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In presenting the following sketches of the Masonic societies of Newton, the intelligent reader will bear in mind that they have been compiled, in a great measure, from data furnished by different members of the fraternity, and not from the Secretary's records.

Newton Lodge, No. 142, A. F. & A. M. was instituted under a charter dated October 16, 1873, and granted to S. Saylor, W. M.; O. B. Edgett, S. W.; R. B. Lynch, J. W. Some of the first members were George Clapp, R. E. Torrington, B. F. Evans, George Munger, S. Egge, James Norton, J. H. Anderson, D. Hamill, S. J. Bentley, A. Russell and R. W. P. Muse. Present officers: C. L. Berry, W. M.; F. D. Tripp, S. W. : J. R. Campbell, J. W.; C. A. Swenson, Treas.; M. L. Sawyer, Sec. Meets on the second Saturday of each month, at Masonic Hall. Present membership, 175.

Arkansas Valley Chapter, No 27, R. A. M. was organized in 1874, the dispensation being granted to S. Saylor, H. P.; James Norton, K.; J. E. Neal, S.; and C. S. Bowman, R. E. Torrington, P. H. Elwell, D. B. Cook, F. C. Cutler, Joseph Clark, G. Huffman, J. E. Wood, P. Huffman. Present officers: H. C. Ashbaugh, H. P.; E. B. Fowler, K.; J. R. Campbell, S.; E. L. Parris, Sec.; A. B. Gilbert, Treas. Meets the first Friday evening of each month, at Masonic Hall. Present membership, 100.

Newton Commandery, No. 9 was instituted April 27, 1877, with fourteen members. First officers: J. S. Collister, E. C.; S. Saylor, P.; G. A. Yocum, S. W.; O. B. Edgett, J. W.; A. B. Gilbert, Rec.; T. R. Hazard, Treas. Present officers are: S. Saylor, E. C.; B. McKee, Gen.; R. W. P. Muse, C. G.; H. C. Ashbaugh, P. C.; C. A. Swenson, S. W.; R. Collin, J. W.; E. B. Fowler, Treas.; J. W. Hurst, Sec. Meets the fourth Saturday of each month at Masonic Hall. Present membership, 90.

Eastern Star Chapter, No. 5 -- was chartered by the Illinois Grand Chapter, as Newton Chapter, No. 22, January 5, 1874. The charter members were: L. J. Lebman, Mary E. Lynch, E. M. Munger, C. G. Saylor, C. Neal, L. H. Bentley, Ophelia Yocum. The charter was canceled by the Kansas Grand Chapter, October 16, 1878, at which time a new charter was granted and the name changed to Eastern Star Chapter, No 5. The officers at this time were: A. Becker, W. P.; Mrs. A. C. Peters, W. M.; Clara Collister, A. M.; Mrs. L. Yocum, Sec'y. Present officers: Mrs. T. N. Hanson, W. M.; Mrs. J. R. Truslott, W. P.; Mrs. H. Mayer, A. M.; Mrs. Truslott, C.; Mrs. S. R. Petters, A. C.; Mrs. J. H. Anderson, Treas.; Mrs. G. P. Watson, Sec'y. Meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Present membership, 40.

Newton Council, R. S. & S. E. M. -- was organized under a dispensation granted in October, 1882. Its officers are: B. F. Evans, T. I. G. M.; S. Saylor, I. N. T.; G. P. Rhorey, P. C. of W.; W. P. Walters, C. of G.; W. D. Tourtillot, C. of C.; Mrs. Junan, S.; A. G. Huffman, R.; J. R. Duncan, Treas.; A. Whiting, Sec'y. Meets on first and second Wednesdays of each month at Masonic Hall. Present membership, 50. The Masonic temple, of which every Mason is proud, was erected in 1879, and is a substantial two-story brick, 25 X 80 feet, completed at a cost of $4,000. An addition, 50 X 70 feet,

Newton Public School


is in contemplation, to be erected in the spring of 1883, at a cost of $12,000. This addition will be used by the county, for county offices and court room, for three, with a privilege of five years.

