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SEBASTIEN WAGER, stonemason and contractor in masonry, came to Kansas in 1859, and located in Leavenworth City. He is a native of Wurtemburg, in Germany, and was born the 18th day of January, 1823, and lived in his native country twenty-two years and lived in France fourteen years, and came to America and located in Kansas, and has lived here since. Was married in France, to Miss Agatha Grisvard, a native of France, and has had nine children; six are now living - Ernestine, Caroline, Josephine, Jacob, Louis, and Mary. Mr. Wager is one of the oldest citizens of Leavenworth, and an honest, hard-working and respected citizen. He is a member of the German Catholic Church.

GOTTLOB WAHLER, proprietor of the Union Depot Restaurant; succeeded J. Biddus in 1874. Mr. W. was born in Wurtemburg, Germany, July 1, 1831. He was brought up in mill growing and manufacturing. In 1851, he came to the United States, and located in Terre Haute, Ind. In 1852, moved to Cincinnati for a time, then returned to Terre Haute. In 1858, he removed to St. Louis, Mo. He was engaged in mercantile business about nine years in Illinois, opposite St. Louis. Afterward opened a grocery store in St. Louis. On account of failing health, he was obliged to sell out in 1871. He then moved to Kansas, and settled in Leavenworth, where he engaged in hotel keeping until he took present business. Mr. Wahler is also at this time engaged in farming, having a farm of 160 acres near town, devoted to grain, principally. Mr. Wahler was married in Cincinnati, Ohio, to Miss Mary Geonnivien, a native of Wurtemburg, Germany. They have six children - Charles, John, Gottlob, Mary, Nana, Caroline. He is a member of Concordia Lodge, No. 8, K. of P.

A. H. WALTON, Principal of the colored school in Leavenworth. He came to Kansas, August 18, 1865, and located in Wyandotte. He came to Leavenworth in 1874, and attended the State Normal School, and graduated from that school in the class of 1877; then taught in the public schools of Wyandotte for two years, and since that time has been teaching in Leavenworth. Mr. Walton, a native of Jackson County, Mo., was eleven years old when he came to Kansas. He was married in Leavenworth City, January 19, 1879, to Miss Nancy J. Walton, who was born in the State of Mississippi. They have had two children - Hattie and Herbert. Mr. Walton is a member of the Masonic Fraternity.

SAMUEL G. WATSON, janitor of the Morris school building, came to Kansas in 1876 and located in Leavenworth, where he has remained since. He was born in Scotland in 1824, lived there twenty-four years, and then came to America. He lived in St. Joseph, Mo., for eight years before locating in Leavenworth. He was married in Glasgow, December 31, 1852, to Miss Jane Butler, who was also a native of Scotland. They have had seven children, five of whom are living - Elizabeth, Samuel, Agnes, Jennie, and Joshua. Mr. Watson is a member of the First Baptist Church of Leavenworth.

T. J. WEED, M. D., County Auditor, immigrated to Kansas, July 20, 1856, and making Topeka his headquarters, raised a company and served under Gen. Lane until November of the same year: then he returned to Illinois and remained until 1857. He then came again to Kansas and located in Leavenworth, where he resided and practiced medicine until he entered the United States service in June, 1861, as Adjutant General of a Kansas Brigade. In December of the same year, he was assigned a position on Gen. McClellan's staff, with the rank of Major. During the summer of 1863, he acted as Assistant Adjutant General in the recruiting service. And he also served with Gens. Fremont, Blunt, Curtis, and Schofield. He was mustered out September 12, 1865, being at the close of the war, Chief of Gen. Curtis' staff in the Department of the Northwest. After leaving the service, he engaged in general insurance business in Leavenworth, and has been County Auditor for the last four years. He is a native of Auburn, Cavuga Co., N. Y., where he was born March 8, 1828. At the age of sixteen, he went to Pennsylvania, and remained in that State until he was twenty-five. He then removed to Wilmington, N. C., where he practiced medicine two years; then removed to Germantown, Pa., and stayed one year; and then to Bloomington, Ill., where he remained until he came to Kansas. He is a member of the A. F. & A. M. and K. of H.

