville, Marshall County, Kan., and engaged in the real estate and insurance business. He was married in Chicago, May 11, 1882, to Miss Annie Birren. Mr. Schmitz is the agent for the sale of the lands belonging to the Central branch of the Union Pacific Railroad Company, and has a large list of other lands, both improved and unimproved.

M. M. SHEFFIELD, general merchant, was born in Elyria, Lorain Co., Ohio, September 10, 1851. Moved with his parents to Grand Rapids, Mich., in 1859, and to Marysville in 1878. Has been engaged in trade as a retail dealer of general merchandise since settling here. He commenced business life as a clerk, but has gradually won his way, until he now stands at the head of one of the largest concerns in Marshall County, selling for cash $20,000 a year. He was married to Miss Kate Matthews, June 11, 1878, in Muskegon, Mich. Their children are -- Raymond M., born March 29, 1879; Mary A., born March 6, 1881.

E. G. SMITH, lumber dealer, was born in Sagadahoc County, Me., July 30, 1857. Was educated at the State College of Maine, leaving the institution in 1878. In May, 1881, came to Marysville and entered the service of Marshall County Lumbering Company as book-keeper. In August of the same year became manager of the Marysville Lumbering Company's business. Mr. Smith is an educated, enterprising young man, made of the stuff that is sure to win an honorable position in the community.

GEORGE T. SMITH, editor, was born in Armstrong County, Pa. Is now twenty-nine years of age. Came to Marysville, Marshall Co., Kan., in 1874. Mr. Smith is editor and publisher of the News, published at Marysville. The News was first established in 1870, by P. H. Peters as the Locomotive, and was under his management until October 1872 when it was purchased by T. Hughes, who changed the name to the News. In 1881, it was sold by Mr. Hughes to C. E. Tibbetts and George T. Smith, who continued its publication under the firm name of Tibbetts & Smith until January, 1882, when the interest of Mr. Tibbetts was purchased by his partner, who remains the sole proprietor. February 8, 1883, Mr. Smith also purchased the Marysville Signal, and merged it in the News. Mr. Smith was married to Miss Kate Allen, in July, 1877, in Marshall County, Kan. They have two children -- Ora Allen, aged four years and Robert S. aged two years. Mr. Smith has been Deputy County Treasurer four years, to the satisfaction of the people, and is an honorable man and an honest official.

W. H. SMITH, Postmaster, was born in Indiana County, Pa., December 3, 1841, and remained in his native State until the war between the States, when he enlisted in Company D, Sixty-second Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, which was organized at Pittsburg in 1861. He was sergeant of his company, and took a prominent part in many of the battles, serving three years and one month in all. Mustered out in 1865. After the war he came to Marshall County, and was Representative to the Legislature in 1868, and re-elected in 1870. Was Deputy United States Marshal for the southern sub-district of Marshall County, and took the census for that year of the district. He was appointed Postmaster in 1871, and has held the office since that time. Marysville was the third postoffice established in Kansas, the first and second being respectively at Fort Leavenworth and Fort Scott. He is a member of the G. A. R., Lyon Post No. 9. Was married in the fall of 1871 to Miss Mary E. Allen.

T. F. SULLIVAN, lumber dealer, was born in Franklin County, Ky., April 17, 1853. He was a student in the Eminence College, in his native State, in the years 1874 and 1875. He was married in 1876 to Miss Zaida Bates. They have two children -- Rosa, aged five years, and Guy, three years. Mr. Sullivan removed to Illinois, but soon thereafter removed to Marysville, Kan. Established business there as the Marshall County Lumber Company. Mr. Sullivan is doing a large business, his sales in 1881 aggregating over $40,000. The average stock on hand amounts to $20,000.

G. D. SWEARINGEN, hotel-keeper, was born in Fayette County, Pa., March 8, 1825; moved to West Virginia, thence to St. Joe, Mo., in 1857 and to Marshall County the same year, and settled on a claim near the present town of Frankfort, Marshall County, Kan., and in 1860 went to Marysville, where he has resided ever since. In 1870 he commenced the erection of the Sherman House, of Marysville, which is now one of the best hotels in the city. Mr. Swearingen owns 320 acres of land, in addition to being the owner of his dwelling, on the same block that the Sherman House is situated on. Was married December 10, 1851, to Miss L. J. Shaffer, in Preston, W. Va. They have three children -- Elizabeth, Belle and George P.