Newton Lodge, No. 100, I. O. O. F. -- Was instituted March 7, 1873, with eleven charter members. Present officers: R. M. Spivey, N. G.; E. L. Parris, V. G.; W. M. Shaver, Sec'y; N. J. Burdick, Treas.; R. M. Spivey, J. W. Edwards, J. T. Ray, trustees. Meets at Odd Fellow's Hall every Monday evening. Present membership, in good standing, 88.

Fraternity Encampment, No. 28, I. O. O. F. -- Was instituted October 13, 1875. First officers: B. C. Arnold, C. P.; D. Ainsworth, S. W.; Wm. Pells, J. W.; B. E. Hardeman, Treas.; Jas. Geary, S.; Robert Walton, H. P. Present Officers: H. Catlett, Ch. Pat; Jno. Kitaling, S. W.; W. Barker, J. W.; N. I. Burdick, Treas.; Henry Bruner, S.; W. Woulfe, H. P. Meets first and third Tuesday evenings of each month in Odd Fellow's Hall. Present membership, 55. The handsome building, known as Odd Fellow's Hall, was erected by members of that fraternity, and dedicated March 8, 1882. The structure, which is built of brick and stone, is tow stories, and is 25X 80 feet, being completed at a cost of about $6,000.

Newton Lodge, No. 74, A. O. U. W. -- Was instituted July 15, 1881. First officers: J. R. Campbell, P. M. W.; A. E. Garrison, M. W.; L. T. Browne, Rec.; N. J. Burdick, Fin.; W. E. Grove, R. Jno. Dawson, F.; Jas. Geary, O.; J. D. Sherrick, Ed. Ex.; Present officers: W. P. Rhodes, P. M. W.; N. J. Burdick, M. W.; Geo. F. Berry, Rec.; N. Yonkers, Fin.; C. A. Munger, R.; H. Hart, F.; Jas. Geray, O.; J. D. Sherrick, Med. Ex. Regular meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday evenings of each month at A. O. U. W. Hall. Present membership, 37.

Judson Kilpatrick Post, No. 36. G. A. R.was organized in January, 1881, with fifty charter members. The first officers were S. R. Peters, Com.; G. W. Seaton, S. V. C.; J. N. Winans, J. V. C.; J. W. Johnston, Adj.; G. W. Witter, Q. M. Present officers, G. W. Witter, Com.; James Dawson, S. V. C.; L. P. Owen, J. V. C.; J. W. Johnston, Adj.; G. W. Seaton, Q. M. Regular meetings are held on the first and third Saturday evenings of each month at Odd fellow's Hall. Present membership 100.

Newton Lodge, No. 69, K. of P. was instituted under dispensation, November 22, 1882, with about fifty members. Its officers are: G. W. Holmes, C. C.; A. B. Lemmon, V. C.; Charles Bucher, K. of R & S.; J. W. Lightbody, M. of A.; Julius Simons, M. of E.; R. Mathers, M. of F.; R. N. Spivey, P. C. Meets every Thursday evening, in Odd Fellow's Hall.

Board of Trade was incorporated February 16, 1880, with a capital stock of $50,000. The first Board of Directors, was composed of R. W. P. Muse, A. D. Knowlton, D. Hamill, J. T. Davis, J. T. McGraff. At the first election, the following were elected and constitute the present officers: R. W. P. Muse, Pres., D. Hamill, Vice Pres.; E. B. Fowler, Treas.; W. E. Lathy, Sec'y. Present membership fifty, which includes the principal business men of the city.

Newton Cornet Band, was organized in November, 1878, by O. S. Fluke, with ten members. in 1880, Mr. Fluke was succeeded by E. D. Fluke, as leader, and in 1882, H. M. Morris, became leader. The first set of instruments, was purchased in October, 1878, at a cost of $360. Uniforms were purchased in June, 1880. First officers: H. M. Morris, Pres.; James Clark, Treas.; H. Bailey, Sec'y.; E. D. Fluke, Manager. Present membership fourteen.

Independent Cornet Band, was organized in the spring of 1881, with seven pieces, by E. D. Westafer, first and present leader.