REV. JOHN E. WEIR, came to the State of Kansas from the republic of Liberia in 1868 and located in the city of Leavenworth and in 1874 went to Florida and remained there two years, then removed to Georgia and remained there one year and removed to Montgomery, Ala., and was in charge in a church there for one year, then visited every Southern State lecturing and seeing the condition of the people of his race and returned in 1879 and joined the Kansas African Methodist Episcopal conference, and has been continuously in the ministry in connection with the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Congregational and Cumberland Presbyterian Churches. Mr. Weir is a member of the Masonic Order and Odd Fellows and is a native of Greenville, Muhlenburg Co., Ky. He was born October 27th, 1831, and married the first time in Greenville, Ky., March 25, 1854, and had five children by his first wife, three of whom are now living; John M., Cynthia A., Almira Victoria. The maiden name of his second wife was Anna M. Fields and he was married in the city of Leavenworth, November 7, 1872; he has had two children by his second wife, one of whom is living, Willie A. Mr. Weir is now of the Delaware mission in Leavenworth County, Kan. He was a missionary in Africa for fifteen years, and while there visited Egypt and traveled all through Africa.

JOSEPH WESTENBERGER came to Kansas in the spring of 1857, and located in Leavenworth. He was employed as clerk for Phillip Rothschild until May, 1860, at which time he engaged in freighting across the plains to California Gulch, now Leadville. He continued this business until the close of 1861, and from that time until 1870, ran a wholesale wagon business. For the succeeding two years he sold goods on the road for Stettauer Bros., wholesale dry goods merchants; afterwards traveling for Simon Meyer, Strauss & Co. From March, 1875, until July 1, 1879, he was a partner in the general store firm of Slick Bros. & Co., of Paola, Kan., and subsequently of the firm of W. C. Lykins & Co., of Columbus, Kan., from January, 1879, to July, 1879. March 11, 1882, he again became a partner with Mr. Lykins, at the same place, the firm being Lykins, Alder & Co. He has been connected with the Leavenworth Candy Manufacturing Company, as superintendent, since its organization. He was born in Bavaria, and came to America at the age of five years, living in Baltimore two years and then removing to Xenia, Ohio, and subsequently to Cincinnati from whence he came to Kansas. Mr. W. has been a member of King Solomon Lodge, No. 10, A. F. & A. M., since 1858; of Royal Arch Chapter, No. 1, since 1859.

JOSEPH WEVER, M. D. has been engaged in the practice of medicine in Leavenworth since April, 1859, at which time he located in the city. From January 14, 1862, until June 7, 1864, he was Surgeon of the Seventh Kansas Cavalry, resigning his position on account of sickness in his family. He was a member of the Board of Regents, who elected the first Faculty of the State University, serving on that Board about six years, on the Kansas Board of Charities three years, and as a member of the Leavenworth Board of Education nineteen years, and President of the Board four years. He served as physician and surgeon to the Kansas State penitentiary about two years. Dr. Wever was born October 16, 1824, in Ephratah, Fulton Co., N. Y., received an academic education, and graduated from Albany Medical College, N. Y., January 27, 1852. He commenced practice in his native town, with his father, Dr. Robeat Wever, remaining there two years, and then resided four years in Rhode Island before locating in Kansas. He was married in Rome, N. Y., to Jane Weller, a native of New York. Their children are Robert L., Myra L. (now Mrs. John McCracken, of Leavenworth), Joseph C., John S., and Jenet.

JOSEPH WHITAKER came to Leavenworth April 30, 1870, and for two years was engaged in beef and pork packing with Matt Ryan, whom he bought out, and continued the business alone until 1878, when he leased his houses to Chicago parties, taking them back one year later. In June, 1879, he organized a manufacturing company, of which he has been president, treasurer, and entire manager. The works commenced with the manufacture of machine and heavy castings, and have added the manufacture of cooking and heating stoves, and of tin and hollow ware. They employ from eighty to ninety men, and supply the trade in Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska and Missouri. Mr. W. is a native of England, emigrated when he was but five years of age. He resided for forty years in Cincinnati, being in the pork packing business in that city about eighteen years, and came from there to Leavenworth. T. H. James, a son-in-law of Mr. W., is secretary of the Union Company, and Joseph C., his son, is in charge of the shipping department. Mr. W. is also interested in the St. Joseph Refining Company, of which John L. Whitaker is general manager. T. H. James, secretary of the Union Works, is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio from which city he removed to Leavenworth in September, 1882, to assume his present position.