C. W. TERRY, builder, was born in Cortland, N. Y., November 23, 1847. He moved to Rochester, same State, then back to Cortland, where he learned the architectural trade, and commenced doing business for himself in 1875. Came to Marysville, Marshall County, Kan., in 1879, and engaged in the business of contractor and builder, in addition of that of architecture. He drew the plans and specifications of the Marysville school building, Marshall County Bank block, Turner Hall building, Koesler block, Waterson block, Price's dwelling and many others. Mr. Terry was married November 25, 1869, to Savilda Parker, in Marathon, N. Y., and has three children -- Edna, Clarence and Gertrude.

J. R. VOORHEES, Marshall County's present Sheriff, was born in Jew Jersey, June 27, 1835, moved here from Fulton County, Ill., in 1853, thence to Fountain County, Ind., in 1856. In September, 1861, he enlisted in the United States army, Company M, First Indiana Cavalry, and Twenty-eighth Regiment Volunteers. He remained in service until September, 1861, when he returned to Fountain Co., Ind., and then emigrated to marshall County, Kan. He was elected Sheriff of this county I 1873, and held this office until the spring of 1878. When his Deputy was elected in 1879, Me. J. R. Voarhess was elected County Commissioner, which office he held until he resigned in 1882, when he was again elected to the office of Sheriff. This gentleman is a member of the Masonic order, and is a Royal Arch Mason. He is an Odd-Fellow, and belongs to the Knights of Puthias, A. O. U. W., and Select Knights. He was married in Fountain Co., Ind., in 1857, to Miss Martha J. Baily, and has a family of eight children.

THOMAS W. WATERSON, real estate agent, was born in Pennsylvania in 1841. Removed to Cincinnati, and thence to Doniphan County, Kan., in 1854, and to Marysville in 1860. He engaged in merchandising, in which he was eminently successful. Was the first Mayor of Marysville, and has been re-elected four times. Was appointed the first Justice of the Peace in the Territory of Kansas, appointed by Governor Reeder in the year of 1854. Was a member of the first and second Legislatures of Kansas in in 1855 and 1857. The first Legislature convened at Pawnee, within the Fort Riley Military Reservation, and after a session of two days, passed a bill to adjourn to the Shawnee Manual Labor School, after a recess of ten days. The Governor, having refused to approve this measure, pocketed the bill, and the Legislature, though away from all accommodations for civilized men, and in a starving condition, remained in session three days longer, in order to have the bill become a law, by the failure of the Governor to return the same within the time prescribed by the Organic Act. The first bill passed at Shawnee, was an act to prohibit the sale of liquors within one mile of the place where the Legislature was sitting. Mr. Watterson is one of the substantial men of Marshall County, has a large property, and is a liberal, public-spirited citizen. He is the owner of a very fine brick business block, and is now building another block containing two magnificent stores.

HON. ROBERT WHITE, Judge of Police Court, was born in Kentucky in 1811; was admitted to practice law in said State in 1840, and practiced his profession several years, when he was elected Judge of his county. In 1858 he emigrated to Kansas, thence to Colorado in 1864, and while there was appointed Quarterly Judge, and was afterward elected to the same office. In 1868 the Judge moved to Marysville, Marshall County, Kan., where he was elected Justice of the Peace, Police Judge, and was appointed Commissioner for the District of Kansas, and now holds the same appointment. He is a member of the Masonic Order. Was married in Kentucky in 1854 to Miss Edith Goodan. They have eight children.

HENRY E. WIEDEMEYER, cigar manufacturer, was born in Alton, Ill, February 23, 1857, and lived there mostly up to twenty years of age. Was educated in the public schools of that city. He first came to Marysville in 1878, and worked at the trade of cigar making; returned that same year to Jerseyville, Ill. In 1880, he came to Marysville.

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