Newton Literary Association, was organized in the winter of 1880, with fifteen members. First officers were: J. D. Reid, Pres.; C. S. Bowman, Vice-Pres.; J. W. Lambeth, Treas.; J. T. Axtell, Sec'y. It was first organized as the Newton Scientific Society, but in order to embrace a more liberal name; the present appellation was adopted. Present officers are: W. E. Lathy, Pres.; C. T. Shannon, Vice-Pres.; D. Felgar, Treas.; -- Thompson, Sec'y.


Harvey County Savings Bank, was incorporated under state laws, June 23, 1873, with an authorized capital of $100,000. the corporators and first board of directors were: R. M. Spivey, G. D. Munger, W. H. Bancroft, T. E. Neil, A. E. Touzaing. Officers: J. E. Neil, Pres.; R. M. Spivey, Vice-Pres.; F. P. Neil, Cash.; S. J. Bentley, sec'y. Their first statement, July 21, 1873, showed the resources; Loans and discounts, $3,053.25; furniture and fixtures, $89.30; expenses, $101.51, Co. orders, $202; due from banks and cash, $7,067.12; total resources, $22,681.18. Liabilities, capital paid in, $10,000; deposits, $12,477.06; interest and exchange, $204.12; total liabilities, $22,681.18. The statement issued July 3, 1882, shows loans and discounts, $1,791.52; bonds and other securities, $15,548.83; real estate, $20,440.25; furniture and fixtures, $2,342.47; cash, $21,294.61; light exchange, $69,915.87; total resources, $202,003.33. Capital stock paid in, $10,000; deposits, $171,709.85; die banks, $4,655.59; undivided profits, $15,657.69; total liabilities, $202,003.33. Present officers and directors: C. R. Schmidt, Pres.; A. S. Johnson, Vice-Pres.; R. M. Spivey, Cash.; Julius Simon, Asst. Cash., and R. W. P. Muse, Teller.

Commercial Bank The private banking institution of Knox & Harris, commenced business July 1878. On February, 1879, G. M. Knox sold his interest to J. Harris, who conducted the business until August 1, 1879, when E. H. Hoag and E. D. Fowler, became the proprietors. March 1, 1881, Mr. Fowler retired and the firm name became Hoag & Doty, and remained so until May 1, 1882, when Mr. Hoag became proprietor. In August, 1879, the discounts amounted to $10,000; in 1881, $70,000. Dailey business transactions, $30,000 to $60,000. Annual business for 1882, $1,000,000.

First National Bank, was incorporated as the Newton City Bank, November 8, 1880, with a capital of $10,000, by S. L. Lehman, A. B. Gilbert, S. R. Peters, T. E. Neil, B. McKee. The capital was increased every month until January 1, 1882, when it amounted to $25,000. In October of the same year it was organized as the First National bank, with a paid up capital of $50,000. Deposits, January 18, 1881, $17,005.92. Loans and discounts, $15,508.27. Deposits, October, 1882, $86,308.06 Loans and discounts, October 3, 1882, $94,556.75. Present officers and board of directors; S. L. Lehman, Pres.; S. R. Peters, Vice-Pres.; A. B. Gilbert, Cash,; E. B. Fowler, Teller; B. McKee, T. E. Neil, R. Regier, G. Herder.

Farmers and Merchants Bank commenced business October 1, 1881, and November 5, 1881, was incorporated, with a capital of $50,000. The first board of directors and officers were: O. H. Woodward, Pres.; P. Lander, Vice-Pres.; C. R. Munger, Cash.; and C. L. Meyers, G. F. Berry, R. W. Hodgson. Mr. Woodward retired as president, January 1, 1882, and retained the position until November 1882, when G. W. Whitter became the incumbent. In February, 1882, the capital was increased to $100,000.

Hotels -- The first building was used for hotel purposes in Newton, was erected by S. J. Bentley in May, 1871. The dining room was in active operation, before the building was enclosed. It is still standing and is occupied by James Hurst, as a drug store. What is known as the National Hotel, was completed but a short time afterwards by Henry Bulner, who run it until R. C. Love, the present proprietor took charge.