ABEL WIBBENHORST, meat market, is a native of Germany and came to America in 1861 with his people, who settled in Troy, New York State. In 1864, he came here and followed butchering actively till 1878, when he established the present business which he ably represents. In 1872, he married Miss Henrietta Gansz (whose family sketch appears in Christopher Gausz's biography). She was born and reared in Pittsburg, Pa., and came to Kansas in 1870. Mr. and Mrs. Wibbenhorst have a family of three sons and one daughter, Christopher Julius, Henry Ernest, Katie May, and Martin John.

H. A. WILKEN, local editor and general agent of Kansas Freie Presse, was born in Hanover, Germany, March 21, 1830. He came to America in 1860 and located in St. Louis, where he remained four years, and then moved to Leavenworth. While in Missouri, he enlisted in the Second Missouri Reserve Volunteers, Company B, in which he served thirteen months, and March 1, 1865, he enlisted in Company B, Eighth Kansas Volunteer Infantry, and served until May, 1865. He was in the Leavenworth Times office for a while, in a feed stable one year, clerk in a wholesale grocery three years, traveling salesman for a liquor house one year, three and a half years in a paper box manufacturing business, one and a half years with the Brown Medical Company, since which time he has been connected with the Freie Presse. He was married in Germany, May 2, 1857, to Helen Fischer, a native of Hanover. They have one child - Fredericka. Mr. W. is a member if the G. A. R., and the German-American Anti Prohibition Society.

MRS. SOPHIA WILL, general groceries, is a native of Germany and came to America in 1852; her maiden name was Detert and she was first married to Henry Hagan, a native of Germany, who was born in Mecklenburg in 1825 and came to America in 1851 and followed cabinet making in Ohio until 1858, when he settled here. When the war broke out, Mr. Hagan enlisted in Company D, Eighth Kansas Regiment and did active service till at the battle of Chattanooga when he received his death wound and was buried on the battlefield. In 1867, Mrs. Hagan, once Detert, married Mr. Moritz Will, who was born in Germany in 1816, and came to this country in 1862, and was actively connected with the present business until his death. Mrs. Will has one daughter, Paulina, and one adopted son, Henry Kohler.

EDWARD P. WILLSON, son of Hiram and Eliza (Reynolds) Willson, was born in the northeastern part of Dutchess County, New York, December 26, 1882. He was of Scotch extraction, the ancestors on both the paternal and maternal sides, having come from Scotland. He was brought up under the careful training of his parents, both of whom were strict Presbyterians of most irreproachable character. He was bred on a farm and received the educational advantages of the common schools and of the Academy at Kinderhook, New York. He lived in Syracuse, N. Y., for a few years after attaining his majority, then emigrated to Kansas, locating at Leavenworth, in 1857. In company with A. F. Maison, and Philip Estes, under the firm name of Maison, Willson & Co., he established a foundry in 1858. The combined capital of the young firm at the start was six thousand dollars, and four hands were time Dr. Forrest Fairchild was admitted as a partner, and the manufacture of stoves was added to the machinery building which had before been carried on by the firm. In 1869 John Wilson became a member of the firm, and it became known as the "Great Western Manufacturing Company." Under this name the business was carried on unti 1875, when N. H. Burt bought an interest in the stove department, which was thereafter carried on under the firm name of the "Great Western Stove Company". The two companies with which Mr. Willson has been identified from the beginning, now employ upward of 150 hands, and turn out annually 20,000 stoves, and machinery valued at upwards of $250,000. Their trade extends throughout the Southern and Western States. The buildings cover nearly an entire block. The growth of this immense establishment from small beginnings to its present proportions may well be viewed with just pride by Mr. Willson, who is the only person who has been identified with it continuously since its beginning. Mr. Willson has ever held sturdily to the Presbyterian faith of his fathers, and has been an active and zealous member of the Leavenworth church, of which for many years has was a staunch and reliable member of the Republican Party. Mr. Willson was married October 18, 1863, to Miss Helen Fairchild, of Leavenworth. She died July 6, 1864. September 6, 1869, he married Miss Olive Sinks of Williamsburg, Ohio. They have three children, one son, Hiram R., born April 4, 1875, and two daughters, Eliza D., born November 26, 1878, and Olive S., born September 1, 1881.

ALFRED WILSON, contractor and builder, is a native of Bucks Count, Pa. At the age of sixteen he began his present business as carpenter in Meadville, Pa., and followed it actively till 1852, when he went to California, and after spending several years there he returned to his native State, only to come here shortly after, in 1858, and has been very ably connected with his business here since. In 1845 he married Miss Delilah Ellis, of his native State, who passed away from this life in 1870, and is buried in Meadville Cemetery, Pennsylvania, leaving one daughter - Ella (now Mrs. James H. Warner). In 1872 he married Miss Elizabeth Kelly, of Kentucky. They have one adopted daughter - Minnie E. Wilson. Mr. Wilson has always been an active worker in the development of the social life of this place since coming here.

JOHN WILSON, President of the Great Western Stove Company, is a native of Oxford, Chester Co, Pa., born October 8, 1828. He is the son of James Wilson and Rebecca (Whiteside) Wilson. His father was of Scotch descent, and served as a soldier in the war of 1812. John was educated in the common schools and at the New London Academy, Chester County, which he attended for two years. He was employed, when not in school, as a clerk in a store, where he learned quite thoroughly the mercantile business, and at the age of twenty-one commenced business for himself at Mount Pleasant, Lancaster County, Pa., where he continued for two years, then removed to his native town, and there carried on business until 1855. In May, 1856, her first visited Kansas, remained two months, and returned to Pennsylvania. He returned to Kansas in the fall of that year, and remained at Leavenworth until January 1857, and during this visit purchased property on the corner of Second and Cherokee streets and made preparations for building. In the spring of 1857, he brought his family from Pennsylvania and became a permanent resident of Leavenworth. He erected the first brick business block in Leavenworth, and in it opened a hardware store, continuing to trade there until 1859, at which time he removed to Delaware street. In 1861 he formed a partnership with Stewart Hastings, under the firm name of Wilson & Hastings. In 1864, the firm consolidated its business with that of the hardware firm of Brace & Baker, the style of the new firm being Wilson, Brace & Co. Mr. Wilson continued as the senior partner of this firm until 1869, at which time he withdrew to become an active member of the Great Western Manufacturing Company. In 1875 this company divided its work and business, and one department became known as the Great Western Stove Company. Of this company Mr. Wilson is still the President. During Mr. Wilson's long and successful business career in Leavenworth he has been identified with the best interests of the city, and has been honored with many offices of trust and honor. He was State Senator from Leavenworth County in 1862, and 1863 and served as County Commissioner four years, 1871-72-73-74, and has been a most efficient member of the School Board of Leavenworth City. He is one of the solid men of the city, held in the highest esteem and confidence by those who have known him longest and best.

LEVI WILSON, Government contractor, came to Fort Leavenworth, in April 1849, and was employed from that time until 1873, about twenty-four years. In the Quartermaster's Department. He then commenced contracting, transporting military and other supplies to Government Posts in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona and Indian Territory. Besides attending to this business he is largely engaged in farming in Leavenworth County. He is a native of Pittsburg, Pa., and first became connected with the army in 1849. CHAS F. WINTER, general groceries, business established in 1864. Mr. Winter was born in Mecklenburg, Germany, in 1826, and learned the trade of boot and shoe making there. In 1851 he came to America, and followed his business through the principal cities of the West. In 1857 he located at Lexington, Mo., and established a boot and shoe business, which he carried on successfully till 1863, when he came here, and in 1864 established the present business, which he very ably represents. In 1857 he married Miss Mary Bour, a native of France, and who came to America in 1855, at the age of twenty years. Mr. and Mrs. Winter have buried their two children, Matilda and Victor, in the cemetery in Lexington, Mo.