Arkansas Valley Land & Loan Company was incorporated January 18, 1882, with a capital of $100,000. Present officers: S. T. Marsh, Pres.; J. A. Randall, Vice-Pres.; G. W. Holmes, Sec'y; R. M. Spivey, Treas. Do a general loan business.

Lehman Hardware and Implement Company was incorporated January 10, 1882, with a capital of $20,000. Officers: S. Lehman, Pres.; L. Becker, Treas.; G. E. Yonkers, Sec'y. W. E. Clark, Bus. Manager; M. L. Kendall, Supt. The institution employs fourteen men and transacts a yearly business of $150,000. Newton can well claim the finest depot and hotel building in the state, if not the West. The structure known as the Arcade building was commenced in the spring of 1880, and was completed in the spring of 1882, by Muse & Spivey, at a cost of not less than $75,000. It is build of stone, veneered with brick, and has a frontage of 137 and one half feet on Main street and 300 feet parallel to the railroad track. It is three stories high, with basement, and is constructed according to the most approved plans of architectural science. In it are located the A. T. & S. F. R. R. waiting rooms, offices, etc. In May, 1882, the Hotel Arcade was opened by its lessee, F. Harvey; William H. Phillips, manager. The hotel, besides including one of the largest railroad eating houses on the road, contains over 120 rooms. the building is not only a credit to Newton, but to the enterprising men who erected it.

Opera House Block was erected in 1878, by Seaton, Muse, Spivey & Co., at a cost of $20,000. The building is a two-story stone structure, 50 X 85 feet. The second floor is used for theatrical purposes, being provided with a stage and dressing room. Seating capacity, 1,000. G. W. Seaton, manager.


Newton City Mills owned by Elias wood, were erected in October, 1875, by E. Wood & Co., the citizens of Newton contributing $1,000 towards the enterprise, which was completed at a cost of $14,000. The mill is a three-story frame, and has a capacity of fifty barrels daily.

Monarch Steam Mills were built in 1879, by D. Hamill, present proprietor. The mill is a brick structure, 40 X 50 feet, with five floors. Original capacity, three runs of buhrs. Present capacity, five runs of buhrs, and two sets of rolls, or 150 barrels daily. The enterprise required an outlay of $30,000.

Newton Fence Factory established in July, 1882, by H. Dills, who uses the Fry patent. Five men employed, and two machines in use.

Besides these industries, Newton has a foundry -- Globe Iron Works -- a creamery, to be opened in the spring of 1883, and the usual complement of cigar factories, carriage and furniture works. Newton has, although only ten years old, progressed rapidly in its manufacturing interests, and before another decade has passed, its manufacturing industries will make it one of the leading cities of southwestern Kansas.


H. C. ASHBAUGH located in Newton in July, 1872, and established the Kansan, the sole paper in the county for several years. in March, 1879, he was appointed Postmaster, having previously held various offices in town and city. Mr. Ashbaugh was born in Worthington, Ohio, August 27, 1844, and at the age of four years moved to Iowa with his parents. At the age of eleven he commenced learning the printer's trade at West Union, Iowa, continuing at the case a large share of the time until the spring of 1861. September 23, 1861, he enlisted in Company H, Forty-fifth Illinois Infantry, and served in that regiment until the fall of Vicksburg, when he was transferred to the printing department of the army by Gen. McPherson, where he remained until nearly the close of the war, afterward settling for a time in Mercer co, Ill., where he published a paper called the New Boston Herald. In 1865 he went to St. Louis and worked on the St. Louis Republican until the fall of 1869, thence to Wilton Junction, Iowa, and bought the Wilton Chronicle, which he ran eighteen months; thence to Newton, Iowa, where he purchased a half interest in the NewtonFree Press and where he remained six months; and subsequently, the Des Moines Valley Reporter at Bentonport, Iowa; coming from the latter place to Topeka, and thence to Newton, Kan. Mr. Ashbaugh was married at Rock Island, Ill., April 27, 1870 to Emily E. Archer, a native of Whiteside, Ill., and has five children, Frederick, Newton, Hattie May, Minnie, Bertha, Lewis S. and William H. Mr. A. is a member of the Blue Lodge, Chapter, Council and Commandery, also G. A. R. His father, Rev. Lewis Sells Ashbaugh, a methodist preacher, died in Wichita, Kan., June 9, 1881.

NOAH ASHER, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Newton, has been a resident of Kansas since 1872. In the spring of 1873 he took charge of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Mulberry Grove, remaining one year, the following two years he had charge of the churches of Mulberry grove and Girard, residing at Girard; then three years at La Cygne and one year at Hutchison; then presiding elder of what was then the Hutchison district, now Newton, and now serving three years at Newton. Mr. Asher was born in Seneca Township, Guernsey County, Ohio, February 1, 1846. In 1850 he removed with his parents to Porter County, Ind., which remained his home until he enlisted in November, 1863, in Company E. One Hundred and Twenty-eighth Indiana Volunteer Infantry. He served until April 9, 1866, when he mustered out at Raleigh, N. C., he being in commissary duty after the close of the war. After leaving the army he returned to Indiana, and in May, 1866 moved to Henderson County, Ill., where he remained until 1872, when he came to Kansas. Mr. Asher was educated at Hedding college, at Abingdon, Ill., and entered the ministry in March, 1873, having served a short time as a local preacher prior to that time. He was married near Lomax, Henderson County, Ill., December 27, 1870 to Mary E. Wyatt, a native of that county, and has three children, Walter Simpson, Olive May, and Annie Leefy. Mr. A. is a member of the A. F. & A. M., Blue Lodge, Chapter and Commandery.

A. M. BARNETT, hardware merchant, of the firm of Barnett & Foltz, was born in Estelle County, KY, January 29, 1849. He came to Kansas February 23, 1871, and located at Burlington, where he was employed in a dry goods store most of the time until he came to Newton, in February, 1877. Since locating here he has been engaged in the hardware business, the firm being originally Barnett & Stephens. In January, 1879, John A. Foltz bought Mr. Stephens' interest in the business since which time the firm name has been as present. The firm job farm machinery, barb wire, etc. to the extent of about 440,000 per annum, the entire sales being about $150,000. Mr. Barnett was married at Burlington, Kan., May 1, 1876 to Allie I. Stephens, whose birthplace was near Dayton, Ohio. They have one child, Ambrose M. Mr. Barnett is a member of the A. F. & A. M. Blue Lodge and Chapter.

O. S. BASSETT was born in New Berlin, Chenango Co, N. Y., October 13, 1840, and lived in his native town until he came to Kansas in 1873. He located in Newton, February 28, 1873, and was engaged in jewelry business five years, and in land and insurance business about two years. Since the latter part of December, 1880, he has been doing a drug and insurance business. for two years prior to April, 1882, he was City Treasurer and for the four years preceding, was City Clerk. He has also served as alderman. He is a member of A. F. & A. M. Blue Lodge and Chapter, having been both treasurer and secretary of the Lodge, and is also a member of I. O. O. F., Subordinate Lodge and Encampment. He was married in New Berlin, December, 1862, to Addie Munn, also a native of that town. They have four children -- Floyd L., Flora M., and Lewis C., all born in New Berlin, and George R., born in Newton, Kan.

P. A. BECKER, farmer and stockdealer, Section 18, P. O. Newton, owns eighty acres, all in cultivation, partially enclosed with wire fence, with good two-story frame dwelling, 16X30 with L 16X24, containing seven rooms, with good corrals, stock sheds, corn cribs, and wind-mill and pump and all conveniences for successful stock handling; also has small orchard. Has at this time seventy-eight head of three-year-old steers feeding for market and 100 hogs. Mr. B. was born in the State of New York, December 25, 1842, where he resided until 1861, when he enlisted in Company A, Fourteenth Regiment New York Infantry Volunteers, and served with his command in the army of the Potomac. The first engagement he participated in was while he was on detached service at General Heintzman's headquarters and was at the battle of Williamsport. Subsequently he was with his command at Gaines' Hill, Gaines' Mills, White Park Swamp, Malvern Hill, Second Bull Run, Antietam and Fredericksburg, where he was severely wounded, and after recovering was transferred to Company E, Nineteenth regiment, Veteran reserve Corps, and was mustered out October 9, 1864, and was returned to his home, and remained there until 1867, when he came to Kansas and was employed by the Government as a scout until 1869, when he located in Butler county, and in March, 1872, located on his present farm. Was married November 4, 1869 to Miss Cora Chapman, a native of Ohio. they have five children -- John C., Albert E., Frederick A., Lewis V. and Edna V. Mr. B. is a Mason, being a member of the Blue Lodge, Chapter, Council and Commandery, and is at the present time Justice of the Peace for Newton Township.