WILLIBALD WISSLER, dealer in liquors, was born in Baden, Germany, in 1841, and was educated to the trade of boot and shoe making, his father having carried on that business there. May 25, 1864, he landed in New York from his native country and prosecuted his trade in the East, until August 22, 1865, when he came here and carried on his business actively, until 1868, when he, after making a trip East, to Philadelphia, returned and engaged at his present business, which he has very ably conducted since. In 1870, he married Miss Byena Taylor, a native of St. Paul, Minn., who departed this life in May, 1872, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery here. In September, 1872, he married Miss Caroline Hengel, who was born in Wurtemburg, Germany, in 1851. They have a family of two sons and two daughters - Mary Elise, William Henry, Gustav Ignatz and Lena. Mr. Wissler has always taken an active part in the growth and development of the social life of the place since coming here. He is at present District Deputy Grand Chancellor for the German Lodges of K. of P., membership dating from March, 1877. Is an active member of the Turners' Volks Verein Society. Mr. Wissler's main society is the K. of P. His activity in that society's work is exceptional, as he has by steady and persistent industry in the work, raised himself from one subordinate office to the other, until December 20, 1880, he was appointed to the present incumbency, and upon each each(sic) succeeding election has been unanimously chosen to it. Upon the organization of the endowment rank in the K. of P. Society, he took a very active interest and membership, and has been officially connected with it ever since. In 1879, he was elected to the Vice-Presidency of the rank, which he served through 1880; and in 1881, was elected to the Presidency of the rank, which he very ably represents.

HENRY WITTENBERG, general groceries, was born in Prussia, 1837, and learned the trade of tailor there. In 1855, he came to America and settled here in 1862, and followed his trade actively for a few years. In 1867, he engaged at his present business, and has very actively carried it on since. In 1865, he married Miss Margaret Greif, who was born in Prussia, in 1840, and came to America in 1863. They have a family of three sons and one daughter - George, John, Adolf and Amelia.

H. D. WOLFE, of the firm of Wolfe & Co., contractors and builders, is a native of Delaware County, N. Y., where he was identified with his present business for several years; after which he spent three years at it in Milwaukee, and afterward located in Kansas City, where he actively prosecuted it for seven years. He located here the present year, and has actively carried on his business here since. The firm now gives employment to about ten or twelve skilled workmen, and proposes to enlarge upon it as the increase of business demands.

G. J. WOLFSPERGER, proprietor of the Kansas Central Hotel. The hotel was formed from what had originally been wholesale stores, in 1878. The building is a brick, two stories high and contains twenty-five rooms. Mr. Wolfsperger was born in Leavenworth, June 15, 1860. He was educated in his native city in the schools and business college. In 1877, he went to San Francisco, Cal., where he was connected with the lumber business as clerk and salesman. Returned to Leavenworth in 1881, and took charge of the hotel. Mr. W. Is a member of Germania Lodge No. 9, and Far West Encampment, No. 1, I. O. O. F.

M. WOLFSPERGER, general groceries, established business in 1872. Mr. Wolfsperger was born in Baden, Germany, in 1830, and came to America in 1856, and settled here in 1858, and carried on the dairy business till 1872, when he began the present business, which he has conducted here since. In 1855, he married Miss Katie Wolz, who departed this life in 1865, and is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery, leaving a family of one son and two daughters living - Louisa, now Mrs. Louis Bessler; J. Gustav and Emma. In 1867, he married Miss Mary Ketterer, of his native country. They have one daughter - Clara. Mr. Wolfsperger did honorable military service in his adopted State, during the war, and has been an active and useful member of society since coming here.

REV. GEORGE S. WOODWARD was born in Gardiner, Me., October 18, 1821, and graduated from Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me., in 1844. He was professor of ancient languages at Westchester Episcopal Institute, at Westchester Pa., for four years, during which time he studied for the ministry. In 1847, he was licensed by the Third Presbytery of Philadelphia, and in the following year he came to Parkville, Platte Co., Mo., where he resided fifteen years as Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in that place. In June, 1863, he removed to Leavenworth as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, and held the position five years, when, in consequence of the failure of his voice, he retired from the ministry and engaged in insurance business, which he still continues. He was married in Augusta, Me., October 30, 1848, to Cordelia A. Smith, a native of Fayette, Me., and who died in June, 1851, leaving two children - George R. And Ella, the latter since deceased. April 7, 1853, he married at Weston, Mo., Eliza Miller Tyler, a native of New Jersey. Two children have been born to them - Emma H., and a child that died in infancy.

HENRY WILLIAM WULFEKUHLER, of the firm of Rohlfing & Co., commenced grocery business in Leavenworth, in March, 1858, the firm being composed of William Rohlfing and himself. Mr. R. Died in 1860, and in 1861 his brother, Fred, became a partner, the business being conducted under the old firm name. From about $15,000 per annum the business has increased to between $700,000 and $800,000. Mr. W. Was born in Hanover, Germany, August 9, 1834. He emigrated to America in 1853, and located at St. Louis, where he was employed as a clerk until his removal to Leavenworth. He was married in Leavenworth, October 13, 1859, to Louisa Rohlfing, a native of Germany. Their children are Otto R., John Albert, Eugene Fred and Louis William.

MAJ. JOSEPH P. WRIGHT, Surgeon Military Prison, Fort Leavenworth, was born in Wilkes Barre, Luzerne Co., Pa. Was appointed from his native State, May 28, 1861, Assistant Surgeon, with rank of First Lieutenant; was on duty, with headquarters Fourth United States Artillery near Cincinnati, Ohio, during June, July and August, 1861; Medical Purveyor Department of the Ohio on the staffs of Generals McClellan and Rosecrans until July, 1862; with Army of the Tennessee under Gen. Grant until March, 1863; Chief Medical Purveyor Department and Army of the Tennessee until June, 1863; in charge of general hospital at Memphis, Tenn., until February, 1864; Assistant Medical Director Department of the Cumberland on staff of Gen. G. H. Thomas, March, 1864, and during Atlanta campaign Superintendent of general hospital at Memphis, Tenn., from June, 1865, until February, 1866. March 13, 1865, he received the brevet commissions of Captain, Major and Lieutenant Colonel for faithful and meritorious services during the war. Was commissioned Captain, Assistant Surgeon, May 28, 1866, and as Major, Surgeon, July 18, 1866. Since the war he was on duty in Boston harbor for three years, in Dakota Territory for five years, Chief Medical Officer, District New Mexico one year. Post Surgeon at Fort Hays, Fort Leavenworth and United States Military Prison for seven years. Was in the field as Chief Medical officer of an expedition to the Yellow Stone and Powder rivers, Montana, during the summer of 1872.

JAMES M. YEATES came to Kansas in 1867 and located in Fairmount Township, Leavenworth County, and lived there twelve years. He has lived in the city two years. Mr. Yeates was born in Putnam County, Ind., in 1842, and lived in that State until 1862; then enlisted in the Eighteenth Indiana Battery and served with that battery during the war, and was honorably discharged at the close of the war. He then returned to Indiana, and remained there until 1866, when he went to Illinois, and came to Kansas in 1867. He was married in Douglas County, Ill., in 1866, to Miss Kate Maria, a native of Indiana. They have had five children, of whom four are living - Wilson A., Mary A., Carrie C., Delia M. Mr. Yeates has been engaged in driving stock from Oregon, Washington Territory and Montana eastward for the past three years, but has been engaged in the stock business for fifteen years.

J. R. YOUNG, superintendent of the mill building department of the Great Western Manufacturing Company, is a native of Chlinguacusey, Ontario, Canada, and began his profession of millwright to Michigan, and completed it in Wisconsin, where he was actively connected with it for a few years. In 1878 he located here, and has been actively connected with his profession here since, during which time he has been prominently engaged in the present capacity in Kansas and Nebraska. In 1881 he married Miss Annie Copeland, a native of Indiana. They have one son, J. W. Young, Jr. J. W. YOUNG, superintendent milling department Great Western Manufacturing Company, is a native of Peel County, Canada, and was connected with his profession in that country for many years. In 1865 he settled in Marshall, Mich., and operated in his profession through this country extensively till the present. In 1878 he located in Kansas, and accepted his present position the following year.

HENRY ZIMERMAN, of the firm Wolfe & Co., contractors and builders, is a native of Philadelphia, Pa., and learned his trade in Freeport, Ill., where he carried it on successfully for several years, after which he returned to his native city, and carried it on very extensively for seven years, averaging from forty-five to fifty buildings a year. In 1879 he came here, and has been active in connection with it here since. In 1881 he joined Mr. Wolfe in the present partnership, which they very ably represent.

HENRY F. ZONDLER, general groceries, was born in Wurtemburg, Germany, March 18, 1841, and was reared to the gardening business. In 1866 her came to America, and settled in Pennsylvania in 1870, and followed gardening and dairy business there till 1877, when he came here and followed gardening actively till the present year, when he established the present business, which he ably represents. In 1871 he married Miss Mary Reidlinger, of his native country. They have a family of two sons and one daughter - Henry, Eva and Willie.

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