JOHN BETZ, a farmer and hog raiser, section 22, P. O. Newton, owns 160 acres, about all cultivated; all enclosed and finely improved; about sixteen acres in orchard, with all varieties of fruit -- peach, apples, pears, apricots, nectarines, plums, cherries, mulberry, etc., also a fine vineyard of bearing vines; frame dwelling, 16X24; barn, 28X50, with sixteen foot post. Has at this time two horses, four milk cows, and 140 hogs of fine breed. Was born in Illinois, June 25, 1850, and came from there to Kansas in 1877 and located on present farm. Was married September 24, 1879 to Miss Sarah E. Milne. They have one child -- Lizzie. Mr. B. is a member of the German Evangelical Church and his wife is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

GASTON BOYD M. D. was born in Campbell County, Ky., April 15, 1844. Secured his education in the common schools of his native county, and when quite young commenced the study of medicine with his father, Benjamin Y. Boyd, and commenced the practice of medicine in 1867, in Butler Co, Ohio, where he remained one year, removing from there to Putnam County, Ill., where he continued the practice until coming to Kansas, locating in Newton, Harvey county, April 10, 1871, being the pioneer physician of the place, and the only one for quite a time. He was called to attend the first obstetrical case, which occurred July 31, 1871. Was the only physician here at the shooting termed the massacre, August 9, 1871, and had thirteen wounded men on his hands. Dr. Boyd was not a regular diplomaed physician when he first commenced practice but went back and took a second course at the Ohio Medical College at Cincinnati, taking his diploma in 1874. He is a member of the State medical Society, and is president of both district and county medical societies. he was married February 14, 1868 to Miss Jennie Williams. they have two children, Edith and Eric, twins.

DR. L. T. BROWNE, dentist, located in Newton in April, 1878, and has been constantly engaged in the study and practice of dentistry since that time. he is a native of Summit County, Ohio. he commenced the study of his profession at Wadsworth; and the practice of the same at Canal Fulton, where he remained until he came to Kansas. Dr. Browne is now the oldest dentist in the county. He is a staunch republican, and a member of the orders A. F. & A. M., I. O. O. F., and A. O. U. W.

CAPT. H. W. BUNKER, County Treasurer, was born in Maine, June 30, 1841. When quite a child his parents moved to Ohio, and from there to Illinois in 1848. In 1860 he went to Iowa, and when the war broke out, in 1861, enlisted in Company H. Tenth Iowa Infantry Volunteers, and was with his command in all its campaigns and battles, the most-noted being Iuka, Vicksburg, Champion Hill and Mission Ridge. He received a number of promotions, wounded in the right arm, the ball fracturing the bone so badly that it had to be all cut away from the upper part of the arm. After recovering from his wound, being unfitted for duty in the field, he was on detached service in court martial until mustered out in 1864, on expiration of term of service, and came to Kansas in 1870, locating in Harvey County, then Sedgwick County, and came to Newton in 1871. He has been Treasurer of Harvey County for three terms, the first time by appointment, on the organization of the county, and twice by election. Is a member of the I. O. O. F. Was married to Mrs. L. Howard, November 28, 1877. Mrs. Bunker has two children -- Ruby and Lee Howard.

JOHN R. BURKHOLDER, grocer, was born in Waterloo County, Ontario, October 4, 1857. He moved to Marion Center Township, Kas., now Gale Township, in September, 1874, and remained there until 1879, returning at that time to Ontario, Canada. In April, 1882, he went to Manitoba and staid until June 6, 1882, when he came to Kansas again, and has lived in Gale Township until July 6, 1882, the date of his removal to Newton. Since that time he has been associated with M. F. Sharpe in the grocery business.